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Satellite users for MTing - it your connection fairly reliable- I cannot get DSL and about to give u

Posted By: dialupper on 2007-01-09
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i have wildblue and connection is very reliable to me with no trees, but sm
especially if you will be going through VPN, it won't be very productive for you cuz the VPN slows down the download rates. i am connected at 100 mbps but that is nothing. download rates are extremely slow, sometimes as slow as dial up.
OK, for laptop users...connection question...

As per the discussion below about laptops.  How many of you have wireless internet and how reliable and fast is it? If I were to go up to our mountain (foothills) lake lot and try to transcribe, I fear the mountains would cut out the signal.

Even those of you that transcribe on the deck, if you don't have wireless, don't you have to string a high-speed cable out there or a phone line if you use the phone? Oh, of course I am assuming that some of you work for nationals and need a phone or cable connection.  I suppose some of you work off of tapes or such.


Satellite internet connection
I can't get DSL/fast access internet where I live and am thinking about getting a satellite connection, but it's a huge investment.  If anyone has it or has had it in the past, please let me know what you think and how it works for you.  Thanks a bunch!

Help!  I want to move to the country where apparently DSL is about as rare as an honest politician... with slighltly better luck with cable.

I'm reading here from time to time (jobs) that "satellite won't work).  Anyone know why?  Is it the reliability of signal or something? Because it shouldn't be a speed issue.

Also, what about wireless?  Anyone with success stories about using either of these modalities?

Thanks for your help





SmarType users please give review...sm

I'm thinking about investing in SmarType.  I have heard good things about it.  Can some of you how use it give a review?  Does it take long to get used to? 


Would definitely not go satellite. Most use DSL or cable, some with reimburse partial $$, satellite
Transcend, although they said my satellite was too slow, they do allow satellite with some accts. nm
I need some help fairly soon please. DH has
broken out in red blotches that are very itchy.  He took some Benadryl to relieve the itching, but what could this be?  Is it something he needs to see a dr for urgently?  TIA
I need some help fairly soon. sm
There's a rash on my hiney (referred to hereafter as DH -- dear hiney). It's getting splotchy. Can you tell me what it is? Also, do you think it was something I caught or do you think it was something I ate?

Should I call somebody? Do you think I need to take DH to see a doctor?

I think this is going to be urgent fairly soon so please let me know. Thank you.
Fairly new mom

Things not to buy -  When my son was born, we got 40-something blankets, 30-something burp cloths, and way too many 0-3 month outfits.  While I was extremely grateful for all the gifts, I had to spend a lot of time exchanging the multiples.  Amazingly, we had to exchange a lot of diapers, too, because the cheaper ones don't always work as well on little boys. 

Things I loved were anything homemade, personalized, etc.  Also, outfits, socks, and onesies in bigger sizes, 3-6 months and 6-9 months, were a lifesaver and money saver as he got bigger, which seemed to happen overnight.  You can never go wrong with wipes, shampoo, and other essentials.  My son is 1-1/2, and I have yet to buy any shampoo or lotion for him.

I am fairly new at this,
and I have made the mistake of using palpations before. I know the correct term, but I just made a mistake. As soon as I see that mistake corrected, I realize I messed up.

I do not see how someone with 20 years of experience could be making those mistakes and think they are correct. I have known those proper terms for a long time now. I just cannot see how they would make it this long and never once be corrected on them.

Here's one fairly easy
I was once a "head on a silver platter" - Got a big square box top, bought some cheap fabric enough to drape over the box, cut a slit and a hole in the box top enough so it would fit over my head. Then I also cut the fabric to drape around the box and decorated my face up  in white face paint with red lips to look like the blood had all drained out of my face. You can embellish it anyway you like. I made the platter out of a bid cheap silver tray like you get at Thanksgiving to put the turkey on and a I pasted plastic fruit around on the platter. The point is just to make your head from the shoulders up look like it has been cut off and put on a platter. Everyone liked it. I could email you a pic later if you would like. It was really fun.
Red splotches! Need help (fairly soon)! nm
They can say that, but I have gotten more reliable
information here than from my CSC, so what does that tell you?
I am a reliable IC, but I can say

where the MTSO promises work anywhere from p.r.n. to asking how much can you take on?  I understand this business waxes and wanes, but sometimes it is just easier to give one IC one particular dictator to be responsible for and then if more help is needed ask if that IC has the time to help.

