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oops - meant fool, not food. HA HA

Posted By: me on 2009-03-30
In Reply to: Let me repeat myself - me


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oops - I meant they want us to get out - nm
oops meant someone not sometime (nm)
oops - meant why are we NOT being protected...
Oops - meant WWI - got carried away =)
Oops! I meant "homosexual". We already know

Oops, meant to post link also
oops - I meant KGB......geesh, slaps self!!! LOL
sorry, I meant to type KGB....
Oops. I meant 'Pubs - not 'pus'. Though the

oops typo for first word - meant An (not In)
I meant I saw "the" post below - oops
Try getting out on the other side of the bed is right.

I was referring to the posts saying "Please do not feed the troll", and "Back under the bridge, Troll".

But guess you just like to plagarize what other people write.
oops - meant "not" proud of the way our politics is run
oops was typing faster than usual - I meant
you had already decided before the debate began that you believed Biden had won.
Oops, before the spell police come I meant I feel, not Il fee
Ha HA ha....too funny.
oops - to the spelling police I meant family not famiy (nm)
"my Muslim faith" -- oops meant Christian
Oops, meant "not clueless." Perhaps I'm not clueless but need to brush up on
Oops, meant to post this under the loose trolls post...
I'm going to keep ignoring these troll posts.  It's kind of fun, actually, just pretend you don't see them.
Food pantries are running out of food, charity

donations are way down.

In this situation, people can't help other people if they can't help themselves.

Who looks like a fool? Not me and IM GT
LOL...I have NEVER posted under any handle than gt..whether you believe me or not, I frankly dont care..Keep fantasizing when someone pops up with a different view than your narrow view that it is gt, LOL..that is okay, however, it isnt me..Get a hint, there are MANY MANY MANY of us out here who do not believe, live, act or anything like you..and we all dont go under the handle of gt..in your insistance of everyone is gt, you make yourself look like a fool..
And you are a fool if you think that anything we do...
or don't do will keep those nuts from attacking us.  These are not normal reasonable people.  They are LUNATICS!  Yes, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it... Read up on the French in the 1930s and how they dealt with Hitler.  You are making excuses for cold blooded killers who would cut your head off as you were kissing their feet, and crapping all over your own country.  Yes, we have the freedom to do that.  But lots of people died so you could do it. It's easy to sit around at your computer and put down the country that gives you that right.  No president is perfect, including all the Democratic ones.  Mistakes have been made.  But we have done NOTHING to deserve having our citizens killed in cold blood.  They are people filled with hate.  If you can't see that America is better than they are no matter what we've done, then I feel sorry for you.  We've dealt with situations at the time, not in retrospect. 
No, I'm a fool to keep
another point of view. I am well acquainted with history. My dad was a WWII vet and he could't believe we went into Iraq this time, but withheld judgement and supported his 2 grandson soldiers. My dad died the following June. My brother (the father of the aforementioned soldiers) is a retired Sergeant Major with many soldiers who served under him in the first gulf war. They could have gone in and gotten Saddam then; they were right there. He has told me many stories that would make your hair stand on end. So please don't make your sweeping assumptions about why I am against this war. I love my country as much as you do; the difference is, you, like Bush, don't like to be questioned. When is he going to admit he made a mistake? What is reasonable about attacking Iraq when they were not the ones who attacked us on 9/11? Why didn't we go after BinLaden? Why were members of his family allowed to escape? Please explain this to me, I'm a fool.

Aw, nobody could fool you...
...weren't you and the wolf pack on a first-name basis with the Monitor and Administrator? Oh I see, you're just being coy, that's it. Well not to worry, it's all equalized now, and thanks again to the Monitor and Admin. for doing it.
fool on the hill
We are at war, in the middle of a war so we cant talk badly about our president or administration..Oh please.  I will talk and shout out how awful this little jerk is in the WH and anyone else who sees the TRUTH, please speak out too.  To be quiet about this warmonger and what he is doing to America is a major crime.  No, I wont be quiet..I will scream out what this chickenhawk has done to America.  You can sit meekly by and take whatever the fool on the hill shoves your way.
You are an ignorant fool
They are asking for things like deodorant, foot powder, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, feminine items like tampons.  Shampoo, conditioner, books, stationery to write home, Christmas cards, letters.  They want letters.  With every post you define YET AGAIN over and over how little you have a clue about our military and how little your regard for them.  And you will never get any better.  You will remain the pretenders of supporting the troops. As you have always been and you will always be.  Shameless, shameful, tragic. 
You are an insufferable fool. nm

