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This should tell MTSOs to value their REAL MTs sm

Posted By: nm on 2006-05-04
In Reply to: What does this tell you? (sm) - QA'r

by offering a higher line rate and benefits to maintain the good MTs in their companies. Why the seasoned, experienced MTs are offered the same rate as newbies is beyond me, and insulting, too.

As the old saying goes: You get what you pay for!

Suggestion to MTSOs: You should require all MTs to own a set of reference BOOKs! (The Google-only MTs are obvious. They are not serious about their work.) When testing candidates, arbitrarily select pages of the most important reference materials each MT should own and ask the MT to say what's on that page. Or pose a question where the MT has to look something up. An MT without reference books is like a carpenter without hammer and nails.

This is a response to What does this tell you? and agrees with what the poster said.

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I actually have two real jobs with real benefits. sm
One is SoftScript at 10.5 cents a line, taxes taken out and PTO, insurance, the whole ball of wax.  The other is a hospital work at home job, same scenario.  They are out there. 
Not real sure - LOL!
Was with Atlanta, which is being closed 09/01. I think we are being sent to the Florida office.
Are they real?
Does anyone even hear back from them, I have 30+ years experience and did not even get a phone call last time they posted.
For real?
Can you please expound how you are doing it? How many lines per day do you produce? Are you doing hospital or clinic transcription?
How sad... no one no one uses their real name.
It's so much better to post anonymously whatever kind of crap you want. Thanks Rhonda for posting, sorry that these people have no class.
what???? Are you for real??? what is
with all the nastiness on your end?? I look at this board twice a week, and yes, I am busy - very busy - work weekends, work nights, work early mornings - but I do find time to look at this board just to stay in the loop.
It's probably for real......I got this too...sm
I posted this somewhere else, but we got a letter from an investment company we haven't used in over a year. They still have our very personal info and had a laptop disappear with thousands of their clients' info on it. We got a letter saying the same thing and we did enroll, even though we keep up with our credit info via the 3 major reporting agencies anyway. They're for real, I'm sure, so you'd probably be better off enrolling, but like I said earlier, if your identity is stolen, good luck trying to get Equifax or any of the others to believe it's not you ruining your credit. That really ticks me off, when companies are so incompetent as to have this info on a laptop that can be taken out of the building by anyone and then when it's stolen or whatever, act as if they're doing us a big favor by giving a free year to watch your credit. Gee, after one year you're on your own anyway, and they're not held one bit responsible for screwing your credit up. The companies who lose this info should be liable for any debts incurred by the customers or employees due to their negligence, then they would probably not be so flippant about it.
Get real!
All you had to do to get that information was to put *how to form a union* in your browser and click on search/go.  Not exactly rocket science, is it?  OK, the link gave you your next steps.  Are you going to get off your dead rear and actually take any of them, or do you expect someone else to do that for you, too?  You say you want a union but couldn't even take this simple first step by yourself.  What are you going to do when the going gets tough?  You really need to communicate with someone at SEIU or the AFL/CIO union of your choice to see if teleworkers can be unionized and just how you would go about doing that when you don't even know who works for the same company(ies) you do.  You might get some interesting answers.  I don't expect to see them posted, though.  From what I see, your style is much more to let others *help* with the research while you put up smart-mouth posts bashing those who aren't interested in the little game you're playing *just for kicks*.  I'm still betting you are as big a whiner as the ones you bash. 
They do expect you to work your schedule, normally an 8-hour shift, and they do monitor this. I have seen them advertise for split shifts (4 + 4)on some accounts, so maybe that is an option. I have never had a problem if I had to alter my schedule for a doctor's appointment, etc, but I don't do this very often.

I don't know anything specific about the Hem/Onc account. I think they have had it for at least 6 months (based on their ads), so I don't believe it is brand new.

When I was hired several years ago, I was told that everyone gets 8 cpl, no higher. Don't know if this is still the case or not. There is production incentive up to 9 cpl.

