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How the line is manipulated depends on

Posted By: Counts on 2007-02-25
In Reply to: Whatever you do don't go with - mts

who you work for. So ExText is going to be fine if - and only if - your company is ethical.

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Also depends on how the line is
12-13 cpl sounds about right for the end consumer to pay for a gross line, but if it is a 65-character line it should be more like 16-17 cpl.

These figures are what the doctor's office/clinic should be paying and, as the other poster mentioned, are dependent upon the going rate in your area, and some offer maybe a penny or two lower if receiving digital files versus tape pick-up, and whether printing and delivery is included in the service, etc.
Depends. How many characters per line?
Depends on what kind of line really
gross lines in my area are about 12 cpl, and I'm not sure about 65-character lines, but I think somewhere around 15-17 cpl.
Depends on how they count that line - sm
It also might include being paid for things the MTs are not actually typing like the company name and address block or disclosures at the bottom of each typed page that are automatically generated.  I was paid 12 cents on a gross line (OMG, the money I made then!) when I first started MTing years ago and also was paid for all kinds of little things like I talked about above that I never actually even typed.  With a lot of canned text and hard work on my part I did clip the 400 lph on a regular basis with some very good accounts.  However, with being paid on a standard 65-character count line and not very good accounts on acute care I am happy to chug along at 200-225 lph now.  Yeah, I miss the good old days!!! 
depends if includes headers, spaces, one or the other, character line, etc.
You're expected quota depends on whether you are paid hourly or per line. SM

I'm paid hourly and I was told the requirement was 50 or more reports per day.  I've never worked QA per line, but I'm sure their line quota is pretty high, at least 2000 or better per day, as you get credit for every line in every report you QA.

Hope this was the answer you were looking for.

It depends on font size, line length, margin size, etc.
There are too many variables. 
A gross line is anything on a line is a line. A line set at 65 characters means it sm
has 1-inch margins on each side. The maximum number of characters on that line would be 65 and that includes spaces. If there is 1 character on that line it is a line.

A standard 65-character line usually consists of 65 characters with spaces unless, of course, the employer does not pay for spaces and then it would be 65-characters without spaces.
Anything on the line makes up a line even if just one letter or number. Every line of print is a
Gross line = each line on page counts as a line, even if it's only 1 word. nm
Gross line means anything on a line is counted as a line.

You can get an idea in the difference using documents you have already created, assuming you're working in Word. Simply open a document and check the properties. Click on the statistics tab and you will see the number of lines as well as characters with and without spaces. If you're currently getting paid by the line and a line is 65-characters with spaces, do the math and see how that number of lines compares with the number of lines in your stats.

One thing to keep in mind: if you have a blank line between paragraphs, instead of hitting the enter key twice, format your document to give the appearance of blank lines between paragraphs.

Gross line, also including blank lines because my line rate is so low. It all works out in the wash.
$.06 gross line / .70 = approximately $.0857 cents per 65 character line.

A gross line is anything on a line versus 65 gross characters per net line the other way.  You make more money working for the gross line than for the 65 gross character line, as long as the line rate's OK.

A gross line is any line with typewritten characters on it - no matter how long or SM
how short.  So your gross lines may be longer than 65 characters, but you get credit even for a line as short as "Sincerely,".  If your gross lines are not being counted that way, then you are not being counted on gross lines and are probably getting screwed.  I'd look into that if I were you.
Yes if gross line or 65 character line with spaces....Good Deal!!! nm
1) do you have a contract stating line counting and line rate,sm
if you look at the IRS website it's pretty clear what constitutes IC versus SE versus employee. You might want to photocopy that along with a copy of your contract with your next invoice and also put on the invoice any monies due from past invoices they "changed"...maybe catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Good luck!
New England, 16.50/hr, 8 cents a line after minimum line count..
full benefits available with general contribution by the hospital before you start paying for them, retirement, 403b, all benefits, and working at home as an employee, BUT, you have to live local to the hospital.
I changed my line to a business line, talked to a supervisor sm

at SBC, told him what I was using the service for, and got the okay to use it -- $49/month unlimited. 

I have also used The Neighborhood, and their unlimited is truly unlimited.  I also explained to them when I signed up what I was using it for and their comment was "unlimited means just that -- unlimited, no matter what."  I cannot remember how much they were, but it might be worth checking into for you.  (www.theneighborhood.com)


Good luck!

What is the average line/hour for a 65 character line with spaces? NM
Curious, do most IC's usually charge by the gross line or 65 character line?
Thank you~
it certainly is not pay worthy at 4.5 line or 3 line. I know the companies cram it down our throats
That still is not a paid line rate. If your base is $0.10 per line, it will be $0.08 cpl.
Considering other companies pay 4 or 5 cents per line for VR - you are still making out.

Question about what is PAID for a line and what is BILLED for a line
Does the MTSO actually bill for headers, footers, and other things the transcriptionists are not paid for?  I worked for a company a while back and their copy of what each Transcriptionist typed the day before and our copy was a lot different, about 30% different.  Their copy was the billing copy. So, double their enhanced amount and subtract our 9 cents a line, it comes to a bigger profit than what I thought.   
What's the diff between a gross line and a 65-char line?

