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Can you take vacation time and holidays

Posted By: sm on 2007-11-30
In Reply to: yes, yes and yes. - sm

off? Can you work part-time or do they only have full-time MTs? TIA

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Vacation should be holidays
That is not much when MT's required to use those days for sick, vacation, and holidays.

So don't plan a vacation, or get sick, or want off any holidays for to spend with family.  11 days are just not enough for a year's work for any company.  The office staff, I am sure, get to take a vacation, or sometimes sick, and are off holidays to be with their families. 

Why do at-home MT's get treated like this when we are paid on production and have to really PUSH to get a decent living, and then not be respected the same as an office employee.  We produce piece work !   

Not too bad. It's spring holidays and people are on vacation. Should pick up anytime. nm
DVHP gives vacation time to part-time people. nm
Keystrokes question RE: vacation time.

Is vacation time offered only to FT employees.... or do they offer it to PT employees as well?

Thank you.

They have NO paid sick or vacation time
You will likely not find any full timers who are happy there.
Keystrokes - How do they notify you if you qualified for vacation time? Thanks! nm
I think doctors are taking vacation this time of year
I've seen this in the past in the summer. 
When MDI-FL pays vacation time, is it hourly rate or an average

P.S. I am full-time too and they have paid holidays. (nm)
What about time and a half and/or bonuses for holidays?
Does MDI ever offer any incentives?  TIA
Webmedx has 6 paid holidays a year, separate from PTO, for full time employees.
What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Sorry.  What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Very few MTSOs pay for holidays. Some give you 6 days you can use for holidays or regular PTO, but
Holidays - Is there any company who pays holidays?

Are there companies (like in the old days) who pay you for Christmas, NY, Thanksgiving, etc., MAJOR HOLIDAYS?



Vacation for SEs
Anyone know what is the procedure for taking vacation(s) as a MQ SE? How far in advance do you let them know, do they have a problem with it, etc.? Is there a limited amount of days you are allowed per year?

All MQ offices seem to operate differently, but in mine I have had no problems.  I usually give several weeks to a month's notice, then I also remind them a week or so before I'm off.  I have never had any problems whatsoever.  I took off about three different weeks last summer over a 6 month period.  Plus, right after I was hired I had to take off for an already planned vacation and they didn't say a word.  

I don't know the answer as to how much time you are allowed to take off.  It would seem to me being an SE (basically an IC) that legally they could not limit your time off.  Of course, that doesn't mean they won't complain about it.  I think if you give a few weeks notice there shouldn't be a problem.     

I have vacation and PTO. I take off when I need to. I
usually take 10 days off in a row and then long weekends various times throughout the year.  I have even taken a day off with just 1 day notice when I was just needing a break.   I don't take advantage and I have about a month of accrued time now.  Sometimes if I'm taking off on a Friday for a long weekend I'll work extra during the week, or get up very early Friday and work, so I get my lines in, though I'm not asked to.   I think my company sees that so they don't hassle me when I take off.  
Someone needs a vacation and bad!

Vacation? What is that?
Thanks! Im on vacation
until mid next week. More later!
Some MT's on vacation right now, but
But sometimes there is not even work on weekends.  Yuk!  Going to get worse before it gets better at Transtech -- too many MT's hired now and slow holiday period coming up.  Some of the accounts are only overflow accounts and temporary accounts that TT picked up recently, so look out for the bill collectors at the our doors around the first of 2008.
No, she is still there but has been on vacation. sm

If this is the right account. Actually, I think all the leads are there still and a few have been added.  ***Edited by Moderator***

Please do not post initials and/or names here. 



Regarding vacation and PTO,
do you mean they are separate, 6 vacation days and then 1 week PTO, meaning 13 days total? and how do they differ between the 2? Thanks for your help.
Companies that allow you to take vacation
I work for a company that has paid time off, thing is they don't like you to take it. If you want to take off more than 1 week a year, they won't let you even if you don't care if you are paid for it. Does anyone work as an employee where you can actually take vacation without being without a job when you come back, the work is steady and the pay is good?
Vacation Coverage - IC
I work as an IC also, and I'm taking a few days off in just a few weeks. I let them know a month ahead of time. I'm the only one working for this company (very small) and she won't hire anyone else, so they know what they're in for when I'm gone. I don't know what they're going to do because they always had another girl for back up. The only bad thing I'll have more work than I can handle when I come back. I'm not sure how other companies handle the situation.
How much maximum vacation can you get
working at Webmedx. Thinking of applying but need to know about paid vacation days. I believe you get 10-11 the first year but I'd like to know how much vacation you get maximum after a few years. TIA
Uhh, as an IC? Vacation is unheard of in that

Staff appropriately and you won't have this problem.  The problem is relying on ICs as employee.  You cannot expect someone to just work and work with no time off - not gonna happen!!! 

This is what goes against my grain.  These companies want employee types but only want to pay a very minimum line rate for evenings and then now are requiring that you take no time off or schedule time off and never have an emergency???? 

KS Vacation question (sm)

How does KS calculate your vacation time?  If you had 1 quarter in the year that did not meet the 12,000 lines, does that mean you get no vacation at all for that year?  In other words, If every month has 12,000 lines per pay period, except 1 or 2, no vacation at all for that year? 