Overall not a bad place to work. I have been there for several years. I stay because I am used to my account and only work on one account, which is much easier to make $$ at. Management seems to have a high turnover rate, so have had some problems with different people telling us different things, but all in all, probably an average company.
I think you are right, no REAL way to be 100%. I think I am doing sm
more work than I used to and KNOW I am getting less lines. Wonder if Target is hiring??
Real MT

I'm a real MT for many, many years.  I am not a company, a recruiter, a team leader, etc.  I just want to find a good job.  I work for one now that I had a good reference from from someone on this board, but it really doesn''t pay well and so I keep looking on occasion.  I have worked for some of the companies people mention, Webmedx, Amphion, Transcript-USA, Edix and probably some I can't remember, and I have a different perspective of Webmedx and Amphion than other people say (not good,) but some people just rave about these places, and it makes me wonder who is actually answering on this board.  People raved over TT; not it seems they aren't so hot.  Just be honest.  If you are a true MT, just be honest about it.  We don't want anyone else saying a place is great if it isn't.  God knows there are plenty of lousy places as is it so if it's lousy, don't say it's wonderful. 

Let's get real here. For example: (sm)
Patient A's orthopedic surgeon not only kept her out of a wheelchair at a very young age, but saved her life in the process as well. While conversing during a post-surgery office visit, he asks Patient A her occupation. She replies, I am a medical transcriptionist. He says, For what company? Patient A says, For a US National. He says, All our dictations are sent to India.

Question: Does anyone reading this REALLY think that because Patient A's dictations are typed overseas/India/or Jabip for that matter, that Patient A will find herself a new orthopedic surgeon because of that fact? I mean, let's get real here. This should be a no-brainer!
Apply this same type of scenario to: cancer patients still alive, HIV patients diagnosed 20 years ago and still alive, ESRD/transplant patients still alive, etc...SHALL I GO ON???
Are you for real?
Are you actually saying that you bring home over 2400.00 every 2 weeks. I have very serious doubts about that.
real pay day
since i have no idea who you are, i will only say that i personally sent an email to every cardioscribes transcriber explaining cut-offs and pay dates. in case you didn't get it, pay dates are 7th and 22nd. hopefully this will help your situation. also, if indeed ou are planning on leaving soon, it would be nice to have that information in advance. thanks.
for real?
So you don't even work there?  Then what you do care?  For real.  What concern is it of yours. Leave those of us that are happy here alone.  If you don't work there, then you were not on this alleged call and did not hear anything said. 
are you for real?

I guess when the IRS is making your tax form due on the monday after the 15th there's some big conspiracy.

Geez Louise, some of y'all need to get a life!

REAL MTs don't look the other way
when confronted with cherry-pickers. My guess is this fake-MT is a cherry picker herself. Thanks for the dose of common sense. Only idiots defend cherry-pickers so vehemently while insulting the good MTs who are sick of it.
Is This For Real (nm)
Not real name
smarter than that.
For real?
I haven't heard a thing. Work did pick up these past 2 days, I thought maybe lots of MTs were on vacation. Did an email go out about the new accounts because I hate my backup and would really like a different one. I've looked and looked and couldn't find a company I would rather work for, so let's hope the trend continues and they don't decide to hire more people.
Oh get real. You know better than that.
WHAT? Are you for real?

Lazy?  What's that got to do with it?


Let's be REAL honest now (sm)
Obviously, you are the Director over the QA Deparment and the QA Manager's boss. Knowing you, I am sure you are totally embarrassed at how things have turned out in that department, but what are ya to do?!!! Sure can't admit that you made a mistake, can ya? That wouldn't look good for you.

You more than anyone should know how bad the QA Manager's quality was. She was on 100% QA for over a month. That doesn't sound like somebody with experience, and on a clinic account none-the-less!

We all know that you kiss butt, because you can't do anything else. We also know that you could care less about the quality of a medical record. AND that is real sad! Let us all know when you and OSi start appreciating MTs.

Welcome to REAL life!
Working 40 hours for benefits is not a NEW concept. MTs have long done themselves a great disservice by balking at change.

