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My PayPal Story

Posted By: All Good on 2005-12-03
In Reply to: Don't trust PayPal as they took unauthorized money - omt

I bought an item on ebay about a year ago. Paid with Paypal. Product was shipped but I never received it.

Apparently the delivery truck exploded.

PayPal's Buyer Protection reimbursed me every cent. All settled within one month.

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I am also a musician and I have paypal and have used it do purchase all of my sheet music and books online, works just like a visa.
no paypal ;)
No paypal for anything considered "adult" industry.
Don't ask me how I know this! ;)


If I understand correctly, you can use PayPal (through eBay) to pay for services.  I read this in an article that the wireless service sent out.  That is what they prefer, so it should work for something like this as well.  Let me know what you find out. 

Using Paypal...

Is it safe to purchase from someone online using paypal?  I will have to read on how to use paypal but how can you be sure they will sell you what they said they will?  Is there a way to protect myself?




paypal.com (sm)
if you go to their web site and click on 'security' in the top right corner, that will take you to the page that explains the buyer protection program, if you want to see it with your own eyes and make sure you understand it better.

Also, I would ask for a delivery confirmation number or some other tracking number for your item, or even signature upon receipt, so you know when they mail it and they know when you get it, etc.
only get there by paypal.com
I agree... my account needs "updated" about twice a week. Every time I get one, I go to a new window and open paypal.com and if there is something they want me to know, there will be a message in there. If it's not there, the e-mail is fake.
While I am not always a fan of Paypal, I feel there is
something not quite right with your story. Paypal NEVER hits bank accounts - they do other things, but not messing with bank accounts. That was one of those internet hoax horror stories.  I have had even had a charge back once for over $200 from a nightmare customer - he had his credit card charge back Paypal and got his $200 back from Paypal. Paypal then had the right to take the $200 out of my bank account, as we ALL have bank accounts linked to our account, and they never did as I would not authorize that deduction. This was years ago. Again, they will take $$ you have in your Paypal account if they feel you owe them $$, but they do not go into your bank accounts without specific individual permission and reams of authorization. Sounds like you had a fraudulent TRANSACTION that went thru Paypal.  They are just an intermediary, you know. That is different than Paypal just helping themselves to your finances. I use Paypal for literally thousands of dollars worth of transactions a year without a glitch, and have since its birth! Feel confident to donate using Paypal. One in a million horror story if something went wrong. And there are phone #s and contact people galore to talk to anytime at Paypal. Not true that they are "hidden" or inaccessible. I'm sure you had some sort of problem, but I don't think you may understand exactly what happened. Merry Christmas!!
A way to tell if PayPal is real or not...
One thing that PayPal tells you on their web site regarding spam emails is that they will NEVER send you an email from PayPal that is addressed to the general masses ("Dear PayPal User"). If it says Dear Sue and your name is Sue, then it might be real. If it says "Dear PayPal User" it is a hoax.
PayPal question
I have looked on the PayPal website and can't figure out how to do this...don't know where else to ask this question, so perhaps one of you might know the answer.  I have an existing account that I use for PayPal when I win items from E-Bay, but I have recently gotten a job with a small MTSO who actually uses PayPal to pay transcriptionists.  She informed me it doesn't cost anything to utilize this service, but my first check I got charged $10 to transfer it from PayPal account to my bank account.  She tells me you have to set it up differently to get this to work.  I have gone on my PayPal account and read everything I can find but nothing that states how you set this up.  Anyone have a clue?  If so, thanks for sharing.
My company also uses PayPal to
pay their transcriptionists and I lose $30 to $50 every paycheck because of PayPal's "fee" to transfer it. I don't think there's any way around it - at least not that I have found either. 
Those whose companies use PayPal
I am surprised all the employees don't put up a fuss about that.

It is ridiculous that you lose money every time you transfer your own money.

I think you should tell your employer it is not acceptable to be paid that way. (Is there a way you can unite with other employees about this?)

