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TransTech has no work; that is why; lost accounts; overhired significantly BAD nm

Posted By: Agreed on 2009-07-04
In Reply to: TT came through again????? - Idle Hands

Does TT care?  No, they get their big paychecks no matter if the MT's do or not.

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Yep, exactly -- TransTech lost accounts and I truly believe is in financial trouble right now !

That small overflow account acquired has not paid yet, and the HUGE hospital they lost is no longer paying them.

I really think TT is in lots of trouble right now money-wise.  Keeps changing payroll companies due to *floating* and not having the money for the payroll company, is my thoughts.

We had the best payroll company in the world -- but TT all of a sudden changed . . . and I mean ALL OF A SUDDEN, so much so that all our payroll information was WRONG, etc.  Horrible time with this new payroll company, but it was a FAST decision made on TT's part.  Probably had no choice except to change payroll companies.

TT is not stable as far as financial backup.  Just imagine after losing a HUGE hospital account how much less money was coming in this week and prior.  Those little overflow accounts just don't bring in a lot of monies.  Dictaphone controls how much money TT gets -- due to Dictaphone owning the platform and dividing up the work between Dictaphone's customers ! 

 times for TT now.

TransTech has lost work somehow, somewhere . . . or outsourcing/offshoring it !

How could Transtech mgmt be so noncaring of their MT's who provide their paychecks for them???  Yet, they care NOT of the MT's get a paycheck or NOT.

Soon to be gone from TT.  Not what it was cracked up to be from the beginning. 

TransTech has lost work somehow, somewhere . . . or outsourcing/offshoring it !

How could Transtech mgmt be so noncaring of their MT's who provide their paychecks for them???  Yet, they care NOT of the MT's get a paycheck or NOT.

Soon to be gone from TT.  Not what it was cracked up to be from the beginning. 

Mgmt and those leads/sups who are STEALING our work should add money to the piecework MT's paychecks every pay period that we make less.  Oh, boy, you are really good mgmt at TT !!!

The sweet talk from most of your mgmt-type people wore out VERY QUICKLY.  What is left from TT for the MT's -- NOTHING but low and no work. 

Mgmt, SHARE YOUR PAYCHECKS/GAINS/BONUSES with us lowly *per your opinion of us in reality*  MT's who type our fingers off so that you can GET ALL THAT MONEY for YOURSELVES !

TransTech has WAY overhired recently

May want to reconsider their offer or you could end up with insufficient work along with some of us - not all but some of us.

Are all of TransTech's accounts out of work?
Other lost accounts?
Besides the 120 account and Florida Hospital (don't know that site #), what other accounts have been dropped lately? I don't know about acute care or clinic sites, but ER has been very, very slow for the past 3 weeks or so. I don't know if it is all related to the loss of 120 or if there are others that haven't been mentioned yet.
wonder why we lost all these accounts?
Does anyone know what happened? Why did we lose them all at once?
Other accounts have been lost too. It would

be nice if someone would at least tell us what was going on so we can decide what we need to do.   I laughed about the Indian signing the paycheck.  While they do or did have an Indian working in the office I hardly think they are going to send the payroll to India. 

They lost some major accounts, one to
voice recognition and the other was overflow work but still it's gone. THey are hoping site 120 and the clinics that go with it do not work out with voice recognition since a lot of the docs were hard.
Wow, is there a reason they lost so many accounts like this. nm
Lost accounts are mounting up

I was convinced is not going to get better so picked up FT elsewhere.  Hopefully they won't cut off my benefits until I can get past the eligibility period at new place as I hate there to be a gap in my kids' health insurance!  I cannot depend on them any longer to take care of me and my kids.  Look everywhere you can.  Take care of yourself, especially if your benefits are with the Web.  I am on site now and loving it.  And it isn't hard to work 2 full time jobs when one has no work!

