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I'm pretty sure this was not a Paypal issue, but

Posted By: me on 2005-12-03
In Reply to: see message about PayPal fraud - omt

a fraud issue.   I had a very similar situation happen with a credit card.  I had a charge on my statement.  I didn't recognize the name, there was a state listed on the statement where the company supposedly was, there was a phone number that was unlisted so I couldn't trace, but did find it was in a totally different state.  When I called the number I got an answering machine with no identification of the company.   I left a message but never got a return call.   I called my credit card company and they credited my account.  All the bank could tell me was that it was for software and I had not ordered any software.   I'm not sure where this company got my credit card information.  I haven't had the situation happen again.  

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Either the check gets cashed or it doesn't, right? Pretty simple to solve that issue.
Is this a semantics issue or is it a you versus frustrated issue?
Which ever it is, if your feeling superior on a board makes your day go on ahead. I am sure frustrated knows what she is doing and now so does her boss. I am also sure that in the future frustrated with think twice about how she words every sentence perfectly so that you can perceive it correctly. After all, that is what she would rather be doing than kissing her little daughter. NOT.
Good for you frustrated, for handling it in a professional manner. For the other MTs on here who need to get a life, well, maybe they shouldn't bother since feeling superior here seems to suit well. JMHO.
It isn't a Smartype issue it is a Word issue
On the Word toolbar at the top, click on Tools, then Autocorrect, then check the box that says "capitalize first letter of sentence."  That will do it for you.
I am also a musician and I have paypal and have used it do purchase all of my sheet music and books online, works just like a visa.
no paypal ;)
No paypal for anything considered "adult" industry.
Don't ask me how I know this! ;)


If I understand correctly, you can use PayPal (through eBay) to pay for services.  I read this in an article that the wireless service sent out.  That is what they prefer, so it should work for something like this as well.  Let me know what you find out. 

Using Paypal...

Is it safe to purchase from someone online using paypal?  I will have to read on how to use paypal but how can you be sure they will sell you what they said they will?  Is there a way to protect myself?




paypal.com (sm)
if you go to their web site and click on 'security' in the top right corner, that will take you to the page that explains the buyer protection program, if you want to see it with your own eyes and make sure you understand it better.

Also, I would ask for a delivery confirmation number or some other tracking number for your item, or even signature upon receipt, so you know when they mail it and they know when you get it, etc.
only get there by paypal.com
I agree... my account needs "updated" about twice a week. Every time I get one, I go to a new window and open paypal.com and if there is something they want me to know, there will be a message in there. If it's not there, the e-mail is fake.
I think I'm pretty bright and pretty good, too, but
I am not a CMT. I am a medical transcriptionist who enjoys her job very much (most days). I have chosen not to pursue certification simply because I cannot afford to do so. I believe the certification is a nice thing to have, but I don't believe it is necessary for employment or for excellence in my job. If you can afford it, go for it. If you can't, don't feel too bad. You can still take pride in and do a very good job without it.
While I am not always a fan of Paypal, I feel there is
something not quite right with your story. Paypal NEVER hits bank accounts - they do other things, but not messing with bank accounts. That was one of those internet hoax horror stories.  I have had even had a charge back once for over $200 from a nightmare customer - he had his credit card charge back Paypal and got his $200 back from Paypal. Paypal then had the right to take the $200 out of my bank account, as we ALL have bank accounts linked to our account, and they never did as I would not authorize that deduction. This was years ago. Again, they will take $$ you have in your Paypal account if they feel you owe them $$, but they do not go into your bank accounts without specific individual permission and reams of authorization. Sounds like you had a fraudulent TRANSACTION that went thru Paypal.  They are just an intermediary, you know. That is different than Paypal just helping themselves to your finances. I use Paypal for literally thousands of dollars worth of transactions a year without a glitch, and have since its birth! Feel confident to donate using Paypal. One in a million horror story if something went wrong. And there are phone #s and contact people galore to talk to anytime at Paypal. Not true that they are "hidden" or inaccessible. I'm sure you had some sort of problem, but I don't think you may understand exactly what happened. Merry Christmas!!
My PayPal Story
I bought an item on ebay about a year ago. Paid with Paypal. Product was shipped but I never received it.

Apparently the delivery truck exploded.

