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What is the big deal about not allowing satellite?

Posted By: Rad Specialist on 2006-01-02
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My small MTSO shut down.  I worked for an MRI center for 3 years QAing the rad reports, but as an actual Transcriptionist only for the last 2 years.  I live in the country - no cable and no DSL - so satellite is my only option.  I have all the proper security features in place so my signal cannot be stolen.  My satellite is more dependable than when I lived at the beach and the salt air constantly ate up the phone and cable connections.  I'm having trouble finding a job because of this. My DH goes off to work everyday and I feel guilty not making any money even though he says not to worry.  I spend all day with the dogs and horses and I love my life but I am BORED.  Working outside the home is not an option for me, unfortunately.  Any thoughts? 

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Will more companies be allowing satellite in the near future, do you think? (sm)
No access to high speed or Unlimited long distance
It is an okay deal - TR 11 font is small. Not as good a deal as Courier.
Personally, I would have to think really hard and compare reports and line counts, like the other poster below suggested, before I would jump right into it. It is probably 75-80 characters to a line +/- the single character lines you get for initials, and 2 word lines you get with op reports such as Surgeon:
IV Fluids:

It probably is comparable to 9 cpl with a larger font.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Good Luck!
Would definitely not go satellite. Most use DSL or cable, some with reimburse partial $$, satellite
Transcend, although they said my satellite was too slow, they do allow satellite with some accts. nm
You had the right words -- ALLOWING
others to do work extra.

If an MT is getting on and working while not on their schedule...management/supervisors are ALLOWING them to do it!

It is COMPLETELY management's fault. Completely. They could stop the MT from doing so. They could reprimand the MT for doing it. They could re-assign work to the scheduled MT. They're not, though. Are they? No.

It IS management's fault because they are allowing it to happen.

If MTs are not following their schedules, again -- it is management who is allowing it.

You will always be unhappy and feel wronged if you have the idea that it is other MTs who are the problem.
why are you allowing the govt to keep your money

Companies allowing dial-up?
Do any nationals allow dial-up these days?  May be moving to outlying area where that's all there is (frustrating because DSL is only 5 miles up the road).  I tried archives but couldn't pin down any info.  Thanks for any help!
I am talking about OP's apathy allowing bad
And allowing offshore on job board.
As this is the best case scenario. They aren't allowing
anyone on the first level at all and CNN says only 30,000 people and that the transportation to the dome has been shut down, but they will take people in if they come.  
Allowing some docs to have special things done.
How, when we do so many docs, are we supposed to remember that Dr. Ego wants his 5-line signature block?  Yes, I put it in the expander, but anyone else I just put their name and department in a letter signature block.  Little things like that ruin a good account.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for allowing me to post my beliefs without being ridicule
Trust me, there is no legislation in place allowing companies to outsource confidential ...sm
patient records. Clothes, food, etc., yes, but not patient records. Start slapping the "biggies" with "big fines", and see how much lobbying pull they really have.
anyone watch deal or no deal?

I love Deal or No Deal.......nm

I am about where you are I think. There is just always something new to deal with and it just gets
worse and worse. Every new thing they implement just seems to make my job more difficult and ends up costing me money. I am thinking of just going very part time and then looking for something else. I have a feeling a lot of people are doing this.
I don't know what the big deal is.
When I've had "regular" in office type jobs, I've been subject to a criminal check. All it seems to be, however, is a standard form they send to the local sheriff's office. I had a mickey mouse job in bank operations last year, no access to anything confidential or cash, and I had to be photographed, fingerprinted, drug tested, credit and background checked.

Now that I am an MT, I am amazed at how easy it is to get hired and gain access very quickly to facilities, doctors, patients and their information. All I had to do was pass a transcription test and supply a SS#. Yeah, I'm sure the big national I'm with probably ran some type of credit check; but it was still a heck of a lot easier than getting that job in bank or any other job I've had for that matter.
Why it isn't a big deal
MQ MTs (of which I am an ex) have an option.....find a decent company who can provide a consistent work flow or just deal with MQ and quit whining!  Our neighbors to the South have no choice, not only have many lost everything they own, they have also lost their jobs.  Reflecting on THAT, those of us fortunate to have been spared really have very little to whine about doncha think?? 
Same here. What is the big deal?
Unless you want to deal with
maladjusted adult children for the rest of your life, who have very little to offer you because they can't figure out how to live a good life, if I were you, I'd get out of there tomorrow. Don't worry, you won't have to explain to him. He probably can't believe he has met a woman who would accept that type of behavior. It will not come as a surprise to anyone that you leave.

