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Thank you, QA person. IMO, ESLs aren't the enemy, it's POOR VOICE QUALITY!!! No excuse for

Posted By: CL on 2005-07-30
In Reply to: QA comment - MT

that in this day and age.  These accounts really must clean up their acts and disallow docs using cell phones, speaker phones, lounging and eating while dictating, ad nauseum.  I can't count how many times my ears hurt for hours after transcribing squealing reports.  And then the poor QA person gets an earful, too!  If I were an MTSO, I'd not accept an account with poor voice.  It's a "garbage in, garbage out" situation.  I've transcribed much clearer dictation on tapes! 

Thank you for your kind comments.  It is really appreciated.  You're admired also!!

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MQ motto: Confusion To The Enemy. (MTs are the enemy)

How dare we expect to be paid.  We are their subservient women working "from home" (how dare hous fraus want to be paid money for sitting around in their PJs)

Have I got that right yet?

Forget that this is hard work, takes many years of training, and lots of investment of our own money just to be able to do it.

I need some coffee, brb

Poor quality of food

I agree with the posters who state the quality of some of their foods are poor.  I would not buy the WM brand of anything.  Have tried a few things and my family would not eat it.  Their meats look and smell horrible.  The only thing I might buy from WM if it was cheaper, is name brand frozen foods. 

I think one of the reason WM has had a boost in the last few months is due to the Hurricane tragedies.  Cities in Louisiana are crowded and WM can't keep their shelves stocked.  Stopped at a WM on the way home from Christmas shopping late one night and they were closed (suppose to be open 24 hours), every since the hurricanes they have been closing at 11:00 p.m.

Poor quality is just that. It has nothing to do with work ethic.
ESLs aren't always the worst
Some of those guys who can speak perfect English but won't are the worst.  ie  the ones who take a deep breath and get the whole report out before taking another - or the ones who whisper or mumble as if afraid the CIA is listening, not just us.  Well you get the picture - my mantrum has always been "GIGO - garbage in, garbage out.  We can't be expected to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear or even a mummmbler. 
I usually tell them about the poor sound quality and if it is not rectified I quit! nm
Poor sound quality, looking up proper names, sm
switching from one account to another, not enough work, repetitive stress injuries, accounts continually changing they way they want things done, uninvited guests, slow ISPs, inability to get broadband, accounts having server problems,lack of proper reference materials at hand (meaning MT word books and dictionaries), relying on Google 100%, visiting this and other boards, chocolate cravings, food cravings, extreme boredom, extreme fatigue, delirium.

Best player for poor quality audio files?
I'm on a new account using primarily .wav and .dss files -- I can use whatever player I want and am currently using Express Scribe (just because its free!) -- but these files are not the best quality, and I wish I had more controls available to try to tweak them a bit. If anyone has experience with any other audio player software that they think is better than Express Scribe, would you let me know?  Thanks much.
Depending on sound quality, lookups, fill-ins, ESLs, that's
Also, eating like a poor person
is not always a bad thing. I do need to lose some weight. :0)
Has anyone used Sun Rocket VOIP? If so, how is the voice quality and service? nm

your a very mean spirited person aren't you???
Are you a medica professional? Are you a psychologist? If the answer is NO, then you don't have any clue what you are talking about. Peope will millions of dollars are depressed. Money does not buy happiness. Don't you get it, this young man is asking for help. He is ALONE. Wow, so glad you are not on the other end of a suicide hotline. This poster seems to be either gifted as he is extremely talented but he obviously has psychological issues that are getting in the way of him acheiving his goals and dreams. To talk to a person in that way is cold and heartless and you should be ashamed of yourself. I pray your children never become depressed. GOD BLESS YOU.
k, that is your opinion, i stated mine. poor quality in my opinion shows bad work ethics if they do
Aren't you the same person who posted above that you work for Transolutions and USED
to work for the company that does 7 days a week?
Well I wouldn't call a person "stupid" because they aren't from here, but SM
maybe you mean because of the poor use of the language. I know what you mean.
Agree, verbatim transcription equals poor quality transcription.
Hahah!a! Funny typo: not quality 'scAre', quality 'scOre'. LMAO!...nm
I think that depends on the quality. Do you honestly think there is good quality just throwing every
MT on any account like they are. I also think QA has been told to not waste a lot of time on blanks so I think the hospitals are getting a lot more blanks. I certainly have more when I get in a hospital I dont know and they talk 100 miles an hour.
I thought quality was a given. Speed and quality are not mutually exclusive. sm

I maintain 99% accuracy above on my reports.  However, the original question was regarding personal preference, and I have stated mine, and I respect your opinion as well.  :-)    I do think if I was working in an office or hospital setting, the setup you mentioned might be more profitable in the long run.  There are too many interruptions and such when you have other people running in and out, phones ringing, etc. 

