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call me when the cookies are ready

Posted By: Michelle on 2005-07-21
In Reply to: Cookies! Uhm, well, now I do have some cookie dough in the fridge! - MomMT

and pour me some warm milk!

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Best to call tech support but be ready to take your brain
One person will tell you you have to have WindowsXP and don't try loading Windows XP on Windows 98.  Then somebody else will tell you that you can load WindowsXP on top of your Windows 98.  Good luck.
Mom-CMT..when you get those cookies done
how bout sharing them around here LOL...heck at this point, I'll take the ones that don't have any shape.  Sounds good!
Thanks for the info. Will try the chilling, as I am not at a high altitude. Sure would like to make some pretty sugar cookies and gingerbread men!
You take cookies?????

Gee, does your doctor bake you cookies when you make an appointment with him?  What about your attorney, your accountant, your plumber, and your carpenter?

Baking cookies, to me, is so totally unprofessional.  I would NEVER do that.  It's almost comical, as a matter of fact.

My cookies do not keep my accounts for me

Gee thanks a lot, guess it is my cookies that do my 35,000  to 40,000 lines per month for my accounts.  All I do is that if they respond to my brochure, express interest or talk with me I swing by with a plate of cookies to say "thank you" or if it is an account I really would like I swing by with a plate of cookies with a brochure and more times than not at least the brochure will make it to the manager's desk.  It is the same as giving out pens with your business name on it.  Again I stress, if I did not do a decent job I could not have stayed in this business as a MTSO for 18 years, support myself, own a home and have a half way personal retirement fund set up.   Guess I will put on my tombstone, "I owe my success to my cookies".  And really my flyer is a brochure. 



I received cookies
I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
Not sure what you are looking for. Deleting cookies
should take about 30 seconds. 
Did you clear your cookies? nm

cleared the cookies
She wasn't asking how to delete cookies, she was going
to be instructing people on how to do it. 
Cookies! Uhm, well, now I do have some cookie dough in the fridge!
Perhaps I should dollop a few out and bake'em and eat'em while they are hot with some cold milk before bed?!?! Then, I can fall asleep as my blood sugar plummets to new lows! ROFL

No, don't read those posts. It's irritating! Who wants to be irritated?! NOT ME!! LOL
Be sure to keep the temp files and cookies cleaned
defrag often.
Just got back from a booth sale for GS Cookies - sm
been doing that for the last 3 Saturdays....working some now....will do the rest tomorrown. Have an easy weekend as I only took on about 40 minutes of dictation and my own acct. did not upload any work Friday though I will pay for that on Monday. Plan to clean out my older daughter's closet tomorrow and organize their close (i.e. remove all the stuff too small from one kid and give to the other while removing some of hers as well)...very time consuming and desperately needs doing.
My daughter's Brownie Troop is sending GS Cookies - sm
A few people in the troop know people in Iraq and the soldiers they know said they don't care if any melt.....of course we are not sending all mints, or all chocolate ones but a mixture. Needless to say I am sure they will all be gone in 10 minutes!
Homemade cookies? A nice potted plant?
What do they like? Do they have a hobby, or collect anything?
deleting cookies-go to TOOLS, internet options

Once you get to internet options from TOOLS at the top of your browser, you have a radio button to delete cookies, one to delete history, one to delete online files and then offline files - that is how you delete the cookies AND the cache/memory/history.

Is that what you need to know?  Hope that helped!! 

Now I cant see the different broads again. Everytime I clean out my cookies and offline files I cant
get in the different boards. Any suggestions. They are gone again.
BBQ chicken, baked beans and garlic toast with M&M cookies for dessert! nm
Does anyone send Christmas cookies or presents TO your office, if you are a remote employee? sm
Just wondering if that's a weird thing to do or not.
My sister makes Clipper Ship Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Milk chocolate chips, sometimes toasted pecans, and varies between Grand Marnier or sometimes Amaretto in them!

Oooooooooo!!!! Large cookies, and fresh baked with a glass of super cold milk!

