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Posted By: anon on 2007-02-25
In Reply to: any seasoned MT can do 2000 lpd no problem. - sometimes even more.

depends on the companies ethics, method of counting, etc. I can do mooocho lines on escription platform but suck on any other platform.

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I disagree
Edix/Spheris pays a bonus based on production and QA. The MQ office I worked for didn't give a rats bottom about QA, it was LINES LINES LINES and they paid production bonuses. My company expects the lines with NO bonus, NO shift differential, NO weekend differential, and NO OT. What you download you are expected to do, doesn't matter if it's 200 reports, you better have them done.
I have to disagree with you.
I think that people actually like it. That is the thing. I care a lot if the people are fat and ugly. It is such a weird concept to me. Being extremely thin and beautiful, I can't stand that. I mean, what is the harm in getting plastic surgery or gastric bypass? It will be a very hard thing for me to do.
I would have to disagree with you...
I have lived in California for most of my life and now for the last 6 years have lived in New England.  Yes, it's expensive but not  nearly as expensive as California, especially Southern California.  For instance, a small tract house with 1200 square feet and no yard whatsoever, lined up like sardines  in a can, will run you about 450,000.  We have a 4 bdrm 3ba, in ground pool,1.4 acres, 2,300 sq ft house worth 300,000.  The reason most of theNortheast is so expensive is the high tax burden, with the exception of New Hampshire,which has the lowest tax burden of all 50 states. One thing that is horribly expensive is college tuition, even community college is ridiculous compared to California.
I disagree with you. SM

As the other poster said -- if they're all that concerned, they need to (a) watch who they hire (b) provide the equipment.

No way on this earth I'd grant that kind of access to my computer. They'll have to find another way to calm their fears.

I disagree... (sm)
I believe Silent Type is a totally family based, oriented firm and found them most pleasant to work for before starting my own business.
I disagree
I have been an MT for a fair few years. One of the reasons I chose this career was because of the "bright" outlook. I believed that there really was a shortage of MTs in this country and jobs aplenty. Plenty of MTSOs are hiring, but trying to get my own account has been like pulling teeth. I have had to move out of my city, then out of my state, and now am calling surrounding states looking for work. I have excellent qualifications and reasonable rates, and I can tell you, nobody is interested.
I disagree (sm)

My husband loves it when I tell him I pretend that he's naked.

I mean, wow, lighten up.  I doubt ilovejackbauer is some kind of pedophile so I'm sure it was just a harmless suggestion. This world has gotten way too sensitive.

I have to disagree with
I worked set hours at home with an infant that I was nursing...yes I did! When he needed a change or to be nursed, I took the few minutes, changed him, latched him on, and continued working. It's hard, but not downright impossible. We are women, we can do anything we set our minds to. Good luck to the OP!!!
Disagree - that's all!
I have to disagree
My live-in BF's exwife used to do the online game instead and he hated it. No time with him or daughter. He is now pretty much doing the same thing to me with his model airplanes and helicopters. When he works on them and deals with them he does it and nothing else. He is very single minded. If not flying it is working on them, surfing the net for them, talking about them, etc. I have just about had it as well. He says that at least he does not go out to bars and drink. Well if you are not spending time with me and kids and not helping me do things around the house so that I am tired and stressed it is all the same to me. I have been there on both and just because they are not cheating, drinking, drugging, etc does not mean it is okay. If you need attention and help you need it no matter what their reasoning is or hobby is in this case. You have to balance your time. I say what if all I did was play my games or shop or go to the bookstore and had no time for anyone or house work. I have to balance it so that we all function relatively well. It should be equal play time for both of you and equal other stuff too.
I disagree
It involved her when her husband decided to share the info with her. AND they involved him when they brought him into their little THANG. Don't for a minute think it is innocent, or else she would have called his wife to ask where he was at. I think if the OPs husband doesn't set his friend straight about not wanting to be involved in this crap then he is not beyond suspicion. JMO.

