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I love my new company. I'm off today and tomorrow

Posted By: big nationals = indentured servitude for peanuts on 2006-01-01
In Reply to: Pressured to work Holiday - Anon

and didn't have to beg anybody or worry about TAT.

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I hope tomorrow's better, too! Bad mood today!
And: Today you are laughing, tomorrow you wil be crying, believe me...nm
Lucky thing for me my MD is in the office tomorrow morning, so I made an appointment for tomorrow.

If it is strep, I'll have her give me a shot of penicillin.  That's what I usually do for strep.  My stomach can't hardly handle taking antibiotics.  I end up with vomiting and diarrhea which makes me feel even worse!

Thing is, I work for a hospital and we already have one girl off indefinitely for medical reasons.  A couple of ladies didn't log on until late today because we had thunderstorms in the area.  And we are way, WAY out of TAT for OPs and Discharges.  So, I feel kind of bad taking a sick day.  My supervisor is so stressed.  She's been begging us to work OT for the last couple of weeks.  How can I call her and tell her I'm sick?

I'm halfway through my shift anyway.  I'll be all right.  The Motrin is really helping and then I can take it easy all weekend.

Thanks for listening.

Mine just came today! I love it!! Well worth the $$..nm
Love it! Did 3 hours with "Speedy Gonzalez" today!

Is company board down? No posts from today. nm
I just told my company to take this VR and put where the sun don't shine today sm

I got tired of the promises...Oh I have gals doing 10,500 lines every 2 weeks in 8 hours a day.  (I think I choked when I heard this.)

It is NOTHING for me to type 8000 lines or BETTER in a week and I get paid way more for my 8000 lines.  I have been looking for another job, either PT to augment the lack of work or FT for the right situation.  First question I ask perspective employer? How do you feel about voice.  I have talked to about 7 or 8 companies in the past 2 weeks.  EVERY ONE OF THEM has said NO WAY, NOT HERE.  It is not very good...you can't expect an MT to edit that crapola for half of what they make typing, unless you don't care the least about quality.  I had two of them tell me it was unmitigated GREED on the part of these company's owners that they even entertain it.

I will say that the cream of the crop of MTs can transcribe so much faster than they edit, it isn't even funny.  Granted, there are plenty of MTs who are stop start, stop start, but when I get into a report, I put the pedal to the floor and TYPE.  I am down to about 1.25:1 or better than that a times.  A 5-minute report will take me under 6 minutes, as a rule, to transcribe.  My accuracy is something above 99.5%. I swear what attracts MTs to editing is the fact that they can't type enough lines to make it work as a career.  Either they can't sit still (that is me most days, but my speed makes up for it), they don't know their stuff all that well, or type slower than a 7-year itch...but they are not the cream of the crop.

Just you all wait...one of these companies who has crappy speech program and crappy "editors" is going to be sued and those extremely substandard reports are going to win the case for the plantiff and the hospital is going to be left high and dry, a couple of doctors with them.  We are here for a reason.  We protect patients and patient care.  We also protect the doctors from litigation.  I used to go through medical records looking for errors, loop holes and other boo boos for a malpractice lawyer.  The better the transcription, the more thorough the dictation, the less I could find proof against a doctor or facility. 

We need a national forum for this...newspaper something.

I am going to order Shorthand for myself today. I love it. You can also manage your words in
Hired by new company and started training today.
Should have trained yesterday, but no one contacted me.  So of course, I contacted them.  During training today, their foot pedal did not work.  When their tech put their software into my computer last week, he said he "fixed it" so that their software would work with my firewall turned on and that my autocorrect would work with their software and I wouldn't have to re-enter 3000 shortcuts.  Well, you know the rest.  No autocorrect and I cannot access their system with my firewall turned on.  Plus I can't work because the foot pedal doesn't function.  With all that the MTSOs demand of us, you would think that they should have at least some of their act together, no? 
Been interviewing for jobs this week, today a company
confirmed what we have been saying all along, they send the good dictation overseas and leave the crap for us.  
Read the company boards, posts about them today.nm
Did you look at the company board? Just scroll down the page for posts from yesterday and today!
Love being an MT--hate the company I
work for most days. I have left several times and find myself coming back. I have decided to stay because being at home far outweighs being out with all the stupid people!
I beg to differ - I love my company!!

