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Because so far I'm still allowed to express my honest opinion. He hasn't taken that away from us

Posted By: MTME on 2005-06-21
In Reply to: Why the Bush Bashing? - JRBeaman


Those are his words, and what is scary is that I think he believes it. It's bad enough we've got enemies who believe they're in a religious war. With each passing day, I'm starting to think HE believes he's in one, too. If that's the case, we're in more trouble than anyone could have thought.

My post was about HIM, not about you. But it isn't the first time a Bush groupie has PERSONALLY attacked a poster for expressing their opinion about BUSH. Now, how do you think that makes YOU look? Maybe it's YOU who should grow up or at least WAKE up and see what he's doing, not just to us but to the entire WORLD.

As long as we all still have freedom of expression, I'll continue to express my views, whether you like them or not.

And I hope you keep posting. Nobody can prove my point for me like a Bush groupie, and I do appreciate the help!!

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    If we are not allowed to express

    political viewpoints.....what is the point of a political board? 

    I have know idea to what post you are referring to that you posted and was removed.  You would have to take that up with the moderator. 

    And that's your opinion. We are all allowed to have one.
    I read the article and in my honest opinion

    the one about the food should be passed. We have no idea what we are eating anymore. Food comes from different countries that don't have our strict guidelines on food safety and apparently, are not enforced enough.

    I cringe every time I go to the store and see peppers and tomatoes from Chile, Mexico, Peru, or from wherever. Heck, my produce store rarely labels where the foods come from so I don't buy then.  How do we know what pesticides they use?   I try to buy American fresh veggies and fruits but sometimes it's not possible.

    I remember a time when you couldn't get strawberries or other fruits and vegetables  in winter because the growing season was over. Problem is, times have changed. Food comes from all over the globe and "in season" veggies and fruits are a thing of the past. Although it IS convenient, it still bothers me.


    I think some of it is the opportunity to express some covert racism.
    We are free to express whatever faith-related things we want over there, thanks for your input thoug
    Your opinion of torture is your opinion. Tough
    It is not too much to ask to be allowed
    on the politics board. The moderators have some in from time to time to remind us of the lay of the forums. Religion has its very own forum. Please use it when appropriate and respect the rest of us who simply want you to GIVE IT A REST.
    Exactly, how else were millions allowed to die...sm
    And genocide is not something of the past. Darfur is the here and now, but we are not effected economically (i.e., oil), so we go on our merry little way.
    I have to agree also....he should not be allowed (sm)
    to make a dime and Fox should not facilitate him. No one should. It would be nice if no one bought the book and no one watched....but we all know they will and they will. All I can really speak for is myself...I certainly won't be buying or watching.
    So it shouldn't be allowed
    because everyone might suddenly become gay and there would be no offspring? How about artificial insemination? This is a new one on me!
    New VP candidate allowed to appear

    for 30 seconds - no talking - for news cameras with world leaders.  Now, let's hear you say she doesn't have any foreign experience -- here look at this picture.


    I am proud that RW is being allowed to
    been convicted and knows in HIS heart to be right without fear. I hope there has been no compromise or deal in the background made and I do not believe RW is of this character. I am afraid that you are right, the people who elected Obama will not be listening to what RW will have to say because they do not know who he will be talking to. I know this is just something for you and a lot of others to just laugh off, but one of the saddest days of this election was the day the Billy Graham Ministry resigned as as pastor/counselor to the the president since serving in that capacity since Eisenhower. They resigned just a few days after Nov 4.
    Excuse me? So it's only allowed to say bad things
    The first person stated republicans are strange. The first person could hardly know every republican in the USA and her statement was inflammatory. The second person returned the observation, and you say "typical," as though you know who posted it and what is typical behavior of that person? Tsk. You disappoint me, oldtimer. Here I thought perhaps you'd be a voice of reason. First you say stop petty attacks and then you stoop to flinging yourself. Talk about lack of credibility. You're either with them or against them. Did you decide if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
    Citizens are allowed to vote

    with any motivation they wish - FOR someone, AGAINST someone, because they had soup for lunch, etc.  Supreme Court (hey there's a case someone can discuss) upheld same-day registration and voting.  Since they know the constitution and the law, I will trust their judgment.

    The election system is OBVIOUSLY sound, because when Ohioans suggested that the Bush reelection count was rigged, they were denounced as conspiracy theorists.  One cannot have it both ways.


