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START paying property taxes?!?!? Honey I HAVE BEEN all since I got this place!!!

Posted By: OP on 2005-08-04
In Reply to: Trailer park dwelling - Passin' by

"If you want to be treated like everyone else, then pay taxes like everyone else"

Well thanks for ASSUMING that you knew that I didn't pay taxes. Every single person in this place that I live (300+) pay taxes. We don't own land so we don't pay taxes on that. We pay it on the home. Then our rent payments for our itty bitty pieces of land helps pay the propery taxes for the site.

In Michigan they don't? Seems hard to believe they would do that. If they don't pay it on the home then I would think they would paying it on the land or if they are in a park I would think that the park OWNER would pay the property takes for the large site.

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Even after paying taxes, you end up with more


As an IC when paying taxes, are SS and fed taxes sent SM
to the same place?
If you do your taxes properly, you certainly SHOULD NOT end up paying...
40%.  Obviously if you have no deductions other than the standard, you will pay more, but even with only the standard deduction, you shouldn't be paying 40%.
As far as paying taxes, if you hire as IC..
you don't have to pay any taxes for your friend. At the end of the year, or actually the beginning of next year, you will have to fill out a 1099 and send it to her and file a 1099 summary report with the IRS and then you report what you paid her on your taxes in April. You can purchase the 1099 forms at Staples or any other supply store. You might speak with your accountant (if you have one) and see what he says but that's all I had to do.

Also, if you are setting your own rates, I would go to the 65-character line for all clients if I was you. It's wise to make up a contract for each client and have them sign that as well. You can probably find sample contracts on the web.

Good luck! If you have someone willing to work for you, farm out some of the work that you can't handle and see where the chips fall and then you can decide if you want to stay with the national, etc. Word of mouth spreads fast in this biz so you might end up with more clients sooner than you think and then you can call your own shots. :)
But the husband will be paying taxes
If he becomes the IC and they earn 24,000 in a year on IC income and he pays her $10,800 -- she will still pay taxes on that but it will just not decrease her social security of whatever it is. And she will have to pay the 15.75 SS on that.  He will then pay income tax and the social security on the 13,2000 that is left.  Even though she does all the work.  Someone will still pay on the remaining amount.  So will they be ahead -- NO.  She probaby should have just become an IC out and out and wait to collect her retirement or SS.  But there is a difference between SS and taxes.   So when they combine their income they will still be paying taxes on that total amount, and if he earns anything it will be higher than just that. 
I agree too. WE are paying SS taxes--sm
which is SUPPOSED to be an account to help people after they retire so they can continue to live a reasonable life. It is NOT a handout, and I think the poster who suggested such was thinking of SS disability, which is not the subject of the conversation at hand. Some are just LOOKING for an excuse to judge someone else.
you need to be paying quarterly estimated taxes(nm)
To clarify: 6-8 CPL with NO BENIES, PAYING 40% in taxes IS a ripoff
Line rate with benefits and without is a BIG difference.

IC's get robbed. 7.5 cpl with no benefits is rediculous.

If you're making 15 CPL as an IC you're only making/bringing home the equivalent of a 7.5 CPL benefited MT.

So I can see why you would gripe.

Now with full benefits and taxes paid and insurance and 401K and PTO and holidays, etc...7.5 CPL is TOTALLY acceptable.
I'm with you on the illegals, but paying taxes is not an insurance policy.
Not my place to make sure her taxes are paid
I can only take care of my end. Not in her head when April comes around so??
a place to start


Then, look at your state jobs (I know, in California, there are lots of listings for MTs working for the prison system.  Which criminals do you prefer, the ones we're working for now; well, yeah, inside or outside! ), or go through your employment development department (where there are links to government jobs and state jobs). 




That's a great place to start...
The majority of Escription accounts I have been offered started are anywhere from 2.5 cpl (insulting) to a max of 4 cpl. So I'd say take it..
Here's a place to start--with student docs (sm)
can you start out at $11.50/hour at a fast food place?
I guess she would have to start at the data entry site since this place is about MT.
Do you have property you can sell or
borrow against? A house you can take an equity loan on??

