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What's a good source for very new medical terminology? sm

Posted By: MT on 2006-01-25
In Reply to:

I'm wanting to avoid paying for a $95 subscription to something like The Latest Word, if possible. Is there a web site that posts new medical drugs and other terms that are so new they haven't hit the books yet?


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QAing isn't just about medical terminology. QAs have
years of experience in the MT industry & have to know the BOS inside and out, years of experience with all different accents, etc. This is no different than when nurses assume just because they know medical terminology that they can do our jobs. There's a lot more to it than that.
You could buy a medical terminology workbook or textbook. SM

Those usually have self-testing questions.  Plus you could use the help of the textbook to form your own test.  I know you said you wanted something free, but that sounds a little unprofessional to me and no offense, it sounds a little like laziness.  You are hiring employees for your service and you want someone else to provide you with a ready made test for free because you can't be bothered with creating one on your own?

Coming here for help is one thing, but to look for a ready made test or even consider stealing a test from another service - I don't know, it just bothers me a little.

Addendum: As well as your fund of medical terminology knowledge.

I prefer Dorland's and consider it the "bible" of medical terminology. Others' mileage
Good psychiatrist terminology site

It's an excellent guide
Good source for health insurance? sm
I want to start working for myself but need a good health insurance policy because I have two little girls. Any suggestions or advice?
or make sure its a good google source.
Anyone have a good source for Alabama doctors, where you can find them by just last name or a few le
Thank you fellow MT. I love that site.....good source of info without the complaing....
Thanks again.
Thank you fellow MT. I love that site.....good source of info without the complaining....
Thanks again.
Your QA needs to get a good medical dictionary. SM
I've been an MT for a long, long time and I have never heard of anything so ridiculous. 
need a good online medical dictionary
that I can use without having to download it because I'm not allowed to download anything and I can't intall my stedman's. 
Can anyone tell me of a good medical search engine? nm
Does anyone have a good medical acronym website? tia nm
What are good Medical Transcription Schools?

The response I got when asking about the credibility of MTAtHome.com wasn't very good.  So now I'm wondering, what are some good Medical Transcription schools that you can do online.  I'm looking for an online program.  Can anyone send me in the right direction?  I definately don't want to be jipped by a school that is not credible, which will then affect whether I get employment or not.  Thanks for your responses.

-Hunter DuRant

Future of medical coding is good
Medical coding is very lucrative career. Medical coders are not only required in hospitals but also in pharma industry and clinical research. Know more about coding ..
Actually, its not that good, try this one. Google it: Medical Transcription: What's in it for y
Not-so-good news re: medical coding,
I was watching the news tonight (Sacramento, CA area), and there was a story about a lady who was looking for work.  She had spent $10,000 on a coding/billing education, but can't find work.  Apparently that field is "saturated", as the newscaster said.  (Maybe from lots of MTs trying to get into that?)  Anway, I had sort of been thinking about going to school to learn coding, but now I think I'll pass.
Looking for a good medical spellchecker that doesn't cost as much?

Is everyone just using spellex or stedmans or are there lower cost alternatives? 

How did you find them in the first place?  Just curious because I don't want a cheaper product to act cheap also.

Any ideas?


A good site for searching medical abbreviations.

Check the link below.  A really cool site to search for medical abbreviations.

Does Anyone Know of A Good Medical Spell Checker For Word?

I am new to these boards and I am curious If anyone knows of a good medical spell check for Word? TIA :)
Also need good medical spell checker, new system here
because IT person this morning could not install Stedman's and when we contacted the company also told our company using the old version and did not go with my new computer. Anyone help.........
Does Anyone Know of A Good Medical Spell Checker For Office 2007?
Hello all! I am new to these boards :) . My husband bought me a new computer with office 2007 installed on it for Christmas :). I was curious if anyone knew of a good medical spell check for Office 2007. Thanks In Advance!!!
Doesn't matter 1 iota if it is a medical report.She probably wouldn't know a good MT if 1 bit
the butt - that was my point.
A good website to search for medical terms, equipment, and drugs.
A good site for word help.
You took a terminology course and some
No you are not worth 75,000 a year.  Look up the salary for an MT honey, it's not $75,000 a year.  You can think you are glorified and all that, but please get over yourself.  You can be an MTSO and make that but you still have to sub out the work...  Please calm down; we know you're an MT (wanna be doctor); I've come across those types before.  Even x-ray techs think they are doctors.  What a joke!  If it walks like a duck, it's a duck, not a peacock! 
you will also need a terminology book- sm
I did oncology for a while.  I did not so much need a new drug book as a terminology book.  Stedman's makes a paperback oncology book that was a real lifesaver.  It included the drug names, including all the chemo drugs.  There were many pages of chemo drugs, and all you had to do was look up "chemotherapy" instead of trying to figure out spelling of the drug name and everything was there.  Good luck. 
Radiology terminology
HI Terry -

I am a former rad tech, but that was before PET scans were even invented! I picked up the terms on my own, had some help from the company I worked for as we were all learning this 'new' terminology together. Google is a great help.