    A Christian is not allowed to comment on Israel? nm
    Have we made new rules?  I didn't know that!  When did that happen!  By the way, sm is exactly right.   Ariel Sharon has made a mistake that will doom Israel.  This is a man who wept on television with fury when saying he would never give up an inch of land and then handed the Gaza strip away. If you have been following this story for some time, decades, as I have, then you know what a tragedy this is.  One does not have to be Jewish to understand it. In fact, if you understand the Biblical significance, you get the picture.  And, of course, Sharon was wrong, as Hamas now wants Jerusalem.  
    They already ARE allowed to stay silent. That's the irony of this.
    It's just one crazy loon who wants to foist HIS version of the world on the rest of us, which is no better than ramming religion down a person's throat.  What about those who wish to say the pledge, now they can't.  It was better the way it was... Say it if you want, don't say it if you don't want to.  That way everybody has the freedom to choose.
    And I want to know why the bin Ladens were allowed to leave the country...sm
    The day after the attacks???
    The trick is, truffle....you are allowed unlimited...
    posts, along as you support the party line. But if you deviate...katy bar the door! They are so tolerant, these dems. They believe in individual freedoms...and shame if the government infringes on them!! But if THEY want to infringe on them...then that is AAAAA-OKKKK. The Audacity of Deception and Hypocrisy...lol.
    I never said citizens weren't allowed to vote.

    I just do not think that same day register and voting should be allowed.  That is my personal opinion and I have the right to have that opinion regardless on how a court ruled on the subject.

    Spelling police not allowed on this board.
    Not allowed. Pubs haven't learned
    I agree, isn't he even allowed to make some jokes.
    because is the President-Elect?
    Guess he wasn't allowed to use the DOD planes
    unlike some others... =)
    I wonder if he'll be allowed to take the famous brush!!

    Homosexuality was never allowed in ancient times
    and it did not become a sin because the christians said it is a sin. It's written in the Bible and this I believe, because it is 'detestable', it is so written in the Bible:

    ' Below are some Bible verses that condemn homosexuality:

    Leviticus 18:22 - You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.
    Leviticus 20:13 - If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death.....'
    It wasn't legal, it was unlawfully allowed; thus, the
    yes, seoparated is still married, no flings allowed...nm
    As long as the posting is not personal, they are allowed to post here. sm
    If you have a problem with that, that is your problem. I have been watching these boards closely.  I have seen some posts come pretty close to personal insults, but as long as they don't, and the Administrator's rules, which were posted earlier, are not broken, cross-posting is allowed. 
    I thought lewd pornographic content is not allowed here...nm

    So your in favor of a creep who tazered a child to be allowed
    She put a stop to this creep being able to abuse his position as a cop who tazered a 10-year old child and put fear into a family with death threats.

    She had the proper and legal authority to fire him. She should have also fired the person who didn't fire him.

    If you think its okay to let thugs run around the streets in cop uniforms yielding badges and guns tazering children and threatening death to people your a real piece of work.
    I guess we are allowed to call names so YOU ARE a FOOL nm
    Can I be honest here? sm

    I keep hearing here and there that O will be assassinated, won't live out his term, etc. That grieves me. I am a registered Republican, live in the south, in a small, rural town FULL of white, racist people. I don't know who they voted for, but I honestly don't think that "white" America is ready for a black president. There are too many racist people (I know tons of them) who refer to O as the N word (yes, you heard me right) and this is in small, rural America. I truly believe he probably won't last.

    It wasn't that long ago that Rosa Parks sat on that bus and it wasn't that long ago when those precious girls from that black Montgomery church were blown up (during church) and remember Jenna 6 and all of the white people who stood up for the boys.

    It's hateful and sickening, yes, but America is still prejudiced as sad as it is to say that. Too many white hate groups. I am in my mid 30s and when I was in college there were very large sects of "skinheads." They are everywhere. They are very prideful. They hate blacks. I am half Hispanic and my family doesn't look white. I've been the subject of racism in the past. People are awful.

    Whether you believe in God or not as a liberal, pray for O's safety because I think he is going to need it.