Bless your heart. I feel for you.
What??? Not if she has company property! lol
selling real property
I, too, am a real estate broker and agree with you 100%.  Selling real property is not like selling an automobile or a piece of furniture.  There's a lot of legalities when selling real property. 
ocean front property in Arizona, too??
are ya a little bit country - haha -- gotta love George Strait!! i'm with ya all the way on those proposals!!
I can't do bankruptcy as I own some property with people (my only asset) and I don't - sm
want to have to sell that or even have them know my problems. I know my meager Roth IRA and car would be safe, and I have no assets to speak of and really don't want to sell all my belongings though it would neaten up the house some (not my house). But as I said 3-5 more years tops and it will be gone then I will be doing quite well as long as no more disasters strike in the meantime. Feel like all I do is work but it will be worth it in the long run and I just don't want to deal with bankruptcy. I had a friend do it and she has done well. Has since bought a new home (had a $25K settlement from a car accident after her bankruptcy) and is doing okay, scraping by but managing. Has bought several cars (used) after the bankruptcy, had a killer interest rate though, that is where they get you. You have very high interest on any loans for a while until you can prove yourself. Do what you need to do for yourself.
With all the hoopla about intellectual property these days, (sm)
I'm surprised he even has the gall to ask. Macros are something we devise to help us do our jobs. They're yours alone to use while doing his account, and at such time that your professional relationship with him should end, then the macros should be destroyed (or used for your NEXT account.)
The MTStars FlashType software is the express property of Sh*ri St*adman and is not
The software build was contracted out to Zeshan Ahmed and purchased outright. Sh*ri St*adman has the proof of payment made as well as for the MTStars FlashCount and Spellchecker. Sh*ri sells the software on the ***.com website as it rightfully belongs to her.
It's the only place I have ever lived.. Great place to retire or raise a family. Low crime rate e
living is pretty easy here. Low stress..
You have your W2 showing very clearly those taxes were paid. MQ is responsible for those taxes
because you were a statutory employee. That is the responsibility of the employer to pay those just as though you were an employee.
What are you paying your MTs? If you're only paying 7 or 8 cpl

and expecting extremely experienced MTs, forget it. You're not going to get it.  If, however, you're willing to pay 9 or more cpl then you will find what you're looking for. There ARE experienced MTs out there who will work their fingers to the bone IF they are compensated well and treated with respect.

The position varies from place to place..
Sometimes you end up doing VR, which can be really easy or a real pain. Sometimes you end up simply editing files and all is good. Other times, you end up with more job responsibilities and hours than you ever wanted. All in all better than typing LOL.
ATT- I was paying $320 for 7000 minutes, I am now paying $175 for 5000 minutes in CA. nm
Tell me something honey - sm

how many times have you had to "refund" money because the post office or UPS or whatever has lost your packages?????????  How many times have you been in jail in the last year??????????  I told you before, you really suck at this scamming stuff and you should really try a legitamate line of work like the rest of us!!!!!!!   YOU SUCK!!!!!



Whatever you say honey,
Have you made out your christmas list yet? What do you want santa to bring you this year? Does your mommy and daddy know you're on the computer?
Honey, you probably do not even have a job!!!

Honey, you probably don't even have a job


Honey, that ain't all that's going over there. sm
Honey, I know! I have been there twice myself..
before I found this great one! Have had my share of frogs too! There is a good one out there for you somewhere! I will keep good thoughts for you, you deserve a good man!
Honey, I am NOT the one being a FOOL
You are on her ranting and raving about something you have absolutely NO control over. I am living my life with a good job and paying my bills without problems. That is not foolish, that is life.
Re-read honey
Listen up, if you read the posts from days and days and days ago, you will see I have offered my assistance or just returned a simple post to someone and THE WAR BEGINS. For example, I posted earlier about what happened to the lady that had the 3-legged dog, and if ya look really, really close, I was attacked IMMEDIATELY for asking that? Now, take the time and tell me what that is all about.
You didn't have to do that honey
Oh honey, no need to waste your time. I like being "live" on the spot with these type of issues.