utter fool of herself. nm
dont fool yourself
I am a Christian also and always first.  I have been a Christian all of my life.  My father is a Baptist preacher.  I believe in Jesus and try to live my life for him.  Dont kid yourself that John McCain and Sarah Palin are moral.  There is not one, not one politician who is moral.  None of them run the country with God's plan in mind.  If they did, our world would not be like it is.  Obama is not saying that he agrees that abortion is okay because he passes a vote for it.  He is saying that a woman has the right to choose it for herself.  Would he choose abortion for his wife, NO.  But he doesnt feel that he should take the choice of free will from someone else.  God gave us free will to sin or not to sin.  We have the free will that God granted us to choose, choose Jesus, not choose Jesus.  We each, individually will be held accountable for our choices.  Why is giving someone a choice in a matter wrong?  It is what that person chooses that is right or wrong and they are the ones that have to answer for it. 
LOL! It isn't April Fool's Day yet!

Not ONE of the links you posted worked.

Not ONE!!

But ha, ha!  Ya made me look!

Fool? In whose eyes, right wingers, LOL
Fool in your eyes, not in the majority of this country..I kind of am glad Bush is messing up so much, come election next year, you bet there will be many Americans who will think twice before voting for republicans..
Not nearly as *good* as you proving what a fool you are

by attributing something to me that I never said.

I made a mistake.  You thrive on attention.  I said I was going to ignore you.  From now on, I will give you the attention you truly deserve:  NONE.

Find someone else to judge, despise and attack and/or get some professional help.  I won't feed your anger and hatred any more.

You need a Happy Meal.

Have a lovely evening, dear.  Buh-bye.  

It's hard to surprise a fool. NT
Yes, that was very Coulter of you and proves just who the fool really is.

Not the least bit surprised that you're a Coulter groupie, though.  I will pray for your sad, sad soul.

No, my dear, I am not a judgmental fool. If I am, and in your
opinion it seems I am, then I will direct you to God's Word that stands in judgment and condemnation of Osbambo.

You got a problem with my judgement, then you have a problem with God, and to be frank, that is obvious.
Spoken like a truly twisted fool nm
Sarah Palin...what a fool!
better a poor MT than an irrational fool

Obama just wants BIG government. He is a fool
O-M-G - You are correct - call me the fool
You are so correct. I thought Hannibal Lecter was a real person that someone wrote a story about. Geez - talk about slapping me on the side of the head. After reading your post I said, no, can't be, he's a real person, but looking further I see he is a fictional character that other bad people have been nicknamed after.


Thanks for the reality slap. Too funny.

However those other doctors I listed are real doctors. The point was just because you have a medical degree doesn't mean you are the most intelligent being on the planet.
Poor little Annie Coltergeist - what a fool
Isn't it funny how suddenly she doesn't know what to say and calls out for help? LOL
the scorn of a fool is music to the ears of a wise man.
vive la Israel!
I guess we are allowed to call names so YOU ARE a FOOL nm
Biden is the biggest fool out there this campaign, wins hands down.nm

Food for thought


If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
St. Francis of Assisi

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his dealings wtih animals.

Immanuel Kant



More food for thought. Another

WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 — Democrats and their allies mapped out a strategy on Friday that they hoped would enable them to override President Bush’s expected veto of a bipartisan bill providing health insurance for 10 million children, most of them in low-income families.

Democratic leaders said they would highlight the contrast between the president’s request for large sums of money for the Iraq war and his opposition to smaller sums for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as Schip.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, said, “It’s ironic that in the very same week that the president says he’s going to veto the bill because we can’t afford it, he is asking, what, for $45 billion more over and above his initial request for the war in Iraq, money that we know is being spent without accountability, without a plan for how we can leave Iraq.”

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, said, “This is all a matter of priorities: the cost of Iraq, $333 million a day; the cost of Schip, $19 million a day.”

The campaign for the legislation will also include grass-roots advocacy and political advertisements, and will initially focus on about 15 House Republicans who voted against the bill. Supporters of the legislation hope to persuade them to switch.

But House Republican leaders said they felt sure they could sustain the veto, and two lawmakers on the Democrats’ list said that they would support Mr. Bush.

The bill passed this week by the House and the Senate would provide $60 billion for the program over the next five years, up $35 billion from the current level of spending. On Wednesday, the administration said it would seek $42 billion more for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing its total request to nearly $190 billion for the 2008 fiscal year, which begins Monday.