    I have to be honest, DW....
    when we were debating it I honestly did not realize that some states already provided coverage for all kids no matter what the income level, which seemed to be the sticking point for most of the debaters. The fact that MA and PA could do it, even on the unexpanded program, leads me to believe other states could do it too, if their priorities were in place. Washington is such a goofy place, really...if the Democrats had prefaced it differently and had not used the implicit words to extend it "higher up the income ladder" and just stated they wanted to dole more out to the states so it would be easier for them to insure all the state's kids...I don't think there would have been such an issue. They purposely sent a bill they knew Bush would veto, which is a ridiculous exercise...I think it was purely political election time posturing and misleading to both Democrat and Republican voters. It did what it was intended to do, and that is make a headline that Bush did not want to insure kids, when that is not at all a true statement. That being said...PA and MA DO show that it is possible under current funding, and I am entirely FOR putting it at the discretion of the states how to use the money for their CHIP programs without the interference of the feds other than funding. Now if the states want to impose some kind of taxes to support it, like a penny sales tax or something, to supplement the program in order to do so, I am all in favor of that, if they tailor it to the needs of their state...and who knows better than the state government what that would take? They know their populations, they know their income levels...and they can come up with a better plan. I am 100% on board for that!! It would be interesting to know how MA and PA funded those programs at the current level...because they did. PA's has been around for quite awhile. :-)
    Just being honest...
    Certainly this poster is entitled to his/her point of view, even if he/she is completely intolerant of anyone else's point of view. The poster speaks of an open mind, yet has a very closed mind himself/herself.

    For all the talk that liberals make about freedoms, apparently that only extends to those who agree with them. Sounds more like a fascist state than America.

    Condescencion, intolerance...are these the hallmarks of liberalism?
    come on, be honest

    you laughed at the mental image that statement conjured up also.


    Look....if you are going to be honest about this...
    just read up on it from start to finish. It was not a big deal, the same guy who is screaming for her head now was saying the governor's office is fully cooperating and subpoenas will not be necessary...and she was, and that was the truth. Now that the Obama lawyers descended it is a whole new ballgame, has been politicized when it should not have been. It should be stopped, it has become a 3-ring circus. THere are pictures now of the two Dems yelling the loudest with Obama yucking it up at a support rally. The investigation is tainted now. The investigator they hired is personal friends with the guy who was fired. Come on now....hatchet job. They need to put in the hands of someone truly independent, don't you think that is fair? Or no?
    to be honest...
    I'm just going to be honest with you - there is not a whole lot of incentive for those that are on the welfare rolls to get off. Unless you are educated anymore then those low paying minimum wage jobs do not pay what has to be paid for someone to live - even at 2 and 3 jobs.

    And most people cannot afford to go to college - even if they have the aptitude for it. Not everybody in this world is cut out for school. It is not just because they are dumb. I have a son who is above average smart, but just cannot handle school - does that make him dumb? No, it means he is going to have to work his butt off though to even barely get by.

    And yes, I do think that the richer people of this world should pay more taxes. I don't necessarily know about a higher percentage, but I know that the darn loop holes that exist that keep them from paying as much as I do should be done away with...

    I don't want anybody to give me anything, I am doing it all by myself however I have to, and I am luckier than most that I can make a good living, but I can see that some people need help to survive now.

    It is not like it used to be - prices have gone up, up, and up, but wages are staying the same and ya'll all know that. You talk about how you did this, or you did that to get by, and you know what, I did too 20 years ago, but 20 years ago I was not paying $5.00 a gallon for milk and $2.69 for a loaf of bread and making $7.50 or $8.00 an hour. I was not paying $3-4 a gallon for gasoline to get to my $7.50 or $8.00 an hour job. I was not paying $600 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment that legally I was not supposed to have my children living in together...

    I feel sorry for the young people today that are starting out on their own and I feel sorry for the people that ya'll are all calling stupid and lazy and worthless just because they are not up to your standards. I am so glad that I am not that judgmental of people that I cannot see that people right now need help... and it is getting worse right in front of our eyes.

    I sincerely hope that not a one of you who are so down on people that need help in putting their lives together find yourselves in the position of needing help in the future.
    He was not honest.

    Obama is a socialist.  His record and ideals are proof enough of that.  All of you lemmings are convinced he handled himself well and are crying out about how unfair he was treated in that interview.....yet if this were Palin....you would be crying how dumb she is and didn't handle things well.  Talk about double standards.  You people sicken me.  I'm so tired of this crap.  I will be glad when this election is over and McCain kicks Obama's @ss.  I'm so sick and tired of hearing about Change......that is ALL you people friggin hear!.

    Well.....you better be prepared because God help us if Obama wins.....that is all we will have left in our banks accounts......some change.  Get a clue!