Yeah yeah, there were some good times mixed in there somewhere but they are canceled out the moment he treated your daughter with disdain. Your allowing it just proved to her she is an unworthy person. The one child who might take care of you when you get old is going to not be there for you (and believe me, you will need her).

if you can deal with it...sm
for a while and it pays your bills, take it, at least until something else comes up. it seems you have more pluses than negative right now. good luck

what is the big deal?
It directly specifically answered the original question and is a direct link to the credentialing body without naming names or bashing anyone?
what's the big deal ?
remember that some day when YOU need a favor.
same deal here
same deal, it works well in radiology where there are so many normal reports.  i think its a cost saver in the long run for the facility but when the docs are training on it, if it learns something wrong, it stays wrong, so the docs are not big fans, esp older ones
Exactly! What's the big deal?
Why would anyone be offended by that?
What was the deal with her....sm
sprawled out on stage like that while singing? At least she wasn't humping the stage like a couple of weeks ago but she didn't dress or act like one would when singing that type of song.
I don't know if that is such a bad deal...
Gas may be expensive and you may have to buy your own paper but really, is it such a big deal?

Think about the perks of it. You transcribe for all the same doctors, so there is no "sneak attack" of the backlogged account that suddenly ends up in your queue and you have never worked before. You know the area and all the area doctors and facilities, so you don't have to spend all that time researching that elusive reference dropped casually in every report. You also do not have to deal with the headaches of your company's server being down, your DSL connection being interrupted for repair, or trusting your company to make sure all of your reports are being credited to the proper MT number so you are actually being paid for what you transcribe. You have also probably worked your drop-off route to hit the grocery store, post office, and bank, and everyone goes there anyway.

Personally, I would see getting out of the house every day as part of my "paid" job a perk, because although I am pretty happy with my profession, sitting in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day can be pretty tedious. Besides all of that, I am struggling to break 3K a month.

I would definitely do it.
IF he will deal with it, that is best
my sister married a man with 2 kids and she had 2 kids...all about the same ages. His son was a handful. I will never forget the Thanksgiving he was playing around at the table and set our great, great grandmother's tablecloth on fire. My sister looked at the fire and did nothing. I could tell she was MAKING herself do nothing (she may have had a Valium later, I don't know). Her husband put out the fire and took the boy out of the room. My sister still gets upset about that tablecloth, but today he is a pretty great kid and he respects my sister a lot.
what's the big deal?
What's the big deal about asking if anyone needs part time help or if anyone knows of anyone doing any part time hiring?
....just no big deal. nm
What is the deal with EHR anyway?
I have never worked in a doctor's office or hospital, and if I had maybe I would understand better.  But I do not understand why the EHR being used in doctor's offices eliminates the need for outside transcription.  Do they just check a few boxes on a form to document the visit or do they have transcription done in the office?  I have done clinic transcription before, and some of the reports were very detailed, and I can't see how all that information could be documented without someone to type it.  It seems to me that if corners are being cut (and I understand offices think cutting transcription costs is a valid way to save money) that it will come back to bite someone sooner or later.  My doctor has just gone to the EHR, and while I was sitting there talking to him he was typing on the computer and could barely look at me.  (I think he was just printing out prescriptions and lab test requests for me).  Also I had several concerns, and he commented that I might have to schedule another visit.  His office is affiliated with a hospital now and I think they are only given so many minutes to see a patient.  I just think it is sad that the clock and saving a few dollars can determine patient care (although I do not see those savings being passed on to the consumer).   
The big deal is
the doctor obviously does not know how to write his own macro (i.e. create a set of instructions whereby the computer is instructed via a couple of Keystrokes produce sometimes lengthy text/formatting/special characters, etc.) and he wants her to just give him the one that she created.

Obviously, he knows how he wants the document to read in the patients chart; what he is looking for is a way to lessen his workload, but he does not have the knowledge that he needs in this case.
I don't really see the big deal...
For goodness sakes.  If it wasn't for the doctors, we wouldn't have a job...  Why is everyone out to get the doctor?  Times change.  People move on.  No one really owes us anything.  I say give him the macros and charge him your line rate for them.  They are after all his dictation to begin with.  You simply transcribed them into your pc.  You didn't dictate them, the doctor did. 
No, it's not a BIG deal but
where I work we follow the BOS recommendations and abbreviate all units of measure that are accompanied by a numeral.
It's a done deal...
I don't work for a hospital--it's a medical clinic that houses many docs. The "green light" is in motion fot this to happen--it already is happening and the powers that be are pleased.
I'm not sure you know the deal here
This is a company that preys on offshore MTs, lures them in, gets them work (entire companies too not just individuals) and then pockets the money without paying them a dime. It's not exactly about just changing jobs for them. Should anyone figure out a way to legally go after this person, it'd be bad news. There's so much more involved than just not paying people. She tests for them with companies, has them sign in under specific information (her sign-in information) and gets their paycheck. Yes, she's a scam artist. She's not a boss.
You might want to look into satellite (sm)
Go to directv.com and there is a link there for DirecWay, I think it's called.

