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Remembering those lost 4 years ago

Posted By: Aching Heart on 2005-09-11
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I just wanted to take a moment to remember those lost in the planes, the WTC, and the Pentagon 4 years ago including Laurie Neira, one of our own, who MT'd for YOG.

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I lost my brother 17 years ago and still cry every day.
I know it wasn't my father, but the loss is still great! I understand. The pain will never go away, it will just dull. You need to remember that you must go on and live with his memory and love in your heart! It really does get a little easier as time does heal a bit, but it will never go away.

There are times now that I can get through the day without a tear, but one song on the radio or one look into his daughter's eyes and the wells start overflowing.

I, by no means, am depressed. Actually I am a very happy person; however, that does not mean you take a minute to think about someone you have lost and shed a tear or two, wipe them away, and go on with your day and life.

Just know, he is with you and it will get better. One day you will wake up and smile just knowing he is looking down on you! Then, you will be able to start to heal and the pain won't be as great.

I was hit by all 3 that summer, I lost power, I lost work, I lost savings...but..sm
NEVER did my employer in any way imply or threaten or dare even mention that my job was in jeopardy because I could not work immediately following a trifecta of natural disasters! My jaw agape is not at your concern about working, but at your concern that you would lose your job because of it. Companies have to have a heart in some situations. You're one MT, your company won't go under without you working for a week or 2 or 3.
I couldn't agree more. Lost my mom 13 years ago sm
this coming August. I miss her the most on Mother's Day.
You have been going 5 times a week for 2 years and have not lost weight? So..
it's basically more than $300/year for social hour? I've been going for 2 months faithfully and didn't lose an ounce until I went back on Atkins this week. It's nowhere near enough of a workout.
As someone who lost their husband almost 2 years ago, I can tell you that no amount of money could

ever replace my best friend and husband.  Yes, I have tried the dating thing, but to tell the truth here, it's not the same and I don't think anyone could ever replace the father my children lost at such an early age. 


By the way. he had just turned 34 when he died, so I suppose you might want to give your hubby a big hug tonight for thinking of your future without him, especially when we truly do not see ourselves leaving this world so soon. 


Hugs to you and yours!!!

I've lost a local account today that I have had for five years......

I cannot believe that this happened to me today.  I went into one of my doctor's offices this afternoon to pick up his tape for today.   I was given a tape and told that his wife, who is the office manager, wanted to see me in her office.  I thought nothing of it because she sometimes has extra things that she wants me to type up for her and we talk quite often also.  

She tells me that she just has not gotten around to talking with me yet, but  "tomorrow we will start dictating through a company over the internet".  I was blown away!  She said she wanted to give me a break and that if it does not work out she will let me know.   The whole time she was tell me this she was writing me a check as I had just turned in an invoice.   

My first inclination was to throw that #@%$ tape at her and say "do it yourself", but I knew that wasn't the "professional thing" to do.  I was thinking how could she do this to me, not even a 24 hour notice.  She handed the check to me, I snatched it and walked out. 

I have had this account for five years exactly (began August 1, 2000).   I have never took a day off, never raised my rates, never asked anything of them, and my work has always been the best possible quality.  I have been the most dependable person they have could had.   I have passed up other accounts because of them, and I always put them first.   Thank goodness I have other accounts to fall back on.   In our town, there is only one other transcriptionist besides myself, and we both have more work than we can handle most of the time.

Just thought I'd remind all those other MTs out there that no matter how good we are and no matter how much we try to please everyone we are still not appreciated.  I will never be fooled again.  No one will ever receive the attention from me that I gave them.  

Yes, it does. My hosp is typing in MOX, we lost Word many years ago due to cost.
Good luck!
Try remembering this...

Iliac has an "I" in it, so you can relate it to the hip.  Ileac has no I, so you can remember that it refers to the intestine.

Need tips for remembering

Does anyone have any good tips on how to remember things after looking up a definition &/or spelling while working.  It seems the information is more fluid with me, and I find myself looking up the same thing on different days (to make sure it fits in the area dicated or whatever).  I have always been a bit on an ADD type and have trouble retaining things I read.

I even have trouble when proofing, because I will not remember hearing/typing something at the top of the report (by the time I get to the bottom) and feel the need to verify by relistening to that part.  It seems to go in one ear and out the other.  I'm sure this sucks a fair amount of my time when added up.

Any effective technique hints will be greatly appreciated. 