PayPal's Buyer Protection reimbursed me every cent. All settled within one month.
A way to tell if PayPal is real or not...
One thing that PayPal tells you on their web site regarding spam emails is that they will NEVER send you an email from PayPal that is addressed to the general masses ("Dear PayPal User"). If it says Dear Sue and your name is Sue, then it might be real. If it says "Dear PayPal User" it is a hoax.
PayPal question
I have looked on the PayPal website and can't figure out how to do this...don't know where else to ask this question, so perhaps one of you might know the answer.  I have an existing account that I use for PayPal when I win items from E-Bay, but I have recently gotten a job with a small MTSO who actually uses PayPal to pay transcriptionists.  She informed me it doesn't cost anything to utilize this service, but my first check I got charged $10 to transfer it from PayPal account to my bank account.  She tells me you have to set it up differently to get this to work.  I have gone on my PayPal account and read everything I can find but nothing that states how you set this up.  Anyone have a clue?  If so, thanks for sharing.
My company also uses PayPal to
pay their transcriptionists and I lose $30 to $50 every paycheck because of PayPal's "fee" to transfer it. I don't think there's any way around it - at least not that I have found either. 
Those whose companies use PayPal
I am surprised all the employees don't put up a fuss about that.

It is ridiculous that you lose money every time you transfer your own money.

I think you should tell your employer it is not acceptable to be paid that way. (Is there a way you can unite with other employees about this?)

What is the employer's reasoning for using this anyway? Why don't they go the standard direct deposit into bank accounts if they don't want to mail checks?
I have been using Paypal for years and have never had any problems.

see message about PayPal fraud

I went online one day to check my bank account balance and I was overdrawn. I was shocked. I saw an automatic withdrawal transaction for a company that I had never even heard of for a product that I had never even ordered.

The only thing that I went through PayPal for was a microcassette player that nobody else had bid on through ebay.  I got that for 99 cents, plus shipping and handling. Incidentally it still works after nearly 2 years.

I called my bank and was told that the automatic withdrawal had gone through my PayPal account for a company I had never heard of for a "computer software item" that I never received, although I was charged for shipping.

I spent months attempting to receive a response from PayPal. I finally received an e-mail that said to print the attached affidavit of fraud, but found that the attachment could not be opened  to be printed.  PayPal finally agreed, via email, to give me a telephone number that I could contact and that I would receive that telephone number by US postal service within 2 to 3 weeks. Of course when I recieved the number and called it, I had to leave a message.

The recorded PayPal voice did eventually call me back when I was not at home and sent me another letter saying that I did not respond to their attempts to contact me.


I filled out paperwork at my bank for fraud against PayPal, closed my bank account and eventually (almost one year later) received a bank check from my former bank for close to $300.00 in overdraft fees.

Apparently my former bank was going to collect from PayPal for their fraud. Whether or not they were successful in that attempt , I do not know.

My advice is to stay away from PayPal period. It may work for you now, but you never know.  After all, they have all of your information.



Used PayPal for Ebay and they took out double the (sm)

money.  Have tried ever since to get the second deduction back but as yet, no luck.  Don't trust PayPal and certainly don't trust ebay anymore.

I got rid of my PayPal because of risks I have heard about. sm
Of course, it is a risk to do anything online at all where you have to input personal information.
Paypal debit card
We have a Paypal debit card that we can use just like any other check card/debit card. It just draws from the funds from your Paypal account. You can use it at the store, etc., and at the ATM. Even paying an ATM fee to get out cash would be less than the $10 charge to transfer. You might check on it.
Don't trust PayPal as they took unauthorized money

out of my checking account causing checks to bounce, overdraft fees, etc. that gave me no option but to close my checking account and open one in a different bank. It took 9 months of paperwork before I was finally reimbursed by my former banking institution for all fees as well as the monies that PayPal withdrew from my account without my authorization.

PayPal, however, took no responsibility for their error.

I am in hopes that there is another way to donate without giving your information to a site that is unsecure, such as PayPal.

Please forward the Paypal notification to me and I will check into it.
If you have a Paypal account, pay to sales@mtstars.com. Thank you!
If you paid with Paypal you can file a claim with them, just do it before

30 days is up.   If you paid via credit card you can file a claim with the credit card company, even if you paid via Paypal with a credit card.   You can also file a fraud charge with the U.S. postal service if the item went through them.    With the post office it would take a while to get your money though.   You can also notify the police in her state/county, though most likely they will take a report and that is it, unless this is a habitual thing and others have complained.  

Hopefully the administrator will be able to help you.  

