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You're so easy to wind up. LOL. nm

Posted By: You're so much fun on 2009-03-30
In Reply to: Let me repeat myself - me


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Wow, we are wee weeing in the wind here. nm

They are waiting in the wind for the day...sm
to bring the Lords of the Talking Loud and Saying Nothing back full swing.

This was a good read.
you must mean "whine" although it is a lot of wind too.
What gets me is this prevailing wind of "otherness"
Houston is located on the west side of a man-made ship channel that sevices the petrochemical industrial complex. Whenever we get hot, humid winds from the east, a foul stench of sulfur, oil, carbon and the like blankets the city. It is oppressive and inescapable.

The sentiments expressed in these hateful rants make those conditions seem like a a breeze coming off a grassy meadow full of jasmine and lavender. These "they-sayers" are not living in the same America where I grew up and I will do everything in my power to make sure that my own chidren do not inherit that kind of world after I'm gone.
now, Praire Wind, we find
in Bill Ayer's book, (hard to find, 1974), has the forward dedicating his book to a number of radicals, including Sirhan Sirhan who killed Pres. Kennedy, and STILL, the democrats do not have a problem with Obama's association with this man????
Who's God? Your God? My God? Earth, Wind and Fire?
Wind turbines. They are on top of a mountain

in my area. The company is going to build 51 more. There goes the view for sure! The people that live in the valley below this mountain are always complaining about them.

Seriously, not every state can, or will go along with wind turbines. They're big, ugly, and noisy. They do not provide jobs for local people. They do provide jobs for the company maintaining them.

Bill and Hillary do tend to wind....
that's correct.
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...

by: William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t | Columnist


Glenn Beck. (Photo: Jennifer Ackerman / Deseret Morning News)

Idiott wind, blowing like a circle around my skull,
From the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol.
Idiott wind, blowing every time you move your teeth,
You're an idiott, babe.
It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe.

- Bob Dylan

    One thing is certain: martial arts movie star Chuck Norris does not like President Obama. Not at all. Not one little bit. Norris dislikes Obama so much, in fact, that he discussed running for the office of president of Texas, which doesn't exist, as part of a larger move by him and a variety of other right-wing groups to overthrow the American government and return honor and decency to the country.

    No, really, he said all that, and more. Read it yourself if you don't believe me. The best part is where he writes, "Remember the Alamo!" Great stuff.

    Or something.

    There's more. The owner of right-wing web forum Free Republic, Jim Robinson, was recently forced to post a truly deranged piece of apologia regarding the attention his web site recently earned from the Secret Service. "Unfortunately," wrote Robinson, "we are saddled with a communist sympathizer in the White House. I don't know whether or not he's an actual card carrying commie, but he's definitely an America-hating, anti-capitalist Marxist leftist who thinks communism is the way to go. So now comes the problem. If you feel it's your duty to call Obama a traitor and use salty language in your proposed resolution, ie, suggest the commie be keelhauled, walked off the plank, run up the yardarm, tarred and feathered and run out of Dodge, etc, etc, etc, you may be facing a visit from your friendly Secret Service."

"Keep," wrote Robinson in closing, "your powder dry." Yeah, O.K., good thinking.

    Or something.

    Last month, Fox News celebrity Sean Hannity ran a poll on his web site. It asked readers what kind of revolution they'd prefer: military coup, armed rebellion or war for succession? "#3 seems most realistic," opined Hannity, "since it does present an opportunity for more homogeneous states to sort of capitalize on their homogeneity. However, it would likely lead to mass migrations of the minority partisans out of the rebel states. Of course, that may be fine with those states. Yet it seems that the ultimate paradox in any rebellion for freedom from within is that the ultimate goal is to impose the will of the rebels on everyone else through force. It seems the very foundation of representative democracy is ****tered if we accept that we exchange the power of ideas for the power of the sword upon each other. Nevertheless, I am still very interested in your own preferred form of revolt."

    That page has since been removed from Hannity's web site, surely due to some technical glitch, but before it was taken down, "armed rebellion" appeared to be the most popular choice of the three.

    Of course.

