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Out of 20 I hire, maybe 1 will be good enough to keep!

Posted By: tired MT on 2006-05-04
In Reply to: MTSOs, on a scale of 1 to 10, how qualified are - your applicants for acute care work? sm

We have some ESLs, but they are not too bad. We only hire from the top schools, but it makes little difference. First you have to get them to actually log in to work, get them to work on a regular basis, and then you have to review every single thing they type because most of them are in the wrong profession. I am so tired of everyone thinking they can do this job!

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Are they going to hire you at that rate? Good Luck. nm
Anyone hire on with MQ recently that feels it's a good fit? Getting the pay you wanted? nm
Are there any good companies that hire part time?

I have two years of acute care experience, and I need a part-time job to supplement my current income.  If everything works out, I will need to go to full time in March.  At this time, I can only work Friday and Saturday nights.

I have been applying to several companies, but they keep giving me the run around.  One company even told me I did very well on their test and that I was put in a pool of transcriptionists to be contacted.  The recruiter called me once, and I missed her call.  I called her back and left a message, but I have not heard anything else from her. 

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!  

Can anyone tell me if Administrative Assistants is a good company to work for and if they hire IC
or employees.
Good grief. Why can't these companies hire PTers for weekends.
Me too. As soon as there is a little extra work they hire and hire and then noone has any. This
goes on all the time.  I get sick to death of it.  I think having 2 part time jobs is better so you have 2 jobs to count on.
Does KS only hire employees or do they hire ICs too? nm
The best co. ever! Good work, good people, good pay, good bennies.
LOL!!! They would hire anyone, they just need to get
DSG does hire ICs

no, I took their test on-line though...I am shopping around right now for a fair well-known company with a simple format -- I just want to transcribe and be paid for it, none of this tier stuff
Yes they hire IC as well, which is what
I would suggest as this company is not very loyal to their employees.
Do you know if they hire nm
Do they hire FT and PT? Thanks! nm
they either over hire or have a lot
of MTs leave because they have been running ads for several months now.  I would be leery of that.
Do you know if they hire IC's? nm
Yes, they hire ICs.
Why? You want to hire us??

do they only hire FT or do they hire PT as well?
I thought I seen a post somewhere on here that said only FT. I really don't want to work more than 30 hours a week and I know most places cut FT at 32 hours a week. Not that I couldn't put in 2 more hours, but if I had a choice....
Does MDI-MD hire PT
Thanks :)
Also do they all hire from within?
they hire from within if possible. nm
they hire only SE's, which is almost
like an IC or independent contractor. Therefore, no, they provide no machine, no benefits, etc. You pay most of your own taxes too.
I believe they do hire ICs
I just took a position with MD-IT Portland. I am very optimistic about this! It was a much higher line rate than I had with MedQuist, and for now they pay the same for straight transcription as they do for Speech Recognition. They are providing all of my equipment - as I am going to one of their accounts where they do, and it is mostly my favorite work type, ERs.
If you do not do ops they will not hire you.


I hate ops and have never had a problem getting hired and paid decent but this company will not even look at you if you do not all 4 acute care.  I wish I liked ops but do not.  I applied for this company and this was the first time in my 9 years experience that I have had a company turn me down so their loss as far as I am concerned....

They hire both but I don't believe there are any...sm
benefits other than them paying the taxes for you when your a employee...
They do hire for less than that

They hire PT and there is still
8 hours be done on one weekend day though.
So would you hire....sm
Someone to paint the entire interior of your house - as an independent contractor - and allow him to do it any hours he pleases as long as he does some painting every 24 hours?

no, but I would hire
someone to paint the exterior of my house - as an independent contractor - and allow her to do it any hours she pleases as long as she does a previously arranged percentage of my house within a 24-hour time period. I think this is closer to the way being an IC works. At least, this is how it is for me. I have to complete x number of lines within 24 hours, but whether I do it in the first hour or the last hour or anything in between is up to me.
Do they only hire ICs?
Why hire me just to get rid of me?
Bizarre. I don't think that's it but who knows at this point.
New Hire
I have 2 years experience and passed their test the first time and was recently hired. I have heard bad and good. I intend to do my job and as long as I am compensated for my work, it is a job.
do you know if they hire prn?
Why would you hire on as an IC
Not sure I'm following you? 
They don't hire PT
Somebody said they should hire me to do PR. :)
But seriously... I was exactly where you folks are, not quite 6 months ago... working for a company that I really loved, one that treated us all very well and actually kept every single promise they made (go figure), and then to find out we were being sold to another company....

Yep. Some real Maalox moments there, and some real fear and loathing going on in TRS land. They assured us until they were blue in the face that nothing was going to change for us. I do know that a couple of people on my team quit, although they could have quit for other reasons; I don't really know.

Now, some 5 months later, I am happy to report that I'm still sitting here working the exact same accounts, on the same platform, and actually for higher pay. Go figure. I thought that sort of thing wasn't supposed to happen in this racket..... :D

7.5-8 cpl -see post below for 9.5 new hire
I don't understand it! Someone else said they were just hired at 9.5 cpl and the production plan was different. If this is MQ's idea of making things more consistent ----- well, I just don't know! They are going to lose A LOT of people at this rate!
They will not hire MTs living in CA or CT.
Do they hire ICs or employees?

LOL!!! Of course they did. OSi wishes they could hire 2 MTs
Too funny!
Does Medware hire PT? IC?
Does Medware hire IC?
Does Spheris ever actually hire?

Because I have applied several times, and have never received so much as an email from them.  Weird, because I usually hear back from everyone I apply with. 


I'd hire you in a NY minute. nm
Does MDI-FL hire IC status?


Companies who will hire for Sat-Sun only?


They hire U.S. editors - says it all right there.
How many MTs did FutureNet hire?
I haven't been able to get a decent line count in weeks! Have they overhired, or is it really just that slow?
they took months to hire me
By the time they were ready to train me, I had another job.... just too slow