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Transferring my ShortHand expander to another computer... Help!

Posted By: soon to be PrecyseMT on 2006-06-22
In Reply to:

I have gotten permission from my company that I can transfer my ShortHand abbreviation Expander to their computer.  I have saved everything to CD.  I had to downloaded the new ShortHand Program to the new computer.  Someone care to give me step-by-step process.  Thanks!  I must be doing something wrong, as when I try the file conversion, it says "source and destination cannot be the same."  I was saving from the CD to the program on the ShortHand file Programs on the C drive

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Transferring autocorrect to new computer

Hi all,

I have a file of my autocorrects that was forwarded to me from the old computer I used.  It's file extension is "acl", e.g., MSO1234.acl. 


Can anyone coach me on  how I can convert the acl to a text file (the format I believe it's supposed to be in) and then load it?  I was directed to some file converter programs, but none of them worked. 


I saw that someone had previously posted and gotten a reply to this question, but the answer given did not work  for me. 



Which expander do you like? I am currently using Shorthand which comes with the job but need
Which expander? I used Shorthand, and it's got a
suggestion box feature that you can stretch across the bottom of your screen to remind you of the expansions. Also, make up a little system for your expansions. Some people use ABCZ, but I use a phonetic/consonant system or the first letters of phrases because that's what I can remember. It's like car license plates with no vowels. sbrc is subarachnoid cnsn is consultation

It might be that you haven't found your company fit yet, too. Keep searching for a better company if the current one isn't cutting it.
Shorthand expander
Did someone pmce say that ShortHand could keep track of repeated phrases etc? What version? I have Version 8 I believe and don't see where it can do that. Thanks
Need help with Shorthand expander (sm)
I'm feeling pretty dumb here.  I use Instant Text and the Expander with my regular job with no problem, but my PT job uses ShortHand and honestly, I've never figured it out.  If you use Shorthand would you please email me.  I feel silly enough posting this.  I don't want to ask questions and feel worse.  Just please put in the subject that you're from MTStars.           
shorthand expander
I too used PRD+ with Word Perfect DOS 5.0.  Make pretty good money, but none like those other people that type.  Have wondered and wondered how they do it.  Can you tell me.
Help with Shorthand expander (sm)
I really hate this Expander but it is what works best with this other company I work for.  How do you make -year-old move so it is next to the number when you key in yo?  TIA
Tru Shorthand expander
Shorthand and Instant Text work about the same way. ShortHand has a free 30-day trial you can download online, and it is a lot cheaper than Instant Text.


I have been using Shorthand since 1997, and have never had a problem or complaint.
question about shorthand expander

I am trying to figure out which Expander to purchase and I feel so dumb.  I shorthand expander something I download to my PC or is it more like a CD?  Can I use it on more than one computer, i.e. home and work?  I'm actually trying to find something that can sort of travel with me, like bringing my tool box along with me.  Is that possible? 


need to import DQS expander to Shorthand (sm)
What file do I look for and where/how do I find it?  Step by step instructions would be nice.  Thank you. :-)
Shorthand word expander -
Tech board is down.  Need to know how to stop word from expanding.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks
Shorthand is by far the best expander and works with everything. nm


Is Shorthand the best word expander?

Shorthand is far superior to that expander for extext
Where do I order Shorthand expander? Can't find anywhere NM
Shorthand/Word Expander Feedback.

We are in process of revamping MTStars FlashType (Shorthand/Word Expander).


We appreciate feedback from all visitors who are/were using any Shorthand/Word Expander Software in terms...

=> Which software do you use and why? (e.g User friendly, Robust, Built-in Dictionaries etc.)

=> The features you like and dislike within software?

=> What are your suggestions for upgraded version of FlashType? Which features you would like to see in it?

This thread will be followed by our staff and 5 Free copies of upgraded version of MTStars FlashType will be given (by end of August, 2008) to best feedback providers in this discussion.