What is the employer's reasoning for using this anyway? Why don't they go the standard direct deposit into bank accounts if they don't want to mail checks?
I have been using Paypal for years and have never had any problems.

see message about PayPal fraud

I went online one day to check my bank account balance and I was overdrawn. I was shocked. I saw an automatic withdrawal transaction for a company that I had never even heard of for a product that I had never even ordered.

The only thing that I went through PayPal for was a microcassette player that nobody else had bid on through ebay.  I got that for 99 cents, plus shipping and handling. Incidentally it still works after nearly 2 years.

I called my bank and was told that the automatic withdrawal had gone through my PayPal account for a company I had never heard of for a "computer software item" that I never received, although I was charged for shipping.

I spent months attempting to receive a response from PayPal. I finally received an e-mail that said to print the attached affidavit of fraud, but found that the attachment could not be opened  to be printed.  PayPal finally agreed, via email, to give me a telephone number that I could contact and that I would receive that telephone number by US postal service within 2 to 3 weeks. Of course when I recieved the number and called it, I had to leave a message.

The recorded PayPal voice did eventually call me back when I was not at home and sent me another letter saying that I did not respond to their attempts to contact me.


I filled out paperwork at my bank for fraud against PayPal, closed my bank account and eventually (almost one year later) received a bank check from my former bank for close to $300.00 in overdraft fees.

Apparently my former bank was going to collect from PayPal for their fraud. Whether or not they were successful in that attempt , I do not know.

My advice is to stay away from PayPal period. It may work for you now, but you never know.  After all, they have all of your information.



I'm pretty sure this was not a Paypal issue, but
a fraud issue.   I had a very similar situation happen with a credit card.  I had a charge on my statement.  I didn't recognize the name, there was a state listed on the statement where the company supposedly was, there was a phone number that was unlisted so I couldn't trace, but did find it was in a totally different state.  When I called the number I got an answering machine with no identification of the company.   I left a message but never got a return call.   I called my credit card company and they credited my account.  All the bank could tell me was that it was for software and I had not ordered any software.   I'm not sure where this company got my credit card information.  I haven't had the situation happen again.  
Used PayPal for Ebay and they took out double the (sm)

money.  Have tried ever since to get the second deduction back but as yet, no luck.  Don't trust PayPal and certainly don't trust ebay anymore.

I got rid of my PayPal because of risks I have heard about. sm
Of course, it is a risk to do anything online at all where you have to input personal information.
Paypal debit card
We have a Paypal debit card that we can use just like any other check card/debit card. It just draws from the funds from your Paypal account. You can use it at the store, etc., and at the ATM. Even paying an ATM fee to get out cash would be less than the $10 charge to transfer. You might check on it.
Don't trust PayPal as they took unauthorized money

out of my checking account causing checks to bounce, overdraft fees, etc. that gave me no option but to close my checking account and open one in a different bank. It took 9 months of paperwork before I was finally reimbursed by my former banking institution for all fees as well as the monies that PayPal withdrew from my account without my authorization.

PayPal, however, took no responsibility for their error.

I am in hopes that there is another way to donate without giving your information to a site that is unsecure, such as PayPal.

Please forward the Paypal notification to me and I will check into it.
If you have a Paypal account, pay to sales@mtstars.com. Thank you!
If you paid with Paypal you can file a claim with them, just do it before

30 days is up.   If you paid via credit card you can file a claim with the credit card company, even if you paid via Paypal with a credit card.   You can also file a fraud charge with the U.S. postal service if the item went through them.    With the post office it would take a while to get your money though.   You can also notify the police in her state/county, though most likely they will take a report and that is it, unless this is a habitual thing and others have complained.  

Hopefully the administrator will be able to help you.  

