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Sure you can: You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think. sm

Posted By: TechSupport on 2009-03-30
In Reply to: I prefer the Dorothy Parker version - Mythbuster

She came up with this while playing a game in which she was asked to use the word "horticulture" in a sentence.

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To paraphrase, you can lead a horse to the facts, but you can't make it think. nm
I think horticulture is a fine word. :-)
This would lead one to believe....
you are a communist, you have no problem with a man with marxist leanings as President...or you are cruising down the river denial. Which one is it?
What did I ever to say to lead you
to think I believe his lies?
Lead by example and clean up
no telling where this will lead.
Yes. Do tell how conservatives would lead us
out of the darkness and into the light.
He does not only lead Christians
Qualified to lead the country? How?
CNN lead story this am: How to pray
Why don't you ask the double digit lead
Nothing except a double-digit lead.
I was just saying to follow the lead of your hero
he lost but he is moving past it, unlike the RRs on this board
If Bush wanted to lead s/m
I think a nice black tie BBQ would have satisfied protocol.  Beer goes real well with BBQ and it doesn't cost $300 a bottle.  Maybe Bush is still clinging to "the economy is fundamentally sound."  Maybe he'd like to tell that to my single parent neighbor who was laid off from her manufacturing job yesterday after 15 years because they're moving the plant to MEXICO.
You can lead a horse to water...
You can teach teenagers abstinence, but you can't make them practice it! Therefore, teaching birth control makes much more sense. If Bristol Palin had been given access to birth control, she wouldn't be in the predicament she's in.
If you are not pro-military action in Iraq (which lead to war)...sm
Then we are on the same side of this debate.
people are starting to pay attention. Obama's lead
Correction. Latest numbers show a 6.5 lead.
how many seats in Congress adn the Senate the democrats gained? The message seems pretty clera to me. How do you keep that hatred from eating you up from the inside out? Obama won because desptie GOP's best efforts, they trust their future more to him than McCain. No amount of negativity can change the feeling of uplift, hope, excitement and enthusiasm for our President-elect. I feel sorry for you that you seem so determined to keep yourself down in the mud pit. Election's over. Your party needs your attention. Your country needs your help. Go figure.
For your informtion: When Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt
into the Holy land (Palestine) in the 13th century BC- this is known as Exodus - this land was already inhabited by a people, the Canaanites = Palestinians.
The Palestianians were in Palestine, The Holy land, before the Israelites arrived in Palestine:

The Canaanites (c. 2000 BC- 1468 BC)

History of Palestine

About 2000 BC, a Semitic people of remarkable industry, enterprise and intelligence occupied Palestine as well as Lebanon. They were called "Canaanites", and Palestine and Lebanon then both became known as "the land of Canaan".

NOBODY can make Saddam look good. But Bush seems to be the ONLY one who can make him look less

If you can't make abortion illegal, just make it impossible (sm)

That's right, Bush is still alive and well.  Check this out.


Yeah, I know it's MSNBC, but how many other people are doing a lame duck watch?

Just because you make a statement does not make it true...
temporary jobs lead to permanent jobs -
projects are always just temporary; however, they lead to more permanent positions. Also, by the time some of these "temporary" jobs are over, the crisis should be settling down too. Do you think that rebuilding our infrastructure is going to happen in a day, week, or month?

What should we do? Tell these people who will be temporarily paid not to work for the next couple of years on these jobs because they are only temporary? That is a good idea - nobody do the temporary jobs, that way the projects will never get done and the deficit will not go up, and the economy will just continue to decline...

That's a great way to handle it!
Those who make you believe absurdities can make

Perhaps we can make a
between lying because he was a husband caught with a bimbo and lying to even the score with Wilson who knew of the intelligence manipulation for going to war and jeopardizing national security issues. You really don't see the difference here? If Hillary can stand her husband for being a cad, that's hers and Bill's business, not mine. Whereas this administration has lied about Iraq. Clinton lied--nobody died. Bush lied--2000+ died, not to mention the *collateral damage* of innocent Iraqis as pointed out by Democrat above. And you don't see the difference?!
This is what I make of it...sm
Supposedly if the insurgents lay down their arms and come over to the good side they will be allowed amnesty. Info leaked from Iraqi prime minister, al-Maliki, office that he was considering giving amnesty to insurgents and terrorist who have not killed Iraqi citizens. His office later added US soldiers into the equation.

Supporters of said amnesty believe it will lead to further isolating the *bad* terrorist and be inclusive of the *good* terrorist, allowing them become a functioning part of the new Iraq. Bring them over to the good side so to speak.

