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You had the right words -- ALLOWING

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: The point you missed is... - Working my schedule

others to do work extra.

If an MT is getting on and working while not on their schedule...management/supervisors are ALLOWING them to do it!

It is COMPLETELY management's fault. Completely. They could stop the MT from doing so. They could reprimand the MT for doing it. They could re-assign work to the scheduled MT. They're not, though. Are they? No.

It IS management's fault because they are allowing it to happen.

If MTs are not following their schedules, again -- it is management who is allowing it.

You will always be unhappy and feel wronged if you have the idea that it is other MTs who are the problem.

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Lots of 'em, but use a Lab Words, Sted's Ortho/Rehab Words, & Tessier's Surgical Words most
What is the big deal about not allowing satellite?
My small MTSO shut down.  I worked for an MRI center for 3 years QAing the rad reports, but as an actual Transcriptionist only for the last 2 years.  I live in the country - no cable and no DSL - so satellite is my only option.  I have all the proper security features in place so my signal cannot be stolen.  My satellite is more dependable than when I lived at the beach and the salt air constantly ate up the phone and cable connections.  I'm having trouble finding a job because of this. My DH goes off to work everyday and I feel guilty not making any money even though he says not to worry.  I spend all day with the dogs and horses and I love my life but I am BORED.  Working outside the home is not an option for me, unfortunately.  Any thoughts? 
why are you allowing the govt to keep your money

Companies allowing dial-up?
Do any nationals allow dial-up these days?  May be moving to outlying area where that's all there is (frustrating because DSL is only 5 miles up the road).  I tried archives but couldn't pin down any info.  Thanks for any help!
I am talking about OP's apathy allowing bad
And allowing offshore on job board.
As this is the best case scenario. They aren't allowing
anyone on the first level at all and CNN says only 30,000 people and that the transportation to the dome has been shut down, but they will take people in if they come.  
Allowing some docs to have special things done.
How, when we do so many docs, are we supposed to remember that Dr. Ego wants his 5-line signature block?  Yes, I put it in the expander, but anyone else I just put their name and department in a letter signature block.  Little things like that ruin a good account.
Will more companies be allowing satellite in the near future, do you think? (sm)
No access to high speed or Unlimited long distance
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for allowing me to post my beliefs without being ridicule
You'll need a lab words book and maybe the Derm and Immunology Words..nm
Trust me, there is no legislation in place allowing companies to outsource confidential ...sm
patient records. Clothes, food, etc., yes, but not patient records. Start slapping the "biggies" with "big fines", and see how much lobbying pull they really have.
Stedmans Med $ Surgical Equip words, Path and Lab words, and Tessiers Surgical Word book (3rd
edition).  I never buy drug books anymore.  Waist of money in my opinion.  New drugs come out so often, it's best to use the web.
The Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words is probably my most used book and then the Lab Words book. GL! nm
Two words -
If she pursues this matter, I'd have a DNA test done immediately to determine whether your son is financially responsible or not.  It's worth the investment.
You took the words right out
Well said!

words, etc.
Has anyone heard of a company called words, etc. from California and their rep, etc?  Been offered position and just double checking.  Thanks!
looking up words

Somebody recently mentioned a site where you can go and put a * in the part of the word that you can't get.  Example: 

ap*ectomy = appendectomy.

Can you tell me again where this site is?  It's sooooooooo helpful!!


These were not my words. I merely
copied the paragraphs from a previous post, because the original poster was looking for the item about the "golden handcuffs".  I don't necessarily agree with it.  Just trying to help the original poster find what she/he was looking for. 
But they were my words. How many of the
companies mentioned on this board call you within 3 weeks and give you a raise because you are producing high quality work and producing well? (Not a 1/4 cpl, but a 2 cpl raise.) How many tell you about new accounts and give you the opportunity to change if you want? How many have primarily non-ESL accounts with good dictators? How many have a tech support group that does not have an automatic response that everything is your fault and that can be reached almost immediately so you are not sitting waiting, or have a very productive and easy platform to work on? How many times have you gotten a nice letter telling you you are doing a great job? How many actually talk to the owner of the company or something above the level of a team leader? How many get very clear instructions for the accounts? How many provide good samples of the dictators? And yes, I get benefits as well plus bonuses for high production without asking.

