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info on reference sites for OP notes

Posted By: dls on 2006-02-17
In Reply to:

Does anyone have any helpful web sites that list surgical instruments. This is very frustrating for me when trying to search for OP instruments.  Any info would be helpful

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Does anyone know of any good reference sites for PT notes?

Need reference sites for oncology

Need recommendations for reference sites on the web for oncology terms and drug reference. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Anybody know of any good sites for surgical term reference? nm
Reference books/sites for breast cancer (sm)
I just started with a breast cancer surgeon.  I am wondering if anyone can recommend some good reference material for this.  Thanks.
Thanks to all who shared their reference sites with me; I received some great new ones! nm
Need some good oncology sites. Any info appreciated. nm
You can Google Lotus Notes and get all the info you need.
You can cross-reference generic and brand names and get dosage info at...SM
RXList.  I guess buying a drug book every other year wouldn't be a bad idea.  When I was a newbie, I used to think I had to buy a new drug book every year until I discovered the wealth of info on the internet and I just write new terms in my books.  I know some people like to keep their books pristine, but I make notes in mine all of the time.
Free Ortho sites & ABCZ sites

Every orthopedic test imaginable.



This site has a free ABCZ Expander system.



This site has free software.....There is Stedmans Ortho Word Book program on there amount other great software. 



Good luck

And you'll almost never get just Op notes. Probably get mixed acute care - op notes, discharge su
It has nothing to do with sites..
Check with your ISP, modem or phone line.
FTP Sites
I use FTPToday.
Try these sites


PT sites




Try some of these sites

FTP sites.....
I use FTP Voyager...60 dollars for 2 years....sooo easy to use, encrypted, best I have used so far. Go on their site and see. Rhinosoft.com is the site.
FTP sites...
Does anyone know of any FTP sites that do not have a user fee? I am currently using a software that charges me 0.025 cpl and I find it's a ripoff. I really don't make any money off this software, AND I paid an arm and a leg for this software. Can anyone tell me where I can find an FTP site that does not charge a user fee? TIA.
OB/GYN sites

Can someone tell me of some good OB/GYN sites out there?  For that matter, any good specialty sites.  I'm fairly new to transcription and still gathering good reference sites.

Thanks in advance!


There is chemocare.com and cancer-info.com.
OB/GYN web sites
Does anybody have any good web sites for OB/GYN and peds?  I haven't done all that much of either one and I'm having a slow go with the acronyms.  Any help would really be appreciated!
FTP sites
Can anyone recommend a good FTP site that would be used on my own computer on the desktop.  Thank you.
what other sites do you use?
Many thanks 2 U both 4 the 3 gr8 sites (sm)

I'm good to go!!


It's right on their Web sites...

Visit this site, read paragraph 2 and notice the word global.  It doesn't appear they are trying to hide anything.


Some different sites here too . .

These help me:

For City/States/Counties:  *HomeTownLocator* --  http://www.hometownlocator.com/

For Orthopedics:  Really great site.  Can use search box or click on any part of the skeleton.  *Wheeless On Line* --  http://www.wheelessonline.com/

For Medical Abbreviations:  Also has a medical dictionary, drug search and medical instrument search, but I just use it for the Abbreviations.  *MediLexicon*   http://www.medilexicon.com/

For Chemotherapy Drugs - *ChemoCare*  http://www.chemocare.com/bio/

For Medical Dictionary - *Dorlands Medical Dictionary* - http://www.mercksource.com/pp/us/cns/cns_hl_dorlands_split.jsp?pg=/ppdocs/us/common/dorlands/dorland/misc/A_TOC.htm

For Clinical Trials - http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/

Those are some of what I use all the time. 


thanks a lot for these sites
I appreciate you taking the time to give them to me!
In reference to rad pay below...

I do both basic 4 and radiology for a small hospital and get paid by the minute of dictation for all. Radiology is a third to half of the dictation I do a day.  I am thinking about going to just radiology.  Many of you have stated a per page or per report rate, but what is the average per line rate for radiology.  Is it different from the basic four dictation rate? 

There are only two radiologists at this hospital, both fairly easy to do except one is slow and one is fast, so fast, if I got paid per report, I would make four times what I make now per minute of dictation.  The slow one is going to retire soon and I will be stuck with the fast one and a new doctor which I probably will not have a problem with unless he is fast too and I would be making less money. 

Thanks for the reference SM
Interesting site! Unfortunately, it states that "today the period always goes within the quotes" so I can't use it as a reference, only as a "the way it used to be."
thanks for the reference nm
THIS is the best reference (sm)
Forget all those books -- they're out of date a year before they're published.