Another option is to make sure the IC is aware of how many minutes she/he will be receiving.  I have had that happen as well where I thought I was getting say 15 minutes, and then was given 60 minutes.  By the way, your higher pay rate is great because most small MTSOs only are willing to pay 7 cpl. 

I like to learn accounts sometimes just to offer vacation, illnesses, etc.  Please feel free to e-mail me if you are in a bind, and I can provide you with my resume.  I have many, many years of experience in a lot of different specialties and am also flexible in regard to volume.  I also tend to offer Sundays as an option since my work week runs Sunday to Thursday. 

An IC needs to be reliable.
I had an IC who would have situations crop up throughout her day that kept her from doing the work that she accepted. I had to find someone else because she just didn't understand that accepting the work was her committment to doing it. A simple, "I'm not available..." is the correct way to handle the situation than just not doing the work and thinking an excuse would be make everything better.
I thought I was fairly good at them
got several that I absolutely could not understand 1/2 of what was being said. Made 100 lines in 3 hours!!!!
It's easy if you are already an MT, but you really need a fairly extensive...
knowledge of anatomy.  CT scans, PET scans, MRIs... Knowing your anatomy really helps you catch mistakes or know that you're not making mistakes by typing the name of a body structure that isn't even near the area of that particular scan.  At least where I work, if you make mistakes on x-rays the radiologists get REALLY TICKED!  They read them all and when they find the smallest error they're on the phone to the transcription manager, and we hear about it.  Doctors are making medical decisions based on the findings of these x-rays and scans, so you can't exactly be making errors.  But, if you have a good medical transcription background, you can be trained pretty fast.  I had never done them until recently but learned fast.
Me? I drive a fairly new car. so I'm not "carless." You? nm
I have Compaq which is very reliable, but
I wish I had gone with the Toshiba. The only reason is that it was much lighter and easier on the hands when lifting and carrying. Other than that no problems with the Compaq.

The main thing is virus protection software and Spyware protection to protect the new laptop once you go online.

reliable LD service

I am feeling totally frustrated. 

I was using Vonage with little problems, but switched back to AT&T Call Vantage 'cause is was $20 less and I was supposed to get a second phone line. Well, never got the second line and I've had problem after problem. The main problem is with the Express Enterprise system that I call into "communicating" with my C-phone. Sometimes the call is disconnected. Sometimes it doesn't "hear" the key pad when I press the numbers (i.e. to sign off on a report). Sometimes it will suddenly rewind to the beginning of a report.

I thought the problem was on my end, so I shelled out $$$ to replace the foot pedal, headset, and C-phone ... nope, that didn't solve the problem. Called AT&T and they said the problem was with the DSL line. Had that tested and was told it was working correctly. Purchased another DSL modem (another $100) and that didn't solve the problem.

Called AT&T for tech support and they said "The C-phone is not supported." Well, gee, it was before!!!

Anyway, you can see why I'm grumping.

Is there *ANY* service out there which won't kill my wallet but won't give me the problems I'm having. Again, Vonage was pretty good, but it still was quirkly, and it cost $65/month. A dial-up service (www.onesuite.com) is terrific (no problems), but it's 2.9 cents per minute, which will be $200-300 per month. Don't want to spend that. And AT&T .... yuk!!!

I'm open to any and all suggestions. What's reliable without breaking the budget?

Really!!! This is fairly common MT 'net community
can this go on?!!
Maybe my hospital is unique, but they require their MTs to be fairly
Nope, but I'm fairly familiar with the scriptures. Thank you anyway. nm
I don't think you could fairly penalize an MT for not understanding a word without (sm)
without also penalizing the dictator for not being able to speak the word. 
Had a fairly difficult time adjusting but,
I believe it is doing my hands and wrists some good. The keys seem more difficult to depress than previous keyboard, and it sounds like a rattle trap (plus the p sticks), but other than ALL THAT, I think I like it.
I ask for a raise fairly often. The worse I can be told is no and sometime I have gotten a yes.
I've been using Dragon fairly steadily

I have excellent results. Maybe one or two mistakes per page, if that much.

Any number of factors could be the reason for the problems you're having, starting with your soundcard, improper training, not dictating correctly, etc.