I doubt that anyone but me really cares about the lines per hour it takes for me to do a report.  They just want an accurate report in a timely manner.  I take pride in my work, and would never just slop something out for the sake of the almighty buck.   And, as an added incentive, I work for 2 companies, and one of them has my name on each report.  I don't have a problem with it, but I did think it was a bit unusual at first.

Oh well ... I must confess that what I'd TRULY like is to be paid lots of money to just sit and play Battle Phlinx on Pogo all day long, but as of yet, no such luck.  

poor, poor management
Line count stealing, no help, rude management, you name it SS has it if it is bad!!!!!!! Run, run, save your life.
Should be voice to voice (talking), not transcribing. nm
I work for the person. I know. Very excellent person, personally and business-sense.
It is an INSULT to have QA hovering over seasoned MTs who know what they are doing. She trusts her MTs and again if there are questions there is one person, a trainer, who can answer them via phone, e-mail or instant message or you can send the whole report to them if you choose.
Point was is the person willing to make up for the slack of the person who types 1 job when there is

if that is all they WANT to type.   Is the person who wants to be a supervisor willing to make up for those people?

You have crap supervisors, editors and mts in the business like you have good ones.   Sadly, the really good ones of all of them are few and far between. 

Oh bullshit, that is such a lame excuse. The same lame excuse that has been
time someone doesn't agree with offshoring.  Of course I have bills that need to be paid...EVERYONE DOES!  And, guess what sweet cheeks, I have a job and it's with a company that doesn't offshore!  Wah...wah...wah all you want, but this site does not support offshoring private health information and if you don't like it, run somewhere else because there are a lot of us here that DON'T agree with you!
When you have a QA person that is picky and another QA person that is very lenient where does that
leave the MTs because some are getting a lenient reviewer and others are getting one that picks at everything. How do you reconcile that issue with the difference in QA mentality. Some people make out well and the other people could be just as good but dont. I wonder about that.
The person MTSO pays is the person who
Excuse you but --
I never said a degree or certification is required to become an MT, now did I?

I did say that a proper education IS required, and I stick by that; i.e., my analogy with the attorney/paralegal and nurse/MT, etc.

And she didn't prove me wrong either; she only proved how totally out of touch she is with this profession, and you proved that you like to try to put words in people's mouths! ROAR!
Excuse me???

uh, excuse a moi

>>>A drink (in moderation) every now and then, in my opinion, is better than being hooked on Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc. 

Not if you have a legitimate chemical imbalance and require any or all of these medications to give you a normal life. It's when you don't take them under doctor's orders that you can have problems.

its an 11 - excuse you.
Excuse me??
Hope you are never old and suffering from pneumonia.
please excuse
sorry about the typos, just got off an 8 hour shift and now cannot type.
no excuse
I have the same problem and most recently the office visit for my child to have his ear looked at and that is all was $129.00....new office visit fee. I'm still wondering how any MD can justify such a fee. If they see 4 15-minute appointments in 1 hour, just regular visits, that's $519 an hour. Someone's living good.
Excuse me
I hate it when people like you say something like that. If you don't want someone younger (and possibly better) to be over you, then apply for the position yourself. Some ego you seem to have. Age has nothing to do with true experience or ability.
excuse me...

It clearly states OUTSIDE the post that it is NOT MT related...so you shouldn't have read it if you weren't interested. 

However, I believe that this is an open forum for MT issues, plus other things we would like to discuss.  Take a scroll on down the board, there's lots of non-MT related topics being discussed.

If you have a problem with non-MT related topics, DON'T READ THEM...dang...

excuse me?
well, excuse me...
but I was referring to speaking and putting forth the effort to properly pronounce words, which can be a critical mistake when not pronouncing someone's medications correctly...not the fact that I left off an *o* in too...geez, get the point...(guess this kind of reply is why I rarely post on this board)...
Excuse me
but....things happen in a person's life expected or unexpected. She says she works 95% of the time. It should not matter if she works at home as an IC or in-house. Things do happen like it or not. It is a fact of life and should not be penalized for such. Companies should have a backup plan. Computers fail, etc.
Excuse me?
What is with people on this board. Why do you all insist on getting nasty when someone states an opinion, a well-informed one no less. Why must you all be so derogatory just like this doctor.

Why did I have time yesterday? Because I had no jobs available. Our accounts' work load is down and has been down over the past month or so. You know nothing about me or my job.

I hope you are right about the DSM-V it's about time. How psychologists versus doctors treat psychiatric issues isn't the discussion here. And for a matter of fact, mental retardation is NOT a medical diagnosis. It is an IQ less than a certain number depending on severity. What medical doctor gives an IQ test?

