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Wowie, how did that happen? Did they take more than you authorized? Tell it. nm

Posted By: Becky on 2005-12-02
In Reply to: Don't trust PayPal as they took unauthorized money - omt


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Nope. OT is authorized.
I haven't had any bad feedback either, and my last (and only so far) QA score was 99%.  I guess I just get overly nervous with the economy and being the only bread winner in the family right now.  Thanks!!!
My cat veterinarian authorized us to use cat Frontline on our 5-pound tiny toy poodle
She said it goes by size and he's the size of a small cat.
how could it not happen?
and how could we have stopped accepting ESL's?  I dont know about you but I have worked as an MT for many years and there is no way we could have stopped it.  First of all, doctors come from all over the world, medicine is a universal language with many different accents..that is just the way it is.  Most doctors I have worked with have accents.  That is part of the job, learning ESL doctors.  I personally dont want any work sent overseas, even the mumblers, ESL's, etc.
This used to happen to me
This used to happen to me back in the 1970s..When I told my doctor, he said it was just that I woke up before my body was able to start producing my chemistries and such fast enough..So I was suspended, if you will, for a few seconds, which felt to me like minutes..I can remember waking up in my mind but my body would not move and I would panic thinking I have to get up..move arm, move leg, get up!!  I believe totally in the paranormal and spiritual word.  I have had experiences in the spiritual world both with family who have passed, animals who have passed and just researching it myself..but..hmmmm..I will have to research what you post about the not waking experience..I tell you, it is quite a frightening experience.  P.S.:  I love Sylvia Browne..I have gone to three of her seminars in Los Angeles..
Does this every happen to anyone besides me? (please SM)
After transcribing for lengthy periods of time, do you feel irritable? Kinda like you want to run to the nearest window and jump out cause you feel all this inner energy but have to sit in a chair and type and it is driving you nuts?

I probably need to takes walks or do something physical but am working 8-10 hours a day.

Just wondering if I am going nuts or what. It is rather unnerving, this feeling. Maybe it is menopausal as I am nearing that age, also. Can anyone identify with this strange feeling?
Where did this happen?
Don't ever think it cannot happen to you. You are in
this always does not happen
That is not true. There are too many people working and not enough work. They will always tell you the same thing; it is slow during the holidays, it is slow during the summer, it is slow in the fall, the holidays are coming, etc. there is a storm outside, anything to just shut us up. They just think we are stupid.
changes happen everywhere (sm)
I used to work for another company that has since changed its name and merged with another company. We had so many changes in the 2 short years I was there, enough to make your head spin. Most of the time they were changes not to the advantage of many, or they made it more difficult to keep up with the changes.
Having had this happen to me I am

going to tell you that you have to get a restraining order on him both personally and for a distance that includes your home and such.  Then go to the phone and satellite people as well.  If you give the phone people access they can monitor but you have to be willing to prosecute when they hit the nail on the head.  I suspect it may well be the same with your satellite folks. 

My husband had passed away and I got involved with someone who smelled money .. being an idiot I fell for all the honey/dearie stuff and it cost me money and it cost me my home and damned near my life .. never mind my self esteem.  You had better come clean with your family and get their help because it is misery alone and that is where I was save for a few friends who almost did not believe me.

I never thought I would see the end of it .. but I am here alive and kicking and believe me it is a good lesson to learn.  I am recovering slowly and have days I could probably commit murder yet, but first start with your computer and have it reformatted, get it cleaned up and then scan it every damned day if necessary.

Never had this happen (sm)
but common sense says she was scammed. Why would you have to pay to get a grant? Sounds fishy to me.
I have had this happen before...
and was told that it can just sometimes "happen". Sometimes the test can be done wrong, etc. Hopefully in your case, that will be it. In my case they did a repeat PAP smear, and everything was A-OK. Try not to worry and stress too much.
Anybody ever have this happen?
It seems that the owners to the company I've done work for over the past week have simply disappeared. I cannot contact them via phone or e-mail. Has this ever happened to anyone here? They could be on vacation, I guess? There's no work posted since Friday on the FTP site either. Weird, huh?
I had that happen too
I use the Olympus pedal and had never had any problems, until one day . . .

