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deleting cookies-go to TOOLS, internet options

Posted By: delete cookies once you get there...sm on 2007-11-14
In Reply to: looking for advice - tracy

Once you get to internet options from TOOLS at the top of your browser, you have a radio button to delete cookies, one to delete history, one to delete online files and then offline files - that is how you delete the cookies AND the cache/memory/history.

Is that what you need to know?  Hope that helped!! 

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Go to Tools, Internet Options,second choice down,
delete cookies and delete temporary files. Also, you can clear your history at the same place if it's still a problem.
Not sure what you are looking for. Deleting cookies
should take about 30 seconds. 
Tools and then Options looks like it may
have commands that determine this
Tools > Options > View
Make sure nothing is marked under Formatting marks.
Yes - go to Tools, Options, then Edit tab
On the column on the right side, unclick "when selecting, automatically select entire word."
It's on the tools/options menu
Untick the show startup task pane option on the view tab.
Yes, tools and then auto correct options.
There are lots of tabs in there for different automatic options - you can undo them by removing the check marks. Just go thru all the different options you don't want and click on the box to remove the check marks. If you remove all check marks on most auto options, it allows you to basically straight type! Good luck!
figured it out, tools, options, format! NM
Got into Word/Tools/Options or Customize
and try around, it's somewhere in Word!
Tools - Options - Spelling tab - settings button
In Word 2003, Tools, Options, Spelling tab.
It is about halfway down and on the right-hand side. Speller type is above the drop-down box.
Under tools/options, you can have it upload the files once the recorder is detected. I ...

have all of my accounts set up this way.  It makes it much easier and all the doc has to do is plug in the recorder.  I use DocShuttle with Olympus DS-2300 recorders.

Hope this helps.

And make sure Tools/Options, you check to save every 1 or 2 mins. nm
Check the status bar setting on the view tab in tools/options. nm
You can drag options back from the tools customize dialog.
Overtype option is on. Turn it off in the tools options or click twice on OVR on the status line.
then click on internet options....sm

then click on delete files, then click on delete files offline, then click on delete cookies, and then finally click on clear/delete history.  Then reboot the computer and try it again.  *fingers crossed for you that it works* 

I checked in Internet Options and it shows enabled.
Unless I am looking for it in the wrong place ???  Sorry, I am not as computer literate as most probably. :D
That's what I would do. At the point where the doctor said, "delete this," I'd type those words in and turn it in for line count, and then I'd start another report for the next one.
Deleting files from FTP server

The company I work for uses an FTP server.  I am supposed to delete the files I pull after I upload them so another MT wont do them.  No matter what I try I cannot get the files to delete. When I right click on them, there is no option to delete in the drop-down.  I have also tried highlighting the file(s) and pressing delete on my computer.  Neither one of these works.  These are the 2 ways my QA said to do it, but it just wont work.  Any suggestions?

Thanks :)

deleting bookmarks/favorites
Since I downloaded Windows SP3 I am unable to delete my bookmarks, just get a message that indicates bookmark error, failure to delete.  Searched Google but no good help.  Any ideas anyone?
Right, and the moderator apologized for deleting it, so neener.
deleting words from word dictionary
Hi there.  Does anyone know how to delete words from Word 2000 that I haven't added.  They have words like wit in there and I would like to access their dictionary and get rid of some of them as I make common errors of some words.  Thanks for any help.
Deleting Bytescribe wav files (just recycle bin?)

Not much action on the Tech Board so I'm pasting my question here:    Bytescribe people told me that once you delete the wav files (Options/Clear File History), it only deletes them from the player but not from your hard drive.  I did a search for .wav files on my computer but none of those BS wav files come up, other than in the recycle bin.  Is that the only place they would wind up after deleting them from the player then and am I done with them for good at the Recycle Bin? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this.  (I still cannot believe the tech did not know where the files wound up.) 

Microsoft Works - deleting template
Can anyone tell me how to delete a template in Microsoft Works.  I have tried to drag it to the trash, I have looked in file after file and cannot seem to locate it within a file.  Any help with this would be appreciated!  I have a feeling that it is in a file within a file or something but just don't know where else to look for it.
Help w/ Edit Script & deleting MS Works

Sorry, I accidently posted this on the company board first. So please don't hate me.

I have done everything I can think of to get MS Works off my computer. It has been uninstalled, registries have been cleared and I ran a search to see if anything was left. Nothing left. But everytime I try to download EditScript it says it is still detecting it! Where could it be? Where is it finding it! I am so frustrated. If you have ANY idea of what to do please let me know!

