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Addendum: As well as your fund of medical terminology knowledge.

Posted By: 2 go hand in hand on 2007-02-25
In Reply to: and I disagree with your statement. It's all in the fingers. - Platforms, etc are just all excuses for being slow

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QAing isn't just about medical terminology. QAs have
years of experience in the MT industry & have to know the BOS inside and out, years of experience with all different accents, etc. This is no different than when nurses assume just because they know medical terminology that they can do our jobs. There's a lot more to it than that.
What's a good source for very new medical terminology? sm
I'm wanting to avoid paying for a $95 subscription to something like The Latest Word, if possible. Is there a web site that posts new medical drugs and other terms that are so new they haven't hit the books yet?

You could buy a medical terminology workbook or textbook. SM

Those usually have self-testing questions.  Plus you could use the help of the textbook to form your own test.  I know you said you wanted something free, but that sounds a little unprofessional to me and no offense, it sounds a little like laziness.  You are hiring employees for your service and you want someone else to provide you with a ready made test for free because you can't be bothered with creating one on your own?

Coming here for help is one thing, but to look for a ready made test or even consider stealing a test from another service - I don't know, it just bothers me a little.

I prefer Dorland's and consider it the "bible" of medical terminology. Others' mileage
fund for peidmont maybe
As you were not even the original poster- you sure are hot to get that fund started. My prayers are with her - we have all been in places of our life where we did not think we would make it - the prayers of our family and friends and support of our community helped.

This fund your want to build up - have you contacted them for information, name, address, bank number, account number, bank phone number - or is it possible you already know these things.
PS - of course if you want to set up a fund for me I would love it.
Nationals charge 20+ cpl to fund R&D in programs that will eliminate MTs.
When time permits, I always work extra so I have a little slush fund - sm

That way when the slow weeks come around (which they always do in this business), I can actually enjoy it instead of fretting about the money I'm losing.  For the last nine months I've been doing a little weekend account (maybe 120 minutes of dictation for a whole weekend) and stashing the money away and in October I'm treating my family to a week in Disneyworld. You gotta have some kind of reward to work for - otherwise you get discouraged and unmotivated.  But don't try making up the difference in one week, look longer term. 



Dr. G has changed his mind and would now like to adopt Dr. D's style.
and what that equates to....I work Friday, Saturday, Sunday for MQ - so I worked the entire last 2 weekends and I'm availing myself today also due to lack of private work.  *S*
Basically, the way I understand it, all of your expenses, whether equipment, supplies, utilities, insurance, dues, etc. will be subject to the 2% rule, only that amount over 2% of your adjusted gross.
Addendum to my above post--sm
I also forgot to mention another suggestion for getting better line counts would be staying off this board...and I am sorry to say that, but it takes a lot of time to come on this board, read any new posts, answer the ones we want to answer, and then go back to work. I see some people on here an awful lot all through the day and I really wonder how they get any work done. I have to limit myself too, sometimes. Just a thought.
addendum to insurance q...

Sorry when I mentioned the low-key $50K "health insurance" in my last post under insurance Q...I meant to say $50,000 life insurance...that is  I meant to say you might want to try applying for life insurance before applying for health insurance.

addendum to my answer
by federal I mean federal withholding and self employment taxes - the FICA and MedFICA .
addendum to my op -- poll
A question but now with the economy being what is is how many "significant others/spouses" now work M-F? If they do, on weekends, they are probably trying to do things around the house, lawn care, fixing things and so on -- so while they are doing that, what is wrong with an MT trying to put a few hours in on a Saturday or Sunday when they work for a service doing acute care? Only reason I ask is that my other half is off during the week, but I still manage to try to put in 3-4 hours in even on my "days off".
addendum--here's the link
You took a terminology course and some
No you are not worth 75,000 a year.  Look up the salary for an MT honey, it's not $75,000 a year.  You can think you are glorified and all that, but please get over yourself.  You can be an MTSO and make that but you still have to sub out the work...  Please calm down; we know you're an MT (wanna be doctor); I've come across those types before.  Even x-ray techs think they are doctors.  What a joke!  If it walks like a duck, it's a duck, not a peacock! 
Addendum: But ya'll go ahead! :)
addendum: chilly = 10 degrees at 7 a.m.
Addendum: Batteries not included.
OMG... I feel even better now.  I was looking at the back of the box and it said you need a AAA battery.  Wow... I thought the sound was great before --- that was without the battery which I did not even notice because of the design of the headphones.  Now, for the first time in 9 years working for MQ I am proud to say that I had to turn the volume DOWN.  Too loud...hurt my ears...ooww. LOL  Glad I was able to exchange my MQ stock for something useful... a pack of 2 AAA batteries for my new headphones.... Life is good.
Sort of funny addendum to above
I do some transcription for this hospital, and they go on and on in their reports, but anytime we have ever been there, it seems they don't have much interaction with the patient. Lol ... You can help but wonder about that!
addendum: I think Moderator Cher is one of the
nicest, fairest and most dedicated.
you will also need a terminology book- sm
I did oncology for a while.  I did not so much need a new drug book as a terminology book.  Stedman's makes a paperback oncology book that was a real lifesaver.  It included the drug names, including all the chemo drugs.  There were many pages of chemo drugs, and all you had to do was look up "chemotherapy" instead of trying to figure out spelling of the drug name and everything was there.  Good luck. 
Radiology terminology
HI Terry -

I am a former rad tech, but that was before PET scans were even invented! I picked up the terms on my own, had some help from the company I worked for as we were all learning this 'new' terminology together. Google is a great help.

