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Yes it is, and we do file a joint return BUT you can offset your income - sm

Posted By: Laura E. on 2006-01-29
In Reply to: Isn't the standard deduction much more than $2K? nm - MT

on the schedule C with your expenses (mine are ~$2K) and lower the amount you pay taxes on. This is in addition to your Sch. A/B or the standard deduction.

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Yes, and I update mine every year the same day I file my tax return! Haha nm
I get it. But in return for supporting the small business the poor folk get nothing in return.
I understand why you don't shop at Walmart. You support those who support you but it doesn't work that way for me. I can go to an independent shop and by a dishwasher, pay lots more for it and get nothing in return to supplement my support of their small business. Same for all the poor folk who are shopping in Walmart trying to stretch a paycheck. I am glad Walmart exists for those folks.
Not sure, I have deductions for federal income tax, SS tax, Medicare tax, and state income tax. ???
Ummmm - that was join, not joint.
Joint tenderness is another possibility.
I sent an email to Joint Commission
I don't know why they don't crack down on these docs-- especially these horrible foreigners. I am an MT, not an interpreter for the UN. If I wanted that job, I would move to New York. What it is going to take is some horrendous lawsuit and I hope it happens soon. If these people can't speak English clearly enough to be understood, then they need to have someone dictate for them who can-- plain and simple.
Joint Commission is the entity that provides
accrediation to hospitals. Without them they do not get Medicare payments, Medicaid payments, etc.
Actually, the BOS follows the Joint Commission not vice versa. The BOS...
adopted the Joint Commissions recommendations for dangerous abbreviations.  As for the rest of the BOS, I've worked for a number of hospitals in the office over the years and not one manager that I have encountered don't give a hoot about the BOS.
Does NE1 have severe joint pain while working?

I have been working as an MT for only 4 years, and I am only 23 years old, but lately I have had severe finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck joint pains, especially when working.  I am just wondering if this is normal. 

Thanks for the help. 

Joint Pain in Arms/Hands/Shoulders
I am just going to relate this story for what it is worth to someone else.

In 2001 I began having problems with my left hand, arm and shoulder. Orthopedist thought it may be the beginnings of carpal tunnel but EMG was neg. It was bad enuf that at times I couldn't pick stuff up and it hurt to type. It waned and waxed. A few years later I began having problems with my hands and the joints in my fingers hurting, along with left shoulder pain. My hands were so bad I could not open a jar at times. Eventually I went to a rheumatologist who told me that I had no visible signs of severe arthritis. All MDs, incl. orthopedist and rheumatologist recommended trying Celebrex, aspirin, etc. The regular stuff. I was resigned to early arthritis like my mother.

Well, one day in late 2004/early 2005 I decide to see a chiropractor for my shoulder because I'd had electro therapy for an injury years ago and thought maybe this would help. I had some adjustments and electro therapy on my shoulder.

I want to tell you -- ALL and EVERY pain in my fingers left and never came back. ALL and EVERY pain running from shoulder to hand stopped. It had to have been some sort of pinched nerve.

Not a single MD had even suggested seeing a chiropractor. And had it not been for my shoulder and my past experience, I never would have thought of it and would still be suffering, possibly with even further damage to the nerve by now.
That is interesting. The hospital I work goes by the joint commission
and not so much the AAMT BOS but the commission that gives the governs the hospital.  The doctors are not allowed to write q. as an abbreviation when writing orders and must write out word "every" or they are called on it.  The transcriptionists have to follow that rule also.  This is a major teaching hospital.  I think the AAMT follows the joint commission also when they makes their rules.  But I also understand that you do what the client wants first and if they do not answer to the Joint Commission rules then the other form would be the correct way to go.
isn't the forbidden words from joint commision of hospitals, not BOS? nm
Joint Commision and AAMT. Who made them gods? Do they
The Joint Commission's Dangerous Abbreviation List... SM

applies to written entries on a patient's chart, i.e. nurses' notes, doctor's orders, etc.  For some insane reason, someone somewhere decided to apply it to transcription as well which is just silly.  I work for a facility that has decided not to force transcription to strictly adhere to the dangerous abbreviation list and Joint Commission has not counted it against them in the last three audits.

I will say most MTs where I work do not use qhs, qac or qd.  We expand those out because WE (the transcription department) decided that we should for clarification purposes. 

