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While I am not always a fan of Paypal, I feel there is

Posted By: MQ-QANOTfudge on 2005-12-02
In Reply to: see message about PayPal fraud - omt

something not quite right with your story. Paypal NEVER hits bank accounts - they do other things, but not messing with bank accounts. That was one of those internet hoax horror stories.  I have had even had a charge back once for over $200 from a nightmare customer - he had his credit card charge back Paypal and got his $200 back from Paypal. Paypal then had the right to take the $200 out of my bank account, as we ALL have bank accounts linked to our account, and they never did as I would not authorize that deduction. This was years ago. Again, they will take $$ you have in your Paypal account if they feel you owe them $$, but they do not go into your bank accounts without specific individual permission and reams of authorization. Sounds like you had a fraudulent TRANSACTION that went thru Paypal.  They are just an intermediary, you know. That is different than Paypal just helping themselves to your finances. I use Paypal for literally thousands of dollars worth of transactions a year without a glitch, and have since its birth! Feel confident to donate using Paypal. One in a million horror story if something went wrong. And there are phone #s and contact people galore to talk to anytime at Paypal. Not true that they are "hidden" or inaccessible. I'm sure you had some sort of problem, but I don't think you may understand exactly what happened. Merry Christmas!!

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I am also a musician and I have paypal and have used it do purchase all of my sheet music and books online, works just like a visa.
no paypal ;)
No paypal for anything considered "adult" industry.
Don't ask me how I know this! ;)


If I understand correctly, you can use PayPal (through eBay) to pay for services.  I read this in an article that the wireless service sent out.  That is what they prefer, so it should work for something like this as well.  Let me know what you find out. 

Using Paypal...

Is it safe to purchase from someone online using paypal?  I will have to read on how to use paypal but how can you be sure they will sell you what they said they will?  Is there a way to protect myself?




paypal.com (sm)
if you go to their web site and click on 'security' in the top right corner, that will take you to the page that explains the buyer protection program, if you want to see it with your own eyes and make sure you understand it better.

Also, I would ask for a delivery confirmation number or some other tracking number for your item, or even signature upon receipt, so you know when they mail it and they know when you get it, etc.
only get there by paypal.com
I agree... my account needs "updated" about twice a week. Every time I get one, I go to a new window and open paypal.com and if there is something they want me to know, there will be a message in there. If it's not there, the e-mail is fake.
My PayPal Story
I bought an item on ebay about a year ago. Paid with Paypal. Product was shipped but I never received it.

Apparently the delivery truck exploded.

PayPal's Buyer Protection reimbursed me every cent. All settled within one month.
A way to tell if PayPal is real or not...
One thing that PayPal tells you on their web site regarding spam emails is that they will NEVER send you an email from PayPal that is addressed to the general masses ("Dear PayPal User"). If it says Dear Sue and your name is Sue, then it might be real. If it says "Dear PayPal User" it is a hoax.
PayPal question
I have looked on the PayPal website and can't figure out how to do this...don't know where else to ask this question, so perhaps one of you might know the answer.  I have an existing account that I use for PayPal when I win items from E-Bay, but I have recently gotten a job with a small MTSO who actually uses PayPal to pay transcriptionists.  She informed me it doesn't cost anything to utilize this service, but my first check I got charged $10 to transfer it from PayPal account to my bank account.  She tells me you have to set it up differently to get this to work.  I have gone on my PayPal account and read everything I can find but nothing that states how you set this up.  Anyone have a clue?  If so, thanks for sharing.
My company also uses PayPal to
pay their transcriptionists and I lose $30 to $50 every paycheck because of PayPal's "fee" to transfer it. I don't think there's any way around it - at least not that I have found either. 
Those whose companies use PayPal
I am surprised all the employees don't put up a fuss about that.

It is ridiculous that you lose money every time you transfer your own money.

I think you should tell your employer it is not acceptable to be paid that way. (Is there a way you can unite with other employees about this?)

What is the employer's reasoning for using this anyway? Why don't they go the standard direct deposit into bank accounts if they don't want to mail checks?
I have been using Paypal for years and have never had any problems.

see message about PayPal fraud

I went online one day to check my bank account balance and I was overdrawn. I was shocked. I saw an automatic withdrawal transaction for a company that I had never even heard of for a product that I had never even ordered.