If like MDI-FL, they overhired and no work.
They have overhired once again. Not much work
Ab article below that says Proscript lost a lot of their accounts. Can someone tell me about this as
I am interested in this company or at least I was.
Heartland has lost numerous accounts before
nothing new! I trained on new accounts and then was told that a) they went to India because they could keep up with TAT and b) they no longer have that account..... time to start looking!
The account was not lost. It was fired, if that is what you do to accounts that you do not want. s
I have been there for 4 years. They have not lost any accounts but have gotten rid of 3 accounts. One of them was definitely the one you are talking about as it is the only one I ever saw with such blatant cherry picking by hospital staff. They were not even hospital staff; they were hospital employees that were let go and went in to work as ICs.

I have been a lead and stepped down recently due to family obligations.

They continue to grow steadiily and the changes over the years have all been positive. They truly do value their employees and stand strong on no offshore, which is important to me.

I would give them a call if you do not like where you went. Several have found that the grass is not greener and came back. A few were not taken back, but I find them to be fair.

I do not think that the company is perfect (i.e. no downtime pay) but I usually have plenty of work, get paid on time and like the people I encounter. I get asked to work extra, but that should stop now that there are more MTs on my main account.

They do not overstaff; I am very grateful for that.
You obviously haven't a clue what you are talking about. TT has NOT lost any accounts. TT is NO
having financial troubles. Dictaphone does NOT control the money or the accounts. I would strongly suggest you refrain from posting that erroneous information here or face the consequences.
Did we not just lose a lot of MTs with the accounts that we lost? What the heck did we hire (sm)

around 15 more MTs for then?  Why would they post the welcome to new employees for July and August?  Yes, perhaps they were hired before we lost that account and were anticipating a new one, but get real.   Some of those employees could have been with the company a long time.  I think they should reduce the availability of work to the newcomers and provide to those who have been building this company all along.

Not trying to be mean, really.  It just does not seem fair.


They have overhired for the summer. We will ALL be running out of work!

They thought they had a new account and it was not a go, so overhire again.  They are just running this ship TOO TIGHT



No - significantly decreased. Bayscribe stinks! nm
I don't like all the junk mail. This trims it significantly..sm
I also don't like having my credit report hacked. Too much ID theft these days, and my financial advisor said it is the only way to fly these days. One of my credit cards was hacked a few years ago, so this extra precaution is something I'm willing to do to protect myself even more. And, no matter what, ultimately MTs should be hired for their skill and experience, not how much debt is being carried.
Pay will drop significantly with Dictaphone EXSpeech 1/2 per line, or something to that tune. nm
There is lost of work at MDI-FL....
Call the office and ask for another account. There are three starting tomorrow. I just got an e-mail about one with a system called Intrascript.

TransTech does and SOME of DTS in Tenn. accounts do. nm
When are the new Transtech accounts starting?
Transtech has new accounts coming soon
Transtech will be hiring for new accounts soon
Does Transtech have ER or Radiology accounts? TIA (nm)

Because in a production environment, the MT will generally produce a significantly higher number of
lines per day.
if you go to work for them you have lost your mind (IC or otherwise)
they are absolutely the worst company in the history of companies. You're better off at McDonalds.
Sounds like TransTech and it's NOT how the majority of accounts are. nm
Does anyone know what Transtech pays for its Escription accounts?
I'd be willing to work weekends if the price was right.  I've just seen too many Escription accounts pay too low, which to me, is 3 cpl and lower..One company actually offered 1.5 cpl. No thanks.
When I worked at TransTech, there was a doctor on one of the accounts sm

who stuttered.  At first, I was really frustrated, but then I also saw it from his side, how frustrating it must be to know what you want to say and then face that challenge.  I do not know about the physician you are referring to, but in the case I am referring to, I do not think the patient record suffered because of the doctor's stuttering.  I just kind of grimaced when I got him.  You would think that people like that, as well as the ESLs who are so challenged they can barely form a sentence, would hire a P.A./N.C. to do their dictating for them.  Go figure.

Sorry you have that to deal with. 