PS. It's an official thread by MTStars Administration. We don't want disparaging remarks/comments about other software providers, we respect all the competitors. The only purpose is to evaluate End User experience regarding Shorthand/Word Expanders in general and FlashType in particular.

MTStars Administration.

Shorthand is not the Windows "shorthand/expander" SM
and has only a virtual tour, not a true demo, so far as I know anyway. The program so misleadingly advertised may be excellent, but it's new and untried, not one of the industry leaders ShortHand is.
Has anyone had problems with their Shorthand text expander? sm
I have had mine for almost 10 years with no problems and suddenly it started not working. The type it button became inactive. At first restarting it fixed it but then that stopped fixing it so I uninstalled and reinstalled and that worked for about a day and then it stopped working again and reinstalling didn't help the next time. Has anyone had this problem?
Have shorthand on 1 computer but need on another
Is it very hard to transfer/export or whatever the term is to get my ShortHand from the computer to my new Dell? I use it so much and would be lost without it. TIA.
You need an expander like Instant Text or Shorthand so you don't have to keep converting every ti
Can an expander be created in Shorthand while typing the document?
Or do you have to get out of the document and make up the expansions?  When you download it from the website, do you get any instructions along with the program?  Any other info would be appreciated. 
Getting a new computer and need to transfer Shorthand...sm
among other things and really don't know how to go about it.  I don't have an original ShortHand disk to reinstall the program on my new computer and of course I don't want to lose my zillions of abbreviations.  Can anyone help please?
Go to your shorthand file on your computer sm
All dictionaries end in .spf. Find the dictionary you are looking for, and there you go. Either right-click to copy and paste it into your email or do it from the attach file option in your email.
Install Shorthand on the other computer, then ... sm
find the ShortHand folder in Windows Explorer on the first computer and copy your dictionaries ending with .spf and paste them in the Shorthand folder on the second computer.
How do you get the shorthand word expander to work in 'word client'?
Is there a way to copy Shorthand program from one computer
to another when I do not have the disk anymore?  Any help appreciated.  I recently bought a new computer and am looking to install my ShortHand on that computer.
How do I transfer my Shorthand Version 9 entries from one computer to another? -sm

I would really appreciate some help in this. 

Thank you so much!

Transferring SH
Is there any way to transfer SH to Autocorrect?  I know you can transfer AutoCorrect to SH, but about the opposite?  I am working for an institution on AS400 and they will not allow me to use SH, but they do have AutoCorrect.  It seems ridiculous to have to rebuild my dictionary to AutoCorrect when already built on SH.  Waste of time and energy doing this.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated:)
Wow. I'd be transferring to a different school.
And discussing it with the school board and principal. Or finding an alternative program. Your son needs to be challenged, he's bored, and he's got way too many study halls. I really don't know if homeschooling is the option he needs, though. Maybe just a more structured environment with fewer problem kids. When there are already anxiety and depression issues, isolating one's self is not necessarily a good thing. We also can't teach our kids to "hide" from difficult situations, even though I'd like to live in a Utopic gated neighborhood where only caring people with morals lived. No jerks allowed.

I didn't read the rest of the responses because there were so many. We're considering private school for our middle son because the kids with bad attitudes are interfering with the learning process. He also has emotional issues. It all started when we had a sudden, unexpected death in the family. Yesterday, he was upset because the kids were picking on him about his hat and his music choice for a leadership program skit. One of the kids even came to our front door and was jeering at him, but the little monster didn't know I was sitting right in the kitchen until I stuck my head out and told him to bugger off. The private school has scholarships and monthly payment plans available.
transferring files
I do not have them in separate folders.  I have all of them in the doctor's folder, from 2005 to the present.  I was looking for something that I can just do with a few clicks.
transferring files
I want to thank you for your help.  It went much faster.  BTW you don't have to use the explorer.  You can just open up each folder and minimize so you can see both.
Transferring of files
Which is the best way to transfer digital files? Right now we have CyberSynch. I have purchased a new laptop and we are having to upgrade and will cost a little over $700.00 for three computers - thanks!  
Transferring files information...