The only thing that I went through PayPal for was a microcassette player that nobody else had bid on through ebay.  I got that for 99 cents, plus shipping and handling. Incidentally it still works after nearly 2 years.

I called my bank and was told that the automatic withdrawal had gone through my PayPal account for a company I had never heard of for a "computer software item" that I never received, although I was charged for shipping.

I spent months attempting to receive a response from PayPal. I finally received an e-mail that said to print the attached affidavit of fraud, but found that the attachment could not be opened  to be printed.  PayPal finally agreed, via email, to give me a telephone number that I could contact and that I would receive that telephone number by US postal service within 2 to 3 weeks. Of course when I recieved the number and called it, I had to leave a message.

The recorded PayPal voice did eventually call me back when I was not at home and sent me another letter saying that I did not respond to their attempts to contact me.


I filled out paperwork at my bank for fraud against PayPal, closed my bank account and eventually (almost one year later) received a bank check from my former bank for close to $300.00 in overdraft fees.

Apparently my former bank was going to collect from PayPal for their fraud. Whether or not they were successful in that attempt , I do not know.

My advice is to stay away from PayPal period. It may work for you now, but you never know.  After all, they have all of your information.



I'm pretty sure this was not a Paypal issue, but
a fraud issue.   I had a very similar situation happen with a credit card.  I had a charge on my statement.  I didn't recognize the name, there was a state listed on the statement where the company supposedly was, there was a phone number that was unlisted so I couldn't trace, but did find it was in a totally different state.  When I called the number I got an answering machine with no identification of the company.   I left a message but never got a return call.   I called my credit card company and they credited my account.  All the bank could tell me was that it was for software and I had not ordered any software.   I'm not sure where this company got my credit card information.  I haven't had the situation happen again.  
Used PayPal for Ebay and they took out double the (sm)

money.  Have tried ever since to get the second deduction back but as yet, no luck.  Don't trust PayPal and certainly don't trust ebay anymore.

I got rid of my PayPal because of risks I have heard about. sm
Of course, it is a risk to do anything online at all where you have to input personal information.
Paypal debit card
We have a Paypal debit card that we can use just like any other check card/debit card. It just draws from the funds from your Paypal account. You can use it at the store, etc., and at the ATM. Even paying an ATM fee to get out cash would be less than the $10 charge to transfer. You might check on it.
Don't trust PayPal as they took unauthorized money

out of my checking account causing checks to bounce, overdraft fees, etc. that gave me no option but to close my checking account and open one in a different bank. It took 9 months of paperwork before I was finally reimbursed by my former banking institution for all fees as well as the monies that PayPal withdrew from my account without my authorization.

PayPal, however, took no responsibility for their error.

I am in hopes that there is another way to donate without giving your information to a site that is unsecure, such as PayPal.

Please forward the Paypal notification to me and I will check into it.
If you have a Paypal account, pay to sales@mtstars.com. Thank you!
If you paid with Paypal you can file a claim with them, just do it before

30 days is up.   If you paid via credit card you can file a claim with the credit card company, even if you paid via Paypal with a credit card.   You can also file a fraud charge with the U.S. postal service if the item went through them.    With the post office it would take a while to get your money though.   You can also notify the police in her state/county, though most likely they will take a report and that is it, unless this is a habitual thing and others have complained.  

Hopefully the administrator will be able to help you.  

Paypal takes care of their users
I use Paypal all the time, not only through ebay and in person, but online as well. They have an incredible Resolution Center and Buyer Protection program that basically says if you can prove you didn't get what you paid for, Paypal will lock down the seller's funds until Paypal can get your money back. Pretty much, I would think anyone selling with Paypal would know better than to try to fraud you.
I know through eBay, Paypal has saved my bottom quite a few times where something was misrepresented, and every time, they got me all my money back.
I would go for it, but have a good "paper trail" between yourself and the seller of what the exact terms of the sale are, including a description, price, timeframe of payment/delivery, return policy, etc.
Good luck!
I've used Paypal for many years on many different sites. Never a problem ever. NM

PayPal is free to "use" but they charge a fee for all funds received... sm
not for transferring funds to your bank account. Open your account and go to the very bottom of the screen and click on the Fees link to see what they charge. They have a help section and a toll free number to call if you have other questions.

