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Why are companies willing to train

Posted By: sm on 2006-09-09
In Reply to:

offshore MTs but refuse to hire American entry level/new grad MTs?

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Are there any other companies that will train on Escription? (sm)
Thank you for your information.  If there are any other companies that are willing to train a "very seasoned" Transcriptionist on the Escription platform please let us know!
Several companies still train on site. In fact, we are piloting an on-site training sm
program, where everyone would come in to the Keystrokes office to train for 1 or 2 weeks. We have a large training room and feel that this may be a way to cover all aspects of an account, be right there to answer questions as they come up and have one-on-one contact.

It will be optional at this point and may not be more effective as remote training, but some people have expressed that they miss the training that you get when you start at a hospital.

We are trying to bridge that gap between working in-house somewhere and working at home.

It may seem out-dated in many ways, but sometimes going back to basics is a good step to take!
They train online, right? That means they train

I have done "Chicago" on the train.  From here, MS, its an all night ride but has sleeper cars.  Nothing interesting to see on the way.  But as corny as it sounds, Chicago is a great place to visit.  Zillions of Museums, fountains, outdoor art, great music, great transit system, ghettos, SUUPPPER shopping, fantastic restaurants........We did they family thing when I was 9, 11, 12, 14 and I did it bymyself when I was 21 going into my senion year of college.  Coming back with on the train with the college crew was a hoot.  Spirit of New Orleans is pretty cool, however, N/O is really not children friendly - a lot to see and do in the daytime, but the kiddies need to be in by dark.....AhhhheeeeeeeO TA

To train VR

That is pretty scary.  I have been curious about VR - wondering how it really works.  If the doctor is doing the dictating, how can the Transcriptionist ever get it really trained? Doesn't the doctor actually have to train the program?  I do one doctor as a side line from my full-time transcription job and was wondering if that is something I would want to use for his work.  When I saw Dragon Program at Best Buy, the box said it would type it at about 160 lph.  Is that true?  If so, not so hot as I type faster than that.  However, in the future, I may want to save my arms/carpals and use it.  So am curious to know more from someone who has used the programs.  If adviseable, what programs are the best ones?


about to train soon
so I don't know any hot keys for this program yet, I worked on Meditech before this and DocQScribe before that. I'll give it a little while to get it down, hopefully it won't take that long
Had to train my male (sm)
Started by keeping the box really clean with that nice scooping sand that they like. Then I would walk over to the box and say, here kitty, and invite him to go in.
After his pee pee in the box, he gets a treat!
We still have an occasional problem, but only when the box is dirty. The pee pee in the corner means he doesn't like that dirty box!

Been married 29 yrs, get more now than ever but I say it took me 18 yrs to train to where he knows
I know they are in NJ. You have to train for a long
times - weeks?? - in the office. They have super long testing, and I remember one person, the owner, I believe, was very nice to deal with, while the testing person was horrible. In this day and age, I certainly don't have time to drive 4 hours round trip for a week or 2 to train! Told them "no thanks"!!
WOW, look at your train of thought. All sm
evil wrongdoers ----------------- right? Why don't you throw in the adulter, the priest pedophile ---------- and the bigamist, the serial killer. Do you know any gays? I would hazard a guess and say no. I hope I am wrong. But then again you probably know some and just don't KNOW that they are gay-they are too busy HIDING from judgemental dogoders like yourself who demand gays live the lie to suit the society that worships the almighty dollar and war instead of each other. Are you against violence films depicting killing or only films which depicting loving individuals and their problems? Please respond, I am really interested in this. I used to think like you a lifetime ago but having a gay relative opened my eyes to a lot of stuff hopefully you will never see-having a loved one lie for 25 years about who he really is and die from a horrid disease alone because people couldn't handle the truth. A death most robber, thieves, serial killers and rapists deserve but don't get as they get fat in prison on my money.
Again, its because you did not properly train him!!
Train in one day the Dr. Phil way.
Thomas the train is there sometimes too
We went a couple of years back and my 4 yo loved it! 
The best husband is the one YOU train!
There were train bombings in
and I do not feel India is secure at all, let alone for medical records.  But I have noticed a lot of bashing of American MTs here lately.  I don't understand why.  Just because one MT is not reliable, that doesn't mean we all are.  It just seems to be the thing to do.  Also, it said as low as 9 CPL.  Well I would transcribe for and do at 9 cpl with over 20 years experience.  We are not necessarily more expensive, just the service overhead jacks up the price so much for their big CEO salaries and benefits, they don't want to pay the MT much.
Hold the train, here!
You actually feel justified to stoop to this level of vile hatred against Tinks personally?

