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She wasn't asking how to delete cookies, she was going

Posted By: me on 2007-11-14
In Reply to: deleting cookies-go to TOOLS, internet options - delete cookies once you get there...sm

to be instructing people on how to do it. 

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Turn off puter, wait a min, turn on with delete key pressed down, then hit delete key NUMEROUS times
Mom-CMT..when you get those cookies done
how bout sharing them around here LOL...heck at this point, I'll take the ones that don't have any shape.  Sounds good!
Thanks for the info. Will try the chilling, as I am not at a high altitude. Sure would like to make some pretty sugar cookies and gingerbread men!
You take cookies?????

Gee, does your doctor bake you cookies when you make an appointment with him?  What about your attorney, your accountant, your plumber, and your carpenter?

Baking cookies, to me, is so totally unprofessional.  I would NEVER do that.  It's almost comical, as a matter of fact.

My cookies do not keep my accounts for me

Gee thanks a lot, guess it is my cookies that do my 35,000  to 40,000 lines per month for my accounts.  All I do is that if they respond to my brochure, express interest or talk with me I swing by with a plate of cookies to say "thank you" or if it is an account I really would like I swing by with a plate of cookies with a brochure and more times than not at least the brochure will make it to the manager's desk.  It is the same as giving out pens with your business name on it.  Again I stress, if I did not do a decent job I could not have stayed in this business as a MTSO for 18 years, support myself, own a home and have a half way personal retirement fund set up.   Guess I will put on my tombstone, "I owe my success to my cookies".  And really my flyer is a brochure. 



I received cookies
I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
Not sure what you are looking for. Deleting cookies
should take about 30 seconds. 
Did you clear your cookies? nm

cleared the cookies
call me when the cookies are ready
and pour me some warm milk!
Cookies! Uhm, well, now I do have some cookie dough in the fridge!
Perhaps I should dollop a few out and bake'em and eat'em while they are hot with some cold milk before bed?!?! Then, I can fall asleep as my blood sugar plummets to new lows! ROFL

No, don't read those posts. It's irritating! Who wants to be irritated?! NOT ME!! LOL
Be sure to keep the temp files and cookies cleaned
defrag often.
Just got back from a booth sale for GS Cookies - sm
been doing that for the last 3 Saturdays....working some now....will do the rest tomorrown. Have an easy weekend as I only took on about 40 minutes of dictation and my own acct. did not upload any work Friday though I will pay for that on Monday. Plan to clean out my older daughter's closet tomorrow and organize their close (i.e. remove all the stuff too small from one kid and give to the other while removing some of hers as well)...very time consuming and desperately needs doing.
My daughter's Brownie Troop is sending GS Cookies - sm
A few people in the troop know people in Iraq and the soldiers they know said they don't care if any melt.....of course we are not sending all mints, or all chocolate ones but a mixture. Needless to say I am sure they will all be gone in 10 minutes!
Homemade cookies? A nice potted plant?
What do they like? Do they have a hobby, or collect anything?
deleting cookies-go to TOOLS, internet options

Once you get to internet options from TOOLS at the top of your browser, you have a radio button to delete cookies, one to delete history, one to delete online files and then offline files - that is how you delete the cookies AND the cache/memory/history.

Is that what you need to know?  Hope that helped!! 

Now I cant see the different broads again. Everytime I clean out my cookies and offline files I cant
get in the different boards. Any suggestions. They are gone again.
BBQ chicken, baked beans and garlic toast with M&M cookies for dessert! nm
Does anyone send Christmas cookies or presents TO your office, if you are a remote employee? sm
Just wondering if that's a weird thing to do or not.
My sister makes Clipper Ship Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Milk chocolate chips, sometimes toasted pecans, and varies between Grand Marnier or sometimes Amaretto in them!

Oooooooooo!!!! Large cookies, and fresh baked with a glass of super cold milk!

Now my mouth is watering! LOL
Please don't delete - We need you!
I do not understand why this post continues to be deleted.  I am simply stating what you have already said in your statement to the board.  It IS sad to think that this wonderful board, who has been so supportive of American MTs, seems to have  given up the good fight.  I truly believe if legislation to enforce HIPAA regulations, as well as regulations on financial records, is focused on, rather than simply trying to compete monetarily with offshoring (which, frankly, we cannot do), we will have a real chance of at least stopping the flow of medical and financial personal records from leaving this country.  Just because outsourcing exists does not make it right, and as long as we continue to fight it there is a chance to make a real difference.  There are still many, MANY physicians for whom the "bottom line" is not the most important aspect of transcription, and many others who have experience offshore transcription first hand and realize the quality is not there.  As long as there are people in this industry like Sheri with integrity and the willingness to fight for what they believe, even if it is against the odds, there is hope.  THAT is why I am quite saddened to see this particular forum, one of the staunchest supporters of US-only transcription for US physicians, fall by the wayside.  I don't think I"m bashing anyone.  I'm just hoping you will reconsider.  We need people like you!!
I just hit DELETE.
I never say a word to them
Delete what???

At what point does delete that go to far?  It's an op note and I get the pre and post diagnosis, procedure, surgeon, asst, anesthesia, etc. Then she goes on to hpi, ros, fh, sh, meds, allergies, and exam.  After exam she realizes that she's doing an op note and tells me to delete that and start over from preop diagnosis.  Needles to say she was an extremely difficult to understand ESL, wasted about 20 minutes of typing time that I won't get paid for and I had to split my shift. 

