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Now I cant see the different broads again. Everytime I clean out my cookies and offline files I cant

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-12-10
In Reply to:

get in the different boards. Any suggestions. They are gone again.

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Be sure to keep the temp files and cookies cleaned
defrag often.
Download Ccleaner. It will clean out your unnecessary files.
I used every day, works great!
I liked Vianeta, too. In our application we could work offline, I do believe.
Some days, I wish we had Vianeta back again....

There were some downsides, especially if you had to get in on the management/QA side, but as an MT it was dandy.
Who are these broads that write the MT articles and columns
in Advance, anyway?  None of them transcribe for a living, I'll bet.
You don't know how to show yourself as offline on instant messenger? It's simple.
I am sorry. I meant boards not broads. Now those darn boards have disappeared again.
Everytime I think of getting tips on my nails...
I think about what it would be like trying to type with them.
Wow - I do the same thing! Works everytime. nm
Everytime someone posts a crazy word here...

I find myself saying it out loud and frankly some of them just HURT--especially that symptomolology one there! 

Now if we could only teach them to dictate in "text Expander speak:" it would save us all some time!
"Tpx arvd to our edx via ambx wcmpt of cpx." 

The patient arrived to our emergency department via ambulance with a complaint of chest pain.

Mom-CMT..when you get those cookies done
how bout sharing them around here LOL...heck at this point, I'll take the ones that don't have any shape.  Sounds good!
Thanks for the info. Will try the chilling, as I am not at a high altitude. Sure would like to make some pretty sugar cookies and gingerbread men!
You take cookies?????

Gee, does your doctor bake you cookies when you make an appointment with him?  What about your attorney, your accountant, your plumber, and your carpenter?

Baking cookies, to me, is so totally unprofessional.  I would NEVER do that.  It's almost comical, as a matter of fact.

Filezilla is the software used to transfer files to an FTP server where the files "reside".
No I don't think so. Everytime I see postings about the MT market failing it gets pegged as "n
that's what I think OP is referring to, postings about the dismal future of MT.
I find myself cringing everytime I type a cath
My cookies do not keep my accounts for me

Gee thanks a lot, guess it is my cookies that do my 35,000  to 40,000 lines per month for my accounts.  All I do is that if they respond to my brochure, express interest or talk with me I swing by with a plate of cookies to say "thank you" or if it is an account I really would like I swing by with a plate of cookies with a brochure and more times than not at least the brochure will make it to the manager's desk.  It is the same as giving out pens with your business name on it.  Again I stress, if I did not do a decent job I could not have stayed in this business as a MTSO for 18 years, support myself, own a home and have a half way personal retirement fund set up.   Guess I will put on my tombstone, "I owe my success to my cookies".  And really my flyer is a brochure. 



I received cookies
I received cookies from an MT company I know longer work for and of course nothing from the ones I do work for!!
Not sure what you are looking for. Deleting cookies
should take about 30 seconds. 
Did you clear your cookies? nm

cleared the cookies
I have a gender problem when I type! Seems everytime I get my QA eval I always get counted off

because I've typed he instead of she or his instead of her.  It drives me crazy!  I always pass with at least a 98%, but I'm always making this mistake and I feel like an dunce every time I see it on paper!

I know how it happens.  I'm just not paying attention and I'll just forget its a he or a she or I'll forget what patient I'm on and think I'm still on the "the lady with the pelvic pain..." and type she when really it's a he.

Anybody have any suggestions to help me remember my genders?

call me when the cookies are ready
and pour me some warm milk!
She wasn't asking how to delete cookies, she was going
to be instructing people on how to do it. 
Yay! That's three votes in favor of knuckle cracking! Everytime I pop my knuckles, I hear my mo

EXText word client blank screen everytime I login
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I login. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?

Converting voice files to digital files

I have a Voice Solutions dictation system that will happily convert DS4000 voice files to digital when they are downloaded (wave files). However, it will not recognize any other files for conversion. I had a physician download .WAM files from his DS-30 and my dictation system would not convert it. Anyone have any suggestions?  I would greatly appreciate any input.