Anyway, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and that worked, but now it happens all the time (VERY irritating). For me, I think that it may have to do with playing .wav files (vs. the .dss Olympus-recorded files) because it seems to happen with the .dss files only when I have been transcribing .wav files and then switch, but with the .wav files it may happen even if I walk away for a while and my computer "goes to sleep".
I have had this happen too
and it mostly happens when using my doc's templates. These templates were originally done in Word Perfect and altered to be compatible with MS Word. I think it has something to do with that, but I don't know how to correct it, other than to get new templates.
How did that happen??? Should have been
I have had that happen, but
like you said it always goes away pretty quick. This hot tea is really helping, I am feeling it less and less. Whew!!!
I Had Something Like That Happen

I was supposed to be on review for 5 days and I was still on review after 2 weeks.  My accuracy was 99.6%, so I wrote the guy above my supervisor and told him I'd been on the 5-day review for 2 weeks.  He apologized and the next day, I received an e-mail telling me I was off review, had 100% accuracy now, and was doing great.

I would say that he just forgot.  The guy was not upset I contacted him, and I've had DSP (direct submission privileges) since.

Amanda, RMT

Where in MO did this happen??...nm
Had that happen to me once as well
The company took a 15% pay cut on all employees - including the CEO and board officers, although they did get to keep their hefty yearly bonuses that the employees did not get. I stayed a year on the promise of it being given back, then left. That was 12 years ago. I have a friend who still works there and she is still waiting....
OMG, I cannot believe this would happen.....
If you watch all of the news, a lot of parents leave their children in their vehicles all the time "just to run into the store long enough to get" blah, blah, blah and the vehicle is left with the keys, child sleeping in the back and all stolen. So what, pray tell, are you talking about??? Stupidness can happen everywhere and it does. Sounds like, duh, I didnít know it would happen in my community.....
Anyone had this happen to you?
Yesterday, I gave my notice to the company I have been IC'ing for the last 14 months because I found a job that pays more and pays weekly by direct deposit.  My boss acted like I committed a crime and has been a total jerk ever since.  This is not the first he has acted like a jerk.  Anytime he has a bad day, he takes it out on his transcriptionists and treats us like crap.  I am just really tired of it and needed a change.  So now, he is not communicating with me or sending me any work.  Have any of you ever had an experience like this?
This is exactly what can happen when you
network.  Let everyone you meet know that you are a medical Transcriptionist and love your job.  These are the kinds of situations that land you your own accounts.  Good luck.
something has to happen first
We should be concerned and most of are very concerned about data transferred overseas, but until something happens, something bad, something with a direct link, no media attention of substance will be directed towards it...and economic deals are first and foremost, security second.
While I would like to see that happen, too,
The bottomline is cost. By paying for a service to come in and handle the transcription, the hospital frees up valuable office space, has no asset investments to upkeep or even purchases to make, does not have to payroll employees and all the benefits and SS taxes, etc. Having employees is very expensive.

Hospitals have got to cut costs to continue providing services. Obviously, the less they pay out for running the business, the more funds are freed up for investing back into the facility.

Transcription services (small or large or nationals) offer that solution.

This used to happen to me using
a different program, and the other MT I was working with told me about hitting some combination to turn it off. I think it was CTRL shift period or ALT shift period.

