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You need to open it first, then click on File, then Save As,

Posted By: and chose your DeskTop. nm on 2007-09-08
In Reply to: Not the sharpest knife in the drawer - Need some assistance in getting something in email


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You can't just open the attachment. You need to save it to a file and then open SM
your wave player and load it. 
With IT open, right mouse click on the glossary in the IT box that you want to save. sm
Choose from the pop-up menu, either Save As or Save active glossary list.
Right click the voice file and save it to your computer.

Click on the file in the Open dialog box and hit F2.
The filename will highlight and you can change it right there.
File - Open - Right click on dictionary and delete.
Right click on the file and choose Open With... Express Scribe nm
Just open glo file in Word, highlight all, then change case and save back
to glo file. Use the Alt key trick to highlight just the column of words, then Shift + F3 to toggle through the change case commands. First save your glossary under a different name so you also keep the original.
If it's installed, click or F10 to open it, click on...sm
the little white piece of paper icon to bring up the window where you ADD your new entries to, type your abbreviation in the Keyword box, then drop down to the Text to Type box and put in what you need it to say, then click Okay. You're done! If you want to delete your entry, arrow down to it, then click on the Trash Can icon. It'll ask if you want to put it on the clipboard, say yes and hit okay. If you want to modify it, use the little hand on the piece of paper icon. I like to click on the Disk icon to save stuff once I enter it, too, as a backup. If you're working and want to enter a paragraph or a page, you'll hightlight your stuff, bring up the ADD window, copy and paste it into the Text to Type area using the commands on the bottom of that box, name it, and hit okay. To use hot keys and stuff, you'll have to read the instructions in the help file. Good luck! ..nm
...with your user.aco file. Save your autocorrect file to somewhere else. nm
You can save the SH file in a text file and import to IT that way. sm
You may have to do some cleanup in the SH text file, but it sure would be faster than re-entering them all manually.
I did try to save the file first but it wouldn't even let me save it.
There's a download to save to WP5.1, not open. Try
using the Recover Text From Any File filter. Drop down the file types in the open dialog box to find this filter. Save the documents to your hard drive first--don't try to open them from the disks.
If it's in Word, just right click it and save it. If another format, copy
In the ESP window. Click on Files and then Save As. Then you can browse for your A drive. SM

If you're saving to a jump drive, just look for your removable storage device, on my PC it's drive E.

Good Luck!

how about if you open play control and click 'properties' -sm
Does "MIDI Synth" come up there so you can put a check mark? No it's not the same as microphone. My other PC, instead of "MIDI Synth" says "SW Synth Balance."

Another thing that might help is to go into Control Panel, Sounds, audio tab at top, then click on advanced under playback preferred device. There are a lot of settings there. I have it set to stereo headphones now. A while back, on another job, "laptop stereo speakers" setting sounded best. I was using a headset and was NOT using a laptop, but that setting worked best for me.

Open Word, click on Auto Correct, then..
click on the words you do not want and click Delete.
You don't have to open the normal.dot for this one. Just click the default button in format, fon

no problem... just go to File and Save As
then from the drop-down box chose the Word .doc format to save your file as.  You can also program one of your F keys or a control or alt key to do this for you, using the Tools --- Settings --- Customize --- Keyboard
You have to right click the file and
save it to your computer. Then open express scribe and load the files from wherever you saved them.
You can't just right click on the file itself?
That's what I understood you could do. Again, I don't have any dss files to try it on, so I'm shooting in the dark. Sorry about that.
It's very simple...you click on File, then...
Import and Export.  You just follow the instructions from there.  I think there are maybe 2-3 steps, and that's it!  I export mine to a CD.  Then you just reverse the process by using import to get them to your new computer.
How do you open up that .lex file to....sm
copy/paste it into MS Word?  When I try opening it, it asks what format do I want and every option I've tried hasn't worked. 
Winmail.dat file....how do I open? nm. TIA