Paypal takes care of their users
I use Paypal all the time, not only through ebay and in person, but online as well. They have an incredible Resolution Center and Buyer Protection program that basically says if you can prove you didn't get what you paid for, Paypal will lock down the seller's funds until Paypal can get your money back. Pretty much, I would think anyone selling with Paypal would know better than to try to fraud you.
I know through eBay, Paypal has saved my bottom quite a few times where something was misrepresented, and every time, they got me all my money back.
I would go for it, but have a good "paper trail" between yourself and the seller of what the exact terms of the sale are, including a description, price, timeframe of payment/delivery, return policy, etc.
Good luck!
I've used Paypal for many years on many different sites. Never a problem ever. NM

PayPal is free to "use" but they charge a fee for all funds received... sm
not for transferring funds to your bank account. Open your account and go to the very bottom of the screen and click on the Fees link to see what they charge. They have a help section and a toll free number to call if you have other questions.

Your MTSO was very misleading by not telling you about the fees that have always been connected to receiving money this way. It doesn't cost them to send money, but it certainly does cost the recipient to receive it. That's how PayPal makes their money and the MTSO must know that.

I agree, I too doubt it was PayPal, someone hacked your account , plain and simple - sm
It can be done, especially if you ever responded to any spam emails. I had my debit card hacked at BJs, someone broke into the main frame and stole thousands of credit cards #, etc. They spent about $800 at Wal-Mart, PetsMart and for gas, bounced stuff in our checking account, etc. Since it was a VISA debit card, I had the money back in 24 hours after I filled out the fraud forms at the back. --but no one every physically stole my card or even had my PIN #. I am sure savvy computer hackers can do it , OR someone there at PayPal hacked and sold off a list---but I highly doubt they deliberately withdrew funds. I would have found out from the company that did the charge ***PAYPAL - THE XYX Co." where the mystery item shipped....doubt it was to your address.....That happened to me with a credit card, tons of stuff that I supposedly bought $800 of stuff from Victoria's Secret made its way to NY, not PA where I was living--interesting. Again was refunded promptly. PayPal may have been lax at how they handled it granted, but I am sure with a bit more persistance and going through the right channels you would have had it resolved a bit more promptly and to your satisfaction.
Forward it to spoof@paypal.com, also check your acct directly through their web site...
just don't click on a link in the emai. The hackers are getting better all the time.
You didnt see the link to PayPal for donations to "defray" the costs of providing such a surve
There was a story in the
21-year-old Mexican illegal whose citizenship was sped up so he could go to join the army because that was his dream. He died in Iraq. Funny, all of a sudden he was welcome in this country.

Yeah, and it's so easy working in the fields picking your vegetables so you don't have to pay more than a couple bucks a pound.

And those Vietnamese freeloaders....working 12 hours a day,7 days a week in their little markets and restaurants. Sheesh!
Okay, here's my story.
My Mom's middle name was Violet.   She died in Spring of 2003.  This year, guess what tiny little flowers are growing next to her headstone, not planted by me.  I looked around to see if there were any nearby, and there was one violet a little ways away, but not 3 or 4 like they were clustered right next to her headstone.   I know, the birds are responsible for it, but I really like to think she had something to do with it.   
My MQ story

I was hired by MQ in April for clinic work.  The clinic account was huge and always behind when I first started.  There were constant emails begging for people to work extra and on weekends.  Slowly, it started running out of work and they started slowly adding more and more accounts to my pool until I think I was up to around 20 (yes, 20).  Most of this work was ER notes.  I complained several times.  The ER notes were done by some of the worst dictators I've ever heard -- mostly American's, but sounding like they were eating while competing in the world's fastest talker competition.  I complained -- several times -- about no work, multiple accounts and the quality of dictators.  Finally, I received an insulting email from my supervisor telling me that I should be able to do this work.  I promptly replied that I could "do" this work, but that they did not pay me enough for the headache and resigned on the spot.  They really complained about everyone sending things to QA and QC, but with most of the accounts I was on, every report went to one or the other.  I'm not used to turning in reports filled with blanks and I and was not comfortable with the quality of work I was producing.  I'm certainly not the best Transcriptionist in the world, but I'm not the worst either and I actually care about what my work looks like.  With MQ I was lucky to make 100 lines an hour.  With my current job where I have been almost 2 years I make about 200-250 lines an hour and I also have gotten another part time job working for a local person where I make about 250-300 lines an hour.

