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Does MDI-Fl have steady work? Are there benefits

Posted By: any good? nm on 2005-11-11
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I love MT, but I am also so glad hubby has steady income and excellent benefits!
He retired with 20 years in the air force and has a retirement check from that, as well as standard and very basic benefits that we can use without paying a whole lot. He has worked full time since retiring from the air force (he was 40 when he got his 20) with excellent pay and awesome benefits that we pay a very low premium for. I used to make excellent cash as an MT when being paid on a gross line, but now I make maybe 20K a year with no benefits of any kind from my job. Now my income just supplements his and is for the extras we enjoy.
Is the work steady?
Do you work for them?
If you want steady work...
Do not go to Amphion...Constant low work and they switch from account to account to account until there is no work on any account. Not Amphion!!
at least they have steady flow of work -
I'd like to know too as we can seem to keep steady work, yet we are always trying to hire more.
If someone knows why they keep hiring more people, let us know. All I can think of is that the MTs they have keep quitting due to the lack of work, it's a vicious cycle. Somedays, they holler for help, you get in there and work hard, and then the next thing you know, we're out of work. I say STOP HIRING and let the MTs you have who want and need the work to do just that. I'm so sick of the feast or famine concept there. I'm job hunting. This stinks. They obviously advertise because they cant keep good help. That's my guess!!!
Good pay, steady work?
I was considering applying but don't want to jeopardize my current job.
i have steady work, on wav accts
with occasional lull's. i could work on secondaries, but usually do something around the house that begs my attention. All i can suggest is being able to be somewhat flexible with your hours, and/or talking to liaison about backup accts. as a last resort, a second company part-time i suppose. but in my opinion, MDI-MD is worth sticking with.
None for me either, no steady work for weeks..nm
Been at my job since March and work is steady
I work for a small U.S. company who does not offshore (and shall remain nameless, by me anyway).  You have a primary account and a backup account.  They do not over-hire so the work is mostly steady.  I am told that it only runs low around the holidays.  I'm pretty happy with that.  At least you know the lull is coming and can prepare for it financially.  My days at sitting at the computer waiting for work are over, for now anyway.
Steady work? Fairness in doling out the work?
Am so tired of crap work because I can do it, am getting burned out because of just that, crap work all the time.  One of the reasons I am looking at other companies.
I work for a small national. I have steady work, usually

extra if I want it.  I make 10 cpl as an employee, get vacation, 401K matching, PTO, wonderful QA, lots of ESL dictators but mostly decent ones, direct deposit, no IM, no nasty e-mails, no phone calls asking me to work extra day after day.   Saying that MTs are surprised at how much money they make because they have steady work even though the line rate is low sounds like a line a used car salesman would use.  A low line rate is a low line and an insult, especially since without the MTs you wouldn't be able to pay your bills.

Just because everyone else sees to be going to India is like the saying you parents would say if everyone else jumped off the bridge ....  Many companies sell out, but you don't HAVE to sell out.  You choose to get more bang from your buck but I've seen the work that comes back from overseas and I would never put my name to it.

You might can fool some of the people some of the time, but it won't fly with me. 


The starting is $1.08 but the work is steady and plentiful. I think the top is $1.25 but I am not s
that is just the highest that I know of someone making.
oops.. I meant that we CANT seem to have steady work EVER. nm

Did youhave steady work with Medware? Do they
Many old YOGgers at FutureNet, but the work isn't steady. sm
When I was at MQ, they lost many YOG accounts, but I haven't been there in a couple of years, so I can't really speak to that.
Agree with you. If poster has steady work, that's
Needing steady work as well....email inside
Thanks! nwmt68@hotmail.com
True but I got news for ya - you aren't going to get steady work anywhere that way.-
An MTSO has an account to cover. Period. She will give the work to whomever is willing to be flexible enough to cover the account. Even an IC has to work within some framework, not just whenever I feel like it, right?
As far as I know, IC only. Very steady work flow. Pay is good and on time.

Great lady to work for. 

EMTS Great company steady work
Getting new work and accounts are sending more and more work.  Great people to work with. 
enjoy it there. good accounts. steady work.
Pay on time and accurate, work flow steady.


I've been trying to find a company with steady work
I've had steady work the past 2 days on
my primary account, but I'm pretty sure it only has to do with people being off. I don't think there has been any kind of major change for the greater good or anything. So I'm not getting excited. I'll be back at the soup kitchen probably next week - so someone save my seat!
Downside is that there's rarely a steady/even load of work everyday unless there's always a ba
Is the work flow pretty steady on the evening shift
Just started myself - steady work - and I do work
QT gets my vote! I love it! Gross line pay, on time, 1 account, steady work! Great place!!!! nm
As a whole.. nice people to work for, decent benefits but the get off/on the system, work/no work,
is maddening. I couldnt pay my bills or even work the schedule I was assigned. They would ask us not to work until work built up in the evenings and I specifically wanted to work days as I have kids etc. It just didnt work out for me but to each his own. It just seems there has to be a better balance in this business that what is happening.
U.S. only, very steady work, some VR, good pay, good insurance, no PT, schedule. sm
That should cover it!
you have to have work to pay for the benefits
I started with them and had NO work for an entire week. I gave up and quit and then they didn't pay the training bonus pay and I had to go to the attorney general!
No benefits and lately no work...NM
Great benefits don't help if the work isn't there.
It's been a while and maybe they've gotten better. The recruiter at the time was less than above-board with me. Try to find current employees to talk to.
Sounds like you want to work PT, but get the benefits of FT!

