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If Word, Shift + F3 cycles thru upper/lower/title case.

Posted By: nm on 2008-03-17
In Reply to: Caps Toggle? - Just Curious


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Upper case is lower, lower case is upper. Using InstaText. Anyone know how to fix this?

Aargh.  It happened all day yesterday.  When I brought in text that was all caps


and had lower case on keyboard (as always do), it reverses keyboard commands.  This is driving me c-r-a-z-y.

Does your program change lower case to upper? If so, type all in lower and
it will change the ones it is supposed to.
I wouldn't use lower case. I'd use upper case. Don't worry about it. nm
If MS Word, you don't need to highlight first. Shift+F3 cycles through
change case even if you've already hit the spacebar.
Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty.

Was setting up a surveillance camera because I am a single woman who lives alone. 


 As I was programming it, I could a glimpse of myself and nearly fell off the chair!   I loook old and tired (47). 

Have been so busy and so stressed for the last six months, I haven't really taken care of myself.  I just joined gym, quit smoking, am cleaning up my act.

But, nothing is going to take the bags away from my eyes.  Am thinking of plastic surgery.  If anyone has had this done, can you tell me whether it was worth the money to you?

As you know, I am far from rich but have few bills other than the general overhead (no credit cards).

thanks!  I work very hard and it would be a gift to myself.

ooops lower case...sorry

web site with capped/lower case meds??


HPI General Surgery/GI Words and Phrases shows lower case also. nm
Been discussed in the past that Word's line counter is lower than normal. Anyone else? nm
shift+F3 (in Word). nm
In Word you can use shift - end to highlight to
Try ctrl+shift+left arrow to highlight the last word
then Alt + J to open AutoCorrect, type your Replace word, and tab to OK and hit the Enter key.

Make sure you don't have any extra spaces when you highlight.

I wouldn't lower my rates. Should I request a lower CPL from my employer
because I use a ton of normals, templates and such to increase my line count?
Hold down Ctrl and Shift and use right arrow to highlight one word at a time. sm
You can highlight noncontiguous words by holding down on Ctrl and selecting different words.
Just open glo file in Word, highlight all, then change case and save back
to glo file. Use the Alt key trick to highlight just the column of words, then Shift + F3 to toggle through the change case commands. First save your glossary under a different name so you also keep the original.
30 day pay cycles....

Hi All ~

I have a client who wants to put me on 30-day pay cyles where work done from the 1st thru the end of the month would be invoiced on the 1st of the following month and paid on the last day of that month.  Basically, if I don't agree to this, I will lose the client...UGH!

Now, my question is this....how many of you MTSO's pay your MTs once/month?  Are your MTs ok with this?

I've been sitting here racking my brain on how I could work it so that the MTs still get paid twice/month, but I can't seem to figure this out!  The is a LARGE account, so I have to be careful in over-extending myself before my pay comes in for my client. 

Do any of you have some advice for me on how I can adjust the cycles to keep everyone happy? 




I was told to wait three cycles, but I was pregnant before that after my miscarriage..sm
I believe that you can be more fertile after a miscarriage.
I was told to wait three cycles, but went ahead and started trying. Took almost a year before I got
Please make sure your OB does an ultrasound to check that all products of conception are gone. I had a D&C, and had no problems. A friend of mine who went to a different OB/GYN did not have a D&C and had numerous problems because her body did not rid itself of all products of conception. She had a terribly hard time getting pregnant again.
Global warming my Aunt Fannie... Check history, there have been numerous cycles like this
Sorry - I see you are an IC in the title My bad! NM
Because the pay is better and the title looks much better on any resume for any job.
I would be proud of that title too!
Don't listen to them. You have a right to brag - carry on former bank manager.
your holding the title!

First of all, I am sorry for your loss.

Second, how can he even say anything is owed since you have the title in your hand? 

Hope it all works out for the best.

What is your title? Never heard of that kind
Catchy newsletter title.
Any suggestions for a "catchy" MT newletter title??  Thanks!
oh, the title alone wasn't enough to report it?
Whoops! It's bad when typo is in the title! nm
Probably the same wimp company I'm with. My title is QA, but I'm not allowed to do my job!
Know what I mean???  Yuck...
Looks like integrity doesn't belong in their title either
But don't you now put RHIT on your resume since that's the current official title? sm
I earned my RRA, but in the time since I earned it the AHIMA has changed the title to RHIA, so that is what is on my resume.
Fellow is a highly respected title in the medical field tho--
not for medical transcriptionists!
Do you put "License xxxxx" on a SOAP note for signature title?