And, do you want some unwritten code making a fool out of YOU if your man should decide to start doing the same and his friends (your friends also) know about it!?!?!?!?!?! Come on.

Sorry disagree
Your creditors have the RIGHT to not work with a credit counseling agency.  I tried this route also before Chapter 13 and several chose not to work with them.  Most of the major ones do but some do not.  This is a profitable business that is paying your bills for you working out a credit plan for you and if you miss ONE payment they have the right to drop you and many will.   They also monitor the usage or your credit card use, etc.   Again, there are always two sides to everything but some of my creditors did chose not to work with the agency.  I was told by one of the biggest Credit Counseling Agencies that though most "do work with them, some chose not to and they do not have to as you are the one that agreed to pay back the debt not the credit counseling agency."  But they do have to accept a Chapter 13 order.   So again, look at all the facts and make your choice.   The biggest agency I talked to was the higest for their fees and really did not save me much with my payment but the interest and late fees stopped.  Also if they negotiate a plan to reduce the balance due -- beware that if a credit card compay writes off any amount of the debt -- say that they will settle for 50% of the $10,000 that you owe, then they will issue you a 1099C - cancellation of debt - for the $5,000 that you are not paying and you will have to include that as income on your taxes for the year.  So there are several pitfalls with some of these agencies, just ask the right questions and do some research.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   Patti
I would have to disagree with you
I just took a job that offered me 7.5 cents per line to start. I just finished my online training for MT at the beginning of August. It can happen, although I applied to every company I could find. I did the legwork and now the offers are rolling in.
I disagree with others, I think 12 is low
Some MTs make that from a service so you can imagine what the service is charging and they are paying it. With picking up, delivering, printing? 12 cpl is selling yourself way short IMO. Not to mention bringing down the rates overall for others. I would not do it for less than 14 cpl. And if they won't pay that, work for a service that will pay you 10 or 11 cpl, without all the headaches.
I disagree with you
You are very opinionated.
I disagree. sm
I've been in both situations - one punitive, and one that rewards MTs extra efforts. Reward is far more motivating than punishment. Punitive management styles just make employees tense, demoralized, and even more apt to make further mistakes. If it goes on long enough, they become resentful and angry. Ultimately they leave. The way to keep good employees, and to turn marginal ones into better ones, is to reward them for a job well done.
I disagree

...if you Google "new hires" every instance that comes up seems to related to new employees. This was also heard spoken by the Human Resources department.


I would have to disagree.

an IC work a set schedule.  Unfortunately with this OP being an employee, she must adhere to the strict work schedule.  As an IC, you are not required to work set hours, and if you are being told to do that, then you are an employee and not an IC.  Someone on this particular board posted a link to a court action suit brought against a company classifying an employee as an IC, but was in the wrong because that is considered control due to the fact the work was required back in 24 hours.  Believe it or not, but I read it myself on this board. 

Think about it as a plumber.  When the IC plumber comes to your house, gives you an estimate, do you say to him, now I want this work completed at such and such a time (strict schedule)?  No, the plumber tells you I'll be there between the hours of 9 and 5, and the work can be completed in such and such amount of time given there is no unforeseen problems, etc.  

Now with MT, the usual TAT is 24 hours, but as an IC, you should be able to transcribe that work within that amount of time, but not work a set schedule even if that means typing for 15 minutes, take an hour break, and then type for 15 minutes.

I am soooooo glad the company I work (only one) as I have my own accounts, knows the true meaning of IC.  A lot of these MTSO's do not know the true meaning. 

Furthermore, the accounts I have on my own do not require 24-hour TAT, so that is also something an MTSO will play on when in all honesty they actually have 48 hours or even 72 hours to complete the work.  I'm there, I'm doing it, and I know it to be true!  My accounts are happy with 48 hour TAT.  I QA my own work, which is also another problem in this field.  If there were not so many chiefs making demands, I think the Indians could have more time to do their "hunting" for their bounty!      24-hour TAT should be for STAT requests only. 