Express Scribe auto deleting 0 second..
My Express Scribe is auto deleting voice file that are 0 seconds long.  I need to still keep track of those.  Anyone know how to make it stop doing that?
Only deleting insulting posts....not normal ones like
At least he's not on a power trip...yet. By the way...if you hate it soooooo much, why are you sticking around to post over and over and over how we shouldn't post?
Mom-CMT..when you get those cookies done
how bout sharing them around here LOL...heck at this point, I'll take the ones that don't have any shape.  Sounds good!
Thanks for the info. Will try the chilling, as I am not at a high altitude. Sure would like to make some pretty sugar cookies and gingerbread men!
You take cookies?????

Gee, does your doctor bake you cookies when you make an appointment with him?  What about your attorney, your accountant, your plumber, and your carpenter?

Baking cookies, to me, is so totally unprofessional.  I would NEVER do that.  It's almost comical, as a matter of fact.

As can the looking up of addresses, names for the copies, deleting stuff that's not used on the
I'd stay if they weren't deleting posts worse than the other ever did
I thought they deleted without cause before.. this is crazy.
My cookies do not keep my accounts for me

Gee thanks a lot, guess it is my cookies that do my 35,000  to 40,000 lines per month for my accounts.  All I do is that if they respond to my brochure, express interest or talk with me I swing by with a plate of cookies to say "thank you" or if it is an account I really would like I swing by with a plate of cookies with a brochure and more times than not at least the brochure will make it to the manager's desk.  It is the same as giving out pens with your business name on it.  Again I stress, if I did not do a decent job I could not have stayed in this business as a MTSO for 18 years, support myself, own a home and have a half way personal retirement fund set up.   Guess I will put on my tombstone, "I owe my success to my cookies".  And really my flyer is a brochure. 



I received cookies
I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
Did you clear your cookies? nm

cleared the cookies
call me when the cookies are ready
and pour me some warm milk!
She wasn't asking how to delete cookies, she was going
to be instructing people on how to do it. 
Cookies! Uhm, well, now I do have some cookie dough in the fridge!
Perhaps I should dollop a few out and bake'em and eat'em while they are hot with some cold milk before bed?!?! Then, I can fall asleep as my blood sugar plummets to new lows! ROFL

No, don't read those posts. It's irritating! Who wants to be irritated?! NOT ME!! LOL
Be sure to keep the temp files and cookies cleaned
defrag often.
Just got back from a booth sale for GS Cookies - sm
been doing that for the last 3 Saturdays....working some now....will do the rest tomorrown. Have an easy weekend as I only took on about 40 minutes of dictation and my own acct. did not upload any work Friday though I will pay for that on Monday. Plan to clean out my older daughter's closet tomorrow and organize their close (i.e. remove all the stuff too small from one kid and give to the other while removing some of hers as well)...very time consuming and desperately needs doing.
My daughter's Brownie Troop is sending GS Cookies - sm
A few people in the troop know people in Iraq and the soldiers they know said they don't care if any melt.....of course we are not sending all mints, or all chocolate ones but a mixture. Needless to say I am sure they will all be gone in 10 minutes!
Homemade cookies? A nice potted plant?
What do they like? Do they have a hobby, or collect anything?
Internet based transcription - need advice on how to go internet
Can anyone offer any help/advice on how go about becoming internet based from a call in system, or how to keep the call in system for the docs and put transcriptionists on the internet?  Not sure where to start to get information on how to go about doing this. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
Now I cant see the different broads again. Everytime I clean out my cookies and offline files I cant
get in the different boards. Any suggestions. They are gone again.
BBQ chicken, baked beans and garlic toast with M&M cookies for dessert! nm
Does anyone send Christmas cookies or presents TO your office, if you are a remote employee? sm
Just wondering if that's a weird thing to do or not.
My sister makes Clipper Ship Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Milk chocolate chips, sometimes toasted pecans, and varies between Grand Marnier or sometimes Amaretto in them!

Oooooooooo!!!! Large cookies, and fresh baked with a glass of super cold milk!

Now my mouth is watering! LOL
If you want to work on the internet from home, take an internet course
But only from Andrews School or M-TEC. Many companies will waive the 2-years' experience requirement and will test and hire you if you go to either of those schools. Do NOT bother with At Home Professions, Penn Foster, US Career Institute, or ESPECIALLY Trans-Am, which is also known as Trans-SCAM and is a total ripoff. You will have a VERY difficult time getting hired without experience unless you choose Andrews School or M-TEC. Yes, they cost more, but that's because they are excellent training programs, not "correspondence courses."
Try going to tools
Then options, then to the view tab. You probably have something check marked in the formatting section you don't want.