The person who referred me for this job told me this is what the company was like, but I was so hesitant because I had worked for too many of the bigger companies and gotten the bait and switch, the cherry picker routine, no raise, horrible accounts, late pay.
Oh, Words...

I am afraid that's one of my problems--thinking I'll wait until the end but then forgotting.  I am trying really hard to pay attention to every detail and then just be confident and let it go! 

three words...........
2 words...

I have only said these same words for the last
whiney MTSO owners  who want good MTs and only pay 8 cpl.  Baloney, salami, rat's patootie, whatever.  Deliver the work and the pay, and you'll get your reports and maybe even some help when you really need it the most.  PAY MORE SMALL MTSOs, and you'll certainly get more in return!     
Bad words
Years ago the doc quoted the patient using the F word. I WA so surprised. I pressed both hands over my ears, as if I hadn't heard it correctly and played it again. I typed it as said. I also remember my spell check did not recognize the F word. The doc also reported the mother to social services.
In other words, you are an
So in other words...
That is the correct price being offered on the exam there. However, we also offer that very same rate here in the US when we run promotions like our current Credentialing Cup.
So are you saying you got -150 words
aren't getting paid for what you DID type?  100 words minus 250 words?  That comes out to -150 words.  Is that what you are saying?  If you got paid for what you typed, I don't see a problem with that...
Looking up words. I see sm

many posts asking for help with words or phrases that are clearly in reference books that most MTs should have.  Don't MTs buy their own reference material anymore or do they rely strictly on the internet.  Most the words and phrases asked about on the Word Board could be found just by buying the medical phrase index or the Surgical Word Book or some of these other word books and building up a reference library. 

What happened to building up the library and searching and learning?  I just looked at some of the Word Help stuff tonight and a lot of it is ridiculous stuff that an MT could very easily find.

Any opinions?  Im not talking about blanks where you just can't understand what they are saying.  I am talking about specific instruments and phrases.  Seems like it happens an awful lot and MTs don't want to search or maybe don't know where to search or don't know what reference material is out there to buy?

Lots of this stuff could be found in just the two books I mentioned above.  Just curious


in other words, the perfect job!
sorry to burst your bubble! I have, however, been on the same acct for over four years, but it runs scant these days, so I am on another acct, but I'm finally getting used to it.  Can't use many macros though, cause very rarely have the same doc.  How 'bout when you find "that" job, let us all know where it's at!!! Have a good day!  Hey, what happened to winky!!!
thanks for the kind words - it does help...:)
I know lots of places are hiring, but I don't have enough experience for most of them and am afraid to jump from the frying pan into the fire....

Lab studies words
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! If you couldn't figure out that one, give it up!
Thanks for the engouraging words...
I've sent in my resume with several companies that have posted on this board, but no one has responded.

I realize they're probably bombarded with responses, but you'd think they could send out an automated generic email stating "we received your resume," or "we've filled all openings," or something...

I haven't posted my resume, but I will.

Also, I'm going to get out and look for my own accounts as soon as I can. Right now, I've just moved my parents in with me, and there are a lot of doc appointment for them, so I'm sort of stuck for the time being.