Sorry y'all it was vent or scream.  I chose the vent to not wake up the family.

delete it
when i worked in editscript, i typed right through microsoft word.  it was prerequisite that i get rid of all msworks or it would mess everything up.  i would delete msworks.
delete key
The reason the delete key is not above the arrow keys is that with this keyboard you will do as much work with your thumbs as possible. This is part of what makes it ergonomic, & I would strongly suggest re-learning "delete" in its current position rather than try to circumvent their system. When I first got my Kinesis keyboard 7 years ago I went through a whole relearning process that was kind of slow & frustrating but worth it in the long run, & now I'm glad I didn't try to do an end-run around their thought process.

But you program keys this way:

Hit "Program" (upper right-hand corner) + F11. The 4 keyboard lights will flash quickly. Then hit the key you want to reprogram. The lights will flash slowly. Then keystroke what you want the key to do. When you are finished hit Program + F11 again. The lights will go out. It's programmed.

Delete resume
I am trying to delete my resume from the bank and can modify but can't figure out how to delete it.  Help, please.
why do you want to delete your resume - sm
are you getting too many calls for work??? If you are, then I want to put my resume on there!!!
Please delete the below posts

Thank you.

Please Delete my Post.
Now I am Jodi, what do you say?
Delete them.........esp if you no longer do them...

For private MDs, I only keep their diskettes 6 months, since ALL the work and an additional diskette has been provided when I returned the work.........

If you worked for a national, you need to send the diskettes to them I would think.........that is, IF you worked for a national MT company.  If not, I'd just delete them..........keeping the floppies for myself.........for future....(yep, I still use floppy disks...*LOL*).........


You say you can't cancel it - does that mean you can't delete it?

Have you tried using both the delete button on your keyboard and the delete icon in Outlook Express?

If your camera came with any kind of software, you should be able to reduce the size of the pictures so that this won't happen again. A lot of times I will do a test email and send the picture to myself to be sure it isn't too large.

If your camera didn't come with software and you don't have Photoshop (and don't want to spend the bucks for Photoshop), there are lots of freeware/shareware downloads for basic photo editing software. Just Google it and I'm sure you will find something that fits your needs.

not sure on this, but maybe just delete and replace nm
Delete the abbrev and put it in again sm
You have inadvertently hit the enter key at some point in this process.  If you have added it as a Smart Block, this is just what happens and is why I don't use that facet of it in Word.
Delete Key question
Forgive my ignorance, but is there any way I can assign another key to work as a delete key?  - Thanks!   
Delete manually

C\:Documents and Settings

Select the User and there you will find a folder "Favorites" usually with a star icon. Open and delete the links manually in it.

If you really don't want to cause hard feelings, just delete it
and if they ask always say that you just haven't had the time to check e-mails lately.
Just delete them, never respond. Its a scam. nm
In MS Word I did something to delete my little disk on the....sm

task bar and also the page that opens a new document and the print preview page.  There are probably more missing.  How do I get them back?

thx so much

Did you look in your recycle bin to see if maybe you hit delete by accident...nm
Oh, please, you delete the names. Where've you been? lol!
Delete them in Windows Explorer. nm
Curious, if a dictator has you delete...
several lines of dictation or even a whole report after you typed it, do you charge for it?  I never have because if someone were to check my lines, they obviously wouldn't match.  I've never really thought about it until just this second where I was asked to "go back and scratch all that."  Total downer, know what I'm sayin?
You could just go through and delete all the blank lines.
Since it is just a test, why not try doing that?
ExpressScribe - how do I delete files?
How do I delete old audio files from ExpressScribe?  These are the ones that I can go and recover if I've deleted from my main screen but they are still backed up.  I've got a ton and don't need to keep any of them - they are just taking up memory space.  Anyone know?
You can do CTRL-N as mentioned. I just delete.
After report is typed, I run spellcheck - CTRL-O (not zero).

Then I CTRL-TAB to get to Express Scribe, then CTRL-Delete to delete the highlighted voice file. Message says do you want to delete, yes.

Then CTRL-TAB back to report and F12 to send. It sounds like a lot of steps, but it takes no time at all.

I like doing it this way because there's no way to mix the voice file with the next template that downloads immediately after sending other report. When the next template comes in, it brings the voice file.

Basically the steps are: Type, spell check, delete voice file, send report.
Before you delete the old normal.dot you can use the Organizer
to transfer your macros and other customizations to the new file. The only thing you will lose is any keyboard shortcuts you created. But this problem may be with the macro itself, not the normal.dot.
They told me to delete Java
Acutally they told me to delete Java from my computer before even downloading and installing VPN.  Are you saying that I need Java to make a webpage open after connecting to the VPN?
Sometimes I post things I wish I could go back and delete.
Although, I think when people say things like what you mentioned, they are speaking out of fear. Of course, everyone wants to be married, they just don't want the heartaches. And some of us are no good at picking the right person for us. However, I understand when you are just having a bad day and need to vent and I hope others understand that too. I do wish the best with your marriage and family. Take care.
Thanks for the info...how do you delete their access after they finish? nm
ADMINISTRATOR: Nasty acronyms here...please delete.
This poster cannot refrain from being filthy with her language or acronyms.

STFU is an acronym for "Shut The F*** Up".


To Pay Attention: Grow up and clean up.