I already had a full time transcription job with a smaller company I love and only went with MQ part time for tax purposes.  My experience was not a good one.  I personally would not work there again nor recommend employment there.  On a side note, an MT I used to work for locally went to MQ, she lasted a little over a year.  She referred someone who started 2 weeks before me and she lasted a little over 2 months.  These MTs left for basically the same reasons.  I can say that experiences will vary depending on what office you are at as will pay.  An MT I know was hired by a PA office at 7.5 cents a line for acute care (15 years acute care experience).  I was hired by the Dallas office at 9.25 a line for clinic (8 years clinic experience).  My base was actually 8.25.  I had to produce 6,000 lines in a pay period with 1600 of these lines done on the weekend to get the extra penny a line.

It's the same old story...
You can lead a horse to water.... There's planned parenthood, free clinics, and 3 dozen forms of birth control.  In a time of more ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy than ever, we have rampant unplanned pregnancies.  It boils down to taking responsibility, and you can only do so much.  There's a whole lot of partying and "hookin up" going on out there, and when that happens, the birth control goes out the window.
Is it better for us SE people or worse?
"A" story?
Royal Philips announces it will write off $753 million for MedQuist. Spokesman indicates Royal Philips may need to restate earnings.

Philips's Profit Drops 17% On Big Medquist Charge.

There's much more..do your own research!
My story!
Hello I wanted to tell you my story so you know it is not just you. I was thriving at the local hospital I had worked at for over 2 years having working my way into transcription and coding successfully. Then there was a boss that did not like me. I was finally at full time transcription and zooming along at it. The doctors were pleased, the administration was pleased, etc. The jobs were finally staying caught up. Well this woman was very very rude! A lot to tell but the basis was she told me that if I ever planned to work at home I would never make it because my 80-120 radiology jobs a day would not cut it (these were x-rays, CTs, MRIs, mammograms, CT-guidance, needle aspirations). I knew better but she still hurt my feelings by saying that. Nobody else except the combination of myself and two other girls, one old timer and one very new had ever been able to keep things caught up before and after I left either one. I got a work at home job and left there asap. Finally got my first radiology job after having worked at one national for 4 months and one a year. The second had a radiology opening and I am thriving like mad. I would love to find her and let her know a few things. Anyways, the moral is do not give up if you feel you can do it. Every company and every account is different. The first national company, account, and superviser were not for me and I strugged big time. This second company has been pretty good. My acute care was fine I just always loved radiology and am better at it. Some hate it. Keep going until you find your fit and I wish you the best of luck!! Don't let one person and/or company get you down. Keen on keeping on!!
Here's my story.
I worked in a doctor's office for many years and loved it. I would still be there except I now work at home which is better for me because I have children. There are some advertisements for Transcriptionist but like you said, not a lot. It may not hurt to start calling different offices. They have such a hard time finding transcriptionist, they may just be "making do". You could call and say you were interested in filling in when their regular transcriptionist was on vacation. That would get your foot in the door. I got my job the regular old way, I answered an ad. Good luck!
The story was (sm)

Letterman went on and on about wanting to be on Oprah's show.  Well, Oprah never called or took his calls.  Then she was reported as saying that she doesn't watch Dave's show and doesn't know what he is doing.  So Letterman finally laid off and didn't say much more about it because she never called.

So to him it probably was the event of the decade because he has been wanting to see her for so long!

Yes, it was touching.

Let me tell you a story.......
I worked for a very small MTSO, had two great accounts, no problem. This went on for several years, right up to the day she went off, fired several people, and threatened to fire me, also. I took that as my cue to leave said MTSO. I quit.

