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Do you put "License xxxxx" on a SOAP note for signature title?

Posted By: MTToo on 2009-05-20
In Reply to:

I am typing up a SOAP note template for a new PT.  He gave me his credentials, plus his "number," which is his license number for his signature title.  He did not say to put License in front of the number, but I think it looks funny without it. Has anyone ever done this before?  Is it appropriate to put the word "License" before the number?  He is away from the office, otherwise I would ask him myself.   

Thank you!  

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Question regarding SOAP note...

For those of you who transcribe SOAP notes, do you capitalize each word in the diagnosis?  I have seen it both ways, and I was not sure if there is a rule to this. 


DX:  Low Back Pain. 

DX:  Low back pain.


Thank you!


Sorry - I see you are an IC in the title My bad! NM
E-signature help. sm
Is this service available for IC MTs? I would like to get it, but have no knowledge of how to get it. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
Because the pay is better and the title looks much better on any resume for any job.
check signature
It's going to be very tough to fight. The drivers licence would have to have been shown, so did you let somebody use it? Have your signature verified as well.

Most likely you will have to pay it and it can be expensive depending on where you are. My daughter-in-law got a ticket in Oregon for 500.00 for lack of proof of insurance. She had to pay the 500.00, plus another 400.00 to the state, PLUS she has to carry insurance in Oregon, even though she doesn't live there, for three years.
I would be proud of that title too!
Don't listen to them. You have a right to brag - carry on former bank manager.
your holding the title!

First of all, I am sorry for your loss.

Second, how can he even say anything is owed since you have the title in your hand? 

Hope it all works out for the best.

Electronic Signature/sm
I just add this phrase to the doctor signature line in the reports "(Electronic signature has been affixed)."  I do not have any special program.  Is there one out there?
Electronic signature
Where can I get information on electronic signatures and HIPAA compliance regarding this? Thanks!
You do not get any credit for the signature
line, patient demographics, carbon copy lines, etc. Some of this info may not take a lot of effort on your part, but it still will take a bit of input for which you will not be paid. These saves lines add up at the end of the day, thus saving the hospital tons of money. It makes you wonder what will be cut next to save a buck?
electronic signature software

I own a small home based medical transcription business and have been asked by prospective new clients about electronic signature capabilities.  Can anyone recommend a company or any advice regarding my document management needs.  I currently have physician offices set up digitally without any electronic signature capability at all.


What is your title? Never heard of that kind
Catchy newsletter title.
Any suggestions for a "catchy" MT newletter title??  Thanks!
oh, the title alone wasn't enough to report it?
Offering E-Signature to a Client



Does anyone know about offernig E-Signature to a client? Is there a way to do it easily, on your own -- I mean, instead of signing up with a big company like Vianeta or Bayscribe to handle all of the reports you type and want to send to a client.

Or... If that's the only way to go - through a big company - are there any big companies that are economical if you just have 1-2 doctor clients?  I know some of those companies charge like $5,000 as a set up fee.  Thank you.



 I mean, I'm sure you can do it

I think the on-line signature service
was something like 90 for me last year, can't remember exact amount, and he really helped me a lot.  The first couple of years, I went to an actual office too and got charged an arm and a leg and thought what's the deal, charged for every page and form they did and thought I can just plug the numbers that I gave her into those screens as well as she can.  They were charging more than my ex got charged at an accounting firm when we were married, and his business was WAY more complicated.  That's when I started doing my taxes myself using some system on-line.
Whoops! It's bad when typo is in the title! nm
Probably the same wimp company I'm with. My title is QA, but I'm not allowed to do my job!
Know what I mean???  Yuck...
HA! Ignore the signature above - I forgot to change it !!!!

A signature is authorization that the info is correct.
Anyone who has signed a income tax return knows this. A doctor who does not read his report before signing is incompetent. If a report is signed, it is sending a message that it is correct.
Looks like integrity doesn't belong in their title either
one more ques nana: digital signature. ?how do you get it on there (sm)
On that first way you are describing --- are your docs able to SIGN OFF on the note digitally?
Preferences? Setting up NP with Doc signature block

Need to set up nurse practitioner dictator with Doc signature block, think I know how it should be set up but it's been awhile.  Any current examples or preferences of how anyone likes to do this?    Thanks. 

