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If you can't find them...well (sm)

Posted By: Just the big bad on 2008-11-02
In Reply to: Then why don't you................sm - m

you obviously have a problem already.  Sources I've used include a direct link to the US Senate, factcheck.org (an organization that even Fox uses), going to bills/legistation directly....etc. 

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find out. I find sam's posts to the point
I couldn't find that one but I did find this

S.Amdt.4170: To protect families, family farms and small businessees by extending the income tax rate structure, raising the death tax exemption to $5 million and reducing the maximum death tax rate to no more than 35%; to keep education affordable extending the college tuition deduction; and to protect senior citizens from higher taxes on their retirement income, maintain U.S. financial market competitiveness, and promote economic growth by extending the lower tax rates on dividents and capital gains.

NAY: Biden and Obama   YEA: McCalin

I.E., this is in the voting record in the public records. There are not too many voting records there for the O since he started his campaign and most of those he voted NAY or say Not Voting.


Well, then, please find me one that you find to be racist.

Find it yourself...
I used to answer all of these posts requiring that I go back and find the names and dates and places of anything that I posted to prove what I was saying. What usually happened was that it would still be discounted for some reason or another as biased, meaningless or just untrue so I have stopped reresearching for the nonbelievers. I read papers. I watch news shows. I watch senate proceedings.  David Gergen, Ed Gillespie, William Buckley, Susan Collins, Peter King, Bill Bennett are a few off the top of my head but if you need proof, you do the legwork. I assure you it is out there. C-SPAN is a good source. You can see and hear them in action.
You know what I find to be
OFF-THE-WALL mindboggling about the king's apologists/cultists is that they shriek about illegal immigration with *They're breaking the LAW!*....hmmm, so they don't hold their king to the standard they expect from noncitizens of this country? It's hard work drinking all that Kool-Aid!

Meanwhile, Cheney claims he hasn't seen the senate report re: no connection between Osama and Saddam, and Rice insists there WERE ties and it was all Tenet's fault. HUH?! So now I'm wondering, does this mean Tenet has to return his medal of freedom? After all, it's not like he said he was pressured to manufacture the intelligence to suit Bush and Co.

Took me a while to find this....

And Clinton is a serial rapist. So what is your point? sm

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Posted By: Brunson on 2006-05-03,
In Reply to: Hitchens is a public and private severe alcoholic - Mind

Everyone knows that Hitchens is an alcoholic.  You are adding nothing to this conversation.  Act like an adult or leave. 

I cannot find it
but I have also seen a picture where Obama is standing on a platform with other people who are pledging allegiance to our beautiful flag with their hand over their hearts, and Obama is just standing there.  This is the picture that really made me wonder what this guy is made of, where he is coming from, and where he wants to take us!
I find it odd.....
I find it odd that people won't follow the constitution written about 200 years ago by our founding fathers (people we know what they looked like). They say it's old and archaic and has no place in today's world - times have changed.

Yet...they will follow the bible word for word that was written around 1500 to 400 BC. - which by the way was written by men keeping in the parts they wanted to and not putting in other parts they didn't want to.

Where is the sanity?
why can't they find them?
They have to put the info into a computer somewhere? Why can't it just tell them that it is invalid - my local office was able to tell me within 24 hours that I was okay to vote this year.
Where did you find this?
Once again, you only want to find something to
Won't be able to find you and your ilk. You;ll be
living under the same rock you crawled out from under. Bye-Bye, sad Brad.
We can find these all day...

long, but until you actually look at McCain's voting record, posts like this (including the one below) are nothing but opinion.


The ones I find concerning:
"The president-elect has promised changes in policies. There is a capacity for the improvement of ties between America and Iran if Obama pursues his campaign promises, including not confronting other countries as Bush did in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also concentrating on America's state matters and removing the American people's concerns."

In other words, sit down with us with no preconditions and let's powwow.

"The news we are receiving on the results of the American presidential election shows that everyone has the right to hope for a freshening of US approaches to all the most complex issues, including foreign policy and therefore relations with the Russian Federation as well."

In other words, come into my parlor said the spider to the fly...

The rest kind of backs up his citizen of the world mantra. Will wait and watch for how that plays out.