If you Google "radiology terminology" you will come up with quite a few helpful sites. Find the ones you can navigate easily through the bookmark them. You can copy and paste the terms you don't know into your own document and print out for easy reference.

In addition to PET and MR, don't forget nuclear medicine, ultrasound, CT, mammography and possibly interventional radiology procedures. If you are on a good platform with an up to date medical dictionary including radiology installed, that can be invaluable.

You only have to worry about problem words once, as you will put them in your word Expander program or macro right away and you'll build speed quickly by doing so.

Good luck!
Old terminology video

Hello!  I was wondering if anyone remembered an old video that was used to train medical terminology. It was in cartoon style....and it taught the breakdown of terminology.....one I remember was gastr....gastruck...stomach.

 I was just wondering if anyone was trained on this.



Addendum- that should have been sour grapes, not green!
I smell a corrective addendum coming -
The doc says,"the debridement contained subcutaneous and healthy necrotic tissue."  Say, what?  Healthy necrotic tissue?
You don't need to go to school to learn terminology.
than any school could teach. No transcription school can teach you speed on a keyboard. If you have good English language usage and typing speed, start with a local physician who will allow you to type at home. Trust me. I know.
terminology test samples
I have been searching and searching and searching google, etc. to find a written terminology test to hire two inhouse transcriptionists that I will be interviewing this week.  Everyone who comes in the door says they "know" transcription and they "have lots of experience" on their resume, but I find out they don't "know" transcription.  I need a test that is pretty broad, that is written, and that is FREE.  I can test them on digital physicians, but would really like you see how they handle a terminology test too.  Been on internet for two hours now to no avail.  Can someone help me?  I am only interviewing for inhouse positions (2), so don't everyone flood me with requests for jobs....only inhouse.....only in Southern Indiana.  Please?  Thanks for your help!!!
Sorry, wrong terminology. This company
Thank you for the catch. :)
I took A&P/terminology course through my clinic 16 years ago
I learned the terminology in nursing school;
I learned the transcription end of things on the job. I was taught well by ladies with 20+ years of experience. They taught me how to do the job correctly and I now do my job well. You don't always have to go to college or take a course to learn how to this job and do it well.
20-week med. terminology course at nite school - had a job
The rest was on-the-job training of the sink-or-swim variety.
Good psychiatrist terminology site

It's an excellent guide
I am very real, thank you. I work quickly and efficiently. I know the terminology and when I come
across something I don't know I do my best to reference until I find it. If I absolutely cannot find it, I will send it to QA. The same goes with something I can't understand. I will listen several times and if I still can't understand it I send it on to QA for their help.
podiatry terminology - sounds like "rasmooth". Anyone know what the term is? TIA.



I'm sorry that should den of lions or pack of wolves. Gotta get the terminology right!
An addendum, minor corrections are one thing - being a slob dictator who consistently cannot put his
to anyone considering going out on their own, or has knowledge of such

What is the most difficult part of the process, whether it be finding a physician, figuring out a program for the pc, getting a legal binding contract.  How much is the start up fee.

I have been considering this for awhile but to be honest i'm just too lazy.  BUT, the thought of making around 11-12 cpl, having only one or two docs that I know like the back of my hand where I can make tons of macros, tons of money and work less, is so appealing, that might jump start me.  Am I seeing the big picture here or just dreamin?

Not to my knowledge.....

Dianna -

I use Lanier VoiceWrite EX daily and unfortunately, the Lanier "undertones" are such that you cannot use anything else besides the VW Ex, as the main station or server "reads" the remote unit and you have to connect digitally before it will even let you into the system.  Some companies have interphase software that will do this (not familiar with it myself) but I have not found anything personally compatible with Lanier except Lanier.  I used to use a C-phone and loved that I could check work remotely or even re-record but with Lanier, I have not found anything else to work except the actual Lanier equipment.  Maybe someone else has found a solution, but I have not heard of one. 

Best of luck to you !

I am an A.R.T. Cant take away the knowledge.
To my knowledge
To my knowledge..
A hospital sitter must be a licensed nurse, usually private duty.
You're right .. and here's 1st-hand knowledge -- sm

I start med school (been an MT for 24 years) August 2006. 