I'd have to disagree.

I am my own team.  I am not part of anyone's team because if I was, then I'd get the benefits "the team" gets.  With that said, yes I will charge for faxing and taking the time to do things other than typing.  And, NO, in 10 years, the physicians I type for ask no questions as they charge fees for their different services as well, filling out workers' comp forms, etc. 

So I encourage transcriptionists to charge as such.  If you price your line rate high, they will outsource to a large company that they can pay less, so this may work for you, but not necessarily is the norm.  JMO.

I disagree.
For example, Medquist requires 150 lines per hour for full time with benefits, which is a 1200 line 8-hour day, and that includes ASR. There are high producers who are hitting those numbers, but they are the minority, especially now. Your numbers are great and certainly what I aim for, but may be daunting to someone just getting started if they think that is the norm.

I'm getting paid!
I have to disagree with you a little on this one...sm
I don't think our profession was "dumbed-down" by people who can't (or won't) do ESLs. It has been dumbed down by the big companies who make the rules and know nothing about actual transcription.

If the companies would tell the clients they need to make their doctors dictate clearly, this would be a moot point. The companies need to come down on the clients and the clients need to come down on their doctors. Dictation not clearly dictated is 99.9% of the problem in any of the transcription I have seen or done in my 17+ years of doing this... both MT and QA.

If you can't understand the doctor due to a heavy accent, background noise, poor quality equipment, or whatever, you can't transcribe an accurate report.

I have seen a lot of changes in the technology of our profession over the years and by all rights we should be making tons more money because of the advances that have improved our production... but why is it our wages continue to go down?

Part of the problem is companies not paying higher line rates, cutting out headers, footers, cc's, etc., but I think the biggest problem of all is how sloppy dictation has been allowed to get by all the doctors, but mostly because of all of the ESL doctors we have these days. It used to be that you had one or two on a large account and now I can honestly say that I bet I transcribe probably 80-90% ESLs and many different nationalities.

Yes, we all need to learn how to do some ESLs, but for crying out loud, the companies need to make it a little easier for us to learn them! And just for good measure...since I'm blithering away for nothing anyway...(teehee)... why do WE have to learn them?... why don't they have to LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH?

Sorry if I offended anyone... I'm just tired of not hearing a clear-speaking doctor, whether it be a language barrier, a mushmouth, dictating in a busy hallway full of barking dogs, whatever... I'm just sick of it. It didn't used to be this way. Doctor's used to be polite when they dictated and it showed in their reports.
have to disagree again
I have no help from anyone.. There is no husband in my home to help with my children. I only have on in school, and then still have an 18 month old who is at home full time. I dont believe in allowing others to raise my children, when i am home and perfectly capable of caring for them. Some days, my youngest will sit on the floor by my desk and "work" with me, using an old keyboard i have.

Some days, my children are content to watch TV in the other room, some days they arent. It is a matter of what you as an individual are willing to do in order to make things work, that is all.
And I disagree with you

My two IM's prior to using my company, did use a call in system for several years but after coming to me he told me he would never go back as there was no comparison as to quality, TAT and their satisfaction,  I have talked to them several times about digital as I am set up to do digital and do it for overflow to an old MTs that I used to work for, but they prefer the tapes.  So be it.  If it makes them happy, that is fine for me.  They are stand alone doctors, and they do not like the large companies.   I know that they have been called, e-mailed, etc. but they chose to stay with me.  Like I said, I am not cocky, I appreciate and count my blessing but if they chose to stay with tapes that is fine.  They need the chart notes back on sticky paper anyway so I would continue to deliver and the office staff is overworked enough and would not put it onto them to print the notes.  I actually like getting out and delivering and talking to them.   My surgical oncologists do not even have a computer in the office to do the scheduling, they use an old fashion appointment book and write in their schedules.  And I have talked with them about digital but they like it.  Only have 5 more years before I retire so we will see what they do.   And my price is fair, they pay on time, never a bounced check so we go on as such. 