Rename your normal.dot file to something else then restart Word. It will create a new file.
Hunter Hayes and Hank Williams, Jr. rocked the joint!
Love music....every form....I've sung just about all of them including Mozart!  Music is an international language. It's always been such a great release from life's daily stressors.    Cat 
I think it is the same type of file, so rename it and replace your autocorrect file with your DQS us
Help..I lost my word file. How can I retreive a file that has been changed? sm

I was working on a large file and had saved it in Word. I then went back to work on the file and hit a key that made the page go blank.  When I went to close the document it asked me to save any changes on the document. I answered yes, and now when I click on that document it is all blank! Shouldnt the previous info saved be there, even if the current stuff is not? Please help me!! Thank you

Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
Joint commission is the accrediting body for hospitals to receive reimbursement. They want it to be
...with your user.aco file. Save your autocorrect file to somewhere else. nm
You can save the SH file in a text file and import to IT that way. sm
You may have to do some cleanup in the SH text file, but it sure would be faster than re-entering them all manually.
File taxes under the name on file w Social Security....
Name on W2 doesn't have to match, but your tax return has to match SS records. They don't want your marriage license or anything else. Did that for 13 years as instructed by IRS. Didn't have to change it with SS until state changed rules requiring drivers license to match SS records. Still use my maiden name in some limited circumstances.
If Joint Commission audits and finds "patient care" errors it can result in very...
...serious fines and repercussions. 
Return it
Return the thing before your thumbs fall off.

You could try prying off the space bar and cleaning underneath it - maybe something is stuck under there. I have found four-course meals under mine. Otherwise, an exchange or return is probably your best bet.

See Main Board for a discussion on keyboards if you are interested.
I would definitely return it and have them
as an IC how do you get ANY RETURN?
ive been an IC for 10 years and only ONE TIME got a return, which was the bush tax cut of $600.00

I never used to pay quarterleys and would get hit with a huge amount in April... and then two years ago owed like 10K in back taxes, (apparently hadn't paid enough) putting me into credit card debt, which i never had before, so disappointing.

I'd be careful if i were you!

Now I take 30% of EVERY paycheck and pay quarterleys, just not online. i need to figure that one out
LOA with return to job
Your job should be safe. You would be eligible for FMLA at the very least, I think. Nothing works better for what you are describing than time off. I had to take 4 weeks off earlier this year due to an injury, and my mind needed the rest. It is so much better now that I'm back. A mental break never hurt anyone.
Would you return to MT if.....

Here is the gist of my question.  I stopped working as a MT to homeschool my children and be a stay-at-home mom.  Hubby said I had enough to do just by schooling them so I quit my career.  My youngest will be done in three years.  I will be around 50 years old at that time....Would you go back to school or would you come back to MT?  Is it worth it?  I know it has started paying less, but honestly, it was paying less back then...can we say MQ and manipulated line counts here.....

I am kicking around the idea of going after a degree in something ?  Honestly, I never knew who or what I wanted to be in this life.  I just kind of fell into transcription.  But I am also looking at I know transcription very well....it really doesn't sound like it has changed a whole lot since the time I left, and do I really want to be going to 'school' at 50 years of age??? 

I would appreciate your advice, insight, wisdom of life learning experiences, etc. 


Thank you.

on return to MT
If you don't need to work, stay home. Travel. Do your family tree. I would give anything right now if I could stay home and not work. I would love to be able to just putter around my house, fixing things and repairing things, working in the yard. I hate being an MT and only do it to pay my mortgage and provide food. I hate transcribing so many doctors who don't really even know what they are talking about half the time and all the unnecessary tests they run when if they would use clinical judgement, they would not waste so much money and running up patient's bills. But of course that is the objective, running all the tests and as many tests as possible to keep the hospital in business. But if you should not have insurance, no matter how long you have been going to a doctor, they drop you like a hot potato. The whole health care business makes me sick.
Carriage return

Thanks, Dixie.  I couldn't even remember what the "thingy" was called. LOL  Talk about rhythm...click, click, click, fling the thingy, click, click, click...never missing a beat.  And you're right, that purple stuff would gag a magot!   How the HECK did we do it.  This has been a fun thread.  One can only wonder what stories the younger generation will have to tell when they're the "seniors."  One thing I can't figure....I used to work 6 days a week, carried cloth diapers to the washateria, didn't have a dishwasher, no a/c, etc. etc and STILL seems like I  had more hours in my 24 hour day than I have now.  What gives?