Reliable Source Jobsite
WORDS OF WARNING:  If you receive an email from The reliable Source Jobsite asking you to register for their site - DON'T DO IT.  This is supposed to be a job database for all types of clerical work.  However, I recently registered, realized I had registered at an incorrect job databased and asked for  a refund.  They stated I was not allowed a refund and that I was trying to get something for nothing.  I then filed a complaint with PayPal.  Later that same day, I received an email and also a telepone call stating that if I removed my complaint from PayPal, they would refund my money.  I did remove my complaint.  However, after my emailing them numerous times inquiring as to why I had not received my refund yet, they basically stated, "Ha, ha.  We're not giving you a refund, never had any intention of doing so, and you cannot reopen the complaint with PayPal."  I did contact PayPal and I could NOT reopen this complaint.  After resigning myself to the fact that I'm a member of this database, I decided to use it.  However, even though I have paid for this membership, I still cannot use it.  The User ID and the Password they issued me are incorrect and will not work.  I have made several attempts to email them regarding this matter, however I receive no reply.  It is for the reasons above I thought everyone should be made aware of this - UNRELIABLE SOURCE JOBSITE
Reliable Source Jobsite
gnat is right. Tell us the URL and perhaps we can all band together (for once) and help a fellow MT. Hey, it's worth a shot.
Reliable Source Jobsite
For those of you that wanted there website it is:
www.freewebs.com/wahtelecommuteemploymentservices - I hope you guys get this okay. If you can't get it off of here, feel free to email me. My email is: tousuns@rochester.rr.com
I want to thank all of you. You would not believe how they acted on the telephone with me. Since tricking me into cancelling my complaint they lifted my user priviliges. I emailed them four different times and they do not even extend the courtesy of a return email. However, they still have my money and will NOT return it. Thanks for all of your help.
anyone know if this is a reliable source for this information? thanks...

taken from their site (I especially like about the outsourcing and 'robot transcriptionist' : 

Allied Health Profession of the Month - March 2005
Medical Transcriptionist contributed by Paul D. Mason, Oxford, NJ

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcriptionists (MTs) are the miracle workers of the medical records! They turn doctors’ daily dictation tapes - rough, hurried, harried, mumbled, muttered, highly technical, and always absolutely crucial - into clear, concise, polished gems of documentation. They work this amazing transformation every day under tight deadlines using just a simple tape or digital audio player, a computer, and a stack of medical books and online reference sources.

Jobs Outlook – “Boom”ing?

Remember all those “baby boomers”? According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for MT’s will be good - growing faster than the national average for occupations through 2012, with the demand fueled by the increased healthcare demands of a growing and aging population.

It’s not hard to see that lots more senior citizens needing lots more doctor visits means tons of new medical records to be generated! There’s going to be plenty of work out there to go around.

Then there’s the big “O”: Outsourcing…

There has been a steady stream of news lately about various US industries improving their bottom lines by replacing American workers with low-wage overseas labor – skilled jobs like computer programming, telephone help desks - almost any job that can be performed remotely.

In medical transcription, however, issues such as little or no foreign enforcement of US privacy laws, instability of foreign labor, lack of English fluency, expense and uncertainty of adequately training foreign labor, etc. can greatly complicate foreign outsourcing and offset the initially perceived cost savings.

Legal questions have even begun: The California legislature has discussed prohibiting all California industries from using foreign outsourcing involving confidential data, mainly because it is simply not possible to guarantee privacy outside of the country.

The BLS states that foreign outsourcing should not significantly impact the medical transcription profession in the US.

Robot Transcriptionists?

Another MT industry buzz involves new technologies such as speech recognition technologies (SRT’s), computerized “smart” data entry forms (EMR’s, CPR’s), etc. that promise to automate or eliminate traditional transcription work. Several software vendors have been very successfully selling tools of this nature to various industries and have been making noise to promote their use for medical transcription.

It is becoming apparent, however, that the complexity of medical diagnosis and terminology combined with the life-and-death importance of accuracy will prevent large-scale acceptance of these technologies in the medical field for the foreseeable future.

According to the Medical Records Institute (an organization that promotes the adoption of computerized medical records systems), most current research shows that penetration into the medical field by EMR’s is only 5-8%, with SRT’s at less than 1%.