    Actually no....not get better ones...just be HONEST...
    about the ones he HAS. That would be a terrific start. The truth is always a good place to start.
    Sam, to be honest, I don't think about it much at all either -
    I do not think about abortion because in my life it was/is not an option. That being said, I think it is something that people should have the right to choose if they want to.

    Why do you think government should get to meddle in one part of a woman's life and not be able to meddle in every part of a person's life? That is the underlying question here...

    I just wish they ALL could be honest
    without worrying about offending SOMEONE. It's ridiculous.
    To be quite honest
    even though I am against gay marriage due to my faith, I understand the fact that not everyone goes by the rules of God. Although it is unfortunate given the eternal consequences.

    However, I feel that opening the door for gay marriage does in the end open the door for ANY marriage. The argument will still be "if traditional marriage and gay marriage are okay, why not polygamy?" I think that is the next step in the progression. Maybe I am wrong, we will just have to wait and see I guess.
    I rest my case. Obviously this person does not understand that in America we are allowed to have our
    Cindy Sheehan not allowed to watch SOU address, was arrested.

    Half an hour later we learn that no such thing happened. Cindy simply wore a T-shirt with an antiwar message on it and was promptly hauled off to jail.

    In Bushworld, you can not only be arrested and hauled off to jail for wearing a controversial T-shirt, but the major media will also make up ridiculous lies about you and broadcast them world-wide. That's some performance for a liberal press. But oh ho ho, we were all being so paranoid four years ago to claim that the press was a willing servant of deliberate Rovian disinformation spinmeisters. Once again, we are right on the mark and the Repubs? - blind and wrong and misdirected as usual - let us count the many things about which the progressive thinking people of this nation have been absolutely correct, and the Bush supporters oh so regrettably wrong. Wow, it would take pages and pages!

    Can't tell them anything though - they can't admit it when they are wrong. The way things are going, they're going to deny us right into the communist USSR of 1965 - the state our teachers used to scare us about in 1965 - and we would think, oh, how awful to live in a place where the government controls all the media, where protestors are thrown in jail, where you have to be worried about speaking above a whisper if you criticize the government, because your own neighbor will turn you in! Oh those poor people, having their mail opened and never being able to see any real news, only what the govt. wants them to see!

    But of course that was back in the days when dissent was patriotic, when Americans didn't spy on each other, when the govt. could not throw you in jail without a trial, when even Presidents had to resign if they wiretapped you without a warrant. You know, the OLD America, when nobody was above the law and citizens were shocked when the lies and deceit and self-serving greed of elected officials was exposed, instead of sniggering and giggling behind their hands about how bold their guys are, and ain't it grand they're still in charge.

    Gee, I really miss it - was good while it lasted, and something to tell the grandkids about.

    Debate is allowed on the political forums. Be respectful in your posts. If you

    cannot post in kind, DON'T POST. 

    History is history and opinion is opinion. You need to learn the difference.
    Guys, I'm going to be honest...sm
    I don't see what the major deal is about the wire tapping. Maybe there's something I'm missing, but as a child I've always been told that the government tapped phone lines warrantlessly (seeing as how they could probably get a warrant anyway).

    So tell me in laymen's terms, what is the big problem with this for the average law abiding citizen?
    Nope, just honest...get over it!

    Thanks for being honest, Kaydie. :)
    It is fine to support whoever you want to support, and it is fine to change your mind about who you support. It should be who YOU want and feel will do the best for the country, whoever that is. And to have the guts to say so. Good for you, Kaydie!

    I just got back from Gettysburg, and read the words "so that government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE shall not perish from this earth." It does not say government of the PARTY, by the PARTY, and for the PARTY, shall not perish from this earth. It is about us, as individuals, and I wish every individual this election cycle would vote their individual conscience, what they really feel is right for the country, not what the DNC or RNC tells them they should.

    THAT is what I like about Sarah Palin. She has bucked her party, she has faced down good ol' boy politics in her own party and cleaned them out...and most of all...she says that elected officials should serve with a servant's heart. GOOD FOR HER!! What a breath of FRESH AIR and how much further could you get from Washington politics as usual than that?? GO MCCAIN-PALIN!!
    Now that would be an honest Democrat...lol
    No, I will be honest, I waffled between he and two others at first...
    as I researched it and the debates started, it came down to he and one other, and by the end of the primaries I was hoping he would be the candidate. Reader's Digest, it was not him alone at the start.

    And I have no buyer's remorse. I still feel he is the guy for the job.