Does this ring any bells with anybody else?
That used to happen to me, until one day I said no. SM
I had just gotten back from a plane trip out of state to my father's funeral! The response to my answer no was one of shock. I no longer work for that company, but I think it was just the account manager's personality, a bit frantic.
had this happen
Several times and spoke to Dictaphone - they went in - deleted some logs, but still happens. Then when I do not make my count, I do not want to hear it - now I log on an occasionally will get the first minute of a transcription and the player stops responding. I love the program, but becoming a pain in the butt. I thought it was me lol, told no one else had this problem.
net with never happen without

 - don't you read posts?  Obviously, net needs an IT person or net would be up and running by now.  Oh that's right, she needs money too!  Maybe she sent the money already sent to her to her new boyfriend overseas.  Good luck to her!  But, I think this forum will be just fine!     

You must like it here or you wouldn't have posted!  This site has never been All-American, and so what if it wasn't then and/or isn't now!  Whatever floats your boat!  I like it here; I don't mind it at all! 

What do you think will happen when the MT
finally trains the VR so well that it nearly starts to churn out 100% accuracy? Do you think your MT editing job will still be needed? If this takes place, and there is a good possibility it will, how much do you think they will want to pay then? I am afraid that the MT's wages will even worsen in time with improved VR accuracy, which is unbelievably sad to predict.
I have never had that happen to me.
That is just not going to happen...
some of these doctors have been dictating like this forever and they are not going to change...part of life I guess
I have had this happen too s/m

I had one doctor so mad because "I" was losing his reports.  Well, I would type his reports daily, send him a log with all the reports typed with dates and then weeks to months later get phone calls because they couldn't find his reports and would say I must have missed them.  Well, when they get a daily log, why didn't they cross reference and make sure all the reports were there?  He stopped dictating for about 3 months, but did come back.

There was another doctor in the same practice that would actually cross reference my log with his own appt schedule and if anything was missing, he would call to verify that I didn't get the report.  He would even admit that it was probably his fault that he missed the report, but wanted to make sure before re-dictating.  He only called about once a month on one patient so it amazes me how the other doctor could be missing 5 or so patients a month. 

He did come back though, I don't know if he tried someone else out and finally realized it was his own fault or what, but he did come back. 

As far as the secretary doing his dirty work, don't most people delegate what they don't want to do?  Think of it that way.  Just try not to take it so personally and just think, maybe it is a blessing in disguise at this moment!

Sorry you had that happen to you.
I am a SE and I rearranged my schedule and worked Thursday through Sunday. As a matter of fact, so tired of working through the holiday I am resting today. Not all US employees are like that. Maybe you need to interview people differently so that you can find people who will stick by you. I am not saying I would want to work every holiday and holiday weekend, but if it meant bread and butter on the table for my children, my family and I make sure to support the decision to do it. Please don't close your doors to US MTs. There are some of us out there, although weary, who appreciate a good job.
This will never happen. All MTs saying
'no' to VR? You are dreaming.
There are ENOUGH newbies out there who would gladly take the jobs, VR 2-3 cpl in the beginning , then 6 cpl.
You cannot put the clock back on the advance of technology.
If it will not happen in 1 year, then in 5 years.
I had that happen to me before

with WMX. I applied for an orthopedics position, was tested on everything except orthopedics. I passed their oral test and the written tests, including their level 4 tests (or whatever the ESL files they sent me were).

After passing their hardest testing, the recruiter offered me a measly 7 cpl and told they needed me 3rd shift instead of the 2nd shift position I applied for.

I declined the offer.
What I have seen happen
I have been doing this now for years and years, since it was very invented, I think. The hospital I work for (and have for the past 20 years before VR) was at 1 time very, very picky about sentence structuring and the like. Whole new ballgame when VR came in. Relaxing the rules was the name of the game, totally changed. I care about how things look but donít think it is as big a deal to them as in years past. I wish VR was out when I was a newbie some 36 years ago now. Just to think, had to learn all those ESLs and all those medications and now. Oh, well, guess that is technology working for us. You still have to know what you are doing because VR just does not do all the work for you. The platform I work on needs watching like a hawk every single word in order to get correct. Maybe some are better than others.
Had this happen once
Working in-house with a trainee at night. I knew 2-3 other MTs were on remotely to pick up the slack due to my reduced productivity having to train a new MT. Well, we kept getting one horrid report after another, just ATROCIOUS reports that were almost impossible to train someone on because NOTHING was 'normal'. I knew other rads were on duty, ones that could actually dictate a decent report, but we weren't getting any of those.