The one I find amusing:
"We don't expect any change through our previous experience with the Democrats. When it comes to foreign policy there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats."

They won't find it. LOL (nm)

I always find that the most
vociferous against religion are the ones who are so afraid there is a God that when their time comes and their life is judged, they know what's coming, and feel guilty for the life they are leading.
I don't want to find out what comes after

trillion but if our government continues to spend the money, I fear we may find out the hard way.  All I've heard about is how Bush doubled our deficit in 8 years.  Well, Obama has been in office not even a full month and wants to add 1 trillion dollars to it....although he continues to say 800 billion in his charismatic speeches.  I'm also so tired of the blame game.  Obama himself made sure in his speech last night at the democratic retreat (which, BTW, taxpayers helped pay for, thanks O) to mention that government is a group of people throwing out ideas and it isn't one person dictating everything.  Yet he continues to blame one person, Bush, for our crisis.  This crisis has been a long time coming people and started before Bush, although he didn't help either.  I blame government as a whole and I intend to hold both dems and pubs feet to the fire and since the dems are currently in control......they are most definitely getting more criticism from me because they are in charge at this point.  Doesn't mean I'm not keeping an eye on the pubs too cuz Lord knows there are crooks in both parties.

Find it For Yourself
what I did find out
Each province administers their own so perhaps what I said in jest is actually true. Montreal has figured out something Ontario has not. It seems some provinces have got this down pat, no long waits, no refusal of particular cares, etc., etc., etc., and their residents are extremely satisfied. Costs are quite low, can be as low as $98 per month for a family of four, which covers basically everything except prescriptions. Not to worry, however, as prescription costs are much lower in Canada. Plus most employers cover the full cost for their employees (not the prescriptions but the insurance). All the things we hear of as awful are just not true - in some provinces. However, in other provinces they are true - long waits, no care, etc., etc., etc. If we could but have the good parts of their plan!
Does anyone else find it

interesting that Obama ridiculed McCann for taxing healthcare benefits during his campaign and yet that is now something on the table Obama is considering to help fund his healthcare reform. Funny how something that was once ridiculous to him is now something okay to do and how dare we question him. 

Once again.....why aren't democrats holding Obama's feet to the fire here?  Lie after lie and broken promise after broken promise.  If anyone from any other party flip flopped and lied like this....you guys would crucify him/her.  What gives?

Okay, now that I know where to find it...
has anyone read this crap? I'm about 100 pages in and none of it sounds good yet.

Have I just not gone far enough to get to the good part?
Where did gt do that? Show me please because I can't find it.

I find it hard to believe you don't see it.

Couldn't find it.

All I could find on that board was complaining and whining about liberals and how they're all terrible and godless, etc., etc.  'Nuff said.  

I I find it difficult to take anything that ..
O'Reilly says to heart. His demeanor is the true definition of a blowhard bully. I tend to tune out when people are screaming at me or really dishing out the hate stuff. Having said that, I do not believe that the Marine thing is about **good** or **bad** apples.  War is an unnatural state. War without end is even worse. I don't know any details - none of us do - but in a setting where soldiers are deployed and redeployed and redeployed over and over in a hostile tribal environment where they do not know who is friend or foe, this tragedy does not come as a surprise. I certainly don't condone this, no one would, but I understand how it could happen and I believe that if it did happen that those involved are not necessarily **bad apples.**  Everyone keeps saying that 99.9% of the military are exemplary soldiers. I am not so sure that those involved are not as well. Gross mismanagement of the troops, a complete lack of understanding of the tribal nature of Iraq, in other words, a failure from the Pentagon on down would be the culprit in my opinion. These are the people who should be held accountable but that, of course, will not happen. A few very low-on-the-totem-pole soldiers will be the scapegoats in this and generals and civil service Pentagon folks will just walk away. I am still waiting for the dogs from Abu Ghraib to be indicted. That is just about how inept and ridiculous the management of the war has been.  As far as Murtha goes...I believe he truly believes what he says and is extremely concerned about the troops themselves, the real people fighting on the real ground in real Iraq. I think he speaks from his heart and could care less about payback or whatever. I think that he is frustrated and angry and feeling helpless as many of us are over a situation that has good outcome possible.
Where did you find this story? sm
I can't find anything anywhere on this.   Thank you!
If they can find the right spin they will..sm
But they have to be careful how the approach active duty soldiers you know. Especially since they have spent the last 3 years saying liberals were not supporting the troops.
Encouraging? How anyone could find any...
of this encouraging...sigh.
I just find it amusing .....
that the same kind of journalism, as long as it puts forward liberal junk as opposed to conservative junk, the site is fine. As I explained in a later post, I do not read Front Page and did not "check it out" to see which way it leaned, as I already knew the facts. That was the first site I saw who printed the facts. I posted from there because it covered the topic of the thread. When Taiga complained, I went and copied the same thing from Common Dreams, an extremely liberal page. My point is, if something is factual, it does not matter which side of the political fence prints it. Some of you are just so fast to pile on because of the site something comes from, without even bothering to check the facts before assuming if it is on a "conservative" site it has to be a lie. What is up with that anyway?

