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What would you make in incentive doing 1200 lpd?

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-10-21
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With MQ's new plan in January:   $0 incentive on 1200 lines/day.

Spheris:  1200 lines a day = $24 a week incentive.

What about where YOU work?!!


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That's just not true... I make 16/hr PLUS incentive, including
I would have been a hooker at Bunny Ranch (they make $1200/hr). My equipment is obsolete now

I have 17 years acute care experience and don't make 1200 lines in 6 hours. sm
I work for a company that is VERY picky about their work, 100% QA everything.  I have been with them over a year, and have to go back and listen to my work a second time while proofing.  I only make 160-170 lines an hour, but the pay is good for that, and I have learned so much in the year that I can go to work anywhere without problems.  For me it is worth the extra time to put in the few extra hours a week to have really top QA.  There is room for all types in this business, the really fast ones, and the slower ones who work differently, you just have to find your place.  Ideally, we should all type 200 lines an hour and have 99%+ QA, but I don't thank too many of us make it.  Good luck to you.
Wait until we get a lower base rate and incentive and no work for incentive.Should prove interesting
because everyone will probably have a lower base rate than now. As I say, should prove interesting.
No, there's no pay incentive ... but there may be other incentive worth considering.

I'd give anything to have the radiation oncology department of a hospital I used to work at .. the reports were lovely 3 page affairs that, while not conforming to a "normal" conformed to a standard template that made the 3 pages fly by .. the dictator was a tediously slow (but clear) talking earnest young doctor .. and a small handful of his reports  could rack up 500 lines with little agitation. ... a few sighs, but...

I think in the current state of the business, it is worth tackling a speciality or two ... OP's first, of course, but then whatever presents itself.


The two benefits will be seen in hiring and in work being available when the other easier stuff is all gone. Oncology patients generally are older and have more history to be documented, etc.  While a great ER account is a truly wonderful thing ... when that's all gone, having some long winded, backedup accounts are a god-send, imho.


good luck.

1200 lpd for me nm
I have an SX 1200 APC www.apc.com
Our power frequently goes off briefly when there's a storm nearby, even if it isn't storming here. The backup has been really helpful.
most MTs I know do about 1000-1200 lpd
It took me 2 weeks to get to 1200.
1200 lines per day.
It ought to be nice at $300-1200 a night....sm
We just went to Disney for vacation for a week and stayed at one of the All American resorts there - and the price package was 1/3 of the Polynesian.
typically 1000-1200 /d nm
One oil exec made $1200 PER SECOND during Jun/Jul/Aug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That may be the AMERICAN way, but I'm steaming when there are people out there who can't get medicine, have no place to live, when America is paying disabled people pennies to live on in a month, and children don't have decent schools, teachers, or buildings to stay in.

And I'm not finished here!

The /act/ put on by our congressmen and women yesterday turned my stomach.  It was totally a PRODUCTION.........but I hope they don't think they fooled anybody.  Why did they even bother wasting my time and theirs.

The oil companies didn't even get a slap on the wrist.

I'm sick of off shore companies getting a safe haven to do their work and oil companies being allowed to suck what little dollars we have left in our billfolds OUT......while they are making $1200 A SECOND!!!!!! THAT IS PER SECOND people!.  That is obscene.  WE ARE AT WAR HERE......we are all making concessions......and our children are getting killed over there. 

When is the insanity AGAINST the American worker going to end?

My minimum is around 1200/day which isn't that hard to get. -nm
Mine is 1200 too, and i think its hard.
i usually just barely get it by 6 hours... how long does it take you?
Need to type 1200 lines on new

I just started new job about a week ago.  I need to type 1200 lines/ day to reach my income goal.  How long does it usually take to reach this amount of lines?  I can't seem to find a comfortable routine.  I want to work nights but no luck with that.  I am straining too much to see the work because the eyes are just too tired by the end of the day and day time is full of interruptions.  Thought about splitting it up with 4 hours in the day and 4 hours at night.  Anyone heard of doing this? Any other suggestions?  I have an Expander but I haven't put all of the shortcuts in yet.

thanks for input.

$130/month ... $30 of it is cable ... 1200 sf
I hate to spend money on utilities, lol.

between 1000 and 1200/day in 5 hours. VR and
straight typing. Depends on work type and account.
well, some newbies are getting 5-6 cpl; so, 1200 lines day = $16,000
Hours per 1200 lines

Just want to get some feedback on how long it takes to do 1200 lines.  I did clinic notes and was an IC for four years and work on and off throughout the day, so I really never had to work straight through the day to produce.  I am now going to do acute care-hospital work minus lab and radiology reports.  I have about four years experience.