And shame on me for what? For taking a stand against ignorant people including doctors who insist on using derogatory terms?
Well excuuuse me - I "thought" this was a free country.  You're obviously one who doesn't care that so much of the work in the US is being shipped to other countries. Perhaps you have all the job security you need, perhaps your husband hasn't been laid off because his place of employment went to Mexico.  I need a job that pays a decent wage and a wage that we deserve for the work we do.  I have a right to my opinion and a right to voice it - and I fully intend to keep on doing it despite of your lousy attitude !
Excuse me, but we all do NOT sm
do that and if you think that's the case you're so very wrong.  I can assure you though, your employer is aware of who is doing the cherrypicking and who isn't.  There's no reason for it and as another poster pointed out, the quickest way to lose respect. 
Excuse me. ....
I am tired of these types of posts. Those of us who ARE excellent MTs are making the money. We're doing just fine.

If you cannot make a living in MT, then it is more than likely you. If you aren't good at this work you won't make any money. You'll just blunder along making minimum wage at best.

No excuse ME...sm
Let me tell you something...You shouldn't judge MTs you don't even know, and you certainly don't judge me. Just because you ARE making good money does not give you the right to say those who haven't found a good job yet for whatever reason are not good MTs. How do you know? Have you reviewed my work or anyone else's on this board? I don't think so. You are doing fine because you have a good job with a good company obviously. Everyone is not that lucky. You have nerve let me tell ya! Don't make judgements about people or things you don't know about, and you most definitely do not judge me.
Excuse me?
I do NOT pretend to be happy at my job... I AM happy at my job and lucky to have it. Someday when everything goes to voice recognition, you'll be sorry. The fact that you feel so miserable at your job is your own opinion. This is not the place to point fingers at any individual. Speak for yourself.
Excuse Me?
How do you think you know me by my posts? You know nothing about the type of QA person that I am, but I would wager a bet that I am a FAR better QA than you are an MT.

do you know what an IC is?

I guess for the last 10 years, every "employer" of mine has been doing it wrong.
Gee, it would have been nice had my accountant informed me of this, don't you think?

PLEASE explain to me what I am mis-informing her about... I am speaking from EXPERIENCE, which apparently you aren't.

Maybe the employment agreement YOU have signed states all that. Yes I had a contract, stating what the cpl was, and if it states in the contract it will be increased after 3 or 6 months, then it will be, but not if that's not in the contract to begin with.

being an IC IS different. You set your terms, not them.
what is your problem?
Excuse me...
It is absolutely appropriate to pull charts to confirm dictation when you are working in-house - and unconscionable not to when you have a question.
Well excuse me,
but I'm sure at McD's if they were asked to wash customer's cars or climb on top of the roof, they would be frustrated as well. Maybe as soon as you drive off they say the things I'm saying now about being picky and demanding? I do my job, do it well and don't vent until after work somewhere else. There are hundreds of MTs on here who do the same on this board. Isn't this board about discussing things?! Also I have NEVER dealt with this crap from a doctor, ever, in my 10-year career. Please keep all this in mind before INSULTING someone. Maybe you like kissing a@@ instead of being an MT, but not all of us.
One person's "custom" is another person's
"house arrest". I'd never go to the Middle East because of how they treat women. I don't agree with their laws or "justice" system. For example, the woman who was gang raped as punishment for the actions of her 12-year-old brother, a boy who wasn't even an adult. How's that for a "custom"? Let's not forget bride burning. Burqas.

Besides, foreigners don't follow our "customs" when they come to this country. Half of them don't even bother learning English. Instead, we're expected to pay for healthcare and foodstamps for illegals and print everything in Spanish.

I won't be oppressed or treated as a second class citizen, and I wouldn't treat others like that either. A "custom" is more like putting up a Christmas tree, not being abused based on your gender.
i'm sure it will vary from person to person.
I recently did the same thing and am loving it! The freedom from time clocks, the better company, make losing the benefits well worth it to me. You need to set up a plan to have $ set aside for taxes though. I should have done this years ago!
Wrong person. I'm not the person you were
any money.  You have a sucky attitude, a "poor me" attitude.  Get off your lazy whiny a$$ and work instead of complaining and you will make money.  I have one account at 10.5 cpl, two at 14 cpl and one at 15 cpl.  I make a lot of money, even on the 10.5 cpl.  But I'm not sitting around whining either.  And I didn't whine when I made $6 an hour.
Excuse me, but as has been stated
very different. I'm happy that you have a good one, but we don't all get bonuses...even if we have excellent QA. So how 'bout gettin' off the high horse and jumping to conclusions when you may not have all the FACTS?