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You'd be even more productive if you used marker keys instead of the spacebar. Using the spaceba

Posted By: turns off features that get you even more lines. on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: No, MSW AC is not as good as expander (sm) - SuperProductiveMT


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If you can't get used to the marker keys, then
right click on Phrases, go to Options, Marker Keys and pick the ones you want to use. I used the space bar for a long time and maybe this option gave me the comfort to use what I knew. Use what you know for now so you can get used to it. IT really is a great program. I like the single and multiple file compilations too as IT then picks out the terms and phrases that you use a lot for you. Keep trying, it's worth the trip.
Hardest thing was marker keys
But after about a week, I got the hang of them. Actually, that is THE thing that makes IT worthwhile for all the other features. Just choose keys that are easy for you to use.

Also, I used the expansions I had at the time from the old Expander and created a glossary from those, so my familiar expansions were already there. Once I got the hang of the marker keys, then I started utilizing more of the features.

I love my IT!
I rarely have expander blips now that I use marker keys.
Are you using the spacebar to expand?
As the spacebar is an Expander key, meaning it will expand your entry and insert the key used to expand (in this case a space) then that would be a normal function of IT. The other option would be to expand with the period or the comma, etc when you know you have to insert punctuation at the end of that expansion. As the punctuation keys are also expander keys, IT would expand your entry and then insert the punctuation key and the end of the expansion.
CTRL + spacebar is the other option
I have relase 8.7 and you can prevent a keyword from being replaced by pressing Esc or Ctrl+Space. So if you did not want RA to be replaced with rheumatoid arthrits, you would type RA and press CTRL + spacebar, and it does not expand. It works for me.
I once wore a hole in my spacebar...
I loved that keyboard. the letters were intact, just that figgind hole.
This way works, too, but using the ;yo or ;py cuts down on hitting the spacebar
Looking for wireless ergonomic keyboard with split spacebar, if it exists. Anyone know where I can f
Been searching everywhere.  Please help if you have seen this before.
What marker key are you using sm
for expansion? I forced myself to use the IT suggested markers instead of the spacebar, and I had the hang of IT in the first week. Could not do without it.
I too am trying to understand what a marker is. Thank you for your help.

Inscribe help... QA marker and fields
On my acct I am supposed to put brackets and put the time of the marker inside [1.12] for QA to review.

When I put this in and continue, my typing jumps to that field and erases over and over.

Can someone tell me how to prevent this??? It is driving me insane.
yellow marker=flame=hot thread
It's supposed to be a flame meaning it is a hot topic receiving a lot of views. You were so close to the answer. =)
Good idea although you really wouldn't be able to "feel" the marker but you would feel a st

Sometimes find decals for this in office supplies. OW, just use Magic Marker. nm
Try Resolve, the regular kind, got out permenant black marker from my carpet - worth a shot! - nm
productive day

Hello to Everyone in MT Land:

I pray that everyone will have a productive and fulfilling day.  Please know that your work is important, and you are helping countless people.  I encourage you to become better and better at what you do.  Have a great day!

But as soon as I get productive
That's the part I hate about drinking coffee - as soon as I get in the groove my kidneys wake up right along with the rest of me!
This is the process I use and seems the most productive
When I get a bad dictator, which is 70% of the time, whether it be one who rushes, one who mumbles, an ESL, or one with a bad phone line, i'll type the report quickly, leaving blanks, just to give it a dry run and an overall feel for what its about.  Then I go back and listen carefully, research if needed, and fill in the blanks.  With this, about 75% of the time I can get ALL the blanks.  I don't obsess over something too much the second time around.  If its an easy dictator, I'll go through it slowly and carefully one time and send it on its way without rereading. 
being productive with an infant...?
Hi everyone!! I have a 6-week-old beautiful baby girl who LOVES to be held all of the time (she is breastfed). I've really been struggling with making production, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on this. I do not want to have to pay a sitter, as I feel I can work this out. Sometimes she is content to lay across my lap, propped against the arm of the couch. This works pretty well (although I'm at a funky angle and make more typing errors)...since she doesn't tolerate the swing or the bouncy seat for very long....
Yeah, have a productive day.......
and let's hope the children are well behaved today! LOL!
Sorry that I'm happier and more productive than you are!