Can you take vacation days with no pay
and can you have holidays off with no pay. Is there a limit to how many days off a year you can take? Do you have to make up the time you are off? TIA
One week of vacation (IF you don't need it for something else)
Holy-moley, what have we come down to?
Remember when Don was on vacation?

Some were not keeping to their daily line commitments and a couple of accounts were out of  TAT.  She wrote:   WAIT TIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!   I like a spoonful of sugar with my medicine!  And humor is quite unusual in a boss. 

It is Lkeystrokes@aol.com but she is on vacation through next week. sm

Your best bet would be to call Becky at the main office at 630-739-5520.

question about IC and vacation coverage pls sm
I was under the impression that as an IC I am not responsible for finding vacation or sick coverage for accounts; that would be up to the company I am contracted with (no written contract, just verbal but don't flame me it's worked for 4 years now).  What do other ICs do when they want to take time off (a foreign concept, I know I know)? Do you find your own coverage or let the company who has the accounts handle it?  This company has flip flopped so much - at one time we had to have our own coverage, another time we got major slapped for doing so as the accounts were theirs and they would handle coverage, and now seems to be swinging back to find your own or don't take vacay.  TIA.
anyone know of overflow or vacation work available?
I work 2 jobs that I love, but both of them are 2-3 times a month and average 100 minutes of dictation at a time.  I rather like the nature of this work as it is given to and I usually have 2-3 days to complete it.  I have lots of experience--ER, other hospital (except ops), psychiatric hospitals and offices (which I loved!), specialty clinics of all types--it's just that I really don't want to give up the 2 jobs that I already have and love, so I would like more of the same kind of thing.  I thought overflow or filling in for vacations would be a good option, if I could find it.  Anyone know of anything like this?  I am considered an excellent Transcriptionist by all whom I've worked for. 
I guess you have to vacation when your accounts
Coverage is too risky because that person gets their foot in the door, and it is a dog eat dog world.  The docs are great and I guess that's important. 
Nice to know they don't care for us to have vacation

That is correct-no vacation at all for that year
person at KS would most likely be THE 1 to address, ya think? or not.
There are no laws governing vacation/sm

time.  Why would you assume this is not legal?  I don't work there, but it seems to me that this would be explained as part of the employment process and if the MT doesn't like that, then they wouldn't accept the job, right?


Cymed offshores, pay is average, vacation/PTO
kicks in in 3 or 6 months (can't remember now, but the recruiter made a big deal about it).  I was told lots of opportunities for bonuses - of course you have to work more hours to get it - not worth it to me.   I don't remember about platform, because I was done with them as soon as the answer to my do you offshore question was yes.
Ditto. I have 3 docs (ortho) and if one is not there or on vacation sm
I either help on other or take the day off. We always know in advance, and I plan around it. I have high volume with them, so if I miss part of a day because one of my docs is out, I catch up on errands as it does not affect my pay much.

Pay always on time (direct deposit) but was incorrect rate a few times. Took a few days to be corrected but it was and now it has been fine other than those two that the rate was wrong.
Industry Standard Vacation/Sick pay
I am an at-home Transcriptionist for a major hospital system. As of a year ago, we have had our earned vacation/sick pay reduced by 15% of our hourly wage. We were told this is industry standard. Is this correct?
The recruiter was on vacation last week. Maybe shoot
"Paid" just means it comes out of the vacation lines
I saw the MQ Hawaii vacation winner was someone named Lori G. (sm)
congratulations to her.  I, of course, am jealous though. 
Do all companies require you to work 1 year before you can take vacation?

Meaning you are an employee, of course.  Just wondering if there is any hope out there.  If you start with a company and it turns out horrible, then you have to start all over again, waiting for another year to go by.  I don't want to wish my life away!!

Thanks everyone!

I think she is just saying she landed a job with them and a bennie is 2 weeks paid vacation.
no, isn't 2 week vacation but technically is. new acct isn't ready on go live date so we get
I am apparently being stiffed by a woman in Virginia for vacation coverage work I did. sm

I am not sure where I go from from here.  She told me that she would pay me for invoices from 06/26 and 07/11 on 07/22 (yesterday).  When I emailed her and asked her to verify that she had indeed paid me, she read the email (you can check on AOL) and did not respond.  It is only $338, but in my world right now, that is a lot of money to lose.  I blame myself because I broke one of my rules by working for someone who did not have direct deposit, and also by waiting for over a month to get my first check.  She did pay that one, but I am thinking now it was only because she still needed me to continue working to finish out her vacation coverage. 

I suppose I can file a small claims suit, although I thought someone told me that you have to go to that state to file.  She's in Virginia and I am in Colorado.  I have a friend in that area, so perhaps he could do the preliminary leg work for me for that.  I was also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I thought of contacting her clients to let them know that although she is paid for her services, she does not pay others, but I am not sure if that is legal or not. 

I am a bit frustrated -- mad at myself for trusting her -- and scared too because I was counting on the money.  Any ideas? 


TransTech upper sent out email for blackout on vacation for several days, so only a grain or 2 jobs

available due to some MT's on vacation *probably looking for job*.  We are TAT up-to-the-minute, so NOTHING to get excited about at TT. 

Same ole grab-it-while-it-is-there workload.  LOW, LOW, LOW.

Very true, really long weekends at times, but no real vacation in 7 years.I'll travel when retire