There are minimum requirements so that the employee must work in order to get health insurance, PTO, etc.  Why on earth would an employer offer someone a FT employee status, but then not put any kind of line requirement on them?  That's just absurd.

As a manager of a transcription department at a hospital that pays their MTs hourly plus incentive, if I didn't have minimum production standards in place, I'd have a bunch of hourly employees taking a million breaks and surfing the internet all shift long!  And still walking out with a nice paycheck and benefits to boot!  And my minutes would be through the roof with doctors screaming at me every minute of every day!

I feel sorry for the company that gives you a job.  You're looking to get off easy!

No, that's not true. They work with you. Yes, you have to be FT to get benefits. sm
but that is anywhere. They define FT by 12000 lines per period. They average it out. They take into consideration accounts, volume, slow periods, etc. If you are working FT and not getting the lines you need, they work with you to get there.

Someone is just trying to stir things up here, and I am not sure why, but it is very disheartening to see half-truths and lies about so many companies. I love working for Keystrokes. I average 2500-2700 lines per day but I have been doing this a long time and use my Expander for everything. I have an account that is considered a nightmare to some people, but I think that they come into it with a bad attitude. IMO, any account can be great once you get used to it, with Keystrokes or with any company, as long as the line count is accurate.
May I ask where you who get a decent cpl and benefits work?nm
For IC work? 8 cpl is OK if you are an employee and getting benefits, but for an IC it's awful!
I work for them...benefits this year suck
God help us if we get sick. They deductible is sky high and no meds coverage. I can't believe they boinked us that way. I'm checking into other companies.
I work part-time for them, so I cannot help you regarding benefits. sm

The pay scale seems a bit on the low side (I started at 0.0825), but you are an employee, so they take out taxes and such, which is a plus for me, and you can raise your rate of pay according to how many lines per hour you type.  I do not have the tier right in front of me, but it is something like 150-170, add .015 per line; 171-215, .035; 216-230, .05; and so on.   I type 300 LPH on my full-time job but cannot seem to average more than 250 at Webmedx, so not sure if it is the way they count lines, or maybe I am just not used to my account yet.  The sound quality on some of the hospitals on my account is absolutely AWFUL, and no one seems to be addressing that, so that is a down side. 

They have their own platform and supply the computers.  Someone said you have the option of using your own computer, but when I asked, they said I had to use theirs, so I don't really know.  I would much prefer mine, but I did get a switch so I only have to use one monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

They charge a $125 deposit for the computer, taken out in installments of $25 per pay period, refundable when you quit and return the computer. 

The pay is direct deposit and always on time. 

I know they have benefits such as medical, dental, and vision, and a 401k, but I do not know the details.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

It is IC work, no benefits, make your own schedule. sm

The pay is a bit on the low side for IC work, but the work is easy, the people are great, and the pay is always on time, once a week, direct deposit.  Hope this helps.

It's IC work-- no benefits, although they do pay self-employment tax portion.
Technically, we're hired as SE status (statutory employee status), which means that MDI pays our self-employment taxes to keep us from getting that double tax whammy.
Anyone work for Axolotl? Curious as to cpl & benefits
I've been an MT for 15 years with local clinics & am looking nationally now.  Any info would be great....cpl range, insurance costs, PTO, etc.  Thanks!
They had great benefits and little work. I lasted three
Great benefits, plenty of work, pay on time
Depending on experience, slightly above-average pay. I used to be with a company where I would have given my right arm for those few simple things. As for the posts below regarding line count, IF this (or any other concern) was affecting my work, there's a new invention called a telephone that comes in handy when wanting to address concerns (and their phone number is on their website).
Agree. Had to leave. Loved it there but no work and no benefits.
I get no benefits where I work and I do 1500-1700 rad reports a pay period. sm
This is the norm, not the exception. If a rad Transcriptionist cannot do 20-25 reports an hour, they need to look at a different field.
Any current information on Medware such as work load, pay, benefits, etc.
Thanks for anything you have.. the good, bad, and ugly.
Good luck to you. Hope they are lenient with the benefits with all the low work. nm
Where I work I was told I had to get them in or be put back to PT status and lose benefits. nm
Transhealth editors? Anyone with information on pay, work schedule, benefits, platform
I would appreciate any information before taking their test without knowing the scoop.  Thanks!
Can anyone provide a name of a good smaller company to work for that offers decent benefits..
I want to get away from the "nationals". I know there are smaller transcription companies out there looking for a good MT.. Hopefully someone will have some good advice for me.