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Can an expander be created in Shorthand while typing the document?

Posted By: Sunny on 2006-04-25
In Reply to:

Or do you have to get out of the document and make up the expansions?  When you download it from the website, do you get any instructions along with the program?  Any other info would be appreciated. 

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I had created a huge dictionary in my expander too...sm
But I was still a butterfingers! Just lack of fine motor skills, I suppose. Couldn't have made it without my word expander.

I remember when we typed on IBM Selectric typewrites and EVERY single word had to be typed out. Geez, what a bore!
In-document typing time
I'm an employee (at present).
WordPerfect 5.1, typing as one long document, using
Yes...it only happens at the very end of a document (the last sentende) or after typing somthing aft


How to I insert text from a document into shorthand? I know I have to
highlight what I want to insert, but I cannot remember the keys for insertion.  TIA!
FastFox typing expander
Has anyone purchased this? I downloaded the trial version and it seems to work pretty well. Any comparisons that anyone can offer? Purchase price is only $29 on sale. Can't beat that.
Has anyone downloaded FastFox Typing Expander.....sm
I am downloading Express Scribe for a new job, and this Expander is another feature from this company that you can also download free...was thinking of trying it out, it is supposed to work great with Express Scribe. Anyone??
Which expander do you like? I am currently using Shorthand which comes with the job but need
Which expander? I used Shorthand, and it's got a
suggestion box feature that you can stretch across the bottom of your screen to remind you of the expansions. Also, make up a little system for your expansions. Some people use ABCZ, but I use a phonetic/consonant system or the first letters of phrases because that's what I can remember. It's like car license plates with no vowels. sbrc is subarachnoid cnsn is consultation

It might be that you haven't found your company fit yet, too. Keep searching for a better company if the current one isn't cutting it.
Shorthand expander
Did someone pmce say that ShortHand could keep track of repeated phrases etc? What version? I have Version 8 I believe and don't see where it can do that. Thanks
Need help with Shorthand expander (sm)
I'm feeling pretty dumb here.  I use Instant Text and the Expander with my regular job with no problem, but my PT job uses ShortHand and honestly, I've never figured it out.  If you use Shorthand would you please email me.  I feel silly enough posting this.  I don't want to ask questions and feel worse.  Just please put in the subject that you're from MTStars.           
shorthand expander
I too used PRD+ with Word Perfect DOS 5.0.  Make pretty good money, but none like those other people that type.  Have wondered and wondered how they do it.  Can you tell me.
Help with Shorthand expander (sm)
I really hate this Expander but it is what works best with this other company I work for.  How do you make -year-old move so it is next to the number when you key in yo?  TIA
Tru Shorthand expander
Shorthand and Instant Text work about the same way. ShortHand has a free 30-day trial you can download online, and it is a lot cheaper than Instant Text.


I have been using Shorthand since 1997, and have never had a problem or complaint.
question about shorthand expander

I am trying to figure out which Expander to purchase and I feel so dumb.  I shorthand expander something I download to my PC or is it more like a CD?  Can I use it on more than one computer, i.e. home and work?  I'm actually trying to find something that can sort of travel with me, like bringing my tool box along with me.  Is that possible? 


need to import DQS expander to Shorthand (sm)
What file do I look for and where/how do I find it?  Step by step instructions would be nice.  Thank you. :-)
Shorthand word expander -
Tech board is down.  Need to know how to stop word from expanding.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks
Shorthand is by far the best expander and works with everything. nm


Is Shorthand the best word expander?

Shorthand is far superior to that expander for extext
Where do I order Shorthand expander? Can't find anywhere NM
Transferring my ShortHand expander to another computer... Help!
I have gotten permission from my company that I can transfer my ShortHand abbreviation Expander to their computer.  I have saved everything to CD.  I had to downloaded the new ShortHand Program to the new computer.  Someone care to give me step-by-step process.  Thanks!  I must be doing something wrong, as when I try the file conversion, it says "source and destination cannot be the same."  I was saving from the CD to the program on the ShortHand file Programs on the C drive
Shorthand/Word Expander Feedback.

We are in process of revamping MTStars FlashType (Shorthand/Word Expander).


We appreciate feedback from all visitors who are/were using any Shorthand/Word Expander Software in terms...

=> Which software do you use and why? (e.g User friendly, Robust, Built-in Dictionaries etc.)

=> The features you like and dislike within software?

=> What are your suggestions for upgraded version of FlashType? Which features you would like to see in it?

This thread will be followed by our staff and 5 Free copies of upgraded version of MTStars FlashType will be given (by end of August, 2008) to best feedback providers in this discussion.

PS. It's an official thread by MTStars Administration. We don't want disparaging remarks/comments about other software providers, we respect all the competitors. The only purpose is to evaluate End User experience regarding Shorthand/Word Expanders in general and FlashType in particular.

MTStars Administration.

Shorthand is not the Windows "shorthand/expander" SM
and has only a virtual tour, not a true demo, so far as I know anyway. The program so misleadingly advertised may be excellent, but it's new and untried, not one of the industry leaders ShortHand is.
Has anyone had problems with their Shorthand text expander? sm
I have had mine for almost 10 years with no problems and suddenly it started not working. The type it button became inactive. At first restarting it fixed it but then that stopped fixing it so I uninstalled and reinstalled and that worked for about a day and then it stopped working again and reinstalling didn't help the next time. Has anyone had this problem?
You need an expander like Instant Text or Shorthand so you don't have to keep converting every ti
How do you get the shorthand word expander to work in 'word client'?
Can you save the document as a Word document? nm
At ease, soldier! This isn't a medical document. I repeat, this isn't a medical document. nm
IRS created the new SE definition and

then felt it was being abused.  They then noticed how large the MT industry was and decided that would be where they would focus their efforts to decide whether to keep the status or do away with it.  In order to find out that information, they had to start doing audits if the "SE" box on your W2 was marked.  I hired a tax person to help me but his efforts were fruitless.  One day after faxing back and forth and writing back and forth, I got on the phone and held for almost 5 hours until I got someone in the department created for consumer complaint resolution.  I was amazed to find myself talking to someone who was intelligent!  They saw what the problem was, saw that all the documentation was in place and negated all activity by clicking a few keys on his computer.  I had owed about $2000 that year but had already paid it as it was a retroactive audit, so I was lucky with how things worked out.