Lost account of 28 years to Dictaphone because hospital believes it will eliminate all transcription
Curious if any of you are working for Dictaphone or Infomatics and doing an account out of Miami with mainly ESL dictators?  I was convinced I would not lose the account after a few days with VR. However Dictaphone is not using VR right away and will transcribe reports the regular way until they have a database. I am certain this hospital will never be done by VR. I posted a job on here about a year ago offering 18 cents per line to help with this account and not one person  accepted after hearing the ESL doctors we have. They are that bad.  Anyone else have this happen to them? Losing to Dictaphone  And we have had to do most of the work for over a month since they supposedly took over because their system is not working.          
Remembering the concept that funerals are for the living, I would

take my daughter. You say, "I feel uncomfortable going to a funeral where I have only met the mother of this child once (at a birthday party)" but you aren't going for the mother. You are going for your daughter. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to teach your daughter how to care for others at a time of loss. It is best to start with funerals of people that aren't that close to you, in order to introduce some of these ideas without personal grief getting too much in the way. Then when Grandma, Grandpa (or closer) go, it's not all completely new to the child.


I recently lost 20 pounds. That means I lost 80 sticks of butter.

I doubt your brother has won more than he's lost. To win that much he's probably lost 3 times
So he probably has more bills than money. Otherwise the casinos would go broke.
58, AHP/self-taught, trained at hospital 5 years, now with 2 of my own accounts for 10 years, employ
Also worn out 2 keyboards in 4 years. I will never retire. DH will come home some day from work and I'll be slumped over my keyboard. I put in 14 hours a day 7 days a week.
My dad lost 100 lbs on WW (sm)
He followed a strict WW diet and walked every day.

Does any know of a Radiology account that needs a Radiology Transcriptionist with 25 years experience.  I worked for a small company in my State for a year and the account was dropped today. 



Lost my cat
I am so sorry for your loss.  I have had pets for many years and it is so hard to see them go.  We can enjoy them for a while.  When my little dogs and cats have had to go, I just think that I am doing the kindest for them.  I think they seem to know when it is time as well as you.  I have shed many tears over the loss of my little friends and still miss them all.  Get you another to ease your grief.  They are all different and a new friend would bring new joy into your life.  Another animal lover, Mary
sorry, makes no sense to me.
Lost Dad
It has been five years since I lost my dad, and those times still hit me out of the blue.  Dads and daughters have a special bond other folks may not understand.  It will always hurt, but time tends to dull the pain most of the time.  He's in your heart and there will be times you will be able to gain strength from him where you can't gain it anywhere else.  Grieve however you need to.  Not for anyone else to say.  God bless. You are in my prayers!
Very likely she lost it to (sm)
someone cheaper, but could call to find out.
lost or just said so
I have worked inhouse for a company that when they pulled trans off an account for personal reasons or due to edits, they tell them they lost it. If your company is anything like the one in PA, this is always a possibility - when they don't like someone they frequently "lose accounts" If this is the case - it would be a contract problem
This company wouldn't be located near Gastonia, NC would it? The same thing happened to me recently and I am just curious if we were working for the same company.
I lost 72 lb in about 2 yrs on WW. sm
Easy to learn, good program b/c you eat "real food", you can eat with your family or go out to eat. Wonderful, sensible, slow weight loss but it is healthy and is not a "diet" per se - it is a lifestyle change. You can eat whatever you want, just in smaller portions and sensibly! Highly recommend it. You can do it on-line too.
As one who has lost everything before...
The best way to backup anything is to email it to yourself on an internet-based email account (i.e. yahoo or AOL). For instance, you back up your Autocorrect, email the text file to yourself. To backup favorites, while in the internet, go to File then to Export/Import, save to your Desktop, email to yourself by attaching the file. Pictures, videos, and the like are a little different. Those should be on a DVD, and do what I do: Make copies of your DVDS (family pictures, videos) and give a copy to two friends. That way, if you lose your copies to fire, theft, etc., you will always have a copy.

My personal opinion. Nothing worse than starting over.