I think you have a return programmed
after the last word in shorthand. Always make sure your cursor is at the end of the last character in your expanded term and it will not do that.
I did MT before becoming a nurse, return afterwards. sm
Hated nursing. It wasn't all that I thought it would be. I found I could make more being an MT and with a heckuva lot less stress and backbreaking labor.
Return receipt sm

Years ago (many) I would have put the address, either block form to the left or tab to the middle for semi-block form and under the SUBJECT: or RE: line, I would have put Certified Mail No. 112233 or Registered mail # 112233 and then "return receipt requested" on that same line or underneath. If there is no subject, put it before the salutation. Today, I probably would put it under the initials at the bottom of the letter, in block form, just because I would like the appearance of it better, i.e.,

Sincerely yours,

(4 spaces)

Melissa M. Anonymous

MAM (or the dictator's initials and then yours)

Sent via certified mail #112233 - 3/9/06, return receipt requested.


I don't think it really matters. If you don't have a # yet, just put "Sent via certfied mail 3/9/06, return receipt requested." Don't take my word for it though, unless you don't find any samples, this is just my 2 cents.

return receipt
The office I type for requests it be under the address.


City, USA 00000


Dear so and so

body of letter
Buy a 2-way & don't use the return-it's cheaper
When I return my work to the doc - sm
I send them a list of which reports had a blank, what the blank was (i.e. Dr. name I could not locate or a drug name usually); and also a list of what patients on the list did not have dictations. That is it. The ball is in their court then.

Look at last year tax return

If you worked last year look at your tax return and see how much taxes you had to pay based on what you made.  Compare wages to this year and if they are about the same you will know how much to withhold or put aside.  If your husband works, have him over withold an extra amount or if you work as an employee at another job have them overwithold.  Be sure to take off your deductions to get your NET income and not your gross.   Good luck. 

If you end up not using the adapter, return it to
They held my return
They held my return as the name on the W2 did not match my SS#.  Had to change it.   Also with all of the problems with illegals it might even be tighter now.  Good luck, why don't you just change it???
I did the tax return myself and was more concerned (sm)
about who and how many people dealt with my return at the IRS department.
oh I love it...return the 2cents
and i guarantee you it will just botch the heck out of their accounting, they won't know where to post it, probably send it back to you, you back to them and on and on and probably cost them close to 100 bucks in postage, reissuance, payroll for the geeks in accounting, all to try to resolve it.
Don't you just love it when MQ expects the MT's to return

calls to their Supes LONG DISTANCE on OUR PHONE BILL -- but they are stuffing the money in their pockets by not providing Supes with 800 #'s !

That just does not seem fair for the MQ MT to have to make long distance calls on OUR PHONE BILLS. I have no need to call my supe, but she occasionally leaves a "call-back" for me to call her long distance !

They should be paying for the return of the equipment - sm
When I worked for Diskriter, they made a call to UPS to have the equipment picked up and sent back to them in Pittsburgh. All I had to do was box it up.

Do not let them bully you or threaten you by holding your check until they get their equipment back.
I had to pay to return equipment for two jobs.
Spheris was the only one that sent someone to pick up their equipment.
I don't return....plain and simple....and if someone ask about their
When you do not return...that's where it hurts the business. They NEED our business in order to stay afloat!!
all type no return of call
i don't know. but i called 3 x and still nothing. i resent resumes this w/e cuz they say they pay up to 10 cents/line.
My #4 key is a return to pool key. Depends on how you are set up. nm
I don't like those return receipt reqsts

I don't like those return receipt requests, unless business related, (I have 2 friends who did this a lot in outlook express but one has stopped requesting them per my spewing off about it and the other has not), as when I respond to their email, THAT's the confirmation that I received their email.  If I didn't receive their email or vice versa, usually the system's "mailer daemon" will notify you in any email (keyword is usually). 

Though I will say, my daughter sent me an email to yahoo that I NEVER got just a week ago.  Guess that one got lost in cyberspace.  *L*

I mean, was it suppose to have a display? if so, then return it