If you Google "radiology terminology" you will come up with quite a few helpful sites. Find the ones you can navigate easily through the bookmark them. You can copy and paste the terms you don't know into your own document and print out for easy reference.

In addition to PET and MR, don't forget nuclear medicine, ultrasound, CT, mammography and possibly interventional radiology procedures. If you are on a good platform with an up to date medical dictionary including radiology installed, that can be invaluable.

You only have to worry about problem words once, as you will put them in your word Expander program or macro right away and you'll build speed quickly by doing so.

Good luck!
Old terminology video

Hello!  I was wondering if anyone remembered an old video that was used to train medical terminology. It was in cartoon style....and it taught the breakdown of terminology.....one I remember was gastr....gastruck...stomach.

 I was just wondering if anyone was trained on this.



You don't need to go to school to learn terminology.
than any school could teach. No transcription school can teach you speed on a keyboard. If you have good English language usage and typing speed, start with a local physician who will allow you to type at home. Trust me. I know.
terminology test samples
I have been searching and searching and searching google, etc. to find a written terminology test to hire two inhouse transcriptionists that I will be interviewing this week.  Everyone who comes in the door says they "know" transcription and they "have lots of experience" on their resume, but I find out they don't "know" transcription.  I need a test that is pretty broad, that is written, and that is FREE.  I can test them on digital physicians, but would really like you see how they handle a terminology test too.  Been on internet for two hours now to no avail.  Can someone help me?  I am only interviewing for inhouse positions (2), so don't everyone flood me with requests for jobs....only inhouse.....only in Southern Indiana.  Please?  Thanks for your help!!!
Sorry, wrong terminology. This company
Thank you for the catch. :)
I took A&P/terminology course through my clinic 16 years ago
I learned the terminology in nursing school;
I learned the transcription end of things on the job. I was taught well by ladies with 20+ years of experience. They taught me how to do the job correctly and I now do my job well. You don't always have to go to college or take a course to learn how to this job and do it well.
20-week med. terminology course at nite school - had a job
The rest was on-the-job training of the sink-or-swim variety.
Well, can you give me a source? I'd like
No CD, but the book is the BEST! My #1 source
Its made very well and doesn't fall apart, as some of its competitors volumes do! I think its a priceless resource.
Please name the source of your post.
What is your source for this timeline?
Please share your BEST source - where can
How do we gain access to those jobs? Not many are posted on the job boards. Many MTs apply to jobs and never receive a response. So instead of being so mean, why don't you help your fellow MTs? We all should be nice all year long not just during the holiday season. The world would be a better place!
I am very real, thank you. I work quickly and efficiently. I know the terminology and when I come
across something I don't know I do my best to reference until I find it. If I absolutely cannot find it, I will send it to QA. The same goes with something I can't understand. I will listen several times and if I still can't understand it I send it on to QA for their help.
podiatry terminology - sounds like "rasmooth". Anyone know what the term is? TIA.



I'm sorry that should den of lions or pack of wolves. Gotta get the terminology right!
Reliable Source Jobsite
WORDS OF WARNING:  If you receive an email from The reliable Source Jobsite asking you to register for their site - DON'T DO IT.  This is supposed to be a job database for all types of clerical work.  However, I recently registered, realized I had registered at an incorrect job databased and asked for  a refund.  They stated I was not allowed a refund and that I was trying to get something for nothing.  I then filed a complaint with PayPal.  Later that same day, I received an email and also a telepone call stating that if I removed my complaint from PayPal, they would refund my money.  I did remove my complaint.  However, after my emailing them numerous times inquiring as to why I had not received my refund yet, they basically stated, "Ha, ha.  We're not giving you a refund, never had any intention of doing so, and you cannot reopen the complaint with PayPal."  I did contact PayPal and I could NOT reopen this complaint.  After resigning myself to the fact that I'm a member of this database, I decided to use it.  However, even though I have paid for this membership, I still cannot use it.  The User ID and the Password they issued me are incorrect and will not work.  I have made several attempts to email them regarding this matter, however I receive no reply.  It is for the reasons above I thought everyone should be made aware of this - UNRELIABLE SOURCE JOBSITE
Reliable Source Jobsite
gnat is right. Tell us the URL and perhaps we can all band together (for once) and help a fellow MT. Hey, it's worth a shot.
Reliable Source Jobsite
For those of you that wanted there website it is:
www.freewebs.com/wahtelecommuteemploymentservices - I hope you guys get this okay. If you can't get it off of here, feel free to email me. My email is: tousuns@rochester.rr.com
I want to thank all of you. You would not believe how they acted on the telephone with me. Since tricking me into cancelling my complaint they lifted my user priviliges. I emailed them four different times and they do not even extend the courtesy of a return email. However, they still have my money and will NOT return it. Thanks for all of your help.
anyone know if this is a reliable source for this information? thanks...

