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SH Bold

Posted By: mt47mt on 2006-12-11
In Reply to: There was something about using a K or a P before the bolding to get it to 'take.' Anyone rem - nm Looking

After you create your bolded, entry, it will look this in the "text to type" box: {@KEY Ctrl+B}PMH{@KEY ctrl+B}

When you create it, Name your Keyword, then go to the Text to Type Box.

1.  Click on "tags".

2.  Click on "Ctrl - K" on the pulldown menu that pops up.

3.  Hit the keys "Control" and "B." 

4.  Type in your heading.

5.  Repeat Step 3.

6.  Hit OK to save your new keyword.

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if I may be so bold
The BOS is a general guide. No more and no less. It is not the Holy Grail. It is not the Constitution of the US. It is not Clark Gable's footprint.

I went to the AMA web site and did a Search for the term you mention. They show "plantar flexion" (two words).

So let it be written.
So let it be done.

if I may be so bold

  The AAMT is not the Holy Grail.  


Yes, bold the colon.

There is another way to bold in SH. I use it

to bold my headings that I need bolded. Insert {@key ctrl+B} I type this before and after my macro to turn off the bold after the macro is typed. Type it exactly as is or just copy and paste to a macro and test it out.

my macro for the heading PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: spelled out in bold is pmh;

On the keyword line type --- pmh;  

On the "text to type line" type ---  {@key ctrl+B}PAST MEDICAL HISTORY:{@key ctrl+B}  ...

To save time adding these to all your headings that need to be bolded, just copy and paste {@key ctrl+B} before and after everything that needs to be bolded. This saves me a ton of time. Someone at work gave me this code and I've been using it for years now.

RE: Bold
I use SFT-F1. Don't recall if that is with my ShortHand program or what.
To bold

Type this in ShortHand {@key ctrl+B} then whatever you want bolded, i.e. CHEST, and then {@key ctrl+B} again. 

So it would look like this in your Shorthand {@key ctrl+B}CHEST{@key ctrl+B}

Hope this helps.


I don't think it allows for much other than characters. I could be wrong though.
SH bold formatting and others
In the "Dictionary Text [Add]" dialog box, as you
are entering in the "Text to Type", when you need
to add special formatting, you simply tap Ctrl-K, and
add the keystroke commands applicable to your
word processor to change to the desired font.
For example, Microsoft Word uses Ctrl+B to
enable/disable bold face. So to simulate bold text
with ShortHand in Microsoft Word, you simply need
to simulate the Ctrl+B keystroke. When you are done
your word(s) that are bolded will look like this:

{@KEY--Ctrl+B}your text{@KEY--Ctrl+B}.

When you actually type the key (as you transcribe)
Shorthand will automatically/instantly enter all the
special function keys that you have entered, and
your text will come out formatted.

You can use the same concept to add any formatting codes to your Shorthand text, including underlining, italicizing, changing font styles and/or font sizes. You can also add tabs, change margins, etc.

Try thi out and if you have any problems with this, post another message.

Is it possible to Bold and/or italicize

words in the glossary? 

I tried Control B and typed IMPRESSION:  in glossary Editor window but when <<IMPRESSION>> came up on Meditech screen, it was not blue as words are when bold in Meditech. 

Thank you.

To "Just Me" re SH bold...
the string of characters you describe is what Ctl-K does.  Discussed below this post.  I tried typing those codes and it didnt work at all, just made a big mess.  What version are you using?
How do you bold in shorthand?


shorthand bold
name it bo or bd, do this entry: ctrl/k, ctrl B, OK, will look {@KEY Ctrl+B)
shorthand bold
CTRL B then CTRL K type word, CTRL B again to undo. I think, search on this site.
Bold in Shorthand

I am running older version of shorthand.  In the "text to type" box I have to type exactly as follows before and after each word(s) I want bolded (see example below)

{@key ctrl+b}PHYSICAL EXAM:{@key ctrl+b}

There is a space between key and ctrl.  Whatever you type in between each "command box" will be bolded (you can do same for italics (ctrl +I), etc.  I found this in help section within the program.  Hope this helps. 

Autotext gone Bold?

Why are my autotext entries turning bold when I go to use them?  I am starting to get annoyed here...I constantly have to change the autotext entry back to regular.  I know I did not enter it in as bold.  What is going on here?



I had one account that we had to cap and bold allergies.
Another Shorthand Question. How to Bold
I know this has been on the boards before, but would appreciate instructions on how to bold with Shorthand.  TIA very much.
Bold and underline in word. I am looking
at my screen now and at the top of tool bar, right side, there should be a B I and U. Just click on the B for bold and the U for underline and that should do it.

If you have a mouse, hold it over these letters and it will tell you what they are.

How do you bold and/or underline a word in....
Step by step directions would be so greatly appreciated!  TIA
Actually you can use bold and other attributes in Autocorrect
Just highlight the text and click on "formatted text" when you are entering it into Autocorrect.
How do I bold entries in Shorthand?
You have to create it with the bold command
on the toolbar, next to the Bold button
There should be a little box with a number in it and a little black arrow. If you click on the arrow, it will bring up a bunch of font sizes. I would pick 12 as it is a standard size for printing. Hope that helps.
can you put bold characters in autocorrect?
I have one now where we CAP, bold and underline them (teaching hospital) -
and on one I used to only capa and bold. Everyone is different.
things like centering, bold, underline, etc.
(this is what was cut off my first message -- sorry about that!)
Maxwell House BOLD and I drink it black. Whenever I go sm
to Starbucks, I get a Venti tripple café mocha.  Love it!
Type whatever word/phrase, bold, highlight, sm--
select Autocorrect, add.
Are you inserting after a bolded heading and bold wasn't
Mind sharing with me how to bold and underline in ShortHand pleeeze?
Just started a new account which requires bold and underscore.
If I cannot verify drug, I give 'em dr. spelling and bold
This was discussed recently. Would be chars. + spaces, but no indents, bold, italics, etc. nm
Any Stedman SmartType users? Pros & Cons? Will it retain bold formatting without using DOS command
 DOS commands like ShortHand does?
Light blue background, with bold blue text.