I love the company I work for - sm
MDI-MD.  Flexible schedule, wonderful and friendly staff and supervisors, pay always on time. 
Love the softwares but hate the company.
no i don't love being MT but it beats McDonalds. no i don't work for a great company.
no raises and constant shift in management. no i don't make more than enough money to just pay my bills but i have cut down on overhead of regular job outside of the home.

it's an okay job relatively speaking.
All I know is it caused the company I work for to be unable to do all work due today and the rest
HELP with Shorthand. Suddenly today when I tried to start work today.sm

my ShortHand would type only the first letter of an expansion and then take all the letters away!  I checked and the Type It button is grayed out!  I have restarted the computer and looked on the Shorthand Help menu but can find nothing that applies.  Can anyone please help me ASAP?  I am lost without it!  TIA

Perhaps you are right. This one is dated today. The original article was on Yahoo today also with

But this article states it would only affect new customers right now.  So I am upset over nothing.  I went through heck with BellSouth when they charged me a surcharge of an extra 50 a month and then would write a letter saying I had to switch to a long distance service and pay by the minute because of my "excessive" use. They told me the unlimited charge was for an average of an hour a day not somebody who worked out of their home and I needed to switch a business plan at over 200 a month charge.  I switched over to cable because of that and then to read that cable was going to charging on a per use fee and not a flat monthly fee it upset me.  It is the nature of our work, VR, only paying for VBC, having headers and footers taken away, now being charged for being on line, etc.  It just seems that everything is done to keep to insure less money.

Having one put on tomorrow...
after many years of thinking about it and finally finding the right picture.  I know it's going to be uncomfortable, but I'm ready to get it done. 
Looks like tomorrow is going to be
a good one too!
And tomorrow is 6/7/6, so what. nm
We can also die tomorrow...
I buy what I want when I want.  Credit card bills can't take your house.   Your credit score goes down and they hound you to death, but that's nothing.  I say live it up!  No, we didn't purchase the larger home because I didn't want to have to clean it!  We do have 2 brand new vehicles though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is what I work for everyday, not so I have to do without.  I do "with!!!!!"  I live and love and spend every day doing what I want to do and when I want to do it.....  Well, I guess I gave away the fact that I'm an IC with no restrictions or limitations. Hubs works and makes decent money, but even if I didn't have his income, we'd be just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Tomorrow is registration. First day Aug. 5 E.TN
I'm ready
Tomorrow will be brighter! nm
job interview tomorrow ... what do you think?

Hi all ... I'm going to a local hospital tomorrow for an interview.  The job is in the laboratory.  It's a f/t position where half the day you do pathology transcription and the other half secretarial work.  It's mon-fri, 9-5. 

This is in New York (the suburbs) actually, about 1/2 hour north of NYC.  I have 13  years of medical records transcription experience, and prior to that for 5+ years worked as a secretary to a medical director.

How much of a salary should I expect ?   Thanks! 


Anyone going out of town tomorrow?
I'm going to Cincinnati 2C my sisters! Yikes! Wish me luck...
Tomorrow is NEW YEAR'S EVE!
RU going 2 party like its 1999? Get totally plastered, watch balls drop, etc?
Thanks for your replies. I go to the doc tomorrow.

Find out more tomorrow.
I was told "full benefits" except dental (which my husband has), but I will get full details tomorrow during my interview. I haven't worked outside the home in so long; I think I am afraid to go back out there. Seems like a good offer from a large cardiology practice. I was told "starting at $15.00" so may have opportunity for increase there which I have never had at home.

How about tomorrow night???
e-mail me or post and let me know what time is good for everyone! I am in.
I could give up cable tomorrow sm
I seriously only keep it for DH. The kids are fine without much TV and so am I. The only time I watch anything is when I ride my bike on the trainer or walk on the treadmill.