This site automatically indexes biomedical acronyms from Medline.

Try it and tell me whether you aren't ready to throw away all your outdated, useless references!
I'm a rad MT and have been for about 6 years. The ONLY book I have on my desk is Stedman's Radiology Words. I use it all the time.
I have a reference for you...
Check out About.com and go to the Frugal Living site. There are the vinegar pages that detail all the varied uses. One newsletter talked about a family re-occupying and cleaning up after Katrina and how vinegar saved their home and made it habitable again.


Both! I can't do without some of my reference (sm)
that only come in book form and use those religiously, but if I could only buy one form, definitely CD!! Keep in mind, I don't use Stedman's Medical Dictionary CD much but do like their others. I use Dorlands CD that I got cheap and prefer it over the Stedman's CD. Love, love, love the Quick Look Drug Reference CD.
I like drugs.com. You can look by the first letter of the drug.
I use Way in reference.
this is in reference to below...
extremely interesting reading...

from the link: http://www.medrecinst.com/News/News.php?article=1

While documents (transcribed and otherwise) will continue to be predominant in healthcare for some time to come, there is the beginning of a move away from story telling (sentences, paragraphs, reports), which results in documentation that requires searching for and pulling essential data, toward documenting the data directly, and then when documents are needed, using the data to populate consensus-designed templates. Though not initiated in response to this shift from a “documents then data” to a “data then documents” approach, the collaborative work being done by AHDI, AHIMA, and MTIA with HL7 to standardize the most common clinical documents12 will be especially helpful in facilitating the transformation of recorded data into standard formats for H&Ps, consultations, operative reports, etc
But, I can access all other web sites
So, would it really be my Internet Explorer causing the problem???

I use to go to this one web site where I could always log on even during them updating the site but many others could not - some could, some could not. I just have a feeling this may be the same type of thing - something with the website itself or else I would have problems with other websites, wouldn't I? I can access any other website I want but this particular one - wwww.weightwatchers.com

I thought maybe I needed to clean out my cache or whatever as they may have changed something where it keeps using something on my computer that is old/no longer valid in order to access the site but wouldn't everything I have done so far have eliminated a possible problem such as that??? I did not actually go in and delete anything in any cache so I don't know if that may need to be done yet and, if so, I have no idea where to go and/or which one(s) I need to do that with.

Thanks so much for trying to help. I sincerely appreciate it.
Any of you pet lovers seen these sites?



So cute, and so addicting!

Thanks for the sites. I have a question...
I have avoided calling Dell to ask for help with certain issues because I cannot understand them. If I ask them to transfer me to a US office, will they?
cancer sites
I usually use the NIH-National Cancer Institute site. It has listing of clinical trials, types of drugs, different types of cancer treatments. I also depend heavily on the Oncology Word Book by Stedman.
The other sites might as well not exist
They are so self censored that they won't give a company's name, so they might as well not exist. MTStars is the best board on the internet for FREEDOM OF INFORMATION. Posters may say that people are negative on this board, but they are honest and realistic. The other boards are so full of Pollyannas they are virtually worthless -- INCLUDING boards you have to pay by the month.

if they use the BOS on offshore sites.
If so, the AAMT must be making a killing.
I just checked out both of these sites and
there is no rsp.com and the other said the site was under construction. I have heard that VA jobs are the jobs to have, though. Good luck!!
At my clinical sites,...sm
the physicians' handwritten orders are transcribed by the unit clerk into the MAR (medication administration record), or if they are using Meditech they get transcribed into Meditech, again by the unit clerk. Nurses are very savvy on drugs and doses and are expected to question anything that is, well, questionable. A nurse is liable for administering the wrong drug even if the doc ordered it wrong. Both clinical sites I have been at so far were Magnet status - that is a hospital that has undergone extensive credentialing to show superior nursing care. Magnet hospitals have the lowest nurse:patient ratio, which has been directly linked with less deaths and better patient care... just my two cents.
Drug sites

What are some favorite drug sites?  Thanks in advance.

Drug sites
My favorite is rxlist.com
?Rheumatology sites sm
Anyone know any good links to rheumatology sites? Appreciate your answer(s).
some good sites

Here are some I use for oncology

chemo acronyms - this same website has chemo drugs


cancer terms


types of lymphoma


FDA approved onco drugs with good links on page


cancer staging (TNM)


I use a couple of sites
www.ama-assn.org and

Hope these help.
Thank you all for these sites, they are truly appreciated (nm)

Does anyone know of any homeopathic med sites?