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Posted By: Nanna23 on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: Just moved out of a rental. This just burns me up.. - SM

a little to late, but it always helps to take pictures (dated) of how the place looked when you left.

A similar thing happened to my sister but in our state, they have a renter/landlord board and she was a bit more informed then her leasing company thought!

Since she knew how they operated, she just waited till the carpet crew was there putting NEW carpet in, took a few dated pictures of them in action, then was able to shove the carpet "cleaning" bill in their face.

With her rights info on hand, she got the full deposit back and warned everyone else in their community.

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Rental Fees

I noticed that several companies are charging their employees rental fees for equipment/software. If one was in-house, they would not have to pay a rental fee. How are these companies getting away with this? Why would you, an employee, agree to pay for their equipment? The only time you should pay a rental fee is if you are an independent contractor. As an employee, you do not pay to work for the employer, they pay you!

I am just amazed that companies are actually charging their employees to work for them!

OP specifically said wants rental on...nm

rental cars
I am in Arizona and I usually have my best luck with Avis. Hey where are you in Arizona??
Just moved out of a rental. This just burns me up..

We just bought a house and moved out of a renal townhome that is owned by a huge property management company.  I always always go the extra mile to make sure I leave a place clean, way more than a lot of people.  I spent hours cleaning and we didn't leave a single speck of anything in that house.  The carpets were immaculate because we had plastic runns in the high traffic areas, etc.  I scrubbed baseboards, window sills, floors, painted over all the scratches and nail holes (same paint), everything.  Got our refund yesterday on the deposit and they charged us for ELEVEN HOURS of cleaning.  In the description they said that this that and the other thing was VERY dirty, counter tops being one thing.  I swear I scoured the counters with cleanser not long before I finished the job.  I find it very offensive to have all these things listed as VERY dirty.  They're full of you know what.  Do you think it's just a racket to ding you for more money?  They also charged us 160 dollars to shampoo those perfectly clean carpets. It seems like cleaning that is not beyond the usual amount should be THEIR responsibility as part of the business of renting out their units.  They just want to pass on everything including routine maintenence onto their tenants.  Just had to vent. 

Rental properties and TurboTax sm
Anyone have rental properties and do your own taxes with TurboTax?  We used to have rentals and the accountant did the taxes but charged us like close to $400.00 for our return.  We have since sold everything and this year I did them with TurboTax and really the features.  Now we are thinking of purchasing another small rental and would like to know how TurboTax is with rentals.  Is it easy and pretty much self-explanatory?  Do you like to use it for this or do you have an accountant do it?  Thanks in advance. 
I own several rental properties, buy houses and flip them and
own several nationally-known chain restaurants.

Much more productive than pointing fingers at the government and blaming them for any poor choices on my part, most of which are fixable if you stop complaining and get off your butt!
Any ideas on how to get a cheap rental car? I haven't had to rent a car

in a very long time.

thanks so much!

No, I need to work with some coworkers with "class", not low rental boss-bashing cats!

And what I love the most - if Frank himself called one of them, or actually walked up to them in an office, they'd fall all over him, gushing about how great he is to work for! Guaranteed! Its just so "catty" to claw his eyes out on an anonymous message board and giggle, giggle, giggle. I'd be saying the same thing to their faces as well, except I'd probably be their supervisor and would be canning their catty behinds.

Painting, painting, painting our rental house sm
Tenants want to move in asap. I'm a nice landlady. I said they could have a month's free rent and didn't have to pay a deposit if they came and helped. (My kid and his girlfriend) I'll paint, they can wash cabinets, woodwork, windows, doors and shampoo the rugs. Just 3 more rooms to go....