In an interview on Friday, the House Republican whip, Roy Blunt of Missouri, said there was “a 100 percent probability” that the House would sustain the president’s veto.

But, Mr. Blunt said, the coincidental timing of the vote on the child health bill and the request for money in Iraq “was not helpful.”

The White House, on the defensive, is trying to bolster Republicans who fear they might be penalized by voters if they side with the president.

Dana Perino, the White House press secretary, said Friday, “It is preposterous for people to suggest that the president of the United States doesn’t care about children, that he wants children to suffer.”

Ms. Perino said the president had a policy difference with Democrats in Congress because he did not want “additional government-run health care, socialized-type medicine.”

Senator Charles E. Grassley, an Iowa Republican who helped write the bill, said he would reach out to House Republicans and urge them to override the veto.

“This bill is not socialized medicine,” Mr. Grassley said. “Screaming ‘socialized medicine’ is like shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. It is intended to cause hysteria that diverts people from reading the bill, looking at the facts.”

The battle will be fought in the House, where the child health bill was approved on Tuesday by a vote of 265 to 159 — well short of the two-thirds majority that would be needed to override a veto.

Ms. Pelosi called Mr. Bush on Friday and said she was praying he would sign the bill.

But Mr. Blunt said: “I bet she’s praying for him not to sign it. The bill is all about politics. It’s pretty good politics for the Democrats.”

Still, Democrats face an uphill fight to persuade Republicans to change their votes. Supporters would need 289 yes votes to enact the bill over the president’s objections if all the members were voting.

The House now has 433 members and two vacant seats.

One of the Republicans singled out for special attention by Democrats was Representative Judy Biggert, from a suburban Chicago district. She was one of 16 Republicans who signed a letter to the speaker last week, urging her to take up the Senate version of the child health bill.

The compromise closely followed the Senate version, but Mrs. Biggert voted against it, saying, “It would push Americans one step closer to socialized medicine.”

In an interview on Friday, Mrs. Biggert said she would vote to sustain the veto.

Democrats said they would also focus their efforts on Republicans like Representatives Timothy V. Johnson of Illinois, John R. Kuhl Jr. of New York, Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan and H. James Saxton of New Jersey.

Mr. McCotter said he was a big supporter of the child health program, but would vote to uphold the president’s veto, even if critics ran television advertisements against him.

Under the bill, the federal excise tax on cigarettes would be increased to $1 a pack, from the current 39 cents.

“I vowed never to raise taxes on anybody, no matter how disliked they might be,” Mr. McCotter said in an interview. He said he would rather be voted out of office than go back on his promises to constituents.

Republican senators who worked on the compromise bill, like Mr. Grassley and Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, said they had tried in vain to persuade White House officials to join the negotiations.

Ms. Perino, the White House spokeswoman, said that after vetoing the bill, Mr. Bush would like to “sit down and come to a compromise” with Congress.

The Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, said the president should not hold his breath waiting for such a deal. Democrats, he said, have already made many concessions to keep the support of Senate Republicans.

Whatt?? ( don't know where that dog food ad
Some food for thought.

A lot of times a "no" vote comes from some hidden provision that doesn't jive with the candidates' personal policies, i.e. it might not be that they disagree with the issue, but instead that they disagree with the strategy proposed to tackle it.

or use them to protect the food I have.
just a thought.
We don't buy dog food anymore....
and that saves a lot of money.
A day's wages for a day's food.......... sm
Ring any bells?
Healthy food...........sm
does not necessarily mean prime cuts of meat and exotic fruits and vegetables. Like the other poster mentioned, meats can be bought on sale and frozen for up to 6 months. Fruits and veggies can be also. Food dehydrators are also good to use for fruit bought in season. Just dehydrate it and then it can be used during the off season. Dried apples and apricots, for example, can be quite expensive in the stores, but dehydrate a sack of apples and you will have enough apples to last for a while to make pies or just to eat out of hand. A bag of apples at $3.99 is a lot more filling and goes further than a bag of chips at $3.99.
It should be for healthy food........... sm
because the same folks that load up their shopping carts with chips and soda and junk food on food stamps will be the same ones we have to provide medical care through Medicaid for because they have clogged arteries and poor digestive tracks and diabetes.

If I want to take my hard earned money and buy a bunch of junk and clog my arteries, the insurance that I pay for will (somewhat) take care of me. That is my choice and my business. As long as my tax dollars are going to feed others and take care of their health damaged by eating junk, I feel the government has every right to dictate what they eat.