Several days later, she "needed" certain files that I had transcribed, which had already been sent to her and to the client. I had erased them from my computer. It was then, and still is MY computer. She told me point-blank that I had "no right to erase anything from that computer". Huh?????????

I suggested she contact her attorney, as I had done.

I never heard another word.

If it is your own property (computer), no one any way, any how, any where......can tell you what to do with it. Period.

Stand your ground and leave this company if they insist upon this policy. It is simply not right and it sure as heck is not legal.
Here's another story
A friend of mine had a contract with a local group of doctors and subbed some of her work out occasionally to me and another lady. The other lady didn't have a lot of experience, but had been subbing for her for over a year when all of a sudden she told her she had too many errors in her work and was not giving her any more. The lady got so upset by this that she wrote a letter to the doctor. The doctor in turn was so upset with the MT with the contract and wanted to know why she fired her and was concerned about getting sued and was just very upset that she had not even had a discussion with her or put her on probation or something. Maybe I should contact these docs adn apologize? It's not like I'm trying to get their business, just wanting to let them know I got fired and that I'm truly sorry they were unhappy. This lady doesn't even want to talk to me either by e-mail, messenger or phone. She is taying logged off of her messenger and won't answer e-mails at all. She is just hiding and avoiding this. I am not a confrontational person and have sent a nice e-mail to her, but she will not respond. Unbelievable. Maybe her docs will respond if I send them an apology.
More to the story...
If you want to hear more to the story, there were problems with TAT in the past. The fact of the matter is that when it occurred THIS PARTICULAR TIME, I was not fired on the spot, I was allowed to continue working for another week with geting work in on time, thinking everything was okay, not hearing a word that work would be ending and then at the beginning of the day today, told via e-mail that I was not needed any longer. She probably took that time to train someone else, I'm sure. I think that is so heartless and to not even face up to me or give me the courtesy of a phone call or a warning that my job was in danger. I hope this person can sleep at night.
You know I got a different story from them about
With the owner telling me one thing and the MT supe telling me something different, on the day I was supposed to do my training I emailed and canceled and declined employment with them. There has not been a lot of positives said about them since them. I'm glad I listed to my gut!
Here is my story......sm
I have been working at home for 16 years now, since my son was born. I have dealt with the strong urge to go to work outside of the home, even went on interviews and was offered many jobs; however, in the end, I turned down all of them. Reason: I chose to be a mom first and foremost. Secondly, why should I work out of the home when I can have the best of both worlds right here at home.

Granted, everyone's situation is different. I understand that.

It was my choice to stay home. My children are in their teens now. It is most important, for me, to be home when they get home from school and know exactly what they are up to, what friends they are with, etc. to try and keep them on the straight path to success and not get caught into the "wrong" crowd, which is so easy for teens.

The whole time I have been home, 16 years now, I have not regretted it for one minute. Did I think the grass was greener on the other side - Absolutely. In reality, it is not.

It all depends on what your priorities are and what type of life you will be happy with for you and your family. Only you can answer that from within.

Best of luck to you in whatever you decide. Remember, if it does not work out, there will be other opportunities in the future for whatever it is want to do. When one door closes, another opens.

