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Click on File and then New (top left corner of window of MS Word)

Posted By: I know I know on 2006-02-28
In Reply to: Pls excuse my densenesss :( Where do I find a "word document"? - ?


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Left click on the taskbar and drag it back to the bottom. Once you've done that, right click on


Look at the top right hand corner and click on Chat Now.
Hey Pockets. Just click "CHAT now" in the upper right hand corner, and it will take you there.
The only corner left to cut is to eat my cats.

If you go to "EXText " in the upper left corner....sm
while in a document, all the shortcuts are listed there. Hope this helps.
In the ESP window. Click on Files and then Save As. Then you can browse for your A drive. SM

If you're saving to a jump drive, just look for your removable storage device, on my PC it's drive E.

Good Luck!

Might be meaning the 3 boxes left upper corner??
the 3 little square boxed in the right hand corner, see them. The middle one makes a bigger screen. Unclick it and it goes back to regular size. This this what you meant.
One of my PAs constantly rides the microphone, click, fuzz, missing word, chew, click,

Click the office button and then click word options. It's under proofing.
MTStars has a new chat software. Check it out. Click on the CHAT now! link at the top right corner.
If you would like to set times and days/evenings to chat, post here and we will include it in the newsletter.
You have to right click the file and
save it to your computer. Then open express scribe and load the files from wherever you saved them.
You can't just right click on the file itself?
That's what I understood you could do. Again, I don't have any dss files to try it on, so I'm shooting in the dark. Sorry about that.
Yes, click on the New MT/Student board over on your left (sm)
on the first page there are a couple of threads about schools you might read through and if you still have questions, post over on that board and you will probably get a better response.
It's very simple...you click on File, then...
Import and Export.  You just follow the instructions from there.  I think there are maybe 2-3 steps, and that's it!  I export mine to a CD.  Then you just reverse the process by using import to get them to your new computer.
You need to open it first, then click on File, then Save As,
Click on the file in the Open dialog box and hit F2.
The filename will highlight and you can change it right there.
Rename your normal.dot file to something else then restart Word. It will create a new file.
File - Open - Right click on dictionary and delete.
Right click the voice file and save it to your computer.

Help..I lost my word file. How can I retreive a file that has been changed? sm

I was working on a large file and had saved it in Word. I then went back to work on the file and hit a key that made the page go blank.  When I went to close the document it asked me to save any changes on the document. I answered yes, and now when I click on that document it is all blank! Shouldnt the previous info saved be there, even if the current stuff is not? Please help me!! Thank you

You don't need to export. Just double-click the glo file in Windows Explorer
Right click on the file and choose Open With... Express Scribe nm
Did you click on Tools while in Word? -
Click on Tools, Options, then Spelling and Grammar, and under dictionary, it should have "Custom". Click on Custom for the custom dictionary, apply and OK.

type a medical word incorrectly and see if it is working....

Other than that, it could be in a Stedman's folder.

If it's in Word, just right click it and save it. If another format, copy
Open Word, click on Auto Correct, then..
click on the words you do not want and click Delete.
Click on your Start icon, Programs, and the big blue W w/a box around it for Word will show up IF
Left out the word "Know" - sorry. nm
Any word on why we have no forums at the left yet? nm


PRD is a DOS program. I don't think it work with Word, a Window's program.
I misworded one of my sentences and left another word out. Please sm ...
I WROTE: "I have been told by former employers that I am well above average and deserve to make more than what I'm making especially if it's obtainable."

What I meant to say was this.."I have been told by former employers and QA that I am well above average. Therefore, I feel will my skill level and experience that I deserve to make more than what I'm currently making, especially if its negotiable."

I was in a huge hurry. I hope I cleared that up. Thanks!

