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I need some help fairly soon please. DH has

Posted By: Jacy on 2006-02-10
In Reply to:

broken out in red blotches that are very itchy.  He took some Benadryl to relieve the itching, but what could this be?  Is it something he needs to see a dr for urgently?  TIA

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I need some help fairly soon. sm
There's a rash on my hiney (referred to hereafter as DH -- dear hiney). It's getting splotchy. Can you tell me what it is? Also, do you think it was something I caught or do you think it was something I ate?

Should I call somebody? Do you think I need to take DH to see a doctor?

I think this is going to be urgent fairly soon so please let me know. Thank you.
Fairly new mom

Things not to buy -  When my son was born, we got 40-something blankets, 30-something burp cloths, and way too many 0-3 month outfits.  While I was extremely grateful for all the gifts, I had to spend a lot of time exchanging the multiples.  Amazingly, we had to exchange a lot of diapers, too, because the cheaper ones don't always work as well on little boys. 

Things I loved were anything homemade, personalized, etc.  Also, outfits, socks, and onesies in bigger sizes, 3-6 months and 6-9 months, were a lifesaver and money saver as he got bigger, which seemed to happen overnight.  You can never go wrong with wipes, shampoo, and other essentials.  My son is 1-1/2, and I have yet to buy any shampoo or lotion for him.

I am fairly new at this,
and I have made the mistake of using palpations before. I know the correct term, but I just made a mistake. As soon as I see that mistake corrected, I realize I messed up.

I do not see how someone with 20 years of experience could be making those mistakes and think they are correct. I have known those proper terms for a long time now. I just cannot see how they would make it this long and never once be corrected on them.

Here's one fairly easy
I was once a "head on a silver platter" - Got a big square box top, bought some cheap fabric enough to drape over the box, cut a slit and a hole in the box top enough so it would fit over my head. Then I also cut the fabric to drape around the box and decorated my face up  in white face paint with red lips to look like the blood had all drained out of my face. You can embellish it anyway you like. I made the platter out of a bid cheap silver tray like you get at Thanksgiving to put the turkey on and a I pasted plastic fruit around on the platter. The point is just to make your head from the shoulders up look like it has been cut off and put on a platter. Everyone liked it. I could email you a pic later if you would like. It was really fun.
Red splotches! Need help (fairly soon)! nm
I thought I was fairly good at them
got several that I absolutely could not understand 1/2 of what was being said. Made 100 lines in 3 hours!!!!
It's easy if you are already an MT, but you really need a fairly extensive...
knowledge of anatomy.  CT scans, PET scans, MRIs... Knowing your anatomy really helps you catch mistakes or know that you're not making mistakes by typing the name of a body structure that isn't even near the area of that particular scan.  At least where I work, if you make mistakes on x-rays the radiologists get REALLY TICKED!  They read them all and when they find the smallest error they're on the phone to the transcription manager, and we hear about it.  Doctors are making medical decisions based on the findings of these x-rays and scans, so you can't exactly be making errors.  But, if you have a good medical transcription background, you can be trained pretty fast.  I had never done them until recently but learned fast.
Me? I drive a fairly new car. so I'm not "carless." You? nm
Really!!! This is fairly common MT 'net community
can this go on?!!
Maybe my hospital is unique, but they require their MTs to be fairly
Nope, but I'm fairly familiar with the scriptures. Thank you anyway. nm
I don't think you could fairly penalize an MT for not understanding a word without (sm)
without also penalizing the dictator for not being able to speak the word. 
Had a fairly difficult time adjusting but,
I believe it is doing my hands and wrists some good. The keys seem more difficult to depress than previous keyboard, and it sounds like a rattle trap (plus the p sticks), but other than ALL THAT, I think I like it.
I ask for a raise fairly often. The worse I can be told is no and sometime I have gotten a yes.
I've been using Dragon fairly steadily

I have excellent results. Maybe one or two mistakes per page, if that much.

Any number of factors could be the reason for the problems you're having, starting with your soundcard, improper training, not dictating correctly, etc.

I would be proud if my records, with my name erased, could be used to help an MT be treated fairly.
Oooh "help fairly soon!" Hello, William Shatner, it's Rescue 911!
this has been around for years - although handheld is fairly new - was juust a computer in each room
Starting pay is 6 cents a line, fairly good account stability.
I had lots of ESLs. Benefits are okay. They have a new, stricter QA policy in place with new compensation, hard to get a 98 or above as it is by the BOS. It was okay, but couldn't make any decent money. Need to be a super high producer.
Satellite users for MTing - it your connection fairly reliable- I cannot get DSL and about to give u
I am fairly new with my company and I tried the control Y one time, and it didn't work, so I thou
into the "global" normals, I will play with it again and give it a try. How long have you been doing transcription? Have you stayed with the same company for a long time? I worked at a clinic for 6 years, hospital for 8, and now this new national for 3 months.....I hate feeling new!