This is the BEST way to work, most productive etc. I
VR using EXText -- is it productive? SM

Getting ready to start doing VR through EXText.  I watched a demonstration of the VR editing process and it looks horrible!  From what I saw, it is not as simple as listening to the report, taking your foot of the pedal, and making a change.  There is a process of alt+s and then highlight the word to correct, etc...  It just looked very VERY tedious and unproductive.  I currently transcribe using EXText and have used EXText since it was first marketed, so I'm very familiary with it.  The VR portion of it is very new to me and seems like more of a burden than anything.

Then I was told that iChart will make the VR process much simplier and I'm wondering if this is true?

I have experience with VR using Escription and with the FutureNet program and both are so simple to use.  The Dictaphone software just looks completely complicated and I can't see making any money using it.

Anybody who has experience with iChart, Dictaphone VR and EXText and would like to share their opinions and give me some more info, would be greatly appreciated!


Is ABCZ the most productive?

I am just curious.  Do you all productive MTs feel that the abcz method/system is more productive than other systems?  I need to double my production.  I am only getting 800 lines a day and I need 2000, but I cannot work 24 hours a day! 


ChartScript- is it productive software?
As far as easy to get line counts.  Is is already loaded with spellcheck and can you use your own abbreviation expander.
very user friendly, productive ...
i was disappointed my lines didn't increase more dramatically over old system -- but there was an increase. I like it well enough i hope i never have to use another system. Maybe the 'decrease' in lines others report is due to messing around on the internet instead of working, as 2 minutes here and there really can add up...
For you happy highly productive MQ MTs

 Help those of us who are struggling by giving us some pointers on what you are doing to be so successful and happy.  I am very discouraged.  I do not want to have to start over with a new company.  I have 15 years experience, 8 of those with MQ.  Since DQS, I cannot get quota.  Never had a problem before, so I am not understanding. 

Please give me any suggestions that might increase my productivity.  And before all the comments of "stay off the board" begin - I am not working today.  I do have some self discipline.




what shift are you guys more productive
I'm thinking of switching to split, so I can get my brain and hands away to rest, but I dont know if i'll just dread working the rest of my shift all day.  I've been doing straight first shift for over 10 years and its taken a toll on my mind and body, I figure I could get stuff done during the day, and come back to it.  But again, the dread of working still scares me.  Anyone find they are more productive on a certain shift and why?  First, Second, third or split? 
Most productive work type?

What is the most productive work type?  Radiology, OP, etc?  Which one can you really make the money on? 


I work on Scribe and think it is very productive...JMO
If you are productive at both jobs and are able to both at the same time, why...
is it criminal? 
Help staying awake and productive
I have real problems staying awake, focused and productive.  I am alone all day, I think I get enough sleep, and I keep the TV on in the other room for another voice, but I get bored and can't keep my concentration and then I start web surfing and my productivity goes in the hopper.  Any suggestions on staying awake and focused?
I am productive, but I am for 15 mins/2 hours sm
and truly, this does not drop my productivity any. I have an AI where I have rheumatoid-type symptoms. If I don't get up every couple of hours, I won't be able to get up. With this AI comes issues with energy, vision, hearing and vertigo...and pain, chronic constant pain. I find that work helps get my mind off of these things, but I have to take breaks.

I have been a power napper at my desk too, but that was when I was up at 2 a.m. to work, something I can no longer do because I can't sleep before 10 p.m. and that is only 4 hours. I find I focus better with at least 7 hours' sleep, better still with more like 8 to 9 hours' sleep. When I am working I DO NOT forget to eat, but I eat lightly, shun sugar, fat and starches which make me more tired and I lose focus. I munch veggies, rice cakes, bean spreads. I will start the day with fruit, followed by coffee which seems to get me up and running. I eat when I am up every couple of hours, but it is a small light snack. Sleep and food seem to be the clues to my being able to sit for those 8 hours.

I would also tell you that taking a day off on a Friday or Monday (or both) and having a long week filled with sleep, good food, being warm, comfortable and doing as little as possible can help burn out. I take bubble baths, sip a bit of brandy, snuggle in my bed with hot tea and reset myself.

I think being home working with the dishes and the laundry and the dust all calling your name causes work stress, a sort of dread and in the end, depression. If your family is around you too with noise, mess and friends, it creates more stress, dread and depression. Then, the cost of living goes up and up and up, but our line rates do not, so you find yourself pushing harder for less and less, more stress, dread and depression. In the end, you are probably like many of us, we don't remember to take care of ourselves!

