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Was on doing maintenance (SM)

Posted By: Anon on 2006-01-01
In Reply to: Pressure to work holiday - MT

stuff, i.e. system scan, etc.  I don't plan to get on.  It is just irritating to me.  I would rather have time with my family than 1.5 pay. 

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Now which one of you is high maintenance?
Are you on maintenance or just starting?
Actually my husband and I went on it a couple of years ago, lost weight and felt great...... for a few months.  The problem was maintenance.  
If all the downtime was due to maintenance, (sm)
could you please arrange that it's done during non-peak hours, for as you can see, many MTs have posted how much they rely on this site while working. It only makes sense to do upgrades, etc. during off-peaks. Most of the IT people I deal with have no problem working graveyard shift -- it goes hand-in-hand with the business.
Maintenance chores...sm

Computer users can do the main maintenance chores without taking a class because Windows provides simple point-and-click interfaces to things like disk cleanup, disk defragmenting and backup.  The other important things are running antivirus and antispyware software and keeping them up to date, but most of these configure themselves to update automatically.

One thing that can be tricky is installing and configuring a firewall, depending on your particular situation and version of Windows.  However, firewalls have also become much more user-friendly in recent years.. 

Eliminating a virus once you have one is another matter, some being so nasty that they resist removal.  For these,  "a class" in computers won't give you the expertise to exterminate them anyway.

If you Google "regular Windows maintenance" (including the quotes so it's treated as a single search phrase), you'll find lots of reasonably nontechnical advice online that will tell you everything you need to know to keep your Windows system in good running order and as reasonably well-protected as possible.



more experience, less maintenance, better production

Since you have less than 2 years experience, it is possible the owner just does not have accounts that fit your qualifications to send you.  Just bevause they have work, does not mean you are qualified to receive it. They most likely are sending it to someone that is less maintenance than you on specific specialities.  

I do my computer maintenance religiously......
Once you have a virus, your hard drive crashes, or any of the 100's of thing that can go wrong and do, you become a fanatic about upkeep and maintenance.

I update my AVG weekly, I do a complete system scan every night (my tech guy set that up for me), and it checks for all the bad guys including root kits. I make sure that every MS update and patch is in place. I defrag once a week and do a disc clean up weekly. I am rabid about my husband doing the same thing.

If you have any questions about computer stuff, the websites of MS, AVG, Norton, etc. have helpful hints. And if you ever question anything "free" from the internet or want to download something free, go to Kim Komando's web site. She is the BEST.

Nothing beats vigilence in keeping your source of income running smoothly.

I do all my standard maintenance religiously at least monthly. sm
Thinks like Diskclean and Defrag.  Keeping all those temporary Intervet files off your computer makes a huge difference in performance.  I have McAfee because it comes with my Comcast service.  Used to have Norton -- hated it because it made my computer do all sorts of weird things, and then had a he!! of a time trying to uninstall it.  I have an MQ computer that I have had for over 3 years and a couple of months ago it started running really slow, no matter what I did to it.  So I called tech,support thinking maybe I needed a new one, and they suggested a free antispyware called Superantispyware, so I downloaded it and run it regularly and it has made a marked improvement.
Still Life With Woodpecker, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, A Moveable Feast
The list goes on....I am a big reader.  I also like some true crime stuff by Ann Rule.
even ISPs have to do maintenance from time to time--sm
and most do this during the wee hours of the morning when MOST people are sleeping and not using the internet. They need to upgrade their services and virus protection just like the home users. This is probably what occurred.