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Clarification: 1200 lpd x 5 days/week...

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-10-22
In Reply to: What would you make in incentive doing 1200 lpd? - Busy MT'ing

1200 lpd x 5 days/week =
MQ: $0 incentive
Spheris: $24 incentive/week

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1200 to 1600 on good days (nm)
Interviewed last week, 1200 lpd, low pay, lots of restrictions. I said no. nm
Working 6/hour days, 5 days/week I make
$42,000.00, but the work is there to make more if I want to.  I'm in the southeast. 
How? By working 12-hr days 7 days/week?
I work 6 days a week every other week

Due to my company's payroll (it runs Sun-Sat), I'm able to work a rotating schedule with every other weekend off. Week 1 I work Sunday through Thursday with Fri, Sat, Sun off.  Week 2 I work Monday through Friday with Saturday only off.  Then I'm back to week 1 and get that following weekend off.

I've found that I'm more productive with shorter shifts and I have kids in school anyway, so I work a lot of split shifts during the week.  If possible, you might want to consider cutting back your hours to 30 hours and just work five 6-hour days in split shifts, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. 

16 hrs/day, 5 days a week?.....so you...sm
so what you're saying is you work 16 hours a day, 5 days per week, and so all you do is sleep and work?  I don't get it.....have you no life whatsoever, besides work and sleep?  *curious* not meaning to sound rude......
7 days a week.
I go to the gym 4 days a week for 2 hours
each. I do 1/2 hour on 2 different machines and then go use the weights for the last hour. I had a trainer when I first joined and he taught me a lot about how to change my routine but his favorite job was the torturing. The gym has a day care that costs me $10 extra a month so I usually go right after I finish work at 1. You need to make time to exercise. It was hard at first to get into it but I love it now.
2500 per day, 7 days a week. nm
I work 6 days a week- only 1 of these has - sm
weekend work and that is by choice - so I could have the weekend off too. Generally though I work Sunday; Saturday is the day we do things together; and Sunday mornings we usually go out and do something. So I have most of the weekend free to recharge and have fun.
I work 6 days a week....

I posted this before, but it got deleted somehow, so I'm sorry if this shows up twice. I work 6 days a week for about 4 hours a day. Sometimes it is 5 hours a day if the dictators are bad. I have found that since I have switched to this schedule, I am more productive since I am not so worn out, and I produce more per hour than I did when I was working an 8-hour day. But I must have at least 1 day off. I couldn't imagine working EVERY SINGLE DAY. Good luck!

My 5-year-old goes to the sitter 3 days a week....sm
4 if I need her to.  The 1-2 days she's home I have lots of arts and craft things for her to do and she'll play with her toys.  I do take frequent breaks to check on her when she's here.   She is allowed to watch TV 2 hours a day so she'll usually pop in a movie while I'm working or watch PBS.
I type 16 hours 5 days a week
No cause I want to. Took a part-time job hoping to work into full-time, however, don't make enough with it after 1-1/2 years to make it full-time, so I'm still doing both jobs.. I guess I'm a glutton.. Would like one job to make that amount.
How many days a week does your manager work? sm
Do you hear from them 7 days a week, 6 days a week, 5 days or what? 
I work 7 days a week -- see message
I work 7 days a week. I work 30 hours Monday through Friday and 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday. I start at 3 a.m. through the week. Weekends are my time to sleep in -- LOL. I don't start until 5 a.m. My production is way up. I just can't do 8 hour days. I felt like I spent my 2 days off running errands and cleaning.

I have 2 kids who are school age. When I finish my shift, I go back to bed for a couple hours, get up, shower, and eat lunch. Three days a week I go to the gym for an hour and get home just in time for them to start getting home from school. The other days I use to clean house and run errands. It just seems I get more accomplished and have more time to do the things I enjoy with this schedule.

On the weekends, by the time I finish up everyone is just beginning to get up, so I don't feel like I miss out on any weekend time with my family.
And then consider when you work 9 hours a day 7 days a week...that adds up to way TOO much!

Doing wrong? Probably only working 80 hours a week 6 days.

I have work...16 hours' worth every day, 6 days a week no less. nm
Grand jury, 1-2 days a week for 13 months . . .
Yup, 1-2 days ever week for a year, in another city, and they held us over another month.

It was a wonderfully educational experience, though. You'd be amazed at what you can learn from it! Check fraud, postal theft, computer crimes, money laundering, wire fraud, drug smuggling, kidnapping, piracy. Seriously.

You'd be amazed who turns up in the cases, too. It completely changed the way I think about people and businesses.

