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Also Psych and ER....forgot about those!

Posted By: newbie on 2006-05-04
In Reply to: It's great you are doing so well. Are you doing all work - types, including ops, and ESLs? nm


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JMO - I absolutely despise psych work! Give me Op Notes anytime - NOT psych. nm
You mean, but not PSYCH?
How can I find them?  Could not find anything on them....is that an MT company or the name of a hospital?  Thanks for any help.......
Thank you Been There, Done That. I appreciate your honesty and courage to speak out.
Thank you Old CMT. Very sound advice.
Thank you NM. This board is wonderful for helping us new MTs. I did not know that it was illegal not to pay for 45 days. I asked because I had never heard about going that long before receiving pay before. I received an email from another past employee. She said this woman is very nice over the phone but was very mean and critical to her when she was an employee. She claims she was fired for being late once during an emergency. I think I have decided I will not look further into this employer. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck .... Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you, thank you NM. This woman made me feel like such a fool for questioning 45 days before a first payment. I am new and was so unsure. She kept telling me I am sooooooo easy to work for.You have no reason to question me. You are just nervous because you are new. She seemed so nice, but also kind of like a snake oil salesman. Ha! Ha! She kept yakking about the so easy to work for so much that it made me uneasy. That is why I came here to search. I am grateful for job and experience, but I want to work for someone that is honest from the get go. Thank you so much for educating me.

I did psych and almost

did tons and tons of it, strictly psych hospital - adults and children - for quite awhile.  Figured I had to get away from it when I found myself thinking Well, maybe he really does get signals from outerspace through his neighbor's television but the deciding factor was when I thought What is really so terrible about saving your feces in your dresser drawer  THAT SETTLED IT FOR ME!!! 

The positive side was that it was EXCELLENT money, EASY dictators, really a gravy account.

Just try to remember that feces belongs in the toilet, NOT in the dresser, and you will do fine

Is it for KCS?  If so, email me privately.
Psych pay -- too low
I pay my IC's 8 to 9 cpl, I  set up  standards for each type of consult with tests in the standards, so lot of times they have 2 to 4 pages already done when they begin and just have to plug in some test results and a few words here and there.  I make 3 - 4 cpl off of them for the pick up of tapes, proof the reports, send back to the doctors, bill them.  They also get 2-3 days to get the reports done.  Each report is between 400 to 600 lines for them.  Takes about 60 to 90 minutes to get each one done.  To me, 0.6 is way too low.  But that is me.  I cannot make 50% off of my IC's and look at myself in the mirror.  Patti

Try Vitallines (info@vitallines.net).  I worked for them a couple of months but had to give it up as I couldn't work for 2 companies as my work picked up with my first company.  The owners are very nice, fair, and the pay is average; but my own opinion, I would take a good employer, steady work, easy dictators, and very nice people over a high CPL.  They stay in close contact with you if need help or have questions, but don't breathe down your neck, and leave you alone to do your work.  They have an onsite IM setup in case you have questions and can ask other employees who are also very helpful.  Everyone is so nice and helpful.  No ESLs.  I typed for a Behavioral Health/Mental Health account out of Georgia dealing with adolescent and adults.  Their contact number is 678-799-4665.  The owners' name are Meg and Charles Jordan.

I hope this helps.

There are a lot of MTs out there who like psych accounts.
They're super easy to type with tons of macros and not much technical medical language.  It's cake money.  People just aren't willing to give that up, or it's going to VR.
psych accounts
I know that Medware just got a new account that has a large psych facility.
Psych Transcription

Hello!  I am a psych MT as well.  I am working part time but I am looking for another part time job. Care to share if your company is recruiting?  Feel free to e-mail.


psych test
Isn't this illegal?
Maybe you need the psych eval. sm
I do believe MTSO is a medical transcription service owner - therefore, it is a person.

Secondly, you read into my post too much! No one criticized you, the recruiter, unless you have something to be defensive about, your post was very defensive in nature.