Was it a Word file?
It's a real pain, but if you do a wild card search (*.doc) you might be able to find it. Requires sifting through a lot if irrelevant stuff, but if it works...hey. 
Read the Word help file.
Your auto correct file has an .acl file extension. Your auto text are connected to the template you use (probably normal) but you'll have to transfer that template to the new computer as well in order for those entries to be retained.
Were is *acl file in Word 2000? NM
Where is *acl file in Word 2000? TX
Word lists more than one .acl file so you want to be...
sure you find the correct one for your version of Word. Each version names that file differently. There are also different language .acl files.
Try ctrl+shift+left arrow to highlight the last word
then Alt + J to open AutoCorrect, type your Replace word, and tab to OK and hit the Enter key.

Make sure you don't have any extra spaces when you highlight.

I use Word 2003 and on the track changes toolbar there is a while pull-down box on the left.
This gives you your final report without the marks.
Need some help sending a Word file by e-mail...

We are selling our house and I am trying to send flyers via e-mail...however, I saved the file in Word (2 pictures and basic information, not very big) but it is too big to send via e-mail...is there any other way to save this so I can send the information via e-mail...I tried copying and pasting the document directly into e-mail but the pictures then do not show up..

I usually am able to figure out most things on the computer but I am getting frustrated with this...any help is appreciated...



I believe you would need to make changes to the normal.dot file in Word.

There are two ways to do it.  You can open up your existing normal.dot file and change your view to 200% and then save it.  Or you can create a whole new normal.dot file with the settings you want, but if you do it this way, you have to find and delete the original normal.dot file.

Either way, every new document should be magnified to 200% and in whatever font you set the default as.

Are you looking for "landscape?" In word it is under file-page setup--nm
Word has a wonderful help file. It will tell you how to do lots of things.
PLEASE HELP!! Just accidentally deleted 1 hour file in Word...sm
It wasn't one I was currently working on.  Is there a way to recover it??
The most explicit directions can be found in the Word Help file.
You can print out the directions and follow them step-by-step. It can also explain auto text to you, just type that in the search box.
I just pull up in word and save as Rich Text File...nm
Sometimes if I right clink on the word file in the status bar, it will "unfreeze" it. Be caref
Files are emailed with password protected zip file attachments done in Word...(sm)
So I could use OE and send this way and ask for a reciept. I love that idea....
Well, I love some Autocorrect features--best thing about Word-- and I backup *.acl file---so I never
Well, I love some Autocorrect features--best thing about Word-- and I backup *.acl file---so I never lose it. Just replace it in the Windows folder (copy and paste my newest backup *.acl file--which I copy once a day--into the Windows folder on the C:drive). takes less than a minute, never "lose" Autocorrect anyumore. For years I did, though, before I figured out where it was. Just search for *.acl on your computer and copy the file that comes up as owner.acl or whatever you named your computer-- and then put it on the desktop as the backup file, jsut make a folder or whatever, newest backup acl-- along with Normal.dot-- and copy these once a week onto a disk.
click on Tags, then Keystrokes, then click on the control box and the letter b
that should work!
Click at the top of the column you want to order, then click on the AZ button in top toolbar.
Just open glo file in Word, highlight all, then change case and save back
to glo file. Use the Alt key trick to highlight just the column of words, then Shift + F3 to toggle through the change case commands. First save your glossary under a different name so you also keep the original.
Click on tools, AutoCorrect, and click on tab that says
AutoFormat as you type and uncheck the ordinals option.
If it's installed, click or F10 to open it, click on...sm
the little white piece of paper icon to bring up the window where you ADD your new entries to, type your abbreviation in the Keyword box, then drop down to the Text to Type box and put in what you need it to say, then click Okay. You're done! If you want to delete your entry, arrow down to it, then click on the Trash Can icon. It'll ask if you want to put it on the clipboard, say yes and hit okay. If you want to modify it, use the little hand on the piece of paper icon. I like to click on the Disk icon to save stuff once I enter it, too, as a backup. If you're working and want to enter a paragraph or a page, you'll hightlight your stuff, bring up the ADD window, copy and paste it into the Text to Type area using the commands on the bottom of that box, name it, and hit okay. To use hot keys and stuff, you'll have to read the instructions in the help file. Good luck! ..nm