I use it and have for years. It's reliable and cheap
at least in my area. I can call anywhere in the country and talk for as long as I want for around $50 a month. I have two phones and just forward calls from one phone to the other when I'm typing an account that uses the phone.
Reliable Internet Service
I also used Earthlink for a year with problems like yours, switched to Verizon DSL with worse problems, looked into Comcast, also in my area, which was highly recommended. I had to get rid of Verizon as I kept losing service, they actually blamed it on electrical appliances in my house (not true), so I switched to my town's local cable company, have no problems with that. I would try Comcast before Verizon DSL. It is really aggravating when you keep losing internet connections and after many calls they still cannot figure out why. Good luck.
Why not? There are plenty of reliable resources
There are also other search engines. I am not trying to be rude, I really don't understand why you cannot work without Google.
Magic Jack - is it reliable? SM

I have seen discussions about this on these boards and I was wondering just how reliable is it.  I currently have Vonage which is costing me 30 bucks a month.  I've heard a lot about Magic Jack and unlimited long distance and it would save me a bundle in the long run; however, I don't want to ditch Vonage because it works great.

Mind you, I don't use my Vonage line for transcribing.  It is strictly my business/personal telephone voice calls only.  I found there is a lag when using my C-phone with Vonage that drives me nuts.  I have DSL through the local phone company and so have an analog phone line through them.  That is the phone line I use for my fax machine, transcribing, etc. 

I'm looking for a way to trim some of the fat off my home office budget.  I need/want two phone lines period.  I won't have it any other way.  I didn't sign a new cell phone contract in lieu of a prepaid cell phone.  At this point, I have a new job with a hospital and I won't need to be using a C-phone.  Everything is digital and through the PC. 

So here's the short answer - is Magic Jack reliable and functional?

I would be proud if my records, with my name erased, could be used to help an MT be treated fairly.
Home Depot far more reliable than Lowes...sm

and as I know it, Home Depot does not use *subcontractors*..........

Home Depot all the way!!! 

How reliable can they be if you still have to check their work after all this time? Just getting th
does not make them reliable.
I have a cheapie Netgear--totally reliable for 2+
also bought from them, very reliable and loved the headset NM
Anyone recommend a good, reliable online...sm
pharmacy that they, themselves had used.. with no ripoffs?  I know there are many reputable ones out there but also many scamful, dangerous ones.  I know they are generally not cheap, but I need to know I'm getting what I ordered.
Oooh "help fairly soon!" Hello, William Shatner, it's Rescue 911!
this has been around for years - although handheld is fairly new - was juust a computer in each room
Reliable Internet Service? Currently using Earthlink and very unhappy.
I've been using Earthlink as my ISP but this past year the service has gone downhill.  I've been without service at least four times this year for anywhere between a few hours to a day.  Plus all tech support is out of the country so you spend more time than necessary asking the tech to repeat the instructions.  I'm looking at Verizon right now.  Comcast is not recommended.  Thanks
What is the advantage to having a book over using reliable Internet sources?
and yes I KNOW not to believe everything you google, but there are reliable sources.  Why buy a book every year?  Not arguing at all, just want to know your rationale.  Thanks!
Starting pay is 6 cents a line, fairly good account stability.
I had lots of ESLs. Benefits are okay. They have a new, stricter QA policy in place with new compensation, hard to get a 98 or above as it is by the BOS. It was okay, but couldn't make any decent money. Need to be a super high producer.
I am fairly new with my company and I tried the control Y one time, and it didn't work, so I thou
into the "global" normals, I will play with it again and give it a try. How long have you been doing transcription? Have you stayed with the same company for a long time? I worked at a clinic for 6 years, hospital for 8, and now this new national for 3 months.....I hate feeling new!
no facts. rumor from an MT poster. really reliable huh? who would have access to this info
bet Frank doesn't even know.
I've had Bellsouth for a couple years now. Reliable and no problems. nm
Attn: MTSO - re: your earlier post for a reliable MT that was removed
I replied to your earlier post, as did a couple of other MTs, however, now I see that your message has been removed.
I just wanted to try to touch base with you again.
If you are still looking for help and would like to contact me you can do so via replying via email to this post.

I wonder why your post was removed before?? Moderator, info?