    Earlier this week, right-wing loudmouth Glenn Beck asserted during his radio show that President Obama's lifting of the ban on embryonic stem cell research would open the way for the genetic development of a new master race. "So here you have Barack Obama," said Beck, "going in and spending the money on embryonic stem cell research, and then some, fundamentally changing - remember, those great progressive doctors are the ones who brought us Eugenics. It was the progressive movement and it was science. Let's put science truly in her place. If evolution is right, why don't we just help out evolution? That was the idea. And sane people agreed with it! And it was from America. Progressive movement in America. Eugenics. In case you don't know what Eugenics led us to: the Final Solution. A master race! A perfect person. The stuff that we are facing is absolutely frightening. So I guess I have to put my name on yes, I hope Barack Obama fails. But I just want his policies to fail; I want America to wake up. "

    One assumes this forthcoming master race will enjoy minds of greater volume and depth than Mr. Beck's, because, well, people just can't get much dumber than this. It would be a profound waste of genetic material if we went out and created some master race that, like Messrs. Beck, Hannity and Robinson, was incapable of rational thought or speech. Just an idea.

    There is even more out there like this, from all over the place, with each seemingly trying to out-weird the other. So, yeah, it appears a fair portion of America's hard-right population, along with most if not all of their spokespeople and commentators, have been driven absolutely, positively bat-poop crazy by the election of and policies by Barack Obama.

    The trend has been sucking in more and more high-profile members of the conservative community. Newt Gingrich was forced to jump up and down on Rush Limbaugh for saying he wants Obama to fail. Limbaugh responded by calling Gingrich "a fly-by-night operator," who can't be depended on and who "will sell you out." Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah came close to threatening Arizona with an infestation of crickets to shut John McCain up about earmarks in the budget. Conservative commentator David Brooks called House Minority Leader John Boehner "insane" after Boehner called for a complete freeze on federal spending as an answer to the ongoing economic crisis.

    Perhaps the most resounding cannonade fired at conservatives by a conservative was David Frum's Newsweek article lamenting the sad state of the party, and the ongoing catastrophe represented by the ascendancy of Limbaugh. "Even before the November 2008 defeat," wrote Frum, "even before the financial crisis and the congressional elections of November 2006 - it was already apparent that the Republican Party and the conservative movement were in deep trouble. And not just because of Iraq, either (although Iraq obviously did not help)."

    "Every day," continued Frum, "Rush Limbaugh reassures millions of core Republican voters that no change is needed: if people don't appreciate what we are saying, then say it louder. Isn't that what happened in 1994? Certainly this is a good approach for Rush himself. He claims 20 million listeners per week, and that suffices to make him a very wealthy man. And if another 100 million people cannot stand him, what does he care? What can they do to him other than ... not listen? It's not as if they can vote against him. But they can vote against Republican candidates for Congress. They can vote against Republican nominees for president. And if we allow ourselves to be overidentified with somebody who earns his fortune by giving offense, they will vote against us."

    Unfortunately for Mr. Frum and any conservatives who share his concerns, it does not appear any of the hard-right noisemakers have any intention of moderating either their tone or their tantrums. Maybe it will be another couple of months before the swelling from that electoral bruising goes down enough for these people to calm themselves, but at this point, it ain't happening.

    The hardest part for the GOP? Neither Obama nor any other Democrat have been required to say a word about any of this. The right-wing shouters do their shouting, get shouted at by other right-wing shouters, and a perfect circle of Republican self-destruction is formed.

    Stay tuned ... and, yeah, keep your powder dry.

    Or something.

Political wind have shifted in an ugly direction.
One does not have to look any further than this forum to know PRECISELY what he was talking about....racism and bigotry has reared its ugly head once again. When that happens, the damage transcends race and ethnicity. This is why you see so many of us stepping up every single time this kind of trash is posted to call it down and expose it for exactly what it is.

Middle Eastern Moslem ethic minorities DO need the protection of our leaders and of our laws when this shameful, dangerous and destrucive behavior emerges. Their citizenship DOES matter and the protection they need is against the very same GARBAGE your are posting here that, whether you realize it or not, incites fanatic whack jobs to violence.