Sorry disagree

#1 - I have a back up computer,  transcriber, printer, you just plan for this.  You have to be ready for all and everything.   I have been down only one day for computer problems in the past 3 years and that was because one acount I send out via internet, Comcast was down for 12 hours.  But if I am, I make it up over the next few days, the work is still there to do.

#2 - When I am sick my accounts are very understanding and though it does not happen often it does but no problem.  Work is there the next day.  And they do not rush me to get it back.

#3 - My docs provide me with free care and samples of prescriptions.  Saves a lot on my high deductible.  Plus my insurance premiums are paid through my company. Deductible.    

#4 - I contrbute off the top to my retirement fund. 

#5 - I do depreciate my house as I know I will be in it for two years past retirement.

#6 - Holiday/vacation/sick -- I average those into my cpl and charge that. And I charge a reasonable rate to my clients.  They have all been with me for over 10 to 18 years.  Suppose they could leave suddenly but then your hospital based job could be gone in a flash also, that is life. 

#7 - Again I pay less than 10% to taxes and that is with 15% for social security.  And I make good money, I would LOOSE money to work inhouse in a hospital and I have figured it out when offered a job.  I would not have the lifestyle that I have now and I am single supporting myself with a house payment, etc. 

So to each their own, like I said.

You can disagree...but
you obviously did not read my post. The *first* thing I said was to get medical attention. Regardless of what you may think, I am very fond of depression myself. I was diagnosed with clinical depression (yes, the kind where you don't get out of bed) at 17 and have struggled with it since. I am 26. I have also been diagnosed with OCD. Trust me, I know depression. I have been off an on antidepressants since 17, at which time, they saved my life, literally.
There are other aspects to depression, though. If you are not willing to take the steps to get help and take control of your life...then it will contine to get worse.
The main point I wanted to address in my post was a person needs to take care of themselves...take care of the basics. That is a daily choice, although a very difficult one to achieve with depression, BUT not impossible.
My advice:
1. Get seen by a doctor.
2. Get a job.
3. Make the daily choices necessary get the first two things done.

Disagree, disagree, disagree
LIke I explain to my accounts which I have had for the past 20 years, I allot so much time per day for their account.  If they do not give me consistent tapes, then I cannot use that time and carry it over to the next day when they decide to double up on their tapes.  I am relying on that dictation for my pay.  Just like when a patient does not show up.  But again, my accounts were obtained and we went over everything and they are considered "daily accounts."   I have had a couple and when they drop down to nothing, I will inquire as I need to know if I need to search out another account to supplement my income.   I would just nicely ask when I could expect dictation as I need to make out my monthly schedule, etc.  Also if they are not going to use me on a daily basis then I need to reasses my TAT and my price.  But to me, you need to find out what is going on unless you are happy with it this way.  I do not like the unknown, and need to know what I will be receiving daily so I can plan out my schedule and time.  I do not think you were out of line and once I even asked if they wanted their letterhead and envelopes returned as it was apparent that they were using a different service as I had not received anything for a month.  So if it was up to me I would find out either through the doctor or through the manager.  Maybe someone in the office is sending it to someone else and the doctor thinks you are doing it and so that is why he looked at you funny.   Anyway the call is yours, but I would definitely want to know what was going on.   Let us know what you do and find out.
I won a gift card from that site and received it, $50.  My experience was great! 
I would disagree that it's
possible to do that many lines on full edit consistently. If that included quite a few blanks-only or experienced MTs maybe, but 4800 lines of full-edits a day on new MTs? Not gonna happen if you want quality. QAs need to be paid hourly rather than production anyway if your ultimate goal is true Quality Assurance rather than quantity, and 3 cpl like I read somewhere above is laughable.
Yes, of course! That is because I disagree...
And I, along with others here, are sick of listening to the whining.  If you think you can make changes in the MT industry, then go for it!  This is not the place where those changes will take place.  You need to create your own site where you can explain what you believe is happening to the industry and direct people to that site.  See what feedback you get.  See what changes you can make with NON-MTs, okay.
I disagree also