Your MTSO was very misleading by not telling you about the fees that have always been connected to receiving money this way. It doesn't cost them to send money, but it certainly does cost the recipient to receive it. That's how PayPal makes their money and the MTSO must know that.

I agree, I too doubt it was PayPal, someone hacked your account , plain and simple - sm
It can be done, especially if you ever responded to any spam emails. I had my debit card hacked at BJs, someone broke into the main frame and stole thousands of credit cards #, etc. They spent about $800 at Wal-Mart, PetsMart and for gas, bounced stuff in our checking account, etc. Since it was a VISA debit card, I had the money back in 24 hours after I filled out the fraud forms at the back. --but no one every physically stole my card or even had my PIN #. I am sure savvy computer hackers can do it , OR someone there at PayPal hacked and sold off a list---but I highly doubt they deliberately withdrew funds. I would have found out from the company that did the charge ***PAYPAL - THE XYX Co." where the mystery item shipped....doubt it was to your address.....That happened to me with a credit card, tons of stuff that I supposedly bought $800 of stuff from Victoria's Secret made its way to NY, not PA where I was living--interesting. Again was refunded promptly. PayPal may have been lax at how they handled it granted, but I am sure with a bit more persistance and going through the right channels you would have had it resolved a bit more promptly and to your satisfaction.
Forward it to spoof@paypal.com, also check your acct directly through their web site...
just don't click on a link in the emai. The hackers are getting better all the time.
You didnt see the link to PayPal for donations to "defray" the costs of providing such a surve
if you feel like that after 12 years, and I feel like that after six months
what hope is there?
I feel people who feel like this post
needs to a) either be a stay at home mother and not work or b) realize that she is no queen bee and I could care less about a degree. What company out here that you know of compensates for having a degree? Means nothing to them. Your working and being there when they assign/need/require/whatever is what you should do IF YOU WANT A JOB in this field, otherwise get out and do something else or become that babysitter.
No need to feel badly for me - feel badly for an adult who has no control of his/her own life!
I hope these people didn't produce any daughters! Bad, bad example!
I know how sad you must feel
Yes, you will love her forever, and someday you will be able to think of the good times you had with her, and you will be able to laugh.  
I know how you feel. :)
Don't feel bad!
It took me nearly a year to even find out if I had passed just before they went to the instant results system.
Don't feel bad...
When you take a position with any company, up front ask them if you will be working on a "ver batim" account. If so, don't take the position. Keep looking. Someone will appreciate your intelligence and knowledge somewhere! Good luck, and please know that you're not alone!!!
I feel the same as you...
My account does not allow me any normals. I am to leave a blank and they fill in the standard. I'm also a CMT and been at this for 30 years. I feel I'm doing something wrong when I hear all these 300-400 counts. I average maybe 200 per hour on a good day. I know some of my problem is having to look up referring doctors, but I can't imaging doing 300-400 lines on a consistent basis per hour! Thank you for your post. At least I know I'm not alone!
I feel for you
Last November I fell from a ladder, grabbed it with my right hand and severed nerves in 2 fingers, since I was at home, had home owner's which paid me a little and had AFLAC thru my job which helped, finally about to get back to normal but the last 6 months have been pure heck, good luck.
I feel that way every day. sm

I just take a break every 2-3 hours and take the dog for a walk or exercise or something.  Sometimes, I run up and down the stairs or just go and sit out on my deck for a few minutes to get some fresh air.


Not sure it is menopausal symptoms as I am younger than the age.  For me, it is my personality trait.  I am a type A personality.


I feel like...
I am just having the very life sucked out of me!
Now I don't feel so alone
Well, at least none of us are alone in the work all the time boat. I guess that is some consolation.
Enough so we don't feel

like a hooker on the street paying our "pimp"!  All the MTSOs need to review their overhead and cut out unnecessary expenses and overpaying their CEOs.  It is like the government spending $6,000.00 for a toilet.  Look at the UN who is wanting to borrow the money from the U.S. to refurbish the UN building.  Donald Trump has been in meetings with Congress and it is a very, very interesting thing to watch.  The UN wants to set aside $431 million dollars just in contingencies; Trump said that the contingencies should be no more than $1 million to $2 million at most. 

Basically, if the MTSOs had to live like many of us live, I'm sure they would be able to cut their waste and extravagance, don't you think?