But don't you now put RHIT on your resume since that's the current official title? sm
I earned my RRA, but in the time since I earned it the AHIMA has changed the title to RHIA, so that is what is on my resume.
Might need to mail her a letter from a lawyer that requires a signature and take some action. nm
Fellow is a highly respected title in the medical field tho--
not for medical transcriptionists!
If Word, Shift + F3 cycles thru upper/lower/title case.
What's a SOAP?
It's an acronym for SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT, PLAN.  I recall back in the late 1970s when the hospital at which I was working as an RN began requiring us to write all of our notes in SOAP format.  What a pain!
It depends what format the client wants: I had an account where the only double spaces were after the heading (Name and DOB) and at the very end before the name of the dictating physician.
The body of the note was all single spaced, no double space between S, O, A and P.
PT SOAP work
I am an MTSO and I would be interested in talking to you further. Please email me.
Well that's quite a soap opera . . .
I used to live in Southern California and your description reminded me of someone I used to know, especially about interrogating the waiter. Loved that you called her the Bee. You sound very down to earth and she is not. As for the clothes - everything has a price doesn't it. She's probably shocked that those clothes didn't mean that much to you and you'd do anything to keep on receiving them. Good for you.
SOAP is a style.
Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Prognosis. Some offices like to their office notes typed in this kind of format, others don't.
Maybe you put that you do SOAP notes and HR
What are SOAP notes?
soap notes

Yes that is correct they are chart or clinical notes.  The dentist that I used to work for liked the charts written up in that fashion.

S- subjective

O- objective

A- assessment

P- plan

SOAP Notes

I may sound dumb, but what is a SOAP note??

I used to wath soap operas.....
Now I just come to this board every day, lol.
HELP with SOAP sheet issue please!

I have my my own account of three OB-GYNs that use a SOAP sheet type heading on a regular piece of paper. It takes up about 2.5" on the top of the first page of each patient note. It is paper that is purchased from a printing company and they write in the patient's name, vitals, LMP, type of contraception, etc. in the appropriate areas. I have my margins set so I start typing under this info. The problem I have had is these sheets will jam up in any of the three printers I have and I just bought a new all-in-one printer and these sheets will actually get so stuck I have to tear them out of my printer! I know it is because they have been handled, written on, sometimes have corners folded, etc. I normally have a second page I print and sometimes even a third, and I print all the notes at one time or it would take me forever to print out their transcription as I normally have 30-40 pages from each doc! I even made sure the paper I purchased for second, third pages is the same weight as this SOAP heading sheet and it makes no difference. It does not jam with every first page/header page, but it does it on average at least three times while I am printing out one doc's work. This wastes a lot of my time, is frustrating, and I feel it is going to ruin my printer/roller bar with it jamming so badly.

When I spoke with the OM, she said they would quit sending these SOAP sheets with the info on them and then they would just add them to the patient's chart as the first page after I return the transcription. However, I just received a message when I returned home that the docs are not happy with this and do not want it done this way.

When I met with the OM, she said they can change this pre-printed "form" to a half page (which will save them money). I am not exactly sure why they do not like the way things have been changed other than this pertinent info is no longer directly on that first page of the patient's note.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions as to what I could do that they might agree to? I know I had mentioned to the OM when I met with her (to discuss going digital) that perhaps they could use the same form on a half page or even smaller as a label to adhere to the patient note and she said "no way"! They will NOT use adhesive anything. I need to resolve this problem TODAY so sure would appreciate some suggestions/feedback.


The soap under the sheet really works.
My husband thought I was crazy but it did work.
Just like an H&P, but sometimes without headings, sometimes use the SOAP designations. nm
Does anybody know who types scripts for soaps or other TV shows?  I've been an MT for 30 years and am beyond burned out with medical reports.  Figure I could use a change and thought I'd really enjoy something like this.  Thanks!
Not so silly. I still don't know what SOAP means.
I think SOAP Transcription does only ER/ED files. nm
Usually dictated in the same fashion, but sometimes the SOAP
SOAP vs office notes

Some of my docs use the SOAP  -see below, all broken down into these paragrahs with headings.

S: (subjective)

O: (objective/physical)

A: (assessment)

P: (plan)

Others, my surgical oncology docs, just dictate and I put them in paragraph form and no headings.   Also I have one that does the S and O and then puts his Assesment and Plan in one paragraph.  

Hope that helps.  Patti

I take mine apart before it gets the soap and water bath. nm
Dawn dish soap for fleas
I had this problem before with some kittens. Soak the pup down and scrub it up with dawn dish soap. Apparently the fleas get caught in the "bubbles" and suffocate. Leave this on the puppy for about a 1/2 hour to an hour then rinse. Keep in mind that this does work BUT dry skin occurs.
Try Murphy's Oil/Soap - toothpaste is abrasive
Office notes versus SOAP:

Could someone explain the difference between an office note and a SOAP note when doing transcribing for a specialty doctor. Thanks.

Is SOAP format always in paragraph form? *sm*

or is it common to transcribe headings within a SOAP report? For example, a SOAP report with a PE section?

Thanks in advance!