Have you known anyone that has taken either one of these courses? They're not easy, by any means.  And all we are trying to say is that they DO better prepare you for MT and they DO get your foot in the door a HECK of a lot easier than going to a "local" college! If you already have a job lined up and someone to mentor you after you go to the "local" college, then more power to you! But if you don't, you just wasted money there! Good luck trying to find one of these MT companies to hire you w/o experience! You may get a lucky break from a small company, but "may" is the key word here! And most people do not want to wait forever, hoping they will get hired from someone! And no, getting that "piece of paper" does not make you a great MT, but the education that it took to get that paper is far more than any community college will teach you! You say you are a good MT, and no one is saying you aren't.  But you were probably hired way back when, when companies didn't require a lot of schooling! That doesn't really fly nowadays. So please, stop trying to discourage newbies here! Let them decide for theirself.  By the way, "online" schooling is the way of the future, and many people are getting jobs from their degrees from UOP or wherever else!

I disagree
A semicolon marks a separation when a comma is inadequate and a period is too final - that is what is written in the BOS 2nd edition. A semicolon is used to separate 2 independent clauses, which does not apply here. It is also used to separate items in a series if commas otherwise are used, see BOS for complete explanation, and that also does not apply. A comma would be correct substituting the word "and" in my opinion. If you have the BOS, then look under "semicolon," and you will find the full explanations.
I disagree, too
The way I check to see if one is needed is if the two statements can stand alone as a sentence but are very dependent on one another. The above needs a comma.
I disagree

I worked for a small company for about 3 years.  The woman that owned the company pretty much cut and pasted her contracts together from various websites.  With all that legal mumbo-jumbo no one ever questioned her and she held it over her MT's heads as far as "sticking to the contract."  Don't let these companies intimidate you into thinking you don't have a leg to stand on.  It's all B.S. - contracts are broken all the time, especially when you begin to question the company's integrity and business ethics, which is why I was fired.

She could give no reason (work-wise) why she fired me so I'm going through unemployment. Her contract said "MT is responsible for social security, unemployment, etc." but like I said this was cut and pasted from websites.  Yes it's time consuming and can be a pain in the ______ BUT when possible we need to do something about these companies. 

I could have gotten unemployment but wanted to work instead so right there tells you the contract is questionable.  As my friend chef Ramsey would say "shut her down."  She should be out of business in about a year, the other girls are slowly finding other work and some are considering taking legal action. 

You can get free legal consultation and I suggest you use it.  Go to as many lawyers as you can (1st hour free) and gather all your info. 

I disagree
This is not an easy business - it doesn't matter whether you're an MT or an editor. There is a lot of pressure to get things right and we all have to deal with some very confusing situations. It's extremely hard to get started in this line of work and getting different information from the people who are supposed to be helping you sure doesn't help matters any.

I think the OP's frustrations are very valid ones. I've been at this for 18 years now and I still get extremely frustrated - not as much as I used too, but it still happens.

We were all new once and there was a time when we all had a tons of questions. Some of us, myself included, were lucky enough to have guidance that made sense and helped us get on the right track - but obviously not everybody is that fortunate.

I think being frustrated shows a willingness to want to get it right - something that's sorely lacking by overseas MTs and computer software. As far as I'm concerned, an MT who doesn't get frustrated is an MT who doesn't really care one way or the other.