Thanks for the advice. :)
Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!!
I am going to take the job. I don't feel comfortable saying how much per line, but I am very excited to start.
My words of wisdom
Why, yes, yes I am! If you don't like my company, please move on! This company has been in business for many, many years and I intend to keep it that way. None of you little peon transcriptionists can do anything to change that. I want only positive and productive transcriptionists working for me, and sorry honey, but you do not fall into that category. If I am such a bad, bad man, then why I ask, do you take my money every 2 weeks in your paycheck? Good golly ladies, get a life and leave my company alone. I do have lots and lots of competitors out there so go see how happy you are with them, but I will tell you right now this door only swings one way so don't come crawling back a cryin' saying you had it too good here - as the saying goes, "you don't know what you got til it's gone." For some, I understand that it will take you leaving to find that out and to that end, I say good riddens, adios amiogos, farewell, and goodbye.
if they still calculate words like they sm
did years ago, I always learned that 5 characters equals a word, then try that. 140 lines an hour, you want to at least try for 200, 250 or more is obviously better. You have to figure it out. How much do you make per line. If you are making 8 cents per line and typing 140 lines per hour then you are making 11.20 per hour. Is that what you want to make or can you make it easier by working for somebody else and getting paid by the hour? Thats a question you have to answer.
it's 11 words to a line


Oops ... forgot to include the space bar.  

the exact words were

"Most are not even MTs anymore, bunch of redneck southerners mostly. Lost of dirty talk."

It it wasn't about people in the south, there would have been no need to inject term "redneck southerners." The poster could simply have said "people."

So, it seems to me YOU have the problem with reading comprehension.   

Thanks for your encouraging words

I'll keep trying. I really hope that something comes of it.  I'm surprise at how many people have had success at it.  With living in Las Vegas and working at home, the chances of meeting someone good are slightly diminished on my own. 

any words that I can never get correct

I have AutoCorrect straighten out for me.

IOW, suppose I always typed "pateint" rather than "patient." The the REPLACE box I would type the incorrect spelling and in the WITH box I would type the correct spelling.

And then I never have to worry about things again.

When I got up this morning I saw the words
"bodies found" and had to rub my eyes to see if I was dreaming. 
Don't those 2 little words sometimes just make it
worth it, or make a difficult report OK? I wish more docs, and you are so right, especially American docs, would just be considerate enough to say that!
Thank you for your kind words...
I am hopeful too. I really try to be good on any promises I make. But as I said earlier, I would have probably taken it easier if I would have just been fired that day rather than think things were fine and keep having work given to me for another week and then after that, when I wasn't having a problem with TAT, get fired. To me, if someone didn't fulfill their promise, I would have just ended the relationship right there. I would not have gone on for another week while I got my ducks in a row. That is almost as bad as I what I did. All she did was lie to me and keep strining me along and won't even discuss this at all. Is that right?
-ly words are not hyphenated. nm
hyphen words
My Stedman's Orthopaedic and Rehab Words book shows lunotriquetral (one word no hyphen) and scapholunate (one word no hyphen)Spelling on both is a little different than yours.
I believe Active Words can do that.
She forgot the words again and

she's been struggling with dry throat (LA smog).  She handled being voted off well.  Poor Kevin, people must vote for him because they feel sorry for him.  Ace is easy on the eyes but his singing isn't that great. 

Thank you for your kind words.....

Your kind words are much apprciated, and they made me smile.

I feel sorry for this poster, because I know what she's going through.  Nothing will rip a mother's heart out faster than a child, but you know there are many times that there is just nothing we can do.  To keep your sanity, you just have to go with the flow and let it go.  Realize when you're fighting a battle that you cannot win.  The sad, but true, facts.

Have a happy day.....

Helen, you took the words.....nm

Thank you for the kind words!
Thanks for the supportive words - sm
What really is getting to me lately is that I am an IC. Technically I can work whenever I want to work. My plan for the summer was to work early mornings. My kiddos like to sleep in. But, as it turns out, there usually is next to nothing to work on in the early morning. The work builds up throughout the morning and usually is full-blown by late afternoon, so that plan is not working. Looks like my only option is late night transcription, but that won't always work either, as far as availability of work. My "sweet" little guys are sleeping soundly right now and I am starting to breathe normally again!