My favorite show of all time was Emergency! but I have most episodes on tape to watch that.
No biggy, will come up with a good one for tomorrow!!!
Thanks for having a sense of humor.  Have a good night!!
Short note..more tomorrow
Hi, I am just wondering if the psychologist had any clue as to whether or not the child is ADHD, but I would bet this child has MULTIPLE diagnoses. My daughter, now 17 years, is ADHD, and I feel your pain. My daughter is a "poster girl for ADHD" according to the school counselor, and I must agree!! Even at that, she does not have as many problems as this little girl you describe. I am so sorry I don't have more time ... I HAVE TO GET MORE LINES IN ...AUGGGGGG!!!! I will try to post tomorrow. Anyway, there are some that will try to tell you no little girl could cause that much trouble. Not true!! Been there. Hang in there.
Stamps go up tomorrow to 39cents. nm
Hey, MQA! Can't talk until tomorrow...under the whip...
of *you know who* right now. (Working on time clock.) But tomorrow will post up at top of this forum. Yes, that PT office I mentioned DOES use paper and sticky notes! More tomorrow....hi ho, hi ho, its back to work I go !
I'm calling Terminix tomorrow....
I found another one last night, making that 4 in less than a week. Yuck! Funny thing is, the one I found last night was really slow and sickly. My BF thinks it's because the bathroom was cool because the air was on, so I told him let's freeze them out! lol Anyway, I'm calling for pest control. I can't take em.
I am also having a mammo and ultrasound tomorrow...

I posted last week about pain and a spontaneous bloody nipple discharge on one occasion.  I had a mammo a couple of years ago for the same pain but no spontaneous discharge.  No palpable lumps either time, but I am with you about the pins and needles thing!  The radiologist read my films before I left the last time as well, so when I left I felt like I was walking on air! 

Good luck tomorrow and keep us posted.  I will say a prayer for you tonight!

I have peer interview tomorrow.

I am interview for an in-house position.  I had the interview and a week later I was called for the peer review.  Never been on a peer interview and don't know what to expect...any ideas?  I plan to just be myself just like in the interview.

Tough line requirements (1500 line/day) but I'm optimistic.  I hope to gain tips with short cuts to qualify for incentive programs, etc. if I am chosen for the job.



Take an hour nap and get it done tonight so you can play tomorrow.
I don't know what you are talking about. Try again tomorrow when you might make sense.
"edit my reports with eyes closed"? what has that got to do with anything?
sounds yummy...gonna try it tomorrow!

I can't wait to post another list tomorrow so we can !!!
all have fun again.  Good night!
You will receive an E-mail from the administrator tomorrow. nm
Hosp perdiem interview tomorrow! SM

I'm hoping someone will be able to advise me about some good questions to ask of the HR person of a hospital in my hometown; it's really hard for me to be objective about this decision because I want so much to leave the city where I'm living right now.  I go back and forth trying to decide if I should even try this. First of all, this job was advertised as "per diem" -- forgive my ignorance, but would that be the same as a contract position?  I had trouble once before making a living doing at-home MTing as an IC and paying my own health and life insurance, as I'm 100% supporting myself.  It was certainly a shock after employee status--but I was so burned out at that inhouse job--transcription force cut in half, pay reduced, phasing out dictation in favor of computer templates! I took a chance even though I had an unrealistic belief in my own abilities, I'm afraid, and tried IC for a national company.  I'm not working at all right now and am currently living on my savings. 

I feel like something, anything would be better than nothing.  Some foot/ankle problems also, related to standing at the last clerical job I tried, so a lot of even part-time jobs are out of the question at the present.

I do have some family at home and this hospital has a very good reputation as a good place to work, good (happy) employees...but, of course, don't want to move and still risk getting in an impossible position again!  Please let me know of some good questions to ask during the "assessment" and interview Friday AM (tomorrow)!  Sorry; realize this is rambling--many thanks--


Shopping tomorrow! Crest Whitestrips??
Any info?  Do they work?  I tried the Wal-Mart brand, no luck.  Thinking of making an INVESTMENT IN MY SMILE!  That sounds sooo exciting.  Oh and what about that new enamel building toothpaste? 
DH painted office for me. Now tomorrow I have to put it all back together.
Good luck tomorrow to the OP and also to PAMT!
Let us know what you find out. Will keep you in my prayers.

I had to have a re-do mammogram a couple of months ago because they saw some suspicious calcifications on the first mammo. I was so scared. Turned out okay though. Stay strong!

Larry King tomorrow night 6/29...sm
Star Jones will be on Larry King tomorrow night speaking about her departure from The View......
Tomorrow is the running of the bulls in Pamplona...
Anybody going? http://www.condoradventures.com/images/runbull_medic.jpg