Now my mouth is watering! LOL
got the "phone call" -- get this, MQ has hired a bunch of telemarketers to call all of us to

we received our "incentive packet."  They don't even have the wherewithall to contact us personally.   These are temp-agency hired telemarketers sitting around a boiler room making sure we're reading our mail.... told him it don't pertain to me because I've been demoted from FT to SE.... He said, "yes, the letter is vague, but it does pertain to FT as well as SE...." yeah right, we'll see.

*70 will disable call waiting unless you are expecting a call and want it on (nm)
Get ready for changes.....sm
lots of them and very quickly IF this is what is happening. Six Sigma management tends to cut the fat and thin the herd by "survival of the fittest." In other words, expect it to be harder to achieve a high quality score, incentive bonuses, quality bonuses, etc., because they will up the ante with respect to that At least that was my experience with Edix...and no, I'm not a sloppy MT barking about sour grapes. That's just the way it was.
ready or not
If new Career Step grads are not ready to work, why are so many of them getting multiple job offers? Some get four or five offers within a month of graduation. In the real world, the marketplace will determine who is ready to work and who is not. Whether or not a given MT is prepared to work is between her and her employer. AAMT is sticking its nose into an area where it is neither needed nor wanted, and they would not be doing this if there were not profit in it for them. If they want to do something for us, let's see them do something to stop the offshoring of our medical records. If they were showing real leadership on this and other substantitve issues, our salaries would not be declining. We cannot trust the AAMT.
My son was almost 4 - He will do it when he is ready.
Are you ready? lol...sm
Dogs: Neeva and Rufis.
Cats: Kurt and Vira.
Birds: Buster and Cleo.
Rat: Precious.
I know that I am in no way ready to do this on my own. Others have said I should cut out the sm
middle man and get my own accounts.  I know that I am not qualified to do that right now.  I just graduated two months ago!  I want to get at least 2-3 years experience under someone else before I go out looking for my own accounts.  I'm not ready to be responsible for everything yet.  Maybe I'm a minority, or don't have enough confidence in myself, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. 
I am ready.
I haven't done it yet, but I do have everything I need to work loaded on my laptop in case I need to evacuate for a hurricane.  Just grab the laptop, foot pedal, keyboard and go. 
Ready set go.
Association of United States Medical Transcriptionists (AUSMT)?
Association of Onshore Transcriptionists (AOT)?
I've got Blisters on my Fingers (IGBMF)?
Throw AHDI Out the Window (TAOW)?
Offshore Need Not Apply (ONNA)?
Fed-Up Cantankerous Kahunas (oops)?

But seriously, folks. Let's come up with a name (something with a snappy acronym), then a Yahoo User group & a domain name, & eventually we can come up with some kind of group statement. Let's see what evolves. Who knows? Maybe we can put a dent the Association for Healthcare Documentation in India (!).
Get ready for yours to
stay the same. Most of us here have experience and we should all have accuracy. If you have worked on the platform for some time now and nothing seems to change, just gonna have to suck it up and know what the issues are, that being too many people not changing according to what the specs are.
On-call requires on-call compensation by law
This field gets more disgustingly grotesque daily.
I'm getting my yacht ready now.
I'm with you, ready to retire
but have a few years to go, like 20. My production hasn't gone up 25%, has yours? If anything it has gone down. Have you thought about Spheris? I had a job offer last year at 10 cpl, should have taken it probably.
Actually, I was ready to do this same thing - (sm)
start a petition, but I was (VERY HAPPILY!) beaten to it by a faster-thinking (and probably even madder-than-I-am) MT. GOOD WORK! Lets get this puppy ROLLING! ;D
Cheers! I'm ready for one too! nm
getting ready to set-up a belkin
this weekend, ps2 ...
will let you know.

I hope someone with experience answers ...