Are you sure they are lost?
I thought book marks were actually saved online for you by for example Yahoo. When i got a new computer, I downloaded the yahoo toolbar and signed into yahoo and voila! There were my bookmarks.
Job lost
Believe it not, C phone and Lanier technology is very passe now.   If you work for a national, you never lose jobs no matter what happens.  Don't worry about it. It's their equipment not you that caused your job to disappear.  It's all in a day's work. My mom used to say "tomorrow is another day." It's true it is, fresh start, new beginnings with lessons from the previous one to lean on.
Not ALL MTs - I lost 50 lbs 12 yrs ago and
and lookin' good (mid 50s).....20 more to go to be FIT  
Nothing is really lost
You are a gem Patti, and a real business woman. You were not meant to have a pain in the neck account. Things always have a way of working out for the best. I have had those type of accounts in the past where the PA (usually female) will spell the medical terms incorrectly, and then try and tell you that YOU spelled it wrong when in actuality you spelled it correctly! Something else will come along.
Lost job too
Well, join the crowd.  More and more of our work was being sent to the service company, and now we are being eliminated as part of the work is going to some sort of point and click for the doctors to do themselves, and then some going to voice recognition as well.  So I am looking for Psychiatric work if anyone can give me any good tips for this.  TIA
I also know someone who lost
It only takes about a month for them to get up and running and then they cut the MT off.  Sad affairs...
sorry....lost me with the $9.00 fee.
Pack years = packs smoked per day x years of smoking - sm
25 pack-years = 25 years of 1 pack a day, or 12-1/2 years of 2 packs a day.

I don't think pack-years applies to someone who smokes only cigars. But I don't know for sure.
I worked for Cbay for 3 years. I was also part of their lay off back many years ago. sm
Even though I got stuck in a lay off era, I still love the company. They paid well then. The people were nice (exception of 1 person) and if I had the opportunity I would go back again. Fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on how u look at it), I have a great paying job right now, so I am not looking for a change. I do know that at one time, they asked management to accept late paychecks, but never sure of the reason why. My check was never late.
lost work
I would ask you, one MT to another, do not let this burn you and make you less than you are. In reality the situation is no different then if someone was going to one store for years and then a newer, more modern one came along and the person switched. This is free enterprise at work. The way that people know we are professionals is the attitude that we have when this does happen to us. Always be a professional and you will be better then the next man. I have learned that it is our attitude in this world that will either change it or make it worse. You new know, because of the way that you handled this account, you could be recommended for something even better. Just a little encouragement. Just do things to the best that you can and it will come back to you, whether you see it or not.
Lost time?
Maybe you are all spending too much time doing searches?
In training we were told don't spend much time - let it go to QC because the clerks have all the census information, etc. that we do not have access to and it is easy for them.

Some things to consider:
If it's an old dictation (more than a couple of months), it probably won't be in the database. If it's a preop for the future, it won't be in the database; just type in what the dictator says.
lost lines on DQS could be from
Is there a program that just detects how many times you hit a key rather than the word if you use an expander?  Could that explain the line decrease?  For example if I type PE and my Expander puts physical examination, maybe it only counts the PE?
DQS lines lost
a., more than likely the answer is Yes.  b. this would not be something that would be brought to your attention by administration to correct their error in your favor, and how many other transcriptionists do you think are getting the shaft in this regard by not being told, and not having enough technical inquisitiveness (like you do) to ask?  typical, typical, typical.  if in fact this is the case, i certainly hope you get your back pay for these serial errors on their part.  good luck friend.
Lost job without notice
I worked for over a year at a company called New England Transcription. It is in Connecticut. They found out today that the hospital dropped their account. It is not associated with New England Medical Transcription.
I used to go to the gym, but lost motivation - so now
I have a treadmill and an exercise bike in the house and I'll jump on them for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day - it's a good break from work and the time adds up. I only do 30-40 minutes 5 times a week, but it has helped me stay in shape! I also lift 5 lb. weights a few times a week - nothing strenuous, just a few arm exercises my brother, who is a personal trainer, taught me. Good luck - I know it's hard when that fridge is there all day long. I tend to eat when I'm stressed so it is particularly difficult on certain days.
No, I lost an account to EMR

and of hospitals around here that have gone to EMR, no Transcriptionist is needed.

With VR and EMR, the VR automatically puts their dictation into the patient's record.  They could care less how it looks, their idea is to save money.

Lost PRD+ discs, anyone know where I can get them? sm

I have worked with PRD+ for 6 years.  Somewhere between moving offices and and clutter I have misplaced my PRD diskette.  Tried to save from original computer to transfer to new computer, but will not work since I am going from Windows 98 to XP.  Since Sunflower is no longer in business, I need to the disks as I have worked without my PRD for 2 days and it is killing me.  I need the original diskette because you can save from 1998 and transfer to XP, even though the program I will be working in is WP. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!