I can do approximately 1200-1300 per day...
When I am in the "zone" I can get 1400-1500.
I usually average 1200 in 6 hours. But
I end up surfing the net and take a bathroom break every 2 hours, so it ends up being around 1K. I should be doing better, but some days are so boring on I am here way too much, when I should be typing.
1200 is the minimum at most places for
full-time. Personally I transcribe anywhere from 1700 to 2000 lines in an 8-hour day.
i've always had a problem with what they refer to as incentives! never logical and as you so precisely put it, INCREDIBLY CHEAP!!
What incentive does she have to tell?
Just curious.  Afterall, they may never know.
I call that incentive honesty. What do you call it?
What will we make if we do 2,100 lines per day?
plus incentive....
incentive pay
I would like to know how icentives usually work. If your base rate was .10 per line up to 10,000 lines per pay period, your incentive was .15 above 10,000 and you typed 15,000 lines, would you be paid .15 for all 15,000 lines or just .15 for the 5,000 lines over the minimum and .10 for the first 10,000?
Same here no incentive when working in house. You got done what you got done. The only time I have really heard of an incentive is working as an IC at home and that is by the line.
because of incentive pay
You start producing more line that is more per hour and they can slow you down to keep you from getting those extra lines. Every time I would get to my line count up, the slower it was to get the same type of work done. I even complained that it was too slow and I wanted another account and he said "I can set your speed up a little. We turn it down to keep from crashing the system." I worked third shift so how many are there working third?
Diff between 1200 lines/day with MQ vs Spheris:
If you type 1200 lines a day for 5 days of the week with each company, here is the incentive difference:

MQ: Incentive would be $0.
S: Incentive would be $24.

That is for the entire week.
Clarification: 1200 lpd x 5 days/week...
1200 lpd x 5 days/week =
MQ: $0 incentive
Spheris: $24 incentive/week

I think the average is 1200 lpd for full time
1200 to 1600 on good days (nm)
How long does it take you to type 1200 lines?

On a normal good day it takes me about 5 hours, somedays I just can't stay focused so it takes longer.  I'm still debating about getting an Expander so just wanted to see how long it took people on average. 

I worked 2 hrs 35 last Saturday and got my 1200 for the 8-hour day sm
Had the same epiphany. End result? I have worked 72 the past 2 weeks (not quite 80, not till tomorrow). How much money have I made? $2000 at 8.5 cpl SO FAR, I have to work tomorrow.
Where I work requires average of 1200
lines per day for a 2-week period.
I just was hired with the new SE pay/incentive!!!!!

I must say I am very happy and I think other SE's will be, as well!!

I hired in at 9 cpl and can earn up to 2 cpl in incentive on every line I type!  I'm excited!  I can hardly wait to get started!!  Though I am only obligated to do 6000 lines in a payperiod, if I type 16,000 lines in the payperiod I get my extra 2 cpl and that makes for $1760 just for that!  I think that is pretty good.

My training is next week and I hope to be able to reach that with my first check!!

If all would please be calm, I'm sure that the new SE pay/incentive plan will soon get out there!!!  You'll be very pleased! 

actually - I was told what my pay would be, as well as the incentive - sm
it was a little bit of a decision for me to make. But I based it on a few things, one being the time spent on the phone with the recruiter, questions asked and answered, etc. I'm happy with the choice I made.

Prior to this I had been emailing my resume to companies and waiting, email some more, wait some more. Then I posted my resume and I had emails and phone calls within a two week period. I couldn't believe it! The exact opposite worked! Go figure.

Anyways, it's just my 2 cents
Incentive plan?... sm
Curious how common it is to have an incentive plan at your company.  Does it make a difference if you are an employee, SC, etc.?  Currently, employee at 7.5 cpl with benefits (vacation, holiday, health insurance, etc.).  No incentive plan.  I have almost 20 years experience.  Minimum requirement is 1200 lines per day, full time.  Thanks for any info! 
I wouldn't do it without incentive
I make $30/hour now on lines
When I was in house there was no incentive.
You got done what you got done. No reward for pushing to get extra done.
Production incentive

The last hospital I worked at paid an hourly wage, no incentive, and had a minimum line requirement per day of 1200. 

The problem with this scenario is that there is no incentive to produce more - thus the term * incentive *.  If work became backed up, we were offered overtime.

When I worked in-house for a service, we had a line per day requirement of 1200 and anything over 1200 lines per day was paid at 6 cents per line.

The incentive should be for ALL lines sm
transcribed, not just the ones over 1100.  That is cheapskate bonus.
Oh, joy, yet another incentive weekend. . .
and there's not even any work in my BOB.  Why, oh, why, are all the people that run everything are the ones with no common sense?!
There is little or no incentive to learn and use
all these shortcuts, when one knows that the cpl will maximum be 4 cents.
$19 an hour and incentive too?
Sounds like what I used to make before I got outsourced 4 years ago. My pay has never been as much since -- it's been about $10,000 a year less and going down. I never have been able to do twice as much editing as typing, but they cut your pay in half. I am really tired of MTSOs getting all the money and cutting our pay. There are very few hospitals in this area that have not outsourced.
Also applied 2 months ago. Think it was 8 cpl for 1200 lpd, going up in 1/4-cent increments, and U
Interviewed last week, 1200 lpd, low pay, lots of restrictions. I said no. nm
Most expect 1200 lines a day, but I think I've seen 1100.
How hard that is depends mostly on work availability and how good the platform is.