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My Norton's just blocked a browser exploit with a high security risk...

Posted By: SM on 2008-04-28
In Reply to:

just now when I entered the main board forum here on MTSTars.  I would like to know what that is all about! 

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browser exploit is a vulnerability within your IE

Norton Internet Security does this. Costs the same as Norton AV and includes it.

has a user list, which you, as administrator, can have password protected so users cannot change the list. What we do is put on sites that we approve. Anything else has to be done on the laptop in view...

You can buy Internet Security every year anytime from Jan through April tax time, and get rebates. Just as cheap as NAV and includes it, as I said.


Norton Internet Security has a parental control

which will give you a site list that you can add to, for example neopets.com or barbie.com. I know McAfee has a feature where you can set up windows of time where she can be on only say, between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. M-F.  I think even Windows XP has parental control where you can download approved lists, etc. Keep in mind though that if you use a "screening" program, there's a lot of stuff that can get through, such as wet t-shirt parties, etc. Probably not a problem with your daughter but can be with boyz. And I just say no to IM.


Does anyone have Norton Internet Security on their Windows XL PC and have any weird problems with it
at times.
Norton Internet Security 2009 and Service Pack 2 or 3??
I am having a heck of a time! I have Windows XP and just purchased Norton Internet Security 2009 for my antivirus, as my previous version is just about to expire. Upon installing it it says I have to install Service Pack 2 or higher for it to work. I never installed SP2 because I read that many, many had problems with it. Should I go ahead and download SP3? Is there anything I need to do before installing it? I'm thinking of taking the computer to a professional and having them download SP3 and install it for me because it makes me really nervous! Anyone have any experience with this? What should I do?

sounds like you had a blocked trachea and the OP had a blocked esophagus
What virus program/internet security do you use - always used Norton, but a computer tech told me
Yes, I agree. The risk is too high. Will purchase the cat flea repellant.
can you use Firefox with Norton? I have Norton, but some popups still get through. nm
its called exploit
okay, i just went back to that site to read it and now the box comes up again that says virus threat detected.  heal, quarantine, ignore, virus name:  Exploit.  so, obviously something is not right.  i guess i won't be going there again and beware to anyone else who tries it. 
Norton vs. McAfee. Go with Norton. nm
Administrator, I am having this problem again with the boards being blocked. Not sure if it has
anything to do with Norton Internet Security or not. Just put that in.
use at your own risk LOL
My company's samples come with warning labels on them, that they may contain mistakes. They're just guides, they can be very helpful at times.
They're all at risk...
It's called hacking.  It can be done to any computer regardless of which country that computer sits in.
It is more of a risk overseas. SM
If some company operating from an offshore country with a "store front" in the U.S., decides to retaliate against Dr. John Doe, and spreads 50 of his patient's medical records over the internet, how easy do you think it would be to track down the so-called contact (whose name cannot even be pronounced) for the transcription company who is nowhere to be found? HIPAA has now power to fine, penalize, or imprison any overseas operation because the HIPAA laws only apply here in the United States. IMO, there is a substantial safety risk in having medical records leave the country.
Which web browser are you using?
Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla?  I had a weird problem with one of my websites that I couldn't access all of a sudden.  I think I deleted an internet utility, registry entry, or some java doohickey, or it's possible they changed their website.  Anyway, I downloaded Mozilla and use that for this specific website now.  I don't have time to mess with trouble shooting Internet Explorer, and I have a new computer sitting in boxes behind me that I haven't had time to set up yet.  Give Mozilla a try just to see what happens.
what browser are you using?
With internet explorer I was so now I'm using Firefox, everything is going fine.

I suspect it has to do something with the security breach with IE.
Normal xrays would have a very low risk
of causing infertility these days. Years ago, things might have been different. On the Gardasil issue, the doctor does not have a right to force this on anyone.
There is a risk, but if you have an idea how big the file should be
and you have good virus protection and adware/spyware software, then your risk is minimized.
What is your fave browser?
Mine is Firefox - love how fast it is, plus tabbed browsing rules! Much better and safer than old Internet Explorer, I must say. BTW, the newest version of Firefox comes out today (free download) which is supposed 2B even better!
Check your browser
Possibly updated or reinstalled?

If you have Firefox, go to Tools ---> Options ----> Content. IE is similar.