Paypal takes care of their users
I use Paypal all the time, not only through ebay and in person, but online as well. They have an incredible Resolution Center and Buyer Protection program that basically says if you can prove you didn't get what you paid for, Paypal will lock down the seller's funds until Paypal can get your money back. Pretty much, I would think anyone selling with Paypal would know better than to try to fraud you.
I know through eBay, Paypal has saved my bottom quite a few times where something was misrepresented, and every time, they got me all my money back.
I would go for it, but have a good "paper trail" between yourself and the seller of what the exact terms of the sale are, including a description, price, timeframe of payment/delivery, return policy, etc.
Good luck!
I've used Paypal for many years on many different sites. Never a problem ever. NM

PayPal is free to "use" but they charge a fee for all funds received... sm
not for transferring funds to your bank account. Open your account and go to the very bottom of the screen and click on the Fees link to see what they charge. They have a help section and a toll free number to call if you have other questions.

Your MTSO was very misleading by not telling you about the fees that have always been connected to receiving money this way. It doesn't cost them to send money, but it certainly does cost the recipient to receive it. That's how PayPal makes their money and the MTSO must know that.

I agree, I too doubt it was PayPal, someone hacked your account , plain and simple - sm
It can be done, especially if you ever responded to any spam emails. I had my debit card hacked at BJs, someone broke into the main frame and stole thousands of credit cards #, etc. They spent about $800 at Wal-Mart, PetsMart and for gas, bounced stuff in our checking account, etc. Since it was a VISA debit card, I had the money back in 24 hours after I filled out the fraud forms at the back. --but no one every physically stole my card or even had my PIN #. I am sure savvy computer hackers can do it , OR someone there at PayPal hacked and sold off a list---but I highly doubt they deliberately withdrew funds. I would have found out from the company that did the charge ***PAYPAL - THE XYX Co." where the mystery item shipped....doubt it was to your address.....That happened to me with a credit card, tons of stuff that I supposedly bought $800 of stuff from Victoria's Secret made its way to NY, not PA where I was living--interesting. Again was refunded promptly. PayPal may have been lax at how they handled it granted, but I am sure with a bit more persistance and going through the right channels you would have had it resolved a bit more promptly and to your satisfaction.
Forward it to spoof@paypal.com, also check your acct directly through their web site...
just don't click on a link in the emai. The hackers are getting better all the time.
You didnt see the link to PayPal for donations to "defray" the costs of providing such a surve
That's not the issue..
The Canada-American thing's not the issue here, but believe you me, if all I could earn in this profession was $18.00 an hour plus bennies, I'd get out of it in a heart beat.  We are worth much, much more than that!
Same issue!!!
Funny I was just thinking of posting. My company just changed systems. To what I have no clue, but they seem to think it is great. This new system has a lot of static. It is thier end and they admit it, but why not fix it. I have about had it. There is static and if you go past the static and back up "5000 times" it will finally play but it is nerve racking. There will also be blank sections where the tape will run for about a minute. Like they paused it. Absolutely no sound but tape is running. I just ignore those because they always pick up right where they left off. I try to catch most of it but don't hesitate to leave them a blank and let them figure it out!
VPN issue
Do you have a static IP address? If you have DSL Extreme, it's free, otherwise I think it's about $15. I had to get one to keep from losing my connection every little while (not connected to getting phone calls, though.)
Best regards!
It isn't always a pay issue. Most of you just want to
There IS a need for offshore for what you won't do.

Same with other jobs. NO one here wants to pick crops so we have Mexicans come do it.

Stop complaining.

Thanks, but that isn't my issue. nm
I have this issue....sm
When you are an independant contractor you just get what they can give you and that's it. I hired on full time when I hired in almost 2 years ago. I have yet to work a full 40 hour week. I am lucky to get half that. I actually have just started venturing out into side jobs that aren't MT. I am gonna see how that goes.
Actually a cut-and-dry issue ... sm

IF YOU HAVE UE TAXES TAKEN OUT OF YOUR PAY BY YOUR STATE, YOU'RE COVERED if you meet all of their other requirements.

Look on your pay stubs or W2 for the last 6 months (although not that sure about SE status).  Look at the part of ductions that your STATE takes out - it may not specifically mention deductions for UE, but if your state deducts state disability taxes, you're certain to be covered for UE as well. (For some reason, my own  check only showed NY State disability insurance taken out, so I had to verify with my payroll dept. that I was actually covered for UE).