So please, make time to take time for yourself. It doesn't have to cost...I use nice teas, bubble baths, body sprays, long walks, a small coffee at the coffee shop, giving myself a pedicure, putting linen spray on my pillowcases...creature comforts that lift the spirits. I can tell when I have been forgetting to take care of myself, I am down and a little sad, definitely tired.

The other thing I do is set aside $5 to spend on myself, frivolously, every paycheck. I work hard (as you do) and I deserve something for my efforts besides paid up bills. These are my incentive to work more and make more...I'd like a $10 goodie!
Definitely one who is productive and quality conscious.

It does not matter if you are an MT or editor.

I was very productive on straight and don't know where people
get this idea that only nonproductive people prefer VR. I was very fast on straight, still am but I happen to love VR, still have occasional straight. I totally disagree with you on this. I did over 2000 lines on straight but on my VR platform do around 3000 or better, never double and certainly not triple. I especially like because ESLs are much easier to edit than to straight type those now as we have so many more to do than in years past. People used to ask to see me type I would be so fast, clocked at 145 WPM and love, love VR.
shouldn't you be studying or working or something productive?
Geez Busy, you been on these boards under one name or another all the live long day.  Lonely?  Crack those premed books.  hahahaha
Then the co. should hire more techies. Not productive for the MTs or the co., to have things
If you could share one thing that made you more productive
Need tips on being productive with cardiology procedures
how do you stay consistent and productive working at home?
Just wondering.  I have a hard time lately with being disciplined enough to sit and do what I am supposed to.  What do you guys do if that happens to you?
Personally, I am more productive with OPs because much of OP notes are repetitive and it is easy
create abbreviation expanders.  I like radiology too for the same reason, but I'm not quite as productive with radiology because the reports are so short.
They find it more productive to complain on anonymous message boards
I don't get it either.
Has anyone used IntraScript or I-Scriptor as a platform? User-friendly, productive? Any comments?
I Take the Keys Off
I take the keys off and then clean it with a keyboard cleaner kit I bought.  It contains a little vacuum, lint-free cloth, and a few attachments to get between keys or whatever.  I use alcohol for the keys and the keyboard itself.  To just clean the wrist wrest and 'My Favorites' buttons, (I have the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000) I use Lysol sanitizing wipes.
well in my 40s, looking for keys and....sm
my eyeglasses all the time began.....and is still happening and I'm no longer in my 40s....*LOL* - you have to laugh at it, or you'll cry, and we don't want you to cry so try to laugh at the aging process......try fighting it if you want...you know, you're as young as you feel/look, etc.  Certainly try NOT to worry about these things that happen to EVERYBODY!! 
use alt keys
you can use the alt keys:
f2-slow speed, f3, fast speed, f4 stop, f7 rewind, f8 ff, f9 play, f10 play reel speed.
hot keys
my last job we used the alt F keys and i actually got used to it. i never had a pedal. the stretch on the fingers tho does a number on ya. i will be back to using the pedal soon tho with this new job...back to tapes, oh my godddd. i took three steps back. surprise surprise, the voice recognition thing didn't go over well...
You must be working with VR. I never use my function keys either. I follow along with my mouse. To me it is easier.
F keys
You dont have to use them, the mouse is fine. I personally dont like having to use the mouse and keep typing. I also use the F keys instead of the foot pedal. After 20 years, my foot and ankle are in pain after about one hour of typing.
Any others use hot keys only? sm
I know of someone in same situation, however, I did not suggest the hot keys as I tried them myself and I found it to be extremely slow and thought no company would ever put up with it, so I didn't suggest it. Does anyone else use hot keys exclusively? Could you be an Editor this way, just wondering. Seems very cumbersome, time consuming and probably could not keep up speed wise and get canned. Perhaps I've been wrong all this time, it would be nice if some company had the patience, they all seem to want speed, speed, speed.
Hot Keys
I transcribe with my footpedal for 1 account and then my big money maker is editing which I do exclusively with the hot keys. It works very well for me.

When I first started on-line transcription (I worked locally with tapes for nearly 3 years) I wanted to make sure it would be a good fit for me and find a good company ( I had heard and read many horror stories about not getting paid, etc) so I used the hot keys exclusively then too. I have found many transcription companies are looking for a certain number of lines a day (they do not care how long it takes you as long as it is within turn around time) rather than speed, but I understand that is not everyone's experience. Anyway I became quite fast with the hot keys on transcribing as well so it can work, but not for everyone certainly. Of course I do not and never expected to transcribe more than 200 lines per hour or rihgt around there:)