The next day I found one of the remote MTs had figured out how to adjust her 'filter' so that SHE was the only one getting reports from 2-3 of the dictators. She spent her 8-hour shift picking those cherries while the poor new MT I was training probably went home and took a couple of Xanax and questioned whether she could handle the job.

I admit, when I found it out I was infuriated. I did report her to our manager, who was able to pull up all of the reports from the night before and see how the picker had only gotten the primo reports. She was written up, an email was issued, and I don't THINK it ever happened again.

I've had nights where I struggle to make my lines because of horrible dictators as well, and I'd love nothing more than a string of reports that I can actually enjoy transcribing, but it would NEVER occur to me to cherry pick. I think cherry picking is the ultimate slap in the face to other MTs.

I have had it happen at least three sm
times. In the town I live in, the community college has an MT course that take two years to complete. Two of these ladies were wives of guys that my hubby works with at the hospital that I knew. They both called me and asked me about this course. I told both of them that they would not get what they were paying for as far as being able to find a job when they got out. I had seen the course catalog and the classes they were teaching had nothing to do with MTing.

These ladies did not listen, got through the school and did well in what they learned during the course but when it came to the final exam could absolutely not transcribe what they were given. To this day, neither one of them has a job. The third got a job but wound up getting fired. The office that hired her did not test her, just took her word because of the course certificate.

Its sad for the MT and for the potential employer also. They totally wasted their money.

I might ad also that I was asked to teach a couple classes for this course. After looking at the whole thing I told the school that what they were offering was not going to turn out an MT. They don't listen either. That course in the college has a bad reputation but after 7 years they still continue to take the money of unsuspecting students and then these folks cannot find jobs because they don't have the basics after putting all that money into the course.

If you will think back, MTs use to learn on the job. Not until MTing got to be a big money maker for working at home, did all these schools pop up. The schools are out to make money too. Its ridiculous.
It's going to happen everywhere -

used to happen with me when I worked with
Kforce. They would constantly tell me over and over "oh, you didn't get your check? We will do a Fed Ex tracking on it and get back to you."

I would always ask for the Fed Ex tracking number so I wouldn't have to keep bothering them, but Kforce would never give it to me.

Then they would follow up with, well we don't know what happened to that check. Fed Ex lost it, so we will issue you a new one.

Do you know what it's like to be on the road without any money and be expected to work at the same time!!?!?!??

Just my 2 cents experience
Well, here is how I noticed it to happen
A urologist had multiple normal vasectomy reports that he dictated throughout the day for my acct.

On certain days when a particular person did not work, the normal lengthy surgical procedures came through - they were line-producing reports - a few strokes on the keyboard and you have just typed 60 lines.

However, when a certain in-house person who worked at the office (Monrovia) was working, none of these operative reports came through. They were with the Sansum acct and this particular person was on this acct also. This happened over a four year period...it was obvious that he was bleeding the report into his C-phone either by asking someone in the distribution area to send them to him or just skipping jobs the way a C-phone back in 1999 to 2003 allowed you to skip jobs.

That was my first clue - hot reports (that allow you to make money) just aren't appearing on the screen and had at one time. Someone is making a ton of money and you aren't - and you are working the same amount of time, have equivalent skills and are on the same acct.