We can't make it here.
don't mean to make any

one more nervous, but visualize this scenario, McCain falls down and breaks a hip. The vice president who has stated "I have not thought much about foreign policy" (despite having HER OWN SON going to Iraq soon)  has to make a crucial decision that does not involve a rogue moose, her brother-in-law's behavior, or what to wear at a beauty pageant.  Scary.  Since she has not thought much about foreign policy, what group of Washington people are going to be instructing her on foreign policy soon?  The Karl Rove group who is advising them on all issues. If you have enjoyed the last 8 years, you're gonna l-o-v-e the next 4 if McCain wins.


Exactly. And the DNC will make him pay for it, too.
You have to make up your own

mind.  If you are curous as to what he studied, you can look that up.  Why ask some stranger to get that info for you?  He was a constitutional law professor, but as for specific classes, I don't know. I like him for his ideas, his honesty, his humor, his obvious love for his family, his unique time spent in both the black and white communities. His past has been thoroughly reviewed and shows only integrity.  The fact that he is attacked only for people he has known actually shows me that he has an immaculate record.  I don't know many who could stand up to that kind of scrutiny.  I think he is a once-in-a-lifetime leader - he has the ability to inspire and the humbleness to listen to different views about issues along with a brillant intellect.  His life shows his principals and I can find not one false note.  That is my opinion of him.  I am sure to be attacked over silly stuff for this post, but I can give it right back, so that's okay.


Make that 15
15. GLOBAL WARMING: Biden said that he knows what is causing global warming when in fact, even the best scientists in the country can't agree on what is causing global warming.
Does that make 2 now?
Now, whatever would make YOU
I want him to make sure that the
US is the leader in development of alternative energy sources.  This would solve so many problems in one fell swoop:  Creating new industries thereby creating thousands of new jobs, address the global warming issue, helping us move away from our addiction to fossil fuels and foreign oil.  If the US would come out as a leader in this, then many other nations would follow.  He also stated that our infrastructure was in sore need of updating, that our power grid in this country is one of our major weaknesses making us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.  I have never heard anyone else address this issue.  Makes so much sense!
Huh. That does make me wonder.
I know that if I was making it big my parents wouldn't be living in a double wide and my dad's house would have the improvements that it needs. I mean I wouldn't pay there way for everything but I'd make sure they had a decent place to live and weren't struggling. That's just what families do.
And what does that make you?

Rah, Rah, Rah, Yes we can, Change, Change, Change, Blah, Blah, Blah

Then that would make him.........sm
half American. And disqualified from serving for POTUS!

What is ridiculous is that you (collectively speaking to all libs) cannot understand that he is a FRAUD! He does not meet the qualifications, plain and simple. It would be the same thing if he were 38 years old....he would be disqualified on age.

I will say this, and you can call me a tin-hatter if you want, but IF the SC upholds the lower courts' decisions and allows Obama be POTUS, then we might as well chunk the whole Constitution out the window because the rest of it will be meaningless. If those judges let this go through, it will only further demonstrate how this election was orchestrated from the beginning....or even before the beginning.
Make that 6.8%.
It does make you wonder whose
butt the big liberal news is trying to kiss today. Those numbers are continually tossed around and no one bothers to check the facts. A neighbor who worked for GM for 40 years does get pension and healthcare benefits, etc., but the average worker now is making roughly $40/hour, which would include their benefits package as well. Of course, that is still great pay and is what many do not realize is actually what keeps the middle class in this country going.

I too was surprised they are going on and on about what the 3 big auto execs are using for transportation to get to the hearings considering you didn't hear a bunch of hooplah about what the AIG execs were skirting around the countryside in. Strange no liberal media went on and on and on about what they drove, what style they traveled in, etc., so it becomes very clear to me who the brown nosers are.
Really make you wonder
I haven't read the article but will. My take on the global warming conspiracy....someone sure is profiting from it. I won't say his name but his initials begin with AG (if you couldn't guess already).

All I know is I'm not about to have some energy hog riding around in a motorcade of SUV's (with one whole SUV just for his luggage), using however much energy, fuel, etc he wants and polluting the planet big time to tell me how I need to live.

There is a natural warming of the planet. It's happening with other planets too. Don't tell me people actually believe it's the earthlings fault for the warming of other planets too.