I lost 70 lbs on Adkins... but
I lost 70 lbs on Adkins over about a year.  I then fell in love, got married, and have gained back 40 lbs!   I have tried to do Atkins again a few times and could not stay on it!  I had a TAH-BSO 3 months ago and I am gaining weight quickly.  Is it the HRT?  I am 43 yrs old -- and always hungry.  I really need something to suppress my appetite.  Anyone have any suggestions? I feel horrible with all this weight back on again.
We lost 29 lbs on it in 2 months but...

Hubby got the gout after that, so had to go off it so we could find out what kind of foods would trigger his attacks. That was 2 years ago and we gained all our weight  back. We missed the meals. We were really into the full meal salads, etc., satisfying and weren't really into sweets or deserts before starting. Never missed potatos, either (except french fries...my weakness).

 He also has a heart problem and finally asked his doctor what foods to avoid...Lo and behold....everything we're eating now. When asked what foods to eat...you guessed it...everything on the Atkin's Diet. So, 2 years later, we're anxious to get back to it. ...but a modified version.

Oh, and we have figured out which foods trigger his gout...FINALLY. It's any dark green leafy vegetable, spinach (our favorite) and even mixed baby greens, and green beans! Never would have believed it but we tried several times to include those in our diet and they trigger attacks every time...go figure.

Lost my dad and a grandson in within a day

of each other in September.  I am so sorry for your loss!  I have not even taken it all in yet...

I was driving to Philadelphia to see my dad who had terminal lung cancer when I got the call that my 12-day-old grandson was in the hospital on life support!  I was torn what to do, see dad or turn around to be with my daughter...I went ahead to see dad, but he passed two days before I got there, my grandson the next day....There I was, in the middle of Iowa at a truck stop, feeling like I was in a surreal world, with people all around me talking, laughing, etc.  I lost the oldest and youngest members of my family within 24 hours. 

Believe it or not, time does help!  I think about my dad almost every day, especially when I type elderly male patients.  I have just now started to laugh when I think about him.  I have his WWII picture in my dining room, I see his handsome face every day and I have a more recent picture next to it, him looking tired and ragged, but he has one of his great-granddaughters on his lap and he is smiling big and proud. 

I like to think that my dad passing a day before my grandson just made it certain the baby would have someone in heaven waiting for him from his family!

Be strong and know that there are those of us here who feel for you and share your sorrow and pain! 


I lost my dad last year too.....sm

And do we ever get over it?  Doubtful.  Especially if we were close to our dads.  I was lucky, had him for over half a century!!  Very lucky indeed and he lived til he was 96!  He was shooting for 100 or the millenium (which he was around for 2000-01).  I'll never get over his demise but I will always cherish what's in my heart and my head as I had one terrific Dad, as you probably did too.

If it gets too tough, one day at a time (ODAT) might not work, and in those times, one minute at a time works wonders. Best luck!!! 


I lost a big client and a new one to EMR
My own doctor hired me after losing my account to EMR. I sat around for two months waiting for him to start only to be told on an office visit that he too has gone EMR. Good luck.
Lost programs.
I bought a new computer and was going to let my daughter use my old one for a project she had going.  She deleted all my transcription programs.  Later, her project fell through and I needed the computer to use in my home office.  I was able to do a system restore, even after several weeks, and get almost all my stuff back.  For some reason, Stedman's spell check did not come back up, so I do not know what happened there, but everything else was there. 
lost friends
Have you tried Reunion.com?
My best friend in high school found me after ten years recently. He found me on reunion.com, and then found my phone number on superpages.com and contacted me. We had both been looking for each other for ten years, and finally he found me. Good luck!
Have I just completely lost it?...
Sometimes when I am working if I get a doctor with a sexy voice I try googling him to see if I can find a picture.  Every now and then I do find a picture but most of the time I am disappointed with how they look.  Does anyone else do this?
I lost 72 lb in 2 yrs on WW, mainly flex. sm
I had trouble with Core plan b/c, ahem, "eating until full" wasn't mentally do-able for me. I needed more strict limits. WW works wonderfully, either program, but I recommend joining Curves or another type of weight-training / cardio program, or even walking, to realy boost your loss.

WW is sensible (eat ALL foods in moderation) and long-term do-able. Good luck.
We also lost our 13-year-old
Golden Retriever. We had to put her down Thursday. Hardest thing ever to do. She actually had cancer in Nov and the vet gave her 2 weeks, well we had her until last Thursday. She had such a presence in our lives and we miss her terribly. We buried her in the back yard and are making a little sitting garden for us to spend time with her. I do feel your pain, and am sorry for that, I know we will get over it and thank God that we have our memories of our family member