Hi, I am looking to expand from my one-person business by adding a couple more people.  The files I send will be accessed via WAV pedal.  I know with the laws and such you aren't supposed to send files via email, but was wondering what the best route was to go with.  Can anyone direct me to a reasonably priced (and dependable) FTP site or are there other ways this could be done besides using ftp sites?  Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Help re transferring digital file

Anyone know how to transfer a voice file from a Panasonic digital recorder on Voice Studio to Express Scribe?  Any help would be much appreciated!



How do you plan on transferring the digital

Transferring files is easy with the Importer

You can easily transfer your AutoCorrect files using the Importer in Instant Text. In the Importer, you simply click on the AutoCorrect button, then IT will pull the AutoCorrect file directly from Word and instantly convert it into a glossary file. You can also import files from other programs as well.

To assist in the learning curve, Instant Text comes with a manual and free tech support to help get you started. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free for one month.

For more information regarding Instant Text, please see the link below:

Transferring Express Scribe files
I would like to work from my laptop sometimes, but I am not sure how to transfer the audio files I downloaded from WinSCP already from my PC to the laptop. All I need to do is transfer the audio files. I know how to transfer files that are finished in Word back to my PC. Any help would be appreciated.

Use a secure method of transferring files.

Encrypted email for delivery of completed documents works, but voice files may be too large for that method. A secure FTP site, either your own or through a commerical provider such as mydoconline.com or ftptogo.com, would work for both documents and voice files. You may need an FTP program, but there are lots of free ones out there, like filezilla.com, which is what I use.

copying or transferring Extext expanders
I'm moving to a different MTSO and would like to copy all (probably 20,000) of the expanders/abbreviations I've created over the years.  Hopefully, I can copy these on to a disk and transfer them to the my new MTSO, which utilizes Bayscribe.  It wouldn't be much fun having to re-create these.  Help, anyone?
Transferring Bayscribe Productivity Tool into Word

Does anyone know if it's possible to make the Bayscribe Productivity Tool work in Microsoft Word?  Or at the very least, transfer the expansion list into Word's expander?

POLL: Productivity gain using your expander and what expander you use.
Guess I need to make it work harder.
The shortcuts expander works with the Bayscribe expander as well.
All at the same time.
SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Shorthand is lots cheaper and also has a trial.
{@KEY BkSp}-pack-per-year is for Shorthand. Using the semicolon works with both Shorthand and

;yo = -year-old

;py= -pack-year


Shorthand and SpeedType are exact same program. Shorthand will cost you lots less.
you can import your autocorrect into Shorthand.
I took shorthand too. But it sure comes in helpful for my expanders. I view words in shorthand for
i did use shorthand once in a job but i was so nervous the "boss" took pity and dictated the report on dictaphone.
If it is Shorthand, save the SPF file to a disk, then if you buy Shorthand yourself....
you can just drop the SPF file into it. That is not dishonest since you are the one who put the macros in. I am sure is it is another Expander there is a way to save the macro file and then drop it in the expander you buy on your own.
Is it their computer? Why are they installing a firewall and autocorrect on your computer? That sm
is usually the responsibility of the transcriptionist, especially if an IC or SE.  Which company?
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
Transferring Auto Correct/Auto Text

I work in Word currently and have a large number of AC/AT entries.  I am moving to a platform that has Instant Text or Shorthand.  Is it possible to transfer these entries as a file somehow, or am I going to have to enter by hand?  Also any comments welcome regarding the ease of use, etc of Instant Text versus Shorthand.



Question about transfering computer into to another computer.. sm

I have a dumb question - Just bought a new computer and someone told me to get a flash drive to transfer all my info.  But I'm assuming that ExText that I work off of and Escription will have to be downloaded again by the tech people onto my new computer.  I can tranfer these can I?