Lots of money to be had in this subject, but nothing has been proven yet. Especially since we all know the charts that AG uses to try to prove a point are not correct. Sorry but I'll listen to the scientists with years of knowledge and studying on the subject, not someone who is blowing off hot steam to get rich off of this scheme of his.
Oh yes! Make sure your have on your top hot, too!
;-) LOL!!
make too much?? I'm an MT!
Not likely I make too much as I am an MT!! Don't know any MTs in the $250K bracket, do you? If you do, I want to work where they do!!
So that would make
baby killers extremists. Glad you cleared that up. ;-)
This make me so angry!

As Karl Rove himself said, Wilson's wife was "fair game."

I've said before that it's not only Valerie Plame who he endangered, but everyone who has worked with her during her work with WMDs.  We're in the middle of a WAR, but this "good ol' boy" administration doesn't care what they do or don't do in that respect.  They don't care whose lives they endanger.  They don't THANK these people for their service and for putting their lives in danger to try to make this country a better place. No, instead they see a man who has dared to disagree with King George, and they target his wife for potential danger, to get even with her husband for disagreeing with Almighty George Dumbya Bush.  They act like a redneck version of the Mafia. The CIA deserve more respect than this administration gives it, but this administration doesn't think much of respect.  Bush blatantly doesn't care who in the world respects us, and he offers no respect to anyone else in this world.  He is perfect, and he makes no mistakes, and if you don't believe me, just ask him or one of his aids or one of his flunkies on this board.  They'll all tell you how perfect he is.

I've seen Larry Johnson on different programs, and the views he expressed in this letter absolutely reflect what he said on TV.  How in the world could any CIA source trust the CIA to protect his or her identity when the president of this country makes it clear that everything is "fair" in this good ol' boy Mafia-type game played in Washington.

Rove definitely should have his security clearance yanked.  He clearly doesn't deserve it.  Neither does Bush.

They don't make threats. SM
What's wrong with having guns?  They aren't wave them around.  They are proudly displaying them.  I guess it's more of a man thing. We have lots of guns but I am not really into them.  I don't care if someone else is though.  And that has nothing to do with war.  This is a typical liberal response to someone upholding their rights under the Constitution.  Silence the dissenters, take away the guns, remove all Christian religion from sight.  It's pretty obvious by your post that is what is going on with you.  It's called ignorance. 
Yes, anything to make an argument...sm
No pun intended to reality check, but yes anything can turn into an argument. Yep.
There is NO CONTEXT that can make it better.
You all keep saying taken out of context but you don't offer one iota of evidence to show this makes a bit a difference, or say why. Anytime someone is quoted the words are taken out of context.

Why don't you put your point on the line and explain why it makes a difference in this case?
Make that "staged"..nm
I don't care either way. Don't try and make this something it isn't. nm

I didn't make fun of anyone.

This issue is not funny.  It could be deadly for us all.  There are certain Christians who will defend Israel no matter what Israel does.  I think a legitimate question is why.  Jewish people obviously do not accept Jesus Christ as their savior.  So why do some Christians have such undying loyalty to these people?  Is it because they truly put them on a pedestal (again, if so, why?), or is it because of the real estate inhabited by Israel, which just happens to contain the holiest of cities?  Or is it because the Bible says they must not turn their back on Israel or they won't get into heaven?  Some of them are very excited about the prospect of the Rapture.  Coincidentally, these people also represent Bush's base.  Do they believe the Jews are worthy of heaven only if they convert to a certain form of Christianity?  And what happened to Pat Robertson's theme park plans in Israel, and why did it happen?  How does Jerry Fallwell feel about Jews' entrance into heaven?  And can't anyone else see how this could be interpreted as the Jewish religion being inferior to the views of certain Christians?

I personally feel the Jews are entitled to gain entrance to heaven as much as anyone else of any other religion is.  Why don't you?

These people don't represent all Christians, as Starcat pointed out in this thread.  I can't help but find it fascinating that when either Israel or the concept of loyalty to Israel is brought up, a nerve is struck, and attacks against posters asking the questions ensue, without any answers ever being provided to the questions that were asked.

This is not a religious forum, and religious comments really shouldn't be posted here.  Unfortunately, we have a President who has mixed religion and politics so intrinsically during his administration that they can't be separated now.

I have full respect for anyone's religious beliefs, and what they believe is none of my business, but if the entire world is about to end because its end was assisted by those of a certain religion to self-fulfill a prophecy they and the American President believe, then it becomes my business, as well as the business of every person in the world who may be harmed as a result of the religious beliefs of some - not all or even the majority in the world.

I apologize if you feel I made fun of anyone's religion.  That was not my goal.  I admit that sometimes my words don't come out right and what are questions may seem like confrontations.  I apologize for that.

doesn't make me look bad