It is more expensive than DSL, but MQ pays up to $50 per month for high-speed and I think they pay up to $75 for installation of same.
Does anyone know if a person can work on DQS other than via high speed cable line? We have a recreational lot and it would be nice to be able to work from there during the summer but there is no cable there, no phone line either, although phone could be installed, but I don't think DQS works off of phone line.  Any suggestions?

I had that same problem and switched to a satellite company called Wild Blue.  Have had no problems since.

I did buy a satellite. Spent $500 on the dish, more on the service and $60 month on fees and couldn't use it. There is a 10 second lag from the time that you hit the letter on the keyboard to the time that it appears on the screen. Talk about infuriating. They told assured me that it would work fine at the dish company. Then they told me that possibly with the $120 a month business upgrade it MAY take care of that problem (but didn't). Works fine when surfing the web but definitely does NOT work fine for transcription!!
Do you know if DRC can use satellite?
We have high-speed, business-grade satellite which some companies can use but others cannot. That is how we came to be suddenly out of work when we moved.
Thanks, all!
DirecWay is the only one available where I live. So far, several trans services have said they won't accept satellite because they experiences they've had with it are very unreliable. Some even said they'd prefer dial-up! I live in a single-wide mobile home, so a large dish might not fit on roof along with my TV dish.
I can either pay $600-800 for the equipment & about $60 a month, or $99.99 a month without buying equipment. Don't want to buy due to moving out of area or DSL becoming available...whichever comes first.
Boy, I know exactly how you feel.  I work for a hospital and they are just switching to a new system which requires high speed internet.  I live in the middle of no where and cannot get high speed or DSL, so may have to drive back into the office an hour a way unless they can come up with a system that is compatible with satellite as that is all there is out here. :(  If you come up with any other options, let me know too.  Do you know anything about wave pedal?  I also do side work and this is what has been recommended to me by someone, but know nothing about it. 
I want to know too. What about wireless? Does anybody have that where they have an antenna on their house for wireless?
I have been using satellite for two years now since my company sent the transcriptionists home to work. Many say that if you are working with VPN, satelllite will not work, but this has not been the case for me. The satellite dish has been just fine for me for downloading voice files and file transfers, so I'm not sure why some companies don't allow it.
I have the personal 2-way DW6000. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by what version of software I'm running. To upgrade to the business edition, does it entail getting a different satellite?
My hospital does not allow satellite at all, and some other ads that I have looked at say the same thing.  If there is anyway of getting wireless, you are better off, as then you would be prepared if you change positions.  I am still working of dial up until the wirelss company that said he thinks he can get us wireless between the hills and trees can get here to do it.  Holding my breath, believe me.  Good luck.
Satellite sm
Are there a lot of you out there who use satellite and work at home? How does it work for you and what company allows it? Do you use an FTP site, what is the set up? Just trying to find out what exactly will work with satellite. They say a VPN will not work. Thanks!
I have used a satellite system called Wild Blue to work for over a year now. Both jobs I work use VPN, and while it isn't quite as fast as DSL or cable, I have had no problems connecting to VPN. The only thing I notice is about a half second lag time. One job I use an FTP and the other I use transnet. I am able to get my work and return it without any problems. You didn't state whether you were looking for employee status or IC, but one place I know you wouldn't have any problem working with satellite is Peoplesupport Rapid Text (IC). Hope this info helps!
Satellite & VPN
Yes - I have used satellite and VPN for the past 3 years - works fine. It does make upload times a bit slower, but I did finally upgrade- which works pretty well now. The only problem I have is the weather occasionally - otherwise works great. Yes - lots of companies don't want satellite - doesn't work with their system or something, but there are plenty others that don't mind the satellite.
Satellite & VPN
I have satellite with Hughes - used to be Direcway. I had the 6000 receiver, and just uploaded this last month to 7000. It has made quite a difference. I just did a test upload and download - here are the stats:
Without VPN on -
430 / 78 kbps

With VPN on -
477 / 40 kbps

It does vary from day to day and minute to minute though - because on December 20, I had 615 / 75 without VPN.

Hope this helps - I have been able to work using this (thank goodness because I don't have DSL or cable in my area yet), so if you have to use satellite - it can work. If I had the option, I still would go with cable or something just for the reliability - don't have to worry about storms or such coming through to interrupt the signal - or snow piling up on the dish, etc.