This field needs more people like the OP of this thread because it's obvious she wants to do a good job and just wants someone to be consistent in helping her achieve that goal!
Disagree with you

My experience was very similar to the person you responded to - the people that had been there the longest did the least work for the most money.  Of the top 3 in longevity - the lead worker spent the majority of her time playing politics, reading her personal email, and refusing to impart any of her superior knowledge in fear someone might dethrone her.  Another had tried to cut it at home, and came crying back - she couldn't handle any ESL, and the docs there were very easy.  The third was so insecure (after more than 10 years on the job!) she even asked the newbies for advice on the simplest things, and after numerous doctor complaints about her work - made this statement "how could my reports be full of errors when I use spell check"?  Ever hear of the Peter Principle - it was in full force there.

I love production - I work hard and get paid way more than I ever could in-house.  The only thing I don't like about it is all the freebies they expect - unpaid emails, unpaid downtime, things like that should be factored in if its part of the job, IMHO.

I disagree, yes...
I am not the person you are replying to, but, yes, I disagree.  I am wondering what skill level you are speaking of?  Does MT require a degree, even a 2-year degree?  Sure, we spend years learning on the job, but so do many professions that require a 2-year degree minimum.  Yes, we have many skills, but, again, so do many other professions that require at least a degree.  I went to MT school for 4 months -- yes, 4 months -- and I was able to land a job that paid decent.  Fast forward years later, I made 56k last year as an MT (not with my own accounts).  So, tell me one profession you can think of (not owning your own bussiness)  where a person can make 56k working from home with 4 months of formal education?
Don't disagree, but
Some of us "newbies" are doing quite well. I came out of school just under 4 years ago and went to work for a large national doing the basic 4. I made diddly my first year, then about 30K my second full year on the job, and 40K my third. This year I'm on track to make somewhat less, about 34K, because I had to change jobs and am having to get up to speed on a new platform and account. I do 90% op notes, all specialties, make 9 to 10 cpl depending on incentive level. Anyway, just wanted to say that while experience is invaluable, it is possible to make decent money after the first year or two, given the right circumstances. I didn't say it was easy or common, just possible.
I disagree completely. Please SM
It is MY job to ensure MY work product is as error-free as possible. Just because I get paid piecemeal does not give me license to just send it to QA for the sake of make a few extra pennies.

As far as your statement on the influence on our paychecks, you're right on -- but for a different reason. Because of higher quality, you will qualify for incentive plans, be offered more variety in worktypes, and when the chips are down STILL HAVE A JOB.

I NEVER want to be paid by the hour again, regardless. Minutes are NOT tick-tocking away at my pay! I'm too fast AND skilled to ever limit myself in that fashion again!
I agree and disagree.

For my own personal choice, I detest daycares.  However, I was forced to use them with my older child because we could not make it financially without me working.  I tried working nights, but that didn't work because I didn't sleep at all.  I cut back to parttime after my second child, only working during school hours.  I hated every moment I was apart from my kids.  After my third child, there was not a chance I would put my kids in daycare again.  I did put my child into preschool three half days a week to prepare for kindergarten, and I did work outside the home those three half days.  However, I don't agree with 50-60 hours of daycare or more per week.

The part I disagree with is the manner in which you are spreading your message.  You come across as young, naive, and judgmental.  A large percentage of this country does not have it as good as you do.  What are you going to do if your husband loses his job some day?  And can't find another one right away?  Are you going to go on welfare, or are you going to put your kid in daycare so you can work while your husband either job searches or does odd jobs?  What if he is forced to take a cut in wages or else his company shuts down entirely?  These things have all happened to my family.  Fortunately, you must be an MT if you're on this board.  However, I don't agree with working fulltime at home with young children either.  And Dr. Laura isn't as wonderful as she tells everyone she is.  She's judgmental, too, which is not a ticket to heaven.