Nothing to be sorry for when the truths comes to the light of day. Get a grip on yourself and do some soul searching, for a change.
Be easy...see ya!
That was easy!

You said:

America is becoming a very scary place indeed.  I believe, as you do, that there are people who are eagerly awaiting the *Rapture* and indeed believe they have the *inside track* to heaven.  Unfortunately, it look as if this country might actually suffer from their self-fulfilled prophecy if it continues going backwards in time under Bush's completely inept leadership.

I wish it was that easy
Problem here is I don't know what to give up that would make a difference. Only 2 of us, we both work at home, so only drive to grocery store on weekend, or an errand here and there. We spend maybe $10 a month in gas, however, close to $200 a week on food (sometimes more). We have been cutting back on meat. Not so much because of cost but more because of constantly getting home and its bad. I'd love to get my food bill down but it is so hard and I don't know how without starving ourselves.
It's not easy
I can usually find socks and underwear made in the US, some jeans, sheets and tools, but when it comes to buying toys, there isn't much. (I think Slinky is still made in the US.)

But I read labels and check the descriptions when I buy on line and I try to buy American when I can. Same with cars; we're a big GM family.

Take it easy
May we please discuss matters w/o using angry, foul language?  Because this leads us to nowhere. Thanks.
Won't go there. Too easy. :-) nm
My gut feeling is that every promise and idea and plans for our future that has ever come out of Barack Obama's mouth is a lie, or else it's couched in such a way that he will be able to twist it later. It's all socialism, being called by other names. (Most recent point being, his 250,000 tax the rich, which is now down to 120,000). I can never, ever, believe anything that he says. Slick Barry does not inspire trust in me at all.

McCain, well, honestly, only about half of his stuff do I disagree with. Sure, he probably has told some whoppers, but they don't kick me in the gut and make me gasp for air, the way the other one does.

So I'm voting for McCain. It's a matter of trust. I trust and truly believe he is the better choice, and will be better for America, in the short and long term.

There you go. That could not have come easy for you.
it's easy to say that
you wouldn't mind paying a higher percentage if you don't have to do it. you may well be singing a different tune if you actually had to pay it. I am not making light of your situation. I am simply saying the percentage should be even. just to make it easy - if you make $250,000 and pay 25% in taxes that comes out to paying 62,500. It you earn 50,000 and pay that 25% in taxes you pay $12,500. don't you think the 62,500 is already enough; why should they pay more. I don't understand. But if I was earning the 250,000 and paying that much in taxed, I should wouldn't want someone telling me I should pay more because I actually did well for myself.
That's easy....(sm)

If you don't want your kids looking at porn on the internet, teach them not to do it.  Provide your kid with internet access and put a block on that computer.  If they are visiting a library during class hours and are looking at porn on the internet, I would say they have some behavioral problems anyway, and porn is about the last thing you need to worry about in that case.

You guys scream smaller government, but then you want the govt to raise your kids. 

Very easy to tell you're no conservative

or else you'd have mastered the art of "twisting" and wouldn't have such high regard for the truth.

Lesson 1:  Visit the Conservative Board and study closely.

(Lesson 2 will follow as soon as you have successfully completed Lesson 1.)

This is an easy one. Impeach!!
This one's too easy. Just made my day.

Title of you post is lifted straight out of TT112OldTimer's post responding to Free Speech Rocks.  When spinning soooo out of control that the brain becomes blank, you can always resort to plagiary.  Hello.  Are you listening?  Vitriol out, vitriol in.  You might be shocked by how much respect you earn with just the simple gesture of extending some.  Respect is NOT a 4-letter word. 


Common sense is exactly what I used when I decided to attack my own bigoted tendencies back when I was still a teenager.  I did not learn any of that from books or courses I took in school.  I took it to the streets and reaped benefits beyond measure from those lessons. 


Au contraire.  The bluster of bigots is easy to bury under fact and logic.  No need to be thwarted by that.  Their reservoir of insults runs very shallow, but the intellect is a well that one can dig as deep as is necessary.  Fact/truth is another arch-enemy of the bigot.  You at least had the wisdom not to attempt to ridicule the context post since you knew you would be in way over your head and besides, you are allergic to the other side of the coin.  As they say, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.   It can’t be much fun to find yourself dumbfounded by your own narrow mind.  Frustrating too...remember it well. 