Mebbe just got my first OWN ACCOUNT YAY!  He said to charge him the "going rate" since I pay him that.  This could be the start, baby!  (I hope)

A gross line is any amount of characters on a line

for instance...





A 65 character line without spaces is black marks on the page only and 65 w/spaces is everything... tabs, spaces, numbers, letters, bold, etc.



that should be "up .02/line" NOT up "to" .02/line. geez. nm

Gross line versus character line....Sm please

I am thinking of taking a job that pays by the gross line and not a 65-character line.  I have never worked this way.  Does this literally mean if there is one little word on a line you get paid for it?  I have not pinned her down on a line rate but I am just thinking I am going to be comparing apples to oranges and am wondering how to accomplish that. 

Thanks for any help!

gross-anything on line counts as line,even one word
gross line is anything on a line, even just your initials. sm

spaces really don't matter in a gross line count.


But that's a GROSS line, not a 65 character line.
So a newbie would have no problem at all hitting 150 lines per hour.  A gross line is any line with a printed character on it.
Which is better? Gross line or 65 character line? It's
I don't make 0.08/line.. I work for no less than .13/line. nm
IC, by line, 68-72 character spaces/line
I would go with the line rate. At less than 9.5 cents per line sm
I make $30 an hour.  I would never transcribe for $15 an hour, for anyone.
7.5/gross line or 10/65 char line?
Anyone have any idea which would come out to more?  TIA
A gross line may be close to 65 ch.pl but she said line
Anything on a line (even just initials) is considered a line.
I prefer to use the 65-character line count (including spaces).
gross line and character line
I am an IC currently doing one doctor who pays me by the hour but I will be starting another doctor soon and he will be dictating differently so I was going to charge him per line.  What is the difference of charging gross lines or per 65 character line?
Gross line is anything on a line is a line
so if there is just one character, it is a line. Font definitely makes a difference though particularly if there are true type fonts involved. That's one you have to be careful on and insist on fixed fonts.
Just do a gross line - anything on a line is a line. sm
I use Abacus - free line counting software.

The bottom line is doesnt matter what they pay if there is no work you make no money. Bottom line.
What is a 55 char gross line compared to a 65-char line including spaces?
You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0
You need to watch your line count. I was working for them and got reports that had line count of 0 in them. They did not pay for templates, they would deduct the template even if it was not used and deleted. I notified them and said they could not change it.

So I asked to be put on another account and they refused. I quit.

I was also promised they would have an incentive plan going into place if you type a certain # of lines. Two years went by and nothing.

I was really disappointed in OSI.

They also offered to pay half on joint AAMT, which they failed to do.

I am glad I am no longer there.
Quick question! Is 10 cpl with benefits at 74 character line better than 9 cpl at 65 character line?
I appreciate your responses. I had an option of line vs hour ($14/hour) but if line pays more...nm
I believe if you use the BCC line and not the TO line when sending...
.. then it only shows the recipient's email in the TO when they recieve it.  It is a way to safeguard the other employee's personal information.  ;)

I have one female who sounds as if she has cotton stuffed up her nose and she has just returned from the local pub.  Instead of correcting, she just rambles and you have to figure it out. For example:  "Social history is significant for review of systems noncontributory and mother with diabetes.  Pt has never had this before." 

I do find the female ESLs easier than the male ESLs however.

depends on where oh where you are now. nm
It depends - please SM
I'm not sure what you were hired to do but I've always had the worktypes I was hired to do specifically outlined to me. As well, different accounts have different workpools containing specific worktypes. I know when I work on a specific workpool that I will only get certain worktypes; when they ask me to change workpools, the worktypes will change.

It SHOULD work so that you know the variety of worktypes you will get and you should be masked to get them. However, a great part of the time there are cherrypickers who will reject worktypes they do not want to do, dictators they do not want to do until they find a report that they want. Lots of cherrypickers don't like ESLs, so they throw them back.
Is that with or without spaces? Is that full audio, read-throughs, or blanks only? Are the MTs experienced or newbies? Are the MTs Indian or domestic? Will you be required to provide feedback for each document or each MT?

If your offer is 5 cents without spaces and you are editing inexperienced or offshore MTs and providing feedback for each document, then 5 cents is too low. If, on the other hand, you were offered 5 cents WITH spaces, are editing experienced MTs, filling in blanks and providing little to no feedback, then 5 cents is fair.

ALWAYS ask these questions ahead of time. Editing on a production basis is no different than transcribing on a production basis--every little detail will affect your paycheck.
It all depends on what they say
constitutes a line.  If it is 65 characters includes, spaces, headers, footers then that is decent.  Being a newbie you are probably looking at the 8 cpl.  Keep in mind if this is an IC position you will be responsible for paying all taxes, no benefits.  If it is an employee position it is a good rate of pay these days.