Why don't you just agree to disagree, and drop it?  You have no right to tell people what they should or shouldn't do with their own children.  There's a woman in our neighborhood who doesn't use daycare for her kids because she wouldn't make any money at all.  You'd think her kids would be well-behaved and her house would be clean, but she sits on her fat arse watching TV all day long and smoking cigarettes.  Is she a wonderful mother for staying home with her children?  NO!  She doesn't discipline at all.  Her kids would spend all day and night here if they could, but I've got my own kids, house and job to take care of.  There are good parents and there are bad parents.  Having to use daycare does not make you a bad parent, and staying home with your kids doesn't make you a good parent.

Totally disagree

Only because I have a neighbor in her 50s, she's tall, still thin, not a wrinkle, so obviously she has kept herself up.  Its not about age, but about wearing the right clothes for the right shape.  She wears tanks, and also long form fitting dresses, very stylish and i've also seen her wear shorts.  I hope to look so good when i'm in my 50s.  Of course if she were out of shape, dying her hair the wrong shade and wore black eye liner, it would be a whole different story.  50 is supposedly the new 30.  But if you have as great of a figure as you did in your 20s as you do in 50s, show a little of it off, we don't die once we reach the age of 40! 

I disagree as well. I am a GREAT MT, but sure have been
toyed with by several companies - the old "bait and switch" garbage.  Disgraceful, really. If they just were honest up front about all situations, that would be a different story. I'm no fool, and I had a list of important questions and issues for me. Every company gave me the "right answers", and I felt confident, only to be so crushed after a few weeks on the job (sometimes even less) to find that basically the recruiters flat out lied or misrepresented the job.  So, no, all jobs are not successes dependent on the MT's skills.
We will have to agree to disagree---
I have never in my 20 years of homeschooling heard anyone give the HSLDA a bad rap as you have. I fully believe your info is wrong. I won't continue to argue with you over it, for we each have to make our own decision. Personally -- after 20 years of experience, I would not be without them! It gives me great peace of mind and the $85 will go toward helping others who do have legal needs if I do not need their assistance. I don't think this organization would be the size that it is and represent ALL 50 states if what you said was true.

I mentioned Christian Liberty curriculum in another post. Although "christian" is in their title, they offer a great curriculm even if you don't want to necessarily give your child a christian-based education.

I think that the websites that you gave are probably good resources, but I believe that there are MANY homeschoolers out there (and I would be in this category) that would not be able to pick and choose and put together their own curriculum and come out balanced in the end. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so I might push the science and history areas because I am more familiar with them and be slack on the math side because I personally am not strong in that area. That is why I like a good curriculum such as A Beka, Christian Liberty, or even ACE (my last choice) because they do the leg work for you and you have a very balanced education.

I believe that many students are labeled ADHD and can be high achievers when brought home and taught. Believe it or not, there are teachers out there who just like the students to be a little "sedated" to make their job easier! Some of these issues can be handled with a good diet too.
I wholeheartedly disagree

   First, if someone does not like her acting style or anything else about her, they are certainly entitled to their opinion.  I think through chance or intent I have seen  every thing released to date that she has done - Hackers, Girl Interrupted, Gia, Beyond Borders to name a few.   She steps up to every different role and continues to grow.     She is 30 years old and has been speaking more intelligently in interviews for years than a lot of 40 and 50 year old actors and actresses.  She is putting herself out there and putting herself in harm's way as does anyone who puts their face, famous or otherwise, on a cause.