You still have the benefit of earning more dollars, but MTs are FINALLY become like REAL employees. You know where you have to work the hours to get the perks???

If you're doing 30 hours, slow down and do 39. Problem solved.


Go to school to become a P.A. where, I hate to tell ya, they're going to want you to work 40 hours.
Is Talon his real name?
Well, I didn't use my real name, but - sm
I did use the company name in my post. So, my guess is that they were looking to see stuff posted about them and since I had been sending e-mails about my pay, they just figured it was me. It's a small company. Maybe they thought I wouldn't say anything about not getting paid for my work, since they were a little irate with me for leaving after only 2 days, saying they put a lot of money into my training (About 45 minutes worth).
to have a real profession
So before you going calling anyone dumb.... think about just how skilled you aren't. MQ'ER move along.
Welcome to the real world. Try getting your
see how it works.  I have a surgery center account that I bill once a month, on the last day of the month.  And they have 30 days to pay.  So work I do on January 1st, I might not get paid for till the end of February. 
Get real! I think you have it reversed!
The REAL Rhonda Job...
Of course you are happy when you are allowed to work whenever you want, cherry pick, and leave whatever you want for other MT's to clean up.  Eventually hopefully someone will be SMART enough to catch up to you and dont't think several MT's are not already on to you and your terrible work habits.
Real Names
Like you do???---Passing Thru--. I call them as I see them; there are no gray areas here. Also, NO ONE should ever give their personal information out on ANY public website, i.e., name, e-mail address, etc.; too many psychos out here...
Pulleezzee, get real.
We all know what is meant by an off shore man, just like an off shore company.  And the problem I see, is these offshore men think they can come to our country and treat us women like they treat the women from their homeland.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  Treat us with respect and consideration, not like paid slaves who are just here to serve you. The offshore men I have had business dealing with are lying manipulators.  The only ones that have any morals are the ones that came here as small children and grew up here.  When did your DH come to this country?  Was he born and/or raised here or did he come here after he was grown up?  Either way, I am sure you have experienced the same thing watching, if not DH, then other men from his family.
that's a real shame
sorry to hear they sold out in such a huge way... they didnt used to think this way.
RU for real? sheesh......
you sound like a real
butt kisser. Who is to say that the other poster and myself have not started looking for another place that is going to be a lot more consistent? If someone else did not post the same thoughts that I was having about what is going on, then maybe I would have thought that I was possiby overreacting, but they were saying about the same thing, and perhaps even worse, than I was. Too funny that you posted your post after someone in the office all of a sudden sent an e-mail about what was posted here on MTStars. For myself, your post has very little creditability.

If people are truly employees, then no one should be worrying that they do not have work and how they are going to deal with that financially and by the other poster's post lack of time off as we accumulate PTO based on our production. This is about the second to third time I have seen someone post about not getting enough work to get benefits and that seriously concerns me. I did not give too much thought about what was going on workwise until e-mails started being sent out about people sending e-mails into the office to managers questioning why there is not enough, if any, work on pretty much all the accounts it seems. People do not care about stupid charts and crap like that. People care about showing up for work and there being work. Seeing a chart that maps out the year and that there should be an increase in work in however much time does not mean much to someone who has to figure out how to make up for what they will be missing financially. If you did something like that in a traditional brick and mortar business, more than likely most of your workforce would leave and find someplace else.

To each their own opinionwise.
Get real. KS LEAD
Get over myself? Sheese, you sound just like the quality-type folks I had to deal with at KS.

Perhaps you were a miserable recruiter, which is why you felt the people you were supposed to be luring to a position with your company were 'the most miserable group of people in the world.' Sweet attitude.

If one is considered 'difficult to work with' because they value their time and ability, then, yeah, I suppose I am 'difficult.' Better that than an unhappy doormat.

Not that it matters, but with my experience, I got seven job offers within 48 hours of sending out my resume. I'd heard such great stuff about KS on this board (and only this board oddly enough) that I took that position.