Hello? With a week notice you can't sock in 3 days of food and water?
2-1/2 hours a day, 1300 lines/day, $150 a day, 7 days a week, IC status
I dont mind working 1 of the weekend days every week.
I just figure people get sick and doctors have to work them..
I prefer working a shorter shift 6 to 7 days a week. SM
I work hard when I work to put out a lot of lines per hour, which is very tiring. Also, my company has a work flow/volume problem, and this allows me to schedule my hours for those times when work is most likely to be available.

Regarding having a life, in a 24-hour day, subtracting say 8 hours for sleep leaves 16 hours, and subtracting 6 hours for work leaves 10 hours every day for "life," a luxuriance of time if you don't have young children or other heavy responsibilities filling them with other work.

The trick (sometimes it is a trick!) is be firm with yourself, and others, and get the work out of the way briskly and on schedule, such as those early-morning or evening and split schedules, and not drag it out through the entire day, sandwiched in between TV shows, phone chats, family duties, and so on.
I type around 2300-2600 lines a day, 5 days a week.
Yeah, it does come out to $6,000 a year.

Yeah, many of us do it on a regular basis.

Yeah, it is worth it to me.

No, there is no magical single tip that can give you that kind of production.

No, I'm not interested in talking about production with anyone because all I ever get back is all the reasons you can't do it. So, if that's your mindset, you're exactly right - you can't do it.

My experience pays off for me and having the CMT gives me an extra income boost (which I save and makes a tidy nest egg padding) and the CEUs are very, very educational and worthwhile.

I'll wait a few days, week or so, no hassle, no BO to smell, it will be worth SM
the extra money.
I figure if a week has gone by, forget it. But 1 recruiter did take 10 days recently to get back
I did that with 2 kids with time mgmt and a high school girl who babysat 3 days a week after school
I work 7 days a week because I work 3 jobs.
Workaholic here who would seek counseling if I had the time. hahaha
Anyone work 7 days a week with shorter work

I have arthritis in a couple of places, and I'm having a lot of trouble making it rhrough 8-hour days, even with split shifts, and I end up working most weekends anyway to make up for my decreasing production durng the longer days. I'm wondering if I should just commit to seven 5-1/2 hours days and be done with it.

Is there engineer week? Astronaut week? Veterinarian week?

The original poster asked a question, which I answered. The examples I gave of actual reports have nothing to do with demonstrating my superiority, nor were they meant to make fun of anyone, but were simply to show the types of problems I personally encounter on a daily basis (all from MTís with 5+ years experience in radiology, and including one supervisor) .  Expanders are great when properly used, but I think there comes a point when one becomes to dependant on technology and complacency sets in, causing avoidable mistakes.  Spellcheckerís are also wonderful, but what is the point if it is not being used?   

I am well aware I am not perfect, nor can I think of anyone that is.    I currently read an average of between 400-600 reports a day and Iím sure I occasionally miss something.   I care about the quality of the work that I do however, and my first priority is to each patient when I read his or her report.  Itís not just another medical record number, itís someoneís mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter and they deserve the best I can do, and their medical care depends on it.  Iím not rich, hell Iím a month behind on my house note right now due to an emergency, but it canít be just about the money, if it is, itís time for a change.

Clarification please
When you guys are taking about SE - you just mean an employee and an IC is the independent contractor -- correct? 
It is not my understanding is that making MT an apprenticeable occupation will REQUIRE all new MTs to become apprentices before they can be hired. If that were the case, I would oppose it myself. My understanding is that if MT becomes an apprenticeable occupation, that will provide incentives to employers or others to start apprenticeship programs and hopefully provide some assistance to the MTs who will go through those programs. Certainly the concept of apprenticeship for MT is a great idea and very much needed to provide more opportunities for MTs to get the experience they need to get a good job. How we go about making that happen is, of course, where the crux of the matter lies.

I can tell you from personal experience that not all graduates of the "top 3 schools" are ready to work. In fact, I would say that is the exception rather than the rule.

When I hear people criticizing apprenticeship/externship programs that pay new MTs a small line rate while they are getting experience, I have to ask, what's the alternative? The fact is that many new MTs cannot get a job, period. That means not only are they not getting paid, they are not getting any experience--the experience they have to have in order to get a job! So to me, the opportunity to get experience at ANY rate of pay is better than nothing at all.

I just wanted to clarify my comments on the subject in case anyone things I'm advocating your storming in the office with guns ready. LOL When I say "force her hand," I mean do your job and billing as usual. IF she's getting ready to end your contract, make her be the one to do so by keeping your end of the deal, rather than you walking out on something you've worked hard at. Also, when I said I'd be tempted to mention their vacation/inability to pay you, I meant just that. I'd be tempted. (I was merely venting.) As someone said, this is a business situation. I'm sure you'll act appropriately, especially if you happen to come face to face with the doctor, who seems to think highly of you. There really isn't much you can do besides business as usual and then decide what's next should things worsen.
Pay clarification
I should state that the MTs in question do not work in the hospital but rather as independent contractors for a national company. We are paid by line count.
IRS clarification.
See link below for differences between IC, employee, etc. Hopefully, this provide information to those on the board who have questions regarding this issue.