Keep chatting gals, I am listening to you all.
The key word honey is R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H.

Oh, yes, my honey without the beard
Glad I looked.
Honey, where do you work?

Cuz I wanna work there too!  Sounds like heaven!


(Not being a smart @$$ -- I'm serious).

Good for you honey.

Honey--not as weird as you think. sm
1 or 2 tbsp pure raw honey before going to bed. It is fantastic for sleep. I haven't slept this well in years. It also does help with weight loss. Check our th Hiburnation Diet.
I tried honey at first because the theory behind sm
the Hiburnation Diet made sense to me. Although I have lost weight, and more importantly inches, the great sleep is what keeps me using it. I just take 1 or 2 tablespoons straight off the spoon and within 20 minutes I'm nodding off. My dreams are so vibrant and detailed now. I really enjoy sleeping again :)
I feel for ya' honey...

I read your entire post.  I totally feel that sometimes it is soooo easy for these MTSOs to blame us, and then they look better to the client.  An apology would have been nice.  But the old saying goes, CRAP rolls downhill.

Definitely interview for another company and get away from this crazed MTSO while you're still sane and only "frustrated."

As far as the mortgage company, give them a call.  Tell them your situation.  They have e-mail.  Let them know you are trying your best to get that payment to them on time, but are currently experiencing job switch syndrome and that your employer is not a reliable payer.  I would see if you could get that $75.00 fee waived as long as you send it by a specific date.  I think mortgage companies are willing to work with you in this day and age. 

I sure hope you get away from that MTSO and find one who pays on time every time, and they are out there.  You sound like a very professional and classy MT that does not need the headaches. 

I wish you the best of luck! 

LOL..showing your age honey
I absolutely loved your post and agreed a gazillion percent; however, you ARE showing your age here....LOL... with Dr. Marcus Welby and Dr. Kildare... you forgo ZORBA too!!!  LOL.  Oh......the good ol days of good programs to watch......
I feel your pain, honey sm
my summer has been horrible (whole 'nother story).  Be glad when school starts back, not that the kids made my summer bad, just they need something else to do besides bug me!
Whar you frum, honey? sm
We go to family reunions to get dates. I met some of my husbands at family get-togethers, you know, like stays of execution, parole hearings, arraignments, etc.
honey, you don't have a very nice sister
if she only gave you deodorant samples, that alone wouldn't condemn her, I myself am gift giving challenged but the fact that she banishes you to the basement while she drinks with her friends, thats rude-- maybe you should all come out of the basement and announce that youre all going down the the nearest soup kitchen to feed the homeless
Honey, it is okay...you don't have to pretend anymore...
We don't even know you so you don't have to put up a front!!
Honey, you must not be getting enough love or appreciation!
thass OK, honey, we all do typos.

Honey, that's your DADDY, and you mourn in whatever way is YOURS.
There is no real way to do it, no way around it. You could try to do some reading about the stages of grief, just so you have some knowledge of the path you are on.

A friend of mine told me that something I'd written to her after her son passed away, really meant a lot to her. I had written in her card that she will never stop being the mom to this child, even when they get to heaven together, God will probably greet her, Oh! Hey, you must be Steve's Mom, Hi there! The relationship is forever. Just because your dad is on the other side, doesn't mean he stopped being your dad. I hope this idea of mine isn't violating any sense of your own belief system, I hope it can be uplifting to you. The relationship is forever.

Do you talk to your dad out loud sometimes, or even just in your head? Can you imagine what he might be saying to you? You knew him so well, you would probably know what he would tell you if you were suffering like this, and he were sitting by your side, or on the phone with you.

My local paper just ran a piece about a poet locally, whose wife died a year ago. His skill was in the poetry, and he got through every day by writing to his deceased wife, sharing his day with her, telling her about new developments in his life. He found this to be so comforting. And when he shared it with other family members, they felt it was helpful to them, just to read it.

Talk to your dad, write to him, read up on the stages you are going through. It's a process, and be kind to yourself while you work through this.
grill it with BBQ sauce and honey...nm