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your holding the title!

Posted By: sunnyMT on 2005-09-20
In Reply to: Any legal eagles here that could help me with a situation? - NOT MT related

First of all, I am sorry for your loss.

Second, how can he even say anything is owed since you have the title in your hand? 

Hope it all works out for the best.

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Don't need hand holding.
I don't expect them to hold my hand, but it would be nice if they at least pretended to be somewhat human! Compassion for another person's loss only takes a second to respond to.... as you said in your post. It only took a second right? Most of the time I am with you, I would rather NOT hear from them. But of course I sent an e-mail to tell her that I would be out for the funeral, she could have replied with a condolence. That's all I am saying. I think that's a bit of a problem with the world in general these days, no one even seems to have time to be kind. Thank you for your second to respond and give your condolence on my loss!
I'm holding my breath!
I want Taylor to win so badly!!!!  He even looked adorable in that awful jacket he had on for his first song.  Can't wait to hear his last song--on the edge of my seat.  Breathe, breathe, breathe.  I think I may hyperventilate!
49-year-old female (and holding!)

Article on IRS holding refunds - sm
Any one ever have trouble with this?  It seems like every year they come up with some excuse to hold our refund....usually for 5 weeks past when it was due to be paid.  One time it was because they could not find my SE tax payments, they were looking under DH's SS#, not mine (really brillant there, 2 #s on the tax return but only check the main one); last year some trumped up thing about his ex-wife owing taxes and they wanted to make sure he was not liable (they had been divorced for 12 years at that point, and we had been married for 8), in-between these 2 excuses there was another one, though I cannot remember what it was now, in all cases except for last year they held our refund up for 5 or so weeks, last year it was supposed to be held for 3 weeks though they ended up holding it up only for about 10 days which surprised me quite a bit.  For some reason we get put on this "black list" every year, drives me nuts.  I have been audited 2 x too, though it was an internal audit at their end, all they did was send a bill, for which I knew I was at fault as I had failed to report some stuff my dad had in my name and he just would never get me the info I needed so I filed anyway without it, but it was relatively painless, though I wonder if that past error is now going to forever haunt me.  Anyone else have fun with tax time? 
Surprised they aren't holding it in India.
Why not?
Thank you - I think I have a bit to learn about shorthand - how about holding your bolded words when
Sorry - I see you are an IC in the title My bad! NM
I would not be holding press conferences criticizing the government I want to help me find my
daughter nor offending the citizens of the country I wanted to support me.  She has clearly lost her mind and needs a spokesperson and she should vent to her husband not the world, although her vents and concerns are unfounded according to their attorney and the prosecuters.  They did not have EVIDENCE to keep these brothers.  No EVIDENCE.  What part of this doesn't Mrs. Twitty get.
Because the pay is better and the title looks much better on any resume for any job.
I would be proud of that title too!
Don't listen to them. You have a right to brag - carry on former bank manager.
When we would do xrays, would have techs holding in position and talking to soothe and quiet them.
What is your title? Never heard of that kind
Catchy newsletter title.
Any suggestions for a "catchy" MT newletter title??  Thanks!
oh, the title alone wasn't enough to report it?
Whoops! It's bad when typo is in the title! nm
Probably the same wimp company I'm with. My title is QA, but I'm not allowed to do my job!
Know what I mean???  Yuck...
Looks like integrity doesn't belong in their title either
But don't you now put RHIT on your resume since that's the current official title? sm
I earned my RRA, but in the time since I earned it the AHIMA has changed the title to RHIA, so that is what is on my resume.
Fellow is a highly respected title in the medical field tho--
not for medical transcriptionists!
Do you put "License xxxxx" on a SOAP note for signature title?

I am typing up a SOAP note template for a new PT.  He gave me his credentials, plus his "number," which is his license number for his signature title.  He did not say to put License in front of the number, but I think it looks funny without it. Has anyone ever done this before?  Is it appropriate to put the word "License" before the number?  He is away from the office, otherwise I would ask him myself.   

Thank you!  

If Word, Shift + F3 cycles thru upper/lower/title case.