Thirdly, I was voicing my opinion, why did you take to heart? Do you really think a psych eval for MTs is a smart solution? I do not!

That is all I have to say on this topic!
Psych Evals
Agree wholeheartedly.  Companies should be the ones being psychoanalyzed for their behaviors and "corporate cultures"!!!!!!
Psych evals.....sm
are growing in popularity in the job market and it's not just transcription.  Employers try to screen those out that they think aren't compatible with the position; however, they have to be careful that they don't reject someone over something that could be covered under the ADA laws. 
psych test
Last time I checked, SpongeBob and Xbox are names of cartoon characters and video games. What are they doing on a psych typing test in the first place? In the grand scheme of things, does the assessment, diagnosis and/or plan of treatment for psych patients hinge on the correct spelling of such things? Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. Ridiculous! They should have their heads examined.

Move on to greener pastures where your skills will be better utilized and appreciated. Who would want to work for them anyway?
psych stuff
Does anyone know of any company hiring that does a lot of psych work?  I have been specializing in psych the past two years and like it but need to make a change.  Any ideas where to look?  Thanks much for any help.
Psych Work?

Anyone know of a good company that offers psych work - preferrably part-time? Thanks!

PT Psych work
NetMed Transcription Service. If you are in Michigan, then you should check them out. I worked for them and they provide everything you need except for things like ink, paper, etc. It is in Cadillac, Michigan. Good Luck
I do psych and I enjoy it.
It actually ends up paying pretty well for me too because they are generally longer reports but I can do them fast without stopping and starting like clinic notes.
Psych accounts
Do you know if they have any psych accounts?
Psych accounts
Do you know if Amphion has any psych accounts? 
Psych work
Can anyone tell me if Transtech has psych work?
MD-IT psych positions
Has anyone interviewed with and heard from MD-IT regarding their psych positions?  I interviewed last week and still have not heard anything...
psych positions
Can someone tell me who MD-IT is? website? Thanks.
psych reports
One of my main accounts has psych reports that are only transcribed by psych MTs, so I think you can get specifically hired to do just those kinds of reports, if they are hiring for that position anyway.
you might have more fun on a psych board. sn
we're just not into you.
Psych Transcription
Does anyone know of any companies that either offer Psych work or specialize in Psych? I do Ortho as well, but Psych is my passion and I've been looking FOREVER to find a psych account that I can work on at home. If somebody can point me in the right direction, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!
I'm sick of psych
I'll email you my company info when I find another job...
In depth, what exactly are you looking for in these psych tests?
Just "crazy" people or stressed out individuals, what? Aren't those who are truly crazy obvious to those not so crazy individuals? Why couldn't you, the MTSO, use your own judgement rather than pay for expensive psych evals?

Good judgement is part of being a good business person. I, as a MTSO, would look upon this as a failure if I could not use good judgement and hired "crazy" individuals. But then again, not everyone has good judgement I guess!

If the MTSO did hire anybody with working fingers, I don't think there would such a problem.

This is my 2 cents. I do not agree with such psych evaluations, but to each their own.

Good judgement is the key. If you don't have that as a MTSO, than you probably should not be in business, and if you are, you won't be for very long.

And the MTs that flunk the psych test are given the
position of team leader.
IRS gives psych evals to work for them
I worked for them as a seasonal worker for 2 years. It is a written test asking all sorts of questions, but the questions are meant to test your psychological stability and temperament. I have worked for temp agencies giving this type of test also. Whether it is a good tool for hiring or not remains to be seen. Maybe. However, I know people who could fool anyone they wanted to and you would be surprised how they really are at home. Many folks live upstanding lives as long as the public is watching, but what they do behind closed doors would send YOU to the shrink's chair, just out of disbelief. LOL


Psych Tests To The Company!

I haven't been on here in a few days, so I'm just catching up here, and reading about the psychiatric evaluations.   I have to put in my two cents.