Let's face it, we are all in need of money or else we would not be doing this thankless job - where we once were thought highly of and now are not.
I had the same thing happen.
I even had pictures of the item that I had mailed, but still had to refund the money and got a negative to boot.  I tried to make ebay a fulltime work at home job for myself for so long, but I ran into a lot of liars and scammers out there.  I had another woman who bought a cross stitch kit from me for beaucoup bucks.  She stiffed me, then left feedback that she had turned me in for fraud and theft for stealing her money and not sending the item.  I told her to send me a copy of the cashed check/money order so I could turn it over to the FBI for mail theft and fraud because I had never received it, so someone else must have cashed it.  (If she sent it at all, which I doubt because her account wound up getting closed down by ebay.  Evidently, she had pulled this on other people, too.)
no, I'm not jealous, I just happen to have something they don't sm

it's called a life!!! Woohoo!!!

I've never had that happen either.
A little off the subject but an example of what can happen when someone - sm

pretends to be you when they are driving. You are probably also going to have issues with your insurance company as well.  I am sure you can prove it was not you driving, get the date and time of the ticket, etc. (were you working at the time, and prove it?) license plate (not your car), the cop has to appear in court too for a ticket and with any luck will be able to confirm you were not the woman he pulled over, etc. They have heard it before, have no doubt about that, and know it happens. Get an attorney if you need one.....


DEAR ABBY: My son "Vince's" mother-in-law, "Dotty," has never had a driver's license because she never learned how to parallel park. She only has a learner's permit.

After Vince married her daughter, "Lynn," Dotty was stopped by the police for a traffic violation. She gave them her daughter's name and address and told them she had "forgotten her wallet." The point went on Lynn's record and her car insurance shot up $150.

During the latest incident, someone hit Dotty's car in a parking lot. Dotty again pretended she was Lynn. The police were summoned and demanded Dotty's driver's license. When she handed them her learner's permit, her car was hauled away and now she has to appear in court for driving without a license with no licensed driver in the car.

When Vince was contacted by the insurance company, he told them the whole story. Dotty thought Lynn would just forget the incident and she'd be home free. She still drives her car every day.

To get even with Vince for ratting her out, Dotty refused to give my grandson his medicine while she baby-sat him. How should my daughter-in-law deal with this nasty woman? -- OUTRAGED IN ELMIRA, N.Y.

DEAR OUTRAGED: Now that your son and his wife know her mother won't hesitate to take out her anger on the child, they should not allow her to be around him again unless both of them are supervised.

I had this happen using DQS with another company. sm...
The techs from MQ/DQS tried very hard to fix it, but ultimately I ended up having to work with no firewall AND we had to install a new hard drive and start using XP. It helped a little, but I ended up leaving the company anyway as the DQS only seemed to be giving me half the lines I usually get, a common complaint from what I read here. Good luck!
Sorry to hear that. If you happen to be by one,
you should pick up a few. Unfortunately, that is the only store I know of that carries it. Me and my mom use it when we clean our carpet. It will pretty much get out anything. Good luck!
and you know the mistakes that happen
I have had the same thing happen (sm)

I have an excellent resume, no mommy duties and experience of 25 years.

Every service gives me nothing but the crap work because they know I can do it and I always look for part-time IC work.

The only thing I would say is to try finding your own clients.

It may actually be bad to be a good MT, you'll get nothing but the crap.  I was especially peeved with my last couple companies after chatting with the other girls and finding out I was the only one getting the crap.  If I am looking for a job again, I'll probably look for a job taking phone orders or customer service.  I doubt I will try working for another service, been screwed enough times.

Those who are getting the cream of the crop now can take the leftover crap after their cream of the crop goes to VR.  I've had my share.

Well that won't happen. I was with Signal.

a public message board bashing the owner.  In fact, I posted a post on the company board (which was deleted because I mentioned her name) in support of the owner, the gist of which you copied in your big-printed message above.  You just said exactly what I said in my post on the company board.  LOL.

You know, if you have a problem with her email - tell HER.  Don't come to a public message board anonymously and bash her.  And don't say all that crap and then say how much you love the company and how she's a good businesswoman and then copy what I said in my post on the other board.