Not nice, not nice at all.
Don't have to train them - they've already taken it
Editing their work is nothing like transcribing it from scratch. I just do the bare bones basics (look up patient info, correct obvious grammar errors, spell check, etc.). I work for a large department in a large medical college, and if they don't care, why should I? I'm in it for the 26+ years of benefits I've accrued, and I'm not leaving until they force me out. On the other hand, I have a second part-time REAL transcription job that keeps me very happy. It doesn't pay nearly as well, but I get a huge amount of satisfaction from this job.
Working? Where did you train?

I'll be training with CS through EvCC.  Just wondered where everyone trained and if your working.

Thanks so much!


1. Train at home. 2. I don't do that.

3. Wonderful.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

6. Sometimes.

7. Yes

8. Yes.

9. Yes

Contact through the board only, please. 

It is much easier to train a new QA
to break the bad habits of an old QA that believes they are infallible.
Gravy train?

I wouldn't call it ever being a gravy train.  We are highly trained professionals who work hard at what we do and we do it darn good, thank you very much.  It's not like we sat here eating our bon bons and getting upset because the banging away at the keyboard ruined our new manicure!  To say it was a gravy train is downright insulting, IMO. 

That said, I don't have 30+ years in this profession but I do have 15+ years including working in-house and remotely from home.  My first at-home was around 1997 for a small company doing straight transcription, none of this VR stuff, which lasted only about 4 months until the work dried up.  The pay was good while it lasted though and there was 24 TAT, no punching a time clock and sticking to a strict schedule. As long as the work got down within 24 hours it was fine.  That same company is still around today as a national but not huge like others out there.  I ended up having to go back in-house and was there until about 4 years ago when I signed on with a very well known national that screws people to the Q, if you get my drift.  I don't know when the MT biz as a whole went into the toilet, but up until 2 years ago I had no problem.  I was working hard all the time as work was available basically 24/7.  Never did I get NJA except for an occasional week or two around the holidays but very quickly the workload would start to pick up.  I had a GREAT supervisor who made working fun and made us feel like we were a real team.  The company always had bonus incentives with quirky little games.  It may sound corny but it actually made us feel valued and brought some fun into it while making good money at the same time.  Then about 2 years ago, things started changing for the worst and it's been going downhill FAST every since.  Maybe the offshoring and technological advances have something to do with it, I really don't know.  One thing I do know, I DO NOT advise anybody new starting in this profession now.  What once was a professional and lucrative career has basically been made into a sweat shop scam for the so called "training programs" and large nationals to make a nice profit at the expense of the MTs.  It is such a cut throat business with accounts going to the lowest bidder just to save a few bucks.  I only hope that things will turn around some day soon and MT can be the professional career it once used to be.

Please don't say it was a gravy train.  Thank you.

just cuz the crazy train always stops at your
now pick a personality already and stick with it.  Maybe up the meds or take a nap or something.
Train? you really think those folks get your feedback?
probably train MDs in private practice to use VR
(only kidding)

Anybody else have what I call Freight Train Flu?

I call it  FTF (Freight Train Flu) because it hits you all of a sudden like a Freight Train. Not to worry it's definitely an "Express."  Whew!

It's intestinel. I started feeling really tired and just plain yucky at 4:00 p..m. yesterday.I'm thinking "okay, Christmas stress, right?"  By 5:00 my temp was 101. Chills fever, stomach cramps, aches and pains. 

The good news is, I put myself to bed at 5:00 p.m. and though I was a little wobbly this morning, I'm feeling almost normal. I managed to work my shift and I'm headed out for the old "last minute" items.

Choo choo.

28 years - OJT. That was the only way to train way back then. nm
because it still takes too much time to train
it may be that they don't see potential in your work, i.e. poor grammar, accounts have too much ESL, etc.
your mentor was paid to train, im not
so there

how much work do you do for free?
Im sure you are a peach to edit but I don't train, sorry
Im sure you are a peach
I had to train hubby 1st that working FT is (sm)

working FT, even when at home, so just like we balance household chores when I'm out working FT, we do when I'm working at home, too.  Not saying it's 50/50 -- ooh!, not at all - but I refuse to be a superwoman just a super woman!   Then I had to train all of our friends and family.  Took 'em a while to get it, but once I stopped answering my phones and knocks on the door, they got it.  And didn't lose any friends in the process.  Just explained it later...nothing personal, etc. 

Also, I keep the home office door closed when anyone is visiting during my work time and even when hubby is home; with his job, he is home between service call to local customers.  Love that he comes home during the day, but really puts me behind some time.  This is not as much of a problem with me working 3rd shift, but still a balancing act.  How can I shut up a hubby that wants to talk about his day and cook  

We don't have any kids (yet), but lots of family and close friends in the neighborhood.  I started working 3rd shift, and put of a sign that says, basically, Day Sleeper, and unless you have an appointment, don't knock or ring the doorbell, have a great day!  Also, I learned how to say no, no, no, and delegate.  I follow a fairly strict schedule, to allow for social time, etc.  So far, so good. 