No body issue
Yep, it has been done, next state over, young girl named Carrie Culbertson, missing now for close to 6 yrs?
They successfully prosecuted her ex-boyfriend and he got life..this w/o a body!
I can't believe the MD, DO thing is still an issue!
I've worked for both MDs and DOs.  I never found there was a difference in any way.  Our local hospitals have a mixed staff.  When are people going to put this "difference" to bed. 
Interesting...never been an issue before..sm
He has never ever in 15 years been in trouble. I can also say that had I been home, the second would never have happened as the fear of God would have laid down immediately the first time as they have been raised knowing that school is their job until they graduate, no ifs or buts about it, they are there to learn and follow the rules. He knew he could get away with her from her and fully expected her to talk us into no harm no foul and she took free advantage to tell all 4 children that if they loved her they would not tell us. LOL
Yes, really. It's a character issue.
When someone is a thief, it is only a matter of time before they start stealing from friends. I could never trust someone I knew to be a thief. I do not care to share any part of my life with someone of poor character.
I have this to say on the Katrina issue
I know a minute seems like a lifetime to the people suffering throughout this situation. BUT... American WILL respond. We will open our pocketbooks, donate our time, resources and supplies. Some have even opened their homes. Stop pointing fingers at what is not being done. This is an unprecedented catastrophy in our country. There are many issues to deal with. It's like our boss at work always says, we don't always know what is going on behind the scenes or why something is being done, but trust that things are being done.  Stop the blaming and complaining and do something positive.Put some effort into getting supplies together instead of coming to this board to point fingers and blame. Stop making it a political issue or a racial issue. It is neither. Spend your time in prayer instead of criticism.
MQ check issue
Another thing I thought odd, is that it says it's an adjustment, but under 100.00.  Anytime I've had to call payroll on a shortage, they won't issue the difference until the next payday IF it's under 100.00 (at least in my office)...so that is odd in itself that they are going against that rule??????????
Yeah, what she said! I have that issue now and then, but he also wants me to pay - sm
for their private school, so you can't have it both ways. What is funny is he usually only says I don't spend a lot of time with the kids during the Summer....when I try hard to re-arrange my schedule in order to either do something with them or spend a few hours each day with them instead of typing all day....so I actually do spend more time with them then. We kind of switch hit during school,I deal with all the morning stuff, get them to the bus stop and then I have them from 3:30-6 basically, unpack backpacks, supervise homework, etc. then at 6 he takes over so I can start on my next day's work, on rare occasion he will go out (on a Saturday night, maybe 1-2x a year) and do something and I actually encourage this since he looks after the kids quite a bit for me, though it can be counter-productive as he lets them trash the place half of the time which turns me into a total witch in the morning. But we have a lot of give and take here and it works well. Try to work out some sort of compromise. I try to take the kids out usually on Saturday for a few hours (3-5) to give him some time to himself, and he does the same for me though it is so I can work or clean and not to relax. I have to get out myself, have not been out for ages, though circumstances here have not been the greatest with my 5-y/o daughter's cancer, etc (though things are looking good, done chemo, just working through the nasty side-effects of it wearing off now). Just try and talk it out and come to a compromise, but he will have to cut back on his social life if it is more than 1 x a week. I have no idea why guys feel they are so entitled to go and chill out and us women are not "allowed", good 'ol caveman thinking. I know my husband wouldn't have a problem now, a few years ago he would have as he had NEVER watched the kids alone before until about a year ago, so he knows he can do it. Good luck in retraining him.
Somewhat agree on the cc/mL issue but...
Metric measurements (cc, mL, cm, kg, etc.)are always transcribed in decimals so "half" is always 0.5 rather than 1/2.

Nervous, good luck to you in the future!
Hygiene issue? What do you mean?
Legal issue
Received an email from the company with an attachment that says we have to sign it, giving them the right to access at any time our email and computer files.  We do not have email through the company and the computer is mine, not theirs.   Why would I be required to sign this to keep my job?  It's none of their business what's on my personal computer or what's in my emails!!!
Legal issue
They have absolutely no right to your private emails or personal files. If it is your computer, they have no legal right to access it in any way, actually, without your permission.

Check with an attorney.....I did.
Legal issue
My business attorney said NOT to sign such an agreement. They are free to access my MQ computer but not my personal computer. We have confidential financial data on there.
I'm amazed this issue came up because

just today, I transcribed a note where the PA dictated that the patient "felt crampier this month than last month."  Although I typed it as dictated, I haven't been sure all day that I was correct in doing so.

I can't find that word in any dictionary anywhere.  Just because I may have "formed" an English word correctly doesn't necessarily make it a word, does it?