On the shortcut post:  That was your snipe, not mine.  Snipe begets tripe.  Vtriol out/vitriol in.  Garbage out/garbage in.  Is there an echo in here? 


Not the slightest bit interested in agreement, validation or vindication.  I am secure enough by now not to need all of that.  But in political contexts, the journey down the road to consensus will never begin in the absence of flexibility, open-mindedness and a good dose of patience.        


What part of my posts reflect your tactics do you not understand?  You absolutely refuse to look at yourself in the mirror, but you do know enough to be outranged when someone sends you your own reflection.  It’s not a pretty sight and furthermore, you become every bit as enraged as you seem to think I am.  You are constitutionally incapable of seeing what a spiteful little vixen you become when your brick-wall logic is thrown back in you face. 


No surprise there.  Bigotry is always blind.  Here’s another example you are bound to ignore:  You are so driven by your hatred of illegals that you would actually weigh in on the side of transnationals and cast your vote for the party who empowers them to outsource your profession overseas and drive your own wages into the ground.  


Well shut my mouth!  Could it be that you have finally run out of insults in the face of the realities of logic and have arrived on the threshold of the next level where most other right-wingers eventually find themselves...running for the hills and back into the open arms of the choir members?  You are big on cliché.  Here’s one for you...you can run, but you can’t hide.  Have a safe journey and I am “sending up a prayer” that you find the sanctuary you seek. 

Easy on the eyes?
Are you kidding me?
It was me and, yep , I said it. Easy on the eyes!
Come on, you made that way too easy! nm
That's easy. Because he is the best candidate
Easy, cuz it's true. sm
He's got you right where he wants you.

The truly uninformed are voting for the O.

The rest of us will try to counter that, though, and drag McCain over the finish line if we have to.

Anything is better than O and a democratic congress in power.
Naw, I'm not easy to offend s/m
I did change my mind though, if I have to eat that crow, could I have BBQ sauce instead of just plain ole salt and pepper???  LOL
It didn't come easy, but what are you going to do
I still really feel Obama is the wrong person for the job. There were just too many thing wrong and suspicious of this O guy. First everyone has to verify they are eligible by providing their bc except him. Then everyone is required to submit their medical records except him. In all truth I feel he bought his way in. There is just too much that is not sitting right with me about him. And I'm going to keep my eye on him. When I hear of something wrong you can bet your bippy I'm going to post.

In all honesty I hope he does well for the people, but I know from past experience (B. Clinton) they always break their promises with lame excuses. When my taxes go up you bet I'll be on this board screaming and shouting. Too much serious stuff going on in the world and I don't trust him. He has lied to us throughtout the campaign and I'm not real thrilled with people running around thinking (and actually believing) he is the messiah, and the latest I read was people said he is Moses.

So I just will say a prayer for the country tonight we're going to need all the prayers we get.

But he won and he deserves a congratulations. It was a long race. And at the same time can we please stop bashing McCain and Palin. They did the best they could and McCain gave a sincere and gracious speech with good words about Obama.
Rest easy
she'll probably have you posthumously converted and you will be okey-dokey in the hereafter.  Thanks a boatload, Sis!
Easy to see just from the crashers on this board.

Unfortunately there are people who still believe the lies of Bush, even now that he's finally said something honest:  That there were NO WMDs and that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Sorry, you just make it 'way too EASY.
You'll be surprised how easy it is
I cooked a Crown Roast of Pork in the D.O. once.  A pineapple upside down cake is a very easy dessert to start with.  I won 1st place with it the first time I entered a contest.  I also make a killer Pecan Cobbler.  Just got it perfected for the D.O. and will cook it in the next contest we enter.  It's easy too.  I made one for the bean supper fund raiser last Saturday just to see what people would think about it and based on the way people came back for seconds I'd say I've got a possible winner.  With the holidays coming up if you would like the recipe...well, I love to share my recipes.
and it is way too easy to irritate the dems
It's easy...all you have to do is read the posts.
The only difference between the hate crimes in Los Angeles and the posts on the Politics and Faith forums is a can of spray paint. Using a keyboard to spew hate and intolerance is just as disgusting.
Don't mind him in my face. He's easy
Canning is sooo easy.
Just moved from a city with a population of around 4 millon to a suburb in Oregon. I live about 1 to 4 miles away from 6 farms and we have lots of Farmer Markets around. I pick all my produce and flowers from these farms during summer and fall months. I have learned how to can strawberries, peaches, blackberries, marionberries, raspberries, pears, plum jam, fig jam, tomatoes, pickles, and applesauce. Also have plenty of nuts.