Cookies! Uhm, well, now I do have some cookie dough in the fridge!
Perhaps I should dollop a few out and bake'em and eat'em while they are hot with some cold milk before bed?!?! Then, I can fall asleep as my blood sugar plummets to new lows! ROFL

No, don't read those posts. It's irritating! Who wants to be irritated?! NOT ME!! LOL
Just got back from a booth sale for GS Cookies - sm
been doing that for the last 3 Saturdays....working some now....will do the rest tomorrown. Have an easy weekend as I only took on about 40 minutes of dictation and my own acct. did not upload any work Friday though I will pay for that on Monday. Plan to clean out my older daughter's closet tomorrow and organize their close (i.e. remove all the stuff too small from one kid and give to the other while removing some of hers as well)...very time consuming and desperately needs doing.
My daughter's Brownie Troop is sending GS Cookies - sm
A few people in the troop know people in Iraq and the soldiers they know said they don't care if any melt.....of course we are not sending all mints, or all chocolate ones but a mixture. Needless to say I am sure they will all be gone in 10 minutes!
Homemade cookies? A nice potted plant?
What do they like? Do they have a hobby, or collect anything?
deleting cookies-go to TOOLS, internet options

Once you get to internet options from TOOLS at the top of your browser, you have a radio button to delete cookies, one to delete history, one to delete online files and then offline files - that is how you delete the cookies AND the cache/memory/history.

Is that what you need to know?  Hope that helped!! 

BBQ chicken, baked beans and garlic toast with M&M cookies for dessert! nm
Does anyone send Christmas cookies or presents TO your office, if you are a remote employee? sm
Just wondering if that's a weird thing to do or not.
My sister makes Clipper Ship Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Milk chocolate chips, sometimes toasted pecans, and varies between Grand Marnier or sometimes Amaretto in them!

Oooooooooo!!!! Large cookies, and fresh baked with a glass of super cold milk!

Now my mouth is watering! LOL
Did you save files in .rtf format? The files need to be
as a Word document or it won't count them. Could be the problem.
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText word client blank screen everytime I give ok in DIS screen
Thanks your suggestion was very valuable. At a specified time (which the technical side say, when the net speed is very good), it is working without a problem at all (whereas this was half working and half not working before even at this time), but other times, still the same problem exists.

Actually the blank screen comes every time I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen).
Everytime you re-load Word you need to re-load Stedmans medical spellchecker.
Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
I already thought of that, but I hear they aren't worth crap.
sometimes have to clean
you know you can take the ball out and clean it? If not, turn mouse over and twist plate direction of arrows.
have you tried the can of air to clean it?
this is a post I just read:

My Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard is quite nice. The keys are all attached to the front of the keyboard. Just unscrew the back and the front lifts up with all the keys. On the bottom part of the keyboard remains the rubber/silicon and circuit board, which can be sprayed off. I then submerge the top keyboard in scalding hot soapy water to clean it.
Nothing to do with MT but does anyone have any ideas on how to clean - sm
a linoleum bathroom floor? All my bathroom throw rugs (4-large bathroom) have left yellow stains under where each lies.  I presume the rubber somehow reacted with the floor.  This has happened in both my bathrooms but much worse it the one which has a window.  Short of replacing the floor does anyone have any ideas? TIA.
Let's clean up our board........sm
While it is certainly everyone's right to "agree to disagree", the mud slinging that unfortunately takes place here is usually not started by anyone who truly wants to get a point across.  I myself have gotten into some very heated discussions over issues related to our profession. But I've never stooped so low as to attack anyone personally.. and the minute the discussion starts getting ugly, I'm outta there!  There are people on these boards with no other purpose than to see where they can start trouble.  They're just looking for attention and the only way to get rid of them is to totally ignore them.
Help! How do I clean out my cache?

I have been unable to access, since last night, a website (Weightwatchers.com) and/or its forums that I go to regularly. I have friends that are able to access it so I am wondering what I might need to do to "clean things out" on my computer in order to get back to the web site.


Any way to clean up a BAD dss file??

Doctor dictated despite the fact that he had a tremendously BAD phone connection.  I can only hear a word every few sentences, the rest is loud humming and static.  I have a KOSS equalizer that didn't help at all.  Anyone know of a miracle program or something that might salvage this recording, as he doesn't want to re-dictate it?  THanks! 

Does anyone pay someone to clean their house? sm
If so how often do they clean for you and how much do you pay them?   What size home do you have? i.e. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen?
Always a dishcloth and use a clean

one every time.  Right now we are without a dishwasher.  I use a dishcloth for dishes and a dishcloth to clean countertops/table  - or will sometimes use a paper towel.  I also use bleach or an antibacterial cleaner about once a week.

Never, ever use a sponge.  If you use a scrub brush need to at least dip in bleach every day that you use it. 

I can't remember where it was, but in the last couple of months I saw a show like 60 minutes and it was talking about how dirty a kitchen is, especially in comparison to your bathroom, and it was enough to make you sick, in more ways than one. 


I need help to keep my house clean. What should I pay?
Am thinking 10.00/hr cash of course. Is that too low? My house just needs maintenance (floors, dusting, countertops).
I third the Mr. Clean Eraser. nm