Personally, after dealing with the crap from various medical transcription companies out there, I feel that it is the Transcriptionist who should be giving the owners/managers/team leaders of these companies psychiatric evaluations!  They are the ones that expect us to do all this extra ancillary work for free and then bow down and kiss their feet to thank them for giving us a job paying an average of 7 cpl with virtually NO benefits to speak of.  I'm sorry everyone, but if these companies are starting to give psychiatric evaluations to their prospective transcriptionist, then maybe we should create one for them!  After all.....they are the ones making us crazy! 

Love doing psych notes
Are there any companies who hire Psych MTs?
Love transcribing psych evals, but I don't see many companies who hire for Psych.
Pagebypage transcription is looking for a psych MT. nm
psych transcriptionist info-sm

Does anyone know of companies hiring psych or mental health MTs?

Done psych and almost died laughing
at the reports we would get. It was adult/adolescent drug and psych wards. I loved it, thought easy and not boring. Remember the time the man kept complaining about his neck hurting. Went to 1 doctor after the other, no help, no one listening. He finally had enough and got a noose, got a chair and decided to hang himself and end it all. He jumped off, popped his neck and guess what, sorta like a chiropracter, solved his problem and he was a happy man. Just 1 of the many.
Any info on Psych Trans

Was wondering if anyone works for or has worked for Psych Trans if they could give me any info on them, good or bad.  TIA.

Did they give you a reason for having to take a psych test? nm
I have to bring this Psych Eval topic to the top. sm

Personally, it is a waste of money and time to have psych evals for prospective MTs.   I have seen many postings by MTSOs on this board who are so unprofessional and sounded "crazy", that it made my eyes pop out!  

Any successful business person knows, good judgement is the key to success.   If can not rely on your good judgement, than you should not be in business.   Why would any MTSO waste the money and time for such a screening?  That is demoralizing to our transcriptionists.  They are not applying for a job at the pentagon! 

Now,  there are some people who have major "issues"; however, that should become apparent during the interview process if you interview properly. 

I do believe this company is way off base in doing this; however, if you the MT feel its okay and the company meets your needs and pays well, than go for it. 

I think what happens is the MTSO's company gets so busy and the MTSO gets so stressed out about meeting TAT, they hire anybody with working fingers.  There lies the problems.   If the MTs have the experience needed to do the job, they pass the transcription test with flying colors, and you are satisfied with the personal interview, they should be hired.  Maybe the MTSO needs to replace whoever it is they hired to screen the candidates and the MTSO needs to be in on the interview process.   That sounds like more of a solution to weed out the unstable individuals then a battery of psych evaluations for prospective MTs.   Good Grief!  Where is the common sense in this?


That is all I have on this subject.  I feel bad for those of you who need a job!   Good luck.

I believe those were on the test for psych work because a lot of children
nowadays are watching shows such as Spongebob and using the X-Box, Playstation, etc., and they just want to make sure that you know all the new stuff out there that they will be using in their dictation. I've done psych. work before and they use a lot of modern jargon in their dictation.
Don't know if it is the same one. This one recently posted here looking for Psych Clinic help
That seems pretty low to me, esp. for your exp and it's IC., even though Psych is fairly simple.
I guess it would work for some; everyone has different needs. I sure wouldn't take it.

But if you decide to, I wish you happiness in your new job.
Then just start applying for Psych transcription positions you see here...sm
then get yourself established working at home and then decide whether or not you need any schooling.  I have found that if you have the BASIC experience, which you already have in psych, then you could cross train on a different specialty with your new company.  Just my 2 cents!  Good luck.
I used it for the same things, psych reports and discharge summaries...
where it was hard to create shortcuts for the reports. For the time period I used it, it was not that much faster, but it was a much needed break on my hands so the rest of my dictation was faster and more comfortable.
Any companies hiring out there for Psych/Behavioral Med Clinic/Acute?
  I'm looking specifically for a primary account in this specialty.  Any ideas?  Clinic or acute would be okay, and I'd prefer PT, but would consider FT if the hours were right... just thought I'd check in here and see if anyone has any ideas.  Thanks!
Has anyone who sent a resume to TypeToo in response to their ad for a psych MT heard back from them