Help me find what you refer to...
I am trying to figure you what you meant by Beyond Belief. I went to the website and searched under Berlin speech but nothing came up. I am interested to know what you are trying to say. What did you read that gave you this reaction?
You don't find it the least bit distasteful....
that they are making a 68 million dollar profit killing babies? Well of course not...what am I thinking. If slicing and dicing babies, sucking their brains out with needles, and if that doesn't work, just put them in the dirty laundry room until they go ahead and die, little annoyances that they are...why should you care if there is a $68 million dollar profit involved?? Sheesh.
You are about to find out, in the above post
Where does one find the rules? There have been...
many posts that were quite lengthy. Is there a limit on length or just cut and paste?
I really find it hard to believe
the Clintons when I know deep down they don't want him for prez either.  How can you endorse someone when you tried so hard to put them down and show they weren't right for the job in the first place?
Because I find it offensive
I see the sam squad btch and complain when weary posters seek to ban her from the board when she is outnumbered, rally to her defense and smugly proclaim themselves conquering heroes and then turn right around and behave the same way toward the left-side version of sam. Of course, this is entirely predictable when considering that hypocrisy is inbred amongst the pubs. It is that genetic trait that I feel compelled to point out because it has much larger political implications relative to the broader issues that pubs spend so much time avoiding. In case you missed it the first time around, let me point out that this is not a whine, but rather an observation and criticism of hypocrisy and double standard that the pubs seek to promote as legitimate campaign rhetoric (NOT). It is that legitimate campaign rhetoric to which I now turn my attention.
I can't find anything on the $50K fundraiser....
could you provide a link? Thanks!
I will see if I can find the article....according...
to the article the jobs were the same.
I can't find it either....this morning....sm
I saw a .pdf file and when I clicked on it for the new bailout plan as worked out by the Senate, nothing came up on my screen. It was blanked out. Now it isn't there, so it may still be evolving, I dunno.

What I did hear on one of the money talk shows this morning , is that the bill is now up to something ridiculous like 450 pages long. I cringe if I try to wonder what all it does and does not contain.

However, one bright spot in this bill is that it sounds like they are going to get rid of the mark to market rule (dunno if it's going to be temporary or permanent). But from what I understand, that little thing alone, getting rid of the "mark to market" will free up money for all banks to want to begin the lending process again. This is a very, very good thing.

I did not find it creepy at all -
If you look at any of my videos of my children in their school programs when they were young, they were always staring at the director and trying so hard to make sure they got everything just right and yes, they looked "glassy eyed" and robotic. The hand gestures?

Well for anyone that knows any sign language, that was what that was all about and yes, when you start learning signs you look scared and uncomfortable doing them, not sure if you are remembering right.

You can make anything "creepy" if you want to - this is just another example of trying to find something somewhere.

And as usual, I am going to say I am not democratic, I am not republican - just stating my opinion.
I just find this very curious....

Gay men from Barack Obama's Chicago church have been murdered and their murders go unsolved. These men were murdered in 40 days of each other around November 2007 to December 2007, when Obama was running for president. One was Obama's churches choir master, a man named Donald Young.

That is extremely disturbing that Barack Obama, a man running for president, has had murders in his church of gay males and their killings have gone unsolved.