Okay now I feel bad. I know I sit here in
my own little world with my family of 8 not having much time for the news and such. But really cannot believe I haven't heard this. How sad. He was a great man. When I did get to watch the news he was the one I watched. May God bless him and his family!
I feel sorry for you
This too shall pass.  Tomorrow will be a better day.
you have every right to feel anyway you want...
this is just the way I feel. My life has been changed with this knowledge I just acquired, and I wanted to share it.

growing up on a farm, in the country, I am also aware of the local slaughterhouse, and even in the bible (old testament) how God commanded the slaughter of tens of thousands of cattle/ox, or whatever they were, DAILY - never could figure that one out (said the smell of burning flesh was pleasing to him or something ??)

BUT, just me, I cannot bear the thought of eating meat from a stressed animal dying in agony...I would think that has to be passed on to us, somehow, and also as you mentioned the growth hormones and antibiotics, and who knows what (some cows are fed other dead cows cut up), ick.

In my humble opinion, as far as peta, I do not think animals have 'rights' and I am just not the 'fanatic' type I guess. I do think as a member of the human race, there has to be a more humane way to kill these animals.

It is disturbing how easy it is for us to 'ignore' it.

Like in the video, it mentions how schizophrenic it all is, and how it goes on all day, every day, not far from where we live...
Anybody else feel this way?
I am so tired any more and I think I hate my job.  Every day same thing.  Between the lack of money for doing this thankless job, the way this company I work for treats me, the constant cherry-picking that I have to go through on a daily basis, I need a break.  Can someone tell me ONE company that appreciates hard working MTs and is good to work for PLEASE.  Thanks.
I am so sorry you feel this way
there are companies out there that are fair and good to work for.
Anyone else feel that when they have to
drive anywhere on the roads it's like driving in a Nascar race? I had 3 close calls today because of people not looking or seeing me in my lane and trying to merge into my vehicle. They try and zip in and out of traffic. They drive like maniacs yet I still see the same cars at the next stop light when I get there. Waiting for the flag to come down and yell "we have a winner" some days.
I know how you feel ...
My son's best friend was killed Monday in a motorcycle accident. He was only 16. Of course, we are extremely close - our families.

I haven't taken anything to any of their homes yet. I have sent a plant for the service tomorrow. I will make a nice memorial to his youth group. I plan to wait about 2-3 weeks, when things have settled down and all the items brought have disappeared. I'm sure his mother won't feel like cooking for a while -- then I'm taking a complete dinner over, maybe once a week until I know they are doing better.

I have also written a letter to my state legislators in his memory, asking for some changes in legislation that may have prevented this death.

My oldest son is 20 and his best friend was killed a year ago on a motorcycle as well. I'm handling this situation the same as the other with a plant, memorial to the youth group, and a few meals afterwards.
I know how you feel..
I am so discouraged. I am considering cutting my losses and moving on. This had turned into a cut throat operation. The employee is no longer treated like a human, just take the crap and keep your mouth should attitude. It is pretty sad that this company has turned into this type of operation. What is really sad is any company that would push the issue of line count quota and not quality....MTs will be so worried about getting quota that there will be no time for proofreading. SAD SITUATION.
I know how you feel
I took several tests like that. Actually the company that I now work for gave me a foreign dictator (very hard)for my test, and I have never typed for a foreign dictator and I have been there almost four months.
I feel so sorry for everyone there and wish there was
more I can do, but I think the schools are doing all they can. If the students don't have phone service, then the school can't call them either so that doesn't solve the issue. At least if they post a number, then hopefully the kids are out of the places now that are still out of power and have made it to family's home or a shelter and can call them.
I feel the same way
Only I'm really pathetic...my youngest just started half-day kindergarten and I'm missing her! I have a 21-year-old, and 18-year-old who just started college..and then I have my 5-year-old.  She was born with hydrocephalus and is shunted. Doing great though..just like a normal kid except that we did have a rapid and no-warning shunt failure a month ago which involved a Medflight and surgery, etc.  I've spent every day with her since the day she was born..and even though she's only going half days right now, I'm really missing her during that time. I know that I'll adjust..and I am happy that she is growing up and able to go and spend the time with the other kids which she just loves. I'm just really sad, too..and missing my baby girl.