We are getting ready to upgrade.
Supposedly it is going to be "wonderful."  I hope so.
You're probably not ready for this then.
If you're questioning what a line is and how much to charge, that says you haven't done your homework yet. When he asks you about FTP or encryption or HIPAA compliance, will you have to tell him you'll get back to him after you run to check this board for an answer? If you haven't prepared yourself well enough for this interview, it will show and until you're ready to answer questions on the spot, I don't know why you think you're ready to go out looking for your own accounts. You need to know what you're talking about.
Ready to quit, too...sm

I just started what I hoped was my final MT job, but now it looks like it's time to start looking again.  I have over 35 years' experience and this outfit has had me on QA for a month now. 

They're nitpicky over hyphens.  You use a hyphen here, but not here.  Hello?  These doctors can barely make a coherent sentence.  They don't have a clue whether near-syncope has a hyphen or not...FYI, per the BOS bible, it does, but not according to the outfit I'm working for...nor does the MD care.  He just wants his report back in a readable format. 

And there is no such word as cary or carie when you're referring to teeth...it's caries, period.  I did win that battle. 

I worked for a short time for another outfit at minimal pay (marking time until better thing came along) that was nitpicky over semicolons. 

As my DH's boss once told him when he was worrying about the small stuff, "Don't worry about the mules, just load the wagons."

So if there's an MTSO out there who's looking for a fast, accurate, punctuationally-challenged (apparently) MT who loves ER/psych, feel free to contact me. 

when the student is ready, the teacher will come
Means probably getting ready for a sale....sm
That's what happened at Edix when they brought in Bill Keena. The company was sold within a year.

Six Sigma is a management style and philosophy. Check Google.
boy i can relate. i'm ready to quit a
new job because of something similar. heaven forbid tech people being able to fix a "tech" problem.  i know more than he does and it's getting to the point that this company isn't worth the trouble. it's a shame because i like the other people that i deal with.
okay now I am ready to make a move

I could kick myself -the company I am working for keeps saying it will pick up and I keep staying, meanwhile I have put on hold a job I should have taken-MDI in Maryland. I have learned my lesson! I am finally ready to move on-anyone looking for an IC who can do 1300 lines a day?


okay now I am ready to make a move
What company were you working for that was not giving you enough work? I have recently made a move and am also not getting the work I thought I would get when I changed.
Robotics...it has always fascinated me since ready
Isaac Asimov's novels. I am not sure exactly what would be needed, but I would certainly start somewhere in that field. Probably lots of math, I imagine.

Since I am no longer single, however, I have to give that dream up.

The other thing I would like to do is get involved in ecology, studying the earth, etc. It is going through so many changes right now...like we are in a huge transition period while it grows and changes.

In any case, anything to get outside a little bit, I think...

How about you, Romey?
No one comes out of MT school ready to work...sm

Students will come out of the top 3 schools ready to work, but will have to work for lower line rates as apprentices.  So who do you think the MTSOs will hire? 

We won't hire newbies that's for sure. There's way too much training that you have to do with a brand new MT, lower line rate or not. That's the least of our worries as MT's.

Woo Hoo! I'm ready and feeling lucky! nm
Absolutely and my 2 teens are ready also. sm
I have a Senior in HS and a Freshman in HS who both are board, finished their summer reading, tired of the swim club, been to the beach for 3 weeks, and they are now vamping up for their summer camps, VB and football. They both said yesterday, they are board and their brain needs stimulation.

I on the other hand, can't wait to have my space back. I sometimes feel "my space" is invaded and don't have a spot to call my own. No matter what room in the house I go into, someone is there or follows me in, especially the kitchen.

Can't wait for school to start, but on the other hand, am not that anxious as they will be 1 more year toward being on their own and leaving the house for good - college and everything. That is scary!
Ready to scream (venting)
 I am doing a loooooonnnng psychiatric report by an ESL who must be sitting 1 mm from some machine that is beeping loudly every half second.  I am able to hear every fourth word over the loud beeping and that word takes me five minutes to decipher because of his accent   Is it noon somewhere so I can have a drink? 
If you have to ask, you're not ready for that big of a change.

you sound more than ready for retirement!