You have to open the template .dot file and... sm
change the zoom to what you want. Then you have to do something in the document area -- like a space and backspace -- so Word thinks you actually made a change to the template. Then just exit out and answer yes to the message.
I just pull up in word and save as Rich Text File...nm
Click on File and then New (top left corner of window of MS Word)
You don't need to export. Just double-click the glo file in Windows Explorer
Open your template dot file and change the zoom... sm
percentage to whatever you want. Then you have to do something in the document area -- such as pressing the spacebar and backspace -- so Word thinks you actually made a change to the template and answer yes to the message when you close it out. Every new document will open with your new zoom level.
you need to change your properties of those file types to open with ES and not media player. sm
go to your folders by start, explore. find where you saved those files to. once you find a file, right click on it and click on properties. under the general tab, look down 3 lines to where it says open with and i bet it says media player. click change, find the express scribe program. make sure you check that box under there that says always use this program to open this type of file. then you can either right click again, click open with, select express scribe and it will automatically load in ES or you can hit the load button on ES, find where the file is saved, select and it loads it. if this doesn't work, email me.
Open the normal.dot file and change your zoom. Hit the space and backspace and close it.
If it is Shorthand, save the SPF file to a disk, then if you buy Shorthand yourself....
you can just drop the SPF file into it. That is not dishonest since you are the one who put the macros in. I am sure is it is another Expander there is a way to save the macro file and then drop it in the expander you buy on your own.
One of my PAs constantly rides the microphone, click, fuzz, missing word, chew, click,

Left click on the taskbar and drag it back to the bottom. Once you've done that, right click on


Click the office button and then click word options. It's under proofing.
click on Tags, then Keystrokes, then click on the control box and the letter b
that should work!
Click at the top of the column you want to order, then click on the AZ button in top toolbar.
Click on tools, AutoCorrect, and click on tab that says
AutoFormat as you type and uncheck the ordinals option.
Rename your normal.dot file to something else then restart Word. It will create a new file.
I think it is the same type of file, so rename it and replace your autocorrect file with your DQS us
Help..I lost my word file. How can I retreive a file that has been changed? sm

I was working on a large file and had saved it in Word. I then went back to work on the file and hit a key that made the page go blank.  When I went to close the document it asked me to save any changes on the document. I answered yes, and now when I click on that document it is all blank! Shouldnt the previous info saved be there, even if the current stuff is not? Please help me!! Thank you

Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
File taxes under the name on file w Social Security....
Name on W2 doesn't have to match, but your tax return has to match SS records. They don't want your marriage license or anything else. Did that for 13 years as instructed by IRS. Didn't have to change it with SS until state changed rules requiring drivers license to match SS records. Still use my maiden name in some limited circumstances.
How do I get it ST to open when escription is open?

an .exe file is not a voice file
I'm no techie, but it sounds like they might've sent the wrong file by mistake. Or could it be a program you need for testing/working for them that they sent? What is the name of the file (if it is something you can say here)?
save it for another day
Yes, I agree with you, but apparently some people are unable to NOT be rude, so I have decided to give it up for today..... it just takes to much energy to argue. Not to mention, they can't even grasp the fact that you and I are two DIFFERENT PEOPLE................. so, there ya go.

oh, and bye the bye, in the churches I grew up in Amen was a form of agreement.
Can you tell me how you save your
that it cannot be saved. I'm sure this is a no brainer and I'm making it worse by thinking too much about it - any help would be appreciated.
Will somebody save me?

Hi, deep trouble here.  Reorganized under my desk (bad mistake, I guess, although the cords are nice and lined up now) and when I plugged the C-phone back in it went crazy and now I get dial tone from handset, but that is all.  Can't find the manual after searching for hours.  Anyone know what might be wrong or if I need to reprogram this thing?  I went to their website, but it is down at the place where you sign in.  Of course!  Can't work, so need as much help as I can get.  Thanks in advance. 



Even if you save yourself a
template, you still listen to the entire report and change the words as necessary. You don't leave it if that's not how it's dictated. Setting up your own template saves time & Keystrokes because a lot of times you will have entire sentences or sections the same, but you still must ALWAYS listen to the entire report & make any and all changes.

In addition to OPs, I also make macros for PEs, ROSs, etc., for dictators who usually are repetitive.
I always use RXList. com on the web and save
paper that way:)
Did you save the sound
Did you save that sound file on your computer? That has surely got to be a first!!