BTW, at one point hubby big-time slacked off on his part of the house work (vacuuming, mopping hardwood floors, and dishes [we have a dishwasher]), so I hired a housekeeper and told him I would take it out of his part of the spending money.  Not much $ because our house if fairly small, but still $  Needless to say, Ms. Housekeeper was disappointed when I didn't call her back.

No one said you have to train them. You just have to grow up and be above the bullstuff.
This is the difference between a good QA/mentor/Editor and a "QA person" -- I'll take my time and help someone if they need it, and I *am* a "good QA".
I agree, we train the VR systems and when
they are perfect (maybe this will never happen), then VR replaces us. Duh?
How can this be an incentive for MTs?
Once you train the speech machine ...
Once you train the speech machine to correctly transcribe any dictator, your services as a Transcriptionist will not be needed. So every report you clean up or trim down, takes a little bite out of your future in this profession. I have 30+ years of continuous acute care transcribing experience, and it only took me 2 months working with the speech machine to understand I was cutting away the very surface I was standing on. I quickly switched to a company that does not offshore and does not use VR. Just my personal opinion here... Wise
Great comparison! Just like dogs, we have to train our men!!
It might take years, but it does pay off in the end!  Been training mine for 30+ years now, and he's about halfway there! But I would sure boot his butt out if he cheated - and he knows it!
Not Silent Type! Less than $1.75/page and you go to NJ to train. nm
Was in Yonkers - right NEXT to the Greystone train area
How much would a taxi cost from the train to their house?
You could go to ALL the trouble to be there and have a good time in spite of them not taking the time to pick you up. You pay the full price to see them, YOUR DAD is worth IT!
Freight train flu or virus or plague?
I saw a post about this yesterday right before I collapsed with pain.  This was a GI illness, about 24 hours.  One minute I was eating a bowl of cereal and planning my day and the next minute, I was writhing in pain.  You all take care of yourselves out there.
Vet trained me and even now, they like fresh faces that they can train how they want. nm
Clients are like husbands - sometimes ya gotta train em
I'm a broken record but I'm riding the train too
I'll just work as a nurse AND run my MTSO until the train falls off the track.
About 5 or so years ago, India was using American MTs to train them!
We trained Indian MTs. The problem was never that there weren't enough trained MTs in the US to handle the work - the problem was that Indian companies were offering to do the work for 2 cpl. The greedy nationals, you know who they are, grabbed right onto that fact and had their American MTs train the Indian MTs.

It's all about greed, not a shortage of American MTs.

Fortunately, this is starting to come back to bite some of them in the ass these days.
Yes, you can train as an MT and only work part time. sm
But the training period on average is 2-4 years, depending on how you go about it and what you want to do. If you have excellent spelling, grammar and listening skills, you have a chance. In order to do acute-care work, you would probably be wisest to train through one of the on-line schools recommended by AAMT (whatever the initials), since they are recognized by the national companies and you can get a job, if your grades are good.

If you just want to try for a clinic job and you have some background in medical terminology, you MIGHT find someone willing to work with you as a trainee, but that is difficult.

Any way you look at it, it will be several years before you can expect much if any income. In my experience, most MTs make between $12-$20 an hour, depending on their speed and luck finding the right job, and years of training.
Oh, but I miss walking over the train tracks! sm
It's Christmas, my youngest is 21 and God how I miss stepping over the trains! He had to have a new one every year and I stepped over them all year long! Miss the kids when they were young! You guessed right, no grandkids yet and am patiently waiting.... I do have a granddog though and he comes over to play.....LOL
I can image that once we train the VR reports by our expert
editing and corrections, the VR software will start producing more accurate reports. Unfortunately, when that time does arrive, there will not be a need for as many medical editors/transcriptionists as there are now. I suspect at that point we will be competing for MT jobs, and our rates will go even lower than they are now. I hate to paint a somber picture here, but this is what the hospitals have been striving to accomplish since the mid-1980s, when they decided to outsource the transcription to MTSOs to avoid paying hourly rates and benefits.
yes, do explain that train of thought...I am curious, too.
I don't mind the train/subway docs.
It's the one that dictates in the bathroom that bothers me. I would rather have loud background noise than sound effects.
First , I am a seasoned MT, no need to train, tapes are picked up, i type 'em. and that is about it.
I would never hire a friend either, but if you want to train her for free that's fine.
I don't think she meant anything pejorative by the term "gravy train". nm
He's just yanking your chain. Has ever edited the train wreck that is left