My friend said at work at the hospital, things were pretty much just that, work, where you could ask the doctors, other staff questions.  They took bus trips off the compound to go shopping and such, and that is when you had to wear the burka.  You could not speak or make eye contact with a man (unless he was your husband), once they left the compound.  I think she worked for an eye hospital.  At work, you had to be covered at least to cover your elbows with your shirt and of course no skin at all showing anywhere else.  My friend said they paid for your nice apartment, and all you had to buy was your food, so you could save most of the money and bring it back.  She said it was not for everyone, with the strict rules about male/female, etc.   I am still looking for Nellie.  Hope you are well.
A little clarification. sm

I consider a line 65 characters with spaces.

Sorry...I failed to mention that I have the WP 5.1 documents saved to a flash drive.  I am trying to search the flash drive for a last name, for example, through Windows, but the documents are WP 5.1 documents.
This is for your clarification.

It hosed me financially and she had the gall to tell me she wasn't responsible for my financial situation. When you are the one holding my paycheck, you are.

The statement above is made by the poster.  It is simply stated in other posts that the MTSO paying late is not responsible for this particular poster's financial situation, and this is true.  No one has stated yet that the MTSO should not pay on time or an MT should tolerate it, but the fact remains that it is not the MTSO's responsibility to plan an MT"s finances.  I feel sorry for the sick child, but please let's not make excuses.  I know plenty of people with sick children that still financially plan.  Come on - I think this is all out of context here. 

for clarification
I could clearly hear the patient in the background. She spoke English. her son was also trying to interpret for the doctor repeating things like throwing up etc. If a doctor can't understand that - then English classes are necessary. This was an emergency clinic, so she had no where to go apparently at the time she needed to be seen. Personally i would have left.
You are so right. Thanks for the clarification.

Clarification please
Your printer usually prints in the font that you are typing your document in, what exactly do you mean??????
No. I have done MT for 15 years but STOPPED it approximately 2 years ago. I should clarify that.

Let me clarify.......I'm finishing up my MT school.  I already have the BS degree...


FlashType is proprietary software owned by MTStars.com and it's Owners.

We in all respects along with Source Code etc, own the software legitimately.

We advise all those who are claiming that software belongs to them should follow the legal recourse (if they have problems with software ownership) rather posting messages on boards.

MTStars Administration.
The SR/ASR that my company is using is not on the client end. The clients dictate as normal. This software we use will listen to the recorded dictation and then spit out a report for us to edit.
30 hours divided by four days equals seven-hour days. Most of us have to work pretty much every day

To the multiple posters below, regarding the thread on farm animal cruelty.  First of all, I believe you. Second of all, me and many like me don't have access to video and/or cannot watch the video.  Yet, we still want some facts. I was not able to pick up fact based on the thread.  Here is what I found out -- VERY INFORMATIVE by the way, and I appreciated reading it -- but there were still questions in the air. Can someone please CLARIFY, by way of simply stating the facts, what is going on with each of the following animals, so that we, AS CONSUMERS WHO MOSTLY SHOP AT BIG CITY SUPERMARKETS, can make an INFORMED CHOICE based on these facts:

1.  Chickens.  Know they live their lives squashed and get heads severed off via rotating razor blades.   True, false, anything missing?

2.  Veal calves.  The cruelest fate of all (besides french geese for fois gras or however you spell it).  Tiny crates, water deprivation, light deprivation, no straw, no way to move the extremities.  And how are they killed?

3.  Regular calves, and cows for meat.  How are they killed - really?  I think the general public thinks they get a humane bullet in the head.  Is this not true?

4.  Dairy cows.  Their fate?  And aren't they treated a little better (fresh air, etc.) for dairy vs meat?  Please inform.

5.  Pigs.  We know that they eat, we know they are dirty, but assume that they, too, get room to roam, and are killed with a bullet BEFORE being cut up.  Is this true?  If not, how different? 

6.  Anything else we need to know about?

So very, very much appreciate a WRITTEN answer to those of us who have no access to / cannot go the video route.  BIG THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

For: clarification for Kate
I was referring to working as an IC for a service. Some services offer IC, SE and employee status positions.
1099 clarification
The person who paid you, need to have the 1099 post marked no later than 01/31.  The person who paid you needs to supply copies of the 1099s to the IRS no later than 02/28.  Do no confuse these dates.  If you utilized (mind you not employed) ICs, then you too need to have their portion fo the 1099s post marked by 01/31 and the portion that is to be filed with the IRS by02/28.