One of my classes last semester was Intro to Medical Practices.  I especially inquired about pro bono work by all the physicians and dentists who spoke to the class as guests each week.  All gave significant amounts of their practice to pro bono work.

One physician in particular impressed me.  He is a cardiovascular surgeon.  His main area of expertise is doing cardiac bypasses.  To make a long story short, because of insurance changes (MCare) over the past few years, he only makes about $650 per bypass for his own pocket and that is gross.  Of the $1850 MCare and insurance companies pay him for this procedure, it costs him $1200 in overhead for that procedure.  Until last year, he would often do the procedure for free for patients who could not afford it and had no insurance.  However, for 2 years he had to BORROW MONEY to pay his OVERHEAD because he did so much pro bono work.  He finally decided he just could not go bankrupt doing that.  So now, he STILL does HIS PART for free but the patient has to pay his overhead.  He tells them to call their family, friends, churches and if they have the $1200 for his overhead, he will donate HIS skills/time/energy for free.

The physician (maxillofacial surgeon) who directed this class said his annual pro bono work runs around $250,000 a year. 

As well, while dentists recoup 95% to 100% of the fees charged for their services (they are ALWAYS getting their money up front), physicians (with the exception of cosmetic plastic surgery) only recoup an average of 31% of their fees.  For every $1000 they spend on a patient, they will only get back approximately $310 and must write off the rest. 

Now that is INSIDE information - direct from the physicians and dentists we had in class.  I was shocked.  Not deterred, but shocked. 

Regarding that lovely cardiologist who gives so much away, take into consideration that the $650 for HIS skills/time/energy for ONE cardiac bypass -- he invests a total of 12 to 15 hours for that one procedure (that is WITHOUT complications happening) including his consult/operative time/followup visits, hospital rounds, etc.  That comes out to about $54 an hour -- and plumbers and electricians around here make more than that.  My Ford dealership in town gets $76 an hour. 

And now, since we are starting to do bypasses endovascularly through the femoral artery, he has to really put the money down for more education to train to do this or he will be out of business shortly. 

Interesting huh?!  When people make comments to me about my future as a physician as a way to "get rich", I tell them not necessarily so!!  LOL  I'm not doing it for money!  You couldn't pay me enough to go through all this at this time in my life!!  LOL  

And would it not help if you could spell knowledge???? nm
Because it's such common knowledge.
But by all means, give them your money and prove it again if you like! I was just trying to help you.
knowledge of med term a plus
knowledge of medical terminology is such a plus in the medical field. try applying to a hospital as a unit clerk or a receptionist in a doc office. it is good for the mind to get out there and see people again. maybe you will realize how much you have missed.
Gain knowledge sm
I think I addressed this before, you cannot get enough knowledge to put in your bank. If they are willing to pay you, soak it in like a sponge. It's hard, I wanted to quit so many times but I went from "duh" to "diva" by blood, sweat and tears. It's worth it, hang in!! Knowledge is power.
more knowledge needed sometimes sm
You have to be aware of all body parts (anatomy) as well physiology, etc. in all specialties because you may have 50 discharge summaries from many specialties, not only a few, in one day You also have to have the ability to pick up on abnormal lab values (or you should), etc., as you don't want a totally erroneous value to go through without questioning. After you get through the chief complaint, history of present illness, review of systems,  physical exam, etc., then you get to the lab and x-ray findings. When you get to the summary, you will be working in terms of what is wrong with that particular patient, know the drugs and dosages, etc. With acute care, you may get H&P's, discharge summares, operations (difficult at first) and consults (many different specialties) all in one day's work. Others may not agree with what I just said, but in a nutshell, you have to be fairly well rounded in your knowledge of anything that may come your way in the basic 4's each day as well as psych reports if the facility has a psych ward,, etc., Also., if the facility has a rehab department or other speciality floors, you will have to learn them as well.  If you are a dedicated learner, you can do it, you just have to be willing to  work hard. I would say it took me several years to be really good at it and it is well worth it. In todays world though, I am not sure, it seems like there are a lot of unhappy people on these boards. Just be positive and if you love it, you may enjoy it. Acute care covers many specialties and is just that, "acute." requiring hospitalization. Hope I didn't discourage you, it's challenging. If you work for an MTSO, they may be willing to give you one speciality at a time (although I doubt it). Radiology is usually in it's own department with it's own staff and dictation. Hope I didn't confuse you even more, just trying to help here.
If it requires that much knowledge
above the normal they might consider paying a wage for it - starting .07 cpl doesn't exactly scream you're valued for your knowledge.
It seems there's always someone on this board, with no knowledge of their own , who - sm
insist upon arguing with anyone offering tech support or advice. It happened earlier in the AV thread where one of the participants obviously didn't have a clue what they were talking about yet insisted that everyone else didn't know what they were talking about.

It seems to be rather common in the MT community to be able to speak much and listen little. Very sad, actually.