You will see a link for "colors." You can check to see what the current settings are for "visited" and "unvisited" links.

Foxfire browser
I noticed someone below mentioned they use Foxfire.  Any comments on this browser?  Is it much better?  Any specifics appreciated. 
It would be a lot of added risk to an already risky surgery. nm
Why doesn't Risk Management say something to the docs? nm
at the risk of sounding dumb, what is an ITOP? nm
at the risk of sounding dumb, what is an ITOP? nm
How do you disable pop-up blocker in browser?
cant you use your browser's back button -nm
no. it is an internet browser. Windows is the OS. nm
I know that IE is an internet browser and I know that Windows is an OS!
Sheesh!  My point is they are both made by Microsoft and they both have endless updates.  That was my point.  Apparently it went over the heads of some.  Next time I'll try and dumb down my response.
..your browser, and use the mtstars.com icon to
Microsoft has a patch for the browser
Offshore or onshore - personal information is at risk sm
when it is in private homes. The only way to avoid this is would be to not allow companies to import the SSN in their ADT feeds to companies that do outsource work. It doesn't matter whether it is a domestic MT, or offshore MT, or any other person with access to that information - AMERICANS are dishonest as all get out too. The only information we MTs need is Name, DOB, and MR#. The only people needing SSN info are the billing department to communicate with the insurance companies, no one else in the hospital should have access to it. It's a joke to think offshoring MT is what is causing the problem, it's human nature, people are greedy and want more - MTs for some reason seem to feel they need to blame offshore for this but it's really a copout and just another reason to place blame.

Proud to be an American home-based MT who is HONEST!
I'm ready to sign! But when I cut & paste it to my browser,
nothing comes up.
A much better browser to use than Internet Explorer. You will love it!

Phentermine causes pulmonary hypertension - it is not worth the risk. Prozac - you can go either wa
Does your hospital have a Risk Management team or office? Contact them. (nm)
Switching your internet browser doesn't automatically
make you immune to ALL viruses. Firefox is a browser just like Internet Explorer. The Windows XP viruses come through your operating system, not your browser. Viruses can also come through your email program. Your ports can be hacked no matter which browser you use, too.
downloading a tabbed browser will solve that problem
Is the tool bar in your internet browser?... is the emial web based or Outlook?
Why do you pay for Norton when
you can get AVG for free and it constantly updates itself.....?
Norton v. AVG
Go with Norton.  Do the research.  It's worth every dime.

I have Windows XP, service pack 2.  Norton works fantastic.  It catches everything.  I do remember having trouble with downloading at first. Just uninstall and try again. You'll be glad you did.  Run Ad-Aware and Spybot every few days and you're good-to-go.


There's a difference between the free version of Norton/AVG and the pay-for-it versions. I paid $50 for Norton 2005. With AVG or Norton, I believe you need to pay for it to get the protection you need. 

Even if you uninstall it, Norton "knows" you had it in your computer, and it won't re-start itself. When you go to hook up to the internet to do the updates, it won't work. In my experience, the only way to get Norton again for free is to reformat your hard drive. You kinda have to know what you are doing and it is a big pain in the neck. You have to have all your programs on disk to be re-installed, and all files backed up on disc... but it does work. I did it a couple of times and I saved about $100 in doing so, but I really had nothing on my computer to mess up, so I went for it. I would definitely go for the free programs you can find on the net first!!!
Norton Utilities has a program called WinDoctor that does the same thing and it's awesome.
Norton vs. McAfee..which best?sm
Just got a new laptop that came with McAfee..now they are offering me subscription for half price...$69.00...I've always used Norton before and wondering if there is any difference.
I just keep Norton I suppose and never checked into anything else.
Thanks, will do. About 3 nights ago my Norton caught
Did you notice the Feb 3 date?  That would be this coming Friday.  Wonder how our various transcription companies are going to fare?  ugh.  I hope they don't crash. 
My Norton or my Outlook Express? (sm)
For some reason, for the last 2 or 3 days, when I am sending an email, that little Norton box that pops up is taking a long time to appear, like maybe about 15 seconds or so.  It used to be as soon as I hit "send."  Is this a problem with my email or my Norton? and is it a big deal?  Just wondering why the change.  Thanks
My Norton subscription is about to expire.
I can't afford that $40 renewal fee right now.  What can I do?