That is unheard of for one church to have a couple of murders, especially during a time when a parishioner of the church is a person running for the highest office in the land, in over one month. Then the murders were of gay men in a church that was friendly to them because they knew the choir master was openly gay. This is a church Obama's children went to and Barack exchanged marriage vows with Michelle.

The choirmaster was killed execution style in December. This is a big story because imagine if that had happened to another presidential or vice-presidential candidate, that members of their follow church members were murdered in seperate killings.

Hopefully there will be justice and civil rights for these gay men.  

Where did you find all this info?

I know he didn't put his hand over his heart during the national anthem, but I haven't heard about him not saying the pledge, saluting the flag, or not shaking the hands of soldiers.

I do feel that Obama is someone that we need to question.  I think his followers are in for a big surprise if Obama gets elected.  But putting aside all of his associations, etc.......Obama will not help this economy.  He puts Bush down for the deficit going up and if you add up all of Obama's government plans and spending.....he will actually add more to the deficit.  To raise taxes on anyone during this kind of crisis isn't good for the economy.  There aren't enough "rich" people to tax to pay for all Obama wants to do.  It isn't feasible. 

I don't make enough money and I will be one of the supposed 95% that benefits from Obama's plan.  However, I still don't think him taxing only the rich is a feasible thing and I don't want a government handout.  Not all of that 95% are working people and they will basically get a welfare check with money they didn't earn.  Just let me have and keep the money I earn.  I don't want money taken from others who earned it.  That isn't right.  I want the American dream.  I want what I have because I earned it....not because it was given to me and taken from someone else. 

I've always been told by my parents that you will feel good about yourself if you work hard and achieve something.  Getting a monthly welfare check with money you didn't earn at the expense of hard working individuals isn't achieving anything.  It is doing nothing but penalizing hard work.  It is destroying the American dream.  Why strive to achieve something when the government is going to take it away from you and give it to someone who didn't strive to achieve anything?

I find it difficult
to believe so many of you really feel Obama is just pretending to care about people and is some sort of terrorist. Do you really believe that or just trying to keep things stirred up?

It is so unbecoming.
why do you find that so difficult?
Do you honestly believe he has your best interests at heart? Do you honestly feel totally safe when you see his past associations and review his record? I don't find that unbecoming; I find it scary....that so many people can be taken in and ignore so much that should be questioned and should make them nervous. Why is the rest of the world so invested in seeing him as the next president? I don't think it's because they want what is best for the US, do you???
I find it ironic
you both spelled imbecilic incorrectly. Okay everyone can blast me now for being the spelling police. Fire away.
I don't really know what you find so funny
I was simply stating that the MAJORITY will decide who the next President will be, meaning whoever gets the most votes
It will also be very sad for you all when you find out that Obama will...sm
fail to keep his all of his innumerable promises to you all.

Already, the bar has dropped from the 250,000 down to 120,000.

Tonight alone, the media commentators, are starting to make excuses for Obama, and how he will not be able to do this or that. How will he be able to afford this program and that one without raising taxes? Oh gee, we don't know....and these commentators are liberal media, too.

They are saying they have no idea what his stance are on issues, and how left he may or may not be....as if the had never had the chance to find out.

There was also an interview with an Obama supporter, who really, truly believes that Obama will be paying for all her gas and her mortgage, so she will have no more financial worries...ever.

We non-Obama believers, have also become quite weary of the ignorant masses who have been completely and totally fooled.

Wait till you all wake up with a hangover, with nothing to show for it but broken promises.

Part of me wishes and hopes that I will be wrong, and your hearts won't be broken.
Here's hoping you will find your way
fear and dark foreboding. It does not sound like a very happy place. While erring on the side that change can be good, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.
I actually don't find it to be a surprise at all...
California voted to ban gay marriage before. The supreme court overturned the proposition and allowed it, citing that it was against the state constitution, so all this did was amend the constitution to reinstate what has been voted in before.
I didn't see it, can you tell me where I can find it.
I'll try searching.
I find it interesting
that no one here has mentioned the fact that he has ALREADY been in positions of influence in the White House during the Clinton Administration.

Like it or not, Clinton actually did do some outstanding things, personal lack of morals aside, he was a good president. Then came Bush.........
oh, so sorry for jumping on you when you were just trying to find out if