I am typing up a SOAP note template for a new PT.  He gave me his credentials, plus his "number," which is his license number for his signature title.  He did not say to put License in front of the number, but I think it looks funny without it. Has anyone ever done this before?  Is it appropriate to put the word "License" before the number?  He is away from the office, otherwise I would ask him myself.   

Thank you!  

Upper Michigan 18 cpl
Where in upper MI if you don't mind
me asking.  I'm in upper MI and everyone around here and surrounding areas balks at anything over 8 cpl.  I've never heard of anyone in our state paying anywhere near that high, so I'm really curious.  Thanks!
Upper back pain

In the past I have had the same problem, but I found that when I lowered my chair it was greatly improved.  It seems I can type faster with my chair higher, but when I lower my chair I have much less pain.  It is something to do with the angle in which my arms are..  When they are pretty much level with the keyboard that is a great improvement in the pain, although I have to sacrifice a little bit of speed it is well worth it.  I also use a split keyboard which also seems to make an improvement in my pain.  I have been at this work for 30 years and believe me I have had pain in all parts of my body related to sitting in this chair in the same position for many hours at a time.  I wish you well.


neck and upper back sm
Swimming helps some. Massage definitely helps. I have asked the massage therapist just to focus on my neck and upper back and to work deeply. Rates for massage depend on where you live. I pay about $60 for an hour. Sometimes you can get a half hour. Definitely ask for what you want with massage, and give feedback about what feels helpful. A chiropractor has helped and a strong vibrator has helped. Good luck! I know the pain.
Have ya'll ever had it really help your belly, esp your upper abdomen?nm
No surprise companies have the upper hand....sm
With a law that says an employer can "fire at will"...I have a hard time thinking the unfairness is NOT supposed to be that way. I could bore you with my past experience but I won't..lets just say after 28 years working in one hospital,an employee file with every yearly evaluation saying "exceeds standards"..the number that was done on me by an HIM director who i later was to learn found out I knew she was "playing doctor" with one of our married OB/GYN physicians and must have felt a bit threatened by that... is a story straight out of a "Fatal Attraction" spoof. On seeing my file in the end.. there was entry after entry of documentation that was literally untrue and fabricated.... when asking a lawyer what I could do.. the answer was nothing... they can fire at will... Some employers... and more specifically HIM directors...are bad people too...
Ergonomics for upper back pain?

I have been having tremendous problems with upper back pain right between my shoulder blades and up into my neck and right shoulder for weeks now.  It makes typing just miserable.

Doc said I had brachial plexopathy, and gave me narcotics and told me to quit transcription.  Since that isn't an option -- any ideas as to how to keep from getting this excruciating pain after an hour of typing?  It goes away on weekends when I don't sit at the computer, so I'm sure it's largely related to my positioning.  I've tried to fix my posture, but sitting up completely straight hurts worse than slouching.

Share any stretches, techniques for arm positioning, etc.  I will be extremely grateful.



Ergonomics for upper back pain
I find that it helps to get up and do a few stretch exercises. I have a 3-minute workout and microbreaks pamphlet that my husband got from his work that shows and explains some exercises including neck and back stretches. It does help when you get stiff from sitting and typing for so long. If you want me to type it up for you, just let me know and I will.
Yikes! He had the "saggiest" upper arms I
neck/upper back problems
Anyone else out there with neck and upper back problems.  I am having problems with neck spasms and it makes my head feel funny with pain into my jaw etc.  Another downfall to our jobs I guess.    Any tips from anyone that has had these and gotten relief would be much appreciated I do not like taking muscle relaxers. 
I have consistently made in the upper $40s to mid $50s in this business.
I have not been chained to the computer. I have even worked just 3 days a week to make that. Long days, mind you, but still only 3 days a week.

I have a talent and great aptitude for this work. I also am fiercely protective of my work time/environment. I work very hard while I'm working. Thus, I do not have to work more than 40 hours a week.

Sit in disbelief all you want. Just remember, you are the one not making the money while many of us are.

If you go to "EXText " in the upper left corner....sm
while in a document, all the shortcuts are listed there. Hope this helps.
Upper righthand side of this page

I'm in southern NY, 2hrs. north of NYC. One of the helpers on MTD is from upper NY, too. nm
Nair for upper lip/face works great
Might be meaning the 3 boxes left upper corner??
the 3 little square boxed in the right hand corner, see them. The middle one makes a bigger screen. Unclick it and it goes back to regular size. This this what you meant.
Hey Pockets. Just click "CHAT now" in the upper right hand corner, and it will take you there.
Or: in the right upper corner you have the minimize, the restore/maximize and the close button. Cl
hit left Shift key 3 times, then right Shift key 3 times -