The so-called trainer they hooked me up with was a complete tool. The platform was a joke and the trainer had no idea how to answer my questions.

Simply enough, I moved on and found a company without the 'tude. (And without the cut in pay.)

Obviously you love KS. Obviously I don't.
Deal with it.
Yep, for real. You have to have been there for a year, I think, and it's like
four weeks at full pay or eight weeks at half pay. That is in addition to any PTO you may choose to use or any disability insurnace payments. Hope that helps.
My thoughts too. If they were real
Former employee for real
Email me directly and I'll tell you who I am. Definitely NOT current mgmnt! To the other poster - it IS possible to know all the QA people at OSi. The department isn't that big.
Get Real - take your blinders off
Your information is INCORRECT.

First of all - I was told by HR himself that the work was taken off us to send OFFSHORE - those are the words right from the horses mouth.

There is no saving this situation - they did us wrong - they did the industry wrong.
Yes, a REAL MT would challenge this....

Stop getting bent out of shape because everyone does not agree with YOU .

MedGarde for real?

I read that someone on here was hired by MedGarde, went to their website and it just seems too good to be true.  They ask questions like, can you commit to 30 minutes of transcribing per day?  They offer a flexible schedule, and the test consists of 3 one-minute dictations.   

Are these people real?  Or was the raving-with-happiness post on here a come-on con thing?


You are right!!! thanks for keeping it real
What power? QA has no real say sm
over whether anyone keeps a job or not.  Your work is either correct or it isn't.  If there are no errors, then QA can't really pick at you, can they?
Yeah, for real...
and I could care less whether you believe that or not.  Would you like me to fax you one of my paycheck stubs or call my employer for verification of my income?  GEEZ.  It is always such a sad thing to me when another MT questions another MT's statement about his/her income.  Believe it or not, great money can be made in this business (although I do totally admit I used to make even MORE 10 years ago).  I have been doing this for years and years, and with that experience comes typing speed (which I do think of as a gift), not having to look up everything in a book or on the internet, and being with the right company.  Another fact is I am very conditioned to not get up and do my laundry, make a phone call, etc.  I am diligent about that.  Sign me FOR REAL
Sorry forgot that I put my real name in my first one
Just wanted to let you know that it was the OP. It was my first time posting on this board and put in my real name the first time and didn't realize it until it was too late. I see that most others don't use their real name, so I started using a different one :)
No, this is a real SS person
In addition to posting here, he continues to send me nasty emails from his SS email system.  As I said earlier, I think it's scary and a little psychotic, borderlining on stalking.
No, it's not true. People think just because they get a couple of accounts referred to them by Dictaphone that they have ALL Dictaphone accounts. Where do you people come up with this crazy stuff?

Sure they're real......
a real SCAM! RUN!

And MTSOs don't have greedy CEOs??  Who pushes outsourcing, VR, MT pay cuts, etc?  Not the hospitals!  The AAMT, et.al. have been around a long time before the MT industry went sour.  And who is the greedy middleman who saw a fast buck to be made with MTs?  Not the hospitals. (Guess who the middleman who's making that buck is.)  Does it makes sense that hospitals would pay their other employees the going wage for their respective positions and have a hand in undercutting only the MTs.  They (hospitals) have no direct say in our salaries.  Sure, they will try to obtain the most cost-effective contracts, whether MT, cleaning personnel, cafeteria workers, etc.  Who wouldn't?  Do you hear their employees blaming the hospitals when they're not paid prime wage?  They're making top $$$.  Let's put blame where blame is due!

You state that if hospital CEOs weren't so greedy, the poor MTSOs could pay their MTs more.  DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT, IF THAT WERE THE CASE, THE MTSOs WOULD PASS ON THE EXTRA BUCKS TO THEIR MTs???  Really?  Don't you think they'd put it in their own greedy little pockets?? ( If you're not a MTSO yourself) ... think about what makes more sense!


Hope that is not your real name or you
may not have a job with them for very long and then not have to worry about how they spend their money.