TransTech has 2 huge Editscript accounts
TransTech has 2 current Escription accounts

Sure, have lost patience, never lost sense of acting
To those complaining about no work because of the lost account...
I wasn't aware that an account was lost because I wasn't on that account. However, instead of complaining about not enough work because an account was lost, you should be thanking DSG for not just up canning your butts! They could have just gotten rid of the ones on that account, but sounds like to me they tried to move you to other accounts in order to keep you on at the company. I guess if you look at it that way, they don't sound so bad, huh? Everyone is always so quick to look for the bad and bash a company and don't think about the other side of things. I'm sure it wasn't their wish to lose that account, but it sounds like to me they are trying to look out for their MTs.
Info on GIMT and TransTech oncology accounts

Anyone out there familiar with the oncology accounts for  GIMT or TransTech  are advertising for?  Would like to know if there is enough work, platform they use, general pay range.  How flexible are they on scheduling?


Medquist or TransTech? Comparable offers from both. Who has the better accounts

better platform, reliable pay days, etc.


Well it sounds like no work happens a lot at DSG. How are the accounts as far as decent accounts
and their QA. 
Shouldn't you get to work? They need you typing, b'cuz they have lost all
I also lost hospital job and have tons of clinic work
Hospitals can afford the software, clinics cannot....  It will be a long time before any of these clinics can afford the software especially when the health insurance providers refuse to reimburse for services rendered like they should...  When I say clinic, I mean private practice....
TransTech accounts are ALL very quickly going to VR and pay is half line rate

If you like VR and the pay cut, then TT will be a good fit for you.  If you are experienced and will let someone pay you less than you are worth, then go for it.

Other than accounts going to VR there and MT pay cut for editing VR reports, TT has been a good fit for me.  I am very disappointed in the recent VR pay cuts.

They are changing platforms and cutting our line rate in half as the accounts go live with VR.

No, I wouldn't go back. I lost too much money there ALWAYS running out of work (sm)
There were days at MQ I would type 2 reports during my shift, and I had a LOT of accounts in my pool!  A friend of mine who started at the same time I did with MQ is still there and she is always out of work. I just can't take the chance. 
MOST of TransTech's accounts are obtained through Dictaphone/Nuance -- not by any TT mgmt people

out seeking work for all the MT's that they have recently hired on.  That is not a good thing when Dictaphone has control of how much work TT gets, when we can have some work from them, etc.  They have other MTSO's who want work for their MT's, too, so Dictaphone/Nuance has to share with all MTSO's who have contracted with them to use their equipment; thus, doling out jobs as Dictaphone/Nuance sees fit for their good.

QT lost jobs lost dreams
webmedx is hiring but they may already have enough people, I got a job there last week.  No matter what kind of bull you are hearing from management or otherwise is a lie.  The account is gone, please look for new jobs
I guess this explains part of the reason we keep running out of work. My office lost a lot of huge
accounts in the past year.
Well I don't work for Transtech and this discussion isn't about Transtech...
and that is not age discrimination....give me a break...
Same here. I am sure they have overhired! sm..
Sad, because I really, really like FutureNet but I have been testing all week during the downtimes with FutureNet (which has been 20 out of 24 hours a day it seems)....I believe they have overhired and it is not fair.  I know that they have to meet their turnaround times but maybe they should have given some kind of incentive.  I know that may sound rude but everyone, at times, has hard times and cannot be there for a day or something.  But to actually go in and hire WAY TOO MANY people to make it where you cannot even come close to what you were getting is just ridiculous!  Why is always feast or famine?  I wonder if a lot of people are quitting or have quit because I know from my experience, my pay has been cut down to 1/6 of what I was getting prior...and my family and I cannot live off of that.
MDI-FL has overhired again.
DSG has overhired once again!
What primary accounts?  Bounced around all day scaping the bottom of the barrel because there is hardly enough work to go around.  Some of us have been there for a long time now and helped to keep these accounts afloat when there were only a few of us working when we said we would.