taken from their site (I especially like about the outsourcing and 'robot transcriptionist' : 

Allied Health Profession of the Month - March 2005
Medical Transcriptionist contributed by Paul D. Mason, Oxford, NJ

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcriptionists (MTs) are the miracle workers of the medical records! They turn doctors’ daily dictation tapes - rough, hurried, harried, mumbled, muttered, highly technical, and always absolutely crucial - into clear, concise, polished gems of documentation. They work this amazing transformation every day under tight deadlines using just a simple tape or digital audio player, a computer, and a stack of medical books and online reference sources.

Jobs Outlook – “Boom”ing?

Remember all those “baby boomers”? According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for MT’s will be good - growing faster than the national average for occupations through 2012, with the demand fueled by the increased healthcare demands of a growing and aging population.

It’s not hard to see that lots more senior citizens needing lots more doctor visits means tons of new medical records to be generated! There’s going to be plenty of work out there to go around.

Then there’s the big “O”: Outsourcing…

There has been a steady stream of news lately about various US industries improving their bottom lines by replacing American workers with low-wage overseas labor – skilled jobs like computer programming, telephone help desks - almost any job that can be performed remotely.

In medical transcription, however, issues such as little or no foreign enforcement of US privacy laws, instability of foreign labor, lack of English fluency, expense and uncertainty of adequately training foreign labor, etc. can greatly complicate foreign outsourcing and offset the initially perceived cost savings.

Legal questions have even begun: The California legislature has discussed prohibiting all California industries from using foreign outsourcing involving confidential data, mainly because it is simply not possible to guarantee privacy outside of the country.

The BLS states that foreign outsourcing should not significantly impact the medical transcription profession in the US.

Robot Transcriptionists?

Another MT industry buzz involves new technologies such as speech recognition technologies (SRT’s), computerized “smart” data entry forms (EMR’s, CPR’s), etc. that promise to automate or eliminate traditional transcription work. Several software vendors have been very successfully selling tools of this nature to various industries and have been making noise to promote their use for medical transcription.

It is becoming apparent, however, that the complexity of medical diagnosis and terminology combined with the life-and-death importance of accuracy will prevent large-scale acceptance of these technologies in the medical field for the foreseeable future.

According to the Medical Records Institute (an organization that promotes the adoption of computerized medical records systems), most current research shows that penetration into the medical field by EMR’s is only 5-8%, with SRT’s at less than 1%.

ruled out source recorder as well...
I have used EP for .dvf files for quite some time now and even when I open previously transcribed .dvf voice files, which played at normal speed when I transcribed them months ago using the same version of EP, they now play too fast, just like the more recently dictated .dvf files I've received. So, it does not appear to be a problem with the source recorder. Keep in mind that all other files (.dss and .wav) still play correctly. I am only experiencing the problem with .dvf files.

These are all good thoughts, but believe me, I've tried everything I can think of, and I think it's something much more involved. There is a corrupt file or codec or something possibly, but I don't now how to identify the problem at this point.

I have gone through the Express Scribe user forum and have seen several posting made over the past couple of years regarding the same type of situation, but have not found a remedy for it in those postings. No tech support available for free version, so I'm out of luck there too.


B150 is a great energy source...
The only place I can find them around here is Wal-Mart.
I can't wait to see this in writing from a credible source,
because I've shopped Walmart.com and never had the "if you like this" statement and can't verify this story anywhere on the net.

It never happened. Where are you getting your info. Provide a source.
I just did a search. Nothing regarding your rumor but here's something you might enjoy.