I also have a huge pantry now stocked with paper products, canning good, potatoes, staple items. I tend to worry about inflation coming or even a depression.

I have been told I am a "horrible mean hoarder" on this board, but in reality, I love to help others. In fact, I am a member of the CERT and help out neighbors, family, and friends and my community, ESPECIALLY during a time like this when we know of special people and families who are hurting because of job layoffs. Our neighborhood has families with all kind of special skills and if we need to, ever down the road, we can all come together and what do you call it, bartering? We have mechanics, doctors, IT, nurses, financial, business owners, police officers, etc., and we all come together to help each other out.

Anyway, canning is very, very easy. Should try it. It is fun and I also have canning goods that I give away as Christmas gifts and people in my area and family and friends outside of the state of Oregon just LOVE these as gifts. It really saves money too all the way around.
Guess being president is any easy job.
Easy enough to lie about being a Christian. It's called (sm)
taqiyya. Taqiyya means "lying to infidels". It is a term which means that if it is in the best interests of propagating Islam, it is morally acceptable to lie to non-Muslims.

It is not against Islam to deny your faith, especially if you can become the POTUS doing so.
No bullying would be too easy........they have to push
He is afraid of Bill O'Reilly, it's as easy as that....
Obama can handle the butt kissing and egg shell walking of Olbermann and Matthews but when it comes down to it, Obama can't answer real questions that would be poised to him by Bill.
It is easy to label someone the anti-Christ..

if you have enough time on your hands.  Here is an article asking if President Bush is the anti-Christ.  People will believe what they want to. 


Easy comeback. But, you know, until Obama takes
Yeah, it is so easy to bash Bush, but say one little
If it were oh-so-simple, wouldn't everyone be thin? Come on, it's easy sm
to ignore the psychological reasons why people overeat. Do you really think fat people enjoy being fat??
Easy way for racists to hide their truths as well
Sure seems an easy way out to say that "oh! everytime I say something about Obama people say its racism, but it's not!" What a copy out and easy way to try to hide your racism.
If you like this, it's easy using Windows Photo Story 3.
Projects like these basically take a few simple steps:

1. Find the photos.

2. Find a no-royalty music sample.

3. Stick 'em into Windows Photo Story3 and use the tools to add captions, select transitions between photos, zoom and pan effects to the photos themselves, and add audio.

You could also use Windows Movie Maker if you want to do some of this with movie clips instead of still photos.

The last step, if you want to post to YouTube, etc., is to convert the "WMV" (Windows Media) format that this will create to another format like MPEG or FLV (Flash). There are some free converters out there, as well as companies like A-One Software that have just about any converter you'd want.

Basically, a converter is a very simple piece of software that lets you import a file of one type and save it as another type.
Speaking of Fox News...Coombs let him off way toooo easy...sm

Too bad there's not a tough liberal voice on Fox.  By the end of the interview with A. Coombs you would have thought Alan Coombs was the one who made these idiotic remarks not Bennett.

Whatever, he can clean this up for all of those interested.  I'm not.

Don't worry JR - very easy to trounce them AND discuss the issues.
They're dumb, and they lack conviction, and they do most of the work of exposing themselves for the lackeys they are so that we don't have to spend much effort at it. I mean case in point - that the Freepers would even THINK it was a good plan to tie up liberals on chat boards to keep them from grassroots organizing. Hey, if they can get paid for it more power to them - but sheez, are they really that stupid? Or, just that desperate, heh.
Ummm....wasn't me who posted about easy on the eyes... nm