     Many of the humanitarian roles she has assumed now are ones she has been asked to do.   Since practically birth, and particularly since her teen years, everything she has done has been under a microscope.    Now, everything she does is under a different kind of microscope and I think she is doing an admirable job of walking the line.  No question she has a wild spirit -  didn't most of us have some wild at 20 and 30?  She is now formally representing the US and I cannot begin to imagine how stressful it must be to have to say the right thing to everyone every time and still try to achieve the objective.  She has looks, brains, money and could be doing anything including sitting around whining about any number of trivial pursuits.    Is she an actress who wants to be a philanthropist, or a humanitarian at heart who wants to act?  I don't know, but I for one enjoy the entertainment and only wish I had all her gifts so that I could go out and make that kind of a difference.   For the record, in my mind there are no similarities between Princess Diana and Angelina, other than perhaps the eye of the world being on them at any given time.  Diana's circumstances were forced and tragic and I believe her unbelievable heart and empathy were borne mostly of her pain.  She did not strive professionally to be an actress.   As a member of the royal family, she was both expected and required to be involved in some charitable works or humanitarian efforts.  What she became is a reflection of her true heart, I think, and I admire her very much in that regard.   If a single child does not die of thirst and hunger on a floor of dirt because of Angelina Jolie or Princess Diana, I think the world is already a better place.    

Disagree - it is NET income
You pay your social security on your NET income not your gross, after all your deductions and look around you will find them.   Also you are only paying 7.5% MORE than if you were an employee.  Again, as an employee you have the convenience of someone controlling and withholding your income tax while as an IC you do it.  I have more usable income as an IC than as an employee because of my deductions.  If your husband is working have him take one less deduction or have them hold out a specific amount that will offset what you make,  they will do that and that way you don't have to worry about paying quarterly taxes.   The IRS doesn't care who pays as long as if you are filing jointly the tax has been paid.  
I disagree with you on one thing...

College is  NOT for everybody.  Schools are clogged with people who have no intention or ability to complete a college education.  We used to realize that.  In Europe they have 2 tracks in high school... a college track and a vocational track.   For some people, learning a trade is what works for them.  My BIL barely graduated from high school, but is a construction foreman which he learned on-the-job as an apprentice and worked his way up.  Same with my other BIL.  He unfortunately didn't finish high school, but signed on at a shipyard as an apprentice, has taken all kinds of training as an electrician, and  now makes almost 50,000.  College is fine, but it's NOT necessarily for everybody.

disagree, i like my work
or couldn't have done it for 30 years. I take pride in making an accurate clean report. I find it interesting and challenging as well. Definitely if MT'ing isn't giving you that, you need to pursue your other goals.
Sorry, gotta disagree with your
 theory, but I can see  your point.   If you read the autopsy report, I can see how someone could stage this child being strangled and beaten to death and how the sexual assault could also be staged.   But, there were body fluids found on her that did not match the DNA  tests for everyone in the house (and contained no familial markers). So, if the DNA evidence was staged, it would make the situation premeditated which means that her parents would have needed motive to plan and carry out the brutal murder of one of their children in a very high profile way.   I hope some day we know the truth too.
you disagree with me because of your experience
I'm disagreeing with you because of mine. WAY too many "I can't find a job anywhere" postings on this site. It's not a coincidence that you are seeing it more and more. At the top of this board, there's a post about an IC position offering 7 cpl (this is for experienced) and another offering 6...so enjoy your 7.5 cents while you can...
I disagree, it could work

It would take them too long to train other people to jump on right away. So, let them place an ad on here or anywhere else, let them hire newbies.  How long would it take to train them on the platform used, the client profile, etc. In the meantime, the work is just piling up. Just imagine the QA!!!  You think they are going to have management do transcription when half of them don't know the difference between "there" and "their". I don't think so.




oops -- I don't disagree, that is
I respectfully disagree. m
I frequent a lot of doc's offices as well as the hospital and I can't think of a time when I saw a medical professional wearing scrubs that looked anything less than crisp. I own scrubs but don't personally wear them. I just don't like how they look on me. On the other hand, that's my DH's uniform. He has no choice in the matter. Hospital professionals are required to wear them, and he always looks professional to me. With their specific pockets and such, they serve a purpose that way too. I think the comfort and flexibility serve a great purpose as well since many, many medical professionals work long shifts and if their job is physical at all (moving patients, doing chest compressions, etc.), they need the fleixbility in the fabric too. At least now they have some designs and colors instead of the just the hospital green they used to have.