have/had the same story - here's what I did
After grieving what could have been, moved out of the bedroom for about 3 weeks and refused toh ave relations - only way to get guys' attention. Then told him his inability to share his feelings was like trying to love a cigar-store Indian - if he is not human enough to have feelings, can't love him. He actually went to a counselor on his own. I refused to go with and said until he dealt with his feelings or lack thereof, would do no good to "air out" differences.  It's working, believe it or not. The last week he was very attentive to me and working on putting names on feelings and saying them out loud.
Well I can tell you a story........
I did QA for a service. Many MTs were horrendous. No such thing as QA checks or random evaluations, EVER, for years. Then they would give them great raises or worse promote some of these poor quality MTs to QA! I would sit back and watch, with my jaw dropping. Sometimes I even overheard conversations/comments about a particularly bad MT, like *she is excellent* or *she'd be great in QA*, lol. Why, because she simply did a lot of work and had many years in? A few times I tried to get involved and add my opinion but ultimately my advice was not taken so I began to keep my mouth shut and just observe the comedy show going on. It truly floored me. That is when I realized that this industry if full of incompetence and people often get promoted simply based on years in and the amount of work they do (even if it's crap). You have to wonder if before long, nobody in management is truly qualified. In my opinion, this is not just QA...this includes supervisors, managers, and on up. So there you have it. :)
Let me tell you another story
Years ago when I was younger, going to be married, mother shopped in store having birthday celebration, fill out card guessing ? in jar for prizes. She did, gay lady saw, got phone #, called us and made our life a living hello!! Called all hrs of the day, saying "hello honey!" and we kids and mother knew right away. Came home 1 day to find my mother and guy peeking out behind our hallway- detective mother had set up sting to catch this person. It eventually died but so many phone calls, gave us a heck of a time.
I saw that story too, but not on SNL
I read it on the Internet. It was said that they (two spiders, I think) had actually set up a home with a web and everything.

Mind telling us the kind of bugs in your patient's ear (since they really may not be the same patient and you are not giving identifying information)? Just curious.
You could have just given my story.....
Sad story about our
educational system. I was raised and educated in Australia. They have a great public education system and so expected even better here,

Sadly disappointed when I read correspondence being sent from the schools with misspelt words .. and from a SCHOOL! My young daughter was reprimanded by the teacher for innocently (she was about 6 at the time) correcting her.

Maybe posting this is a mistake. Don't want any "llove it or leave it" responses. I am a citizen and love this country but we need to do much better by our children. They deserve a sound educational system to allow them to survive in this competitive world.

My story

I was working for an endocrinology group and did a little transcription on the side to earn extra money.  A couple of years later, I was working as an RN for another doctor when my hubby became ill with a rare disease and needed full-time care.  When I resigned my position to care for him, the doctors approached and asked if I'd be interested in doing their transcription at home to earn a paycheck.  I jumped on the opportunity and have never looked back. 

I will say in the beginning, I earned more than I ever could have as an RN; however, with VR and outsourcing, the wages have steadily dropped in this job to the point that I'm starting to feel a struggle to stay afloat.  So, yes, it was easier years ago than it is now.

This is such a sad story

But deep down inside, you must know that you could not have saved her.  When people are going to suicide, they will find a way.  She made a choice.  It was her choice.  Yes, the therapist was an egomaniac and didn't listen as well as he should have, but I have a feeling it would not have helped. It may have delayed it by a day or two, but I don't think it would have prevented it.

I'm so sorry you carry this around with you.  I hope you find a way to really come to peace with it at some point.

here is my story

I struggle with the same problem, but I also have other factors that are causing my issues. I am battling swollen extremities due to my last trimester of pregnancy, but before the swelling began, I not only typed a lot but also knitted a bunch of stuff for the baby. Then swelling compacted the problem and I am unable to "heal."

My doctor told me to stop doing any activity that is aggravating the situation. Ha-ha. I quit everything but being an MT. I use ice packs a few times a day on my thumb joints, hand and thumb stretches, and range of motion exercises with my hands and thumbs. If it were safe I would take ibuprofen too. I bought some fingerless ergonomic gloves this weekend that keep your wrists in a proper straight position while allowing finger motion. They are for anyone who does any kind of repetitive motion. I think they are helping, but I have only used them for 2 days. They are available in most pharmacies and some craft stores. 

Good luck with your thumbs.

My story . . .
I couldn't find a job as an MA. I am still even certified (how does that work). Fast forward . . . I finally got hired - in reception - at a local hospital. As soon as their transcription department had an opening . . . I went for it and got hired. I have been doing it now for 5 years.