I was just wondering if anyone else had problems.  I've chosen to never again have SE status so as not to have lightening strike again!


If this was on a template that you had created--sm
or if it was sent to you, you can open the template, change the view percent, save the document that way, and it should reopen in the new view percent.
Nursing has created their own shortage
by severely restricting the availability of classes for students and refusing to make the class time available in the evenings, weekends, etc.

They also created their own shortage by making so many of the jobs papershuffling jobs rather than hands on care, and many of those jobs could easily be filled by a trained technician rather than an RN.

I do not feel sorry for nurses.
Not all QA people are created equal
If you absolutely love it, you really must have an aptitude for the job. Many of the QA people were once MTs themselves and could not keep up the pace nor did they have the necessary aptitude it takes so they became QA. So you are dealing with this scenario. Think about it.
Not all jobs are created equally either.
I won't work for the big nationals. They always wind up sticking me on ESL and difficult specialties that "nobody else can do," bouncing from account to account for coverage, several pools of hundreds of dictators, can't use your Expander much because you never hear the same dictator twice, every work type, look up addresses and patient demos. It's all about what *I* can do for them, not what *I* need to earn to support my family. Forget that! Why should I work harder for a cut in pay?
Zipper/MQ Lover created another friend.
Great! Created a heading format, now want to
have the cursor start at the beginning of the first heading, can that be done within the autotext?
Wow .. $149!! It says it was created for ipod users -- is the cord sm
long enough to go to your computer, or did you have to get some kind of extension device?  They sound great ... just not sure if cheap ol' me is ready for fork out that kinda cash. 
...do an incorrect word or even pull up something already created...nm
With shortcuts, the important thing is that they are created with - sm
a system that is consistent, and that you can remember easily. It's generally not a good idea to try to incorporate someone else's shortcuts (though I appreciate the chance to look at them, as sometimes they can give me ideas for one's I've not yet used :-) for that reason, and these don't seem to follow a very consistent method.
Religion is an outdated notion created centuries ago
and has no place in today's society.
Not all 8 cents a line situations are created equal sm
I am coming off a job using Extext and going into one using ChartNet. I have used Smart Type for over a decade and for Chartnet I have to go to Instant Text. I am able to do over 200 lines an hour after about a week at the new job. I will get to 300 again in a month or so. I say again because I have not done that much in a long time.

Extext...I loved it when I first used it, but after 18 months I can't get above 170 lph and that is with echoes and normals with lots of free lines, and that includes dozens of normals and report shells I have made myself. It won't get better and that is poor pay at the 8.5 cpl base rate, but then again I always have bonuses of a couple of kinds and shift differentials...but I can't do better than 1200 lines a day with any consistency, not in 8 hours a day.

I work a job in MedRite. Like Extext, it is a Word client and rather similar. Top rate for MedRite is close to 300 lines an hour on a horrid account with 80% PLUS ESLs. It is just a faster platform.

Enter ChartNet...never used it. Had to switch to Instant Text...never used it. I have been working about 5 days on it and I can do 200 lph and only one doctor so far who throws me for a loop when I can't do that. She is not an ESL, but a slurring motor mouth who skips around and forgets what she is doing on the phone in the first place.

The Extext work has been 90% OP notes, my specialty. The others are all the basic 4, and I have to say that I went from clinic for many years to OP notes, skipping the rest in between. I have very little experience in DS, CN and H&P notes, VERY little time with those. I'd be faster with them if I had done more of them before.

Part of speed is the expander, part is the platform and part is you. It doesn't matter how great you are as a typist and how perfect your expander, if the platform isn't very good you can't make money at any line rate. If the platform is good, but you are not Expander savvy, you won't you make it either. You can, however, be like me and a poor typist with a great expander and a decent platform...and STILL make money. LOL

In MY experience, the largest problem with making more money is the expander GLOSSARY, not which program you choose. I have heard some of the craziest stories about how to use an expander while on this board...ridiculous, wonky, time wasting, counter intuitive toro pu pu!!!! If you are struggling with an expander FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME. I am happy to spend my time helping anyone who will genuinely give my methods a shot.
Typing. This is NOT typing, it is transcribing. There is a BIG difference. sm
Transcription includes typing, but so much more.
POLL: Productivity gain using your expander and what expander you use.
Guess I need to make it work harder.
The shortcuts expander works with the Bayscribe expander as well.
All at the same time.
SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Shorthand is lots cheaper and also has a trial.
{@KEY BkSp}-pack-per-year is for Shorthand. Using the semicolon works with both Shorthand and

;yo = -year-old

;py= -pack-year


Shorthand and SpeedType are exact same program. Shorthand will cost you lots less.
you can import your autocorrect into Shorthand.
I took shorthand too. But it sure comes in helpful for my expanders. I view words in shorthand for
i did use shorthand once in a job but i was so nervous the "boss" took pity and dictated the report on dictaphone.
If it is Shorthand, save the SPF file to a disk, then if you buy Shorthand yourself....
you can just drop the SPF file into it. That is not dishonest since you are the one who put the macros in. I am sure is it is another Expander there is a way to save the macro file and then drop it in the expander you buy on your own.
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
What Document is that?