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When I became an MT supe many of my problem MTs

Posted By: sm on 2006-05-04
In Reply to: Here, here. Exactly my experience also, even down to the 10 year work experience. nm - Why do you think they pick 10 years?

were the ones with 10, 15 years, etc. experience. It turned out they rarely or never had reviews or spot checks and the errors were horrible! Furthermore many poor quality MTs were moved up to do QA cause non MT managers figured if someone was doing this a few years they must be good. Hence, QA was no help. I had never seen anything like it and it just snowballed to a huge mess and I pretty much gave up. One guess where I worked? LOL

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yes. My supe is looking into it.
She says she will let me know by the end of the week. If not, I was thinking of trying out a national part-time just to test the waters. The problem is that where I live I don't have access to DSL or cable, only dial-up or satellite and the dial-up is super slow 28k. That limits my options. The hospital is not happy with that either.

Like I said, the only thing keeping me is the bennies. company matching 401k, 8 hrs pto per paycheck that you can cash in anytime if you don't use them, huge extended illness bank, only $7 a month covers me and my 2 children's health insurance. I doubt I will find that at a national which is why I am just afraid of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The gas price and daycare is what kills me. It cost me 800 just to go to work.
wow, could have been written by the supe!
TH has a bad habit of getting their employees to voluntarily do beta tests on CM which can slow you down, but since you volunteered, you aren't compensated for it...or for anything else they ask you to volunteer to them. CM goes down a significant amount of time so as to cause your production to suffer and they really love to take it down for maintenance the evening of the last day of the pay period. Sometimes when it goes down unexpectedly, it might stay down for 1-2 days and only alert some employees it is back up, not everyone.

Good luck with the TransHealth gig thingy.
Must have same supe. Getting vibe they may
When I worked there my supe was the pits
Had the exact same thing with my supe - half my emails went unanswered; of the half that did get answered I would get partial answers or a non-answer.  Now MY supe had TWO assistants to cover for her during her frequent long absences, and she still couldn't keep it together.  Mainly what the assistants did was call you on your day off or in the middle of your sleep cycle to jump out of bed and type a stat - but the whole company felt free to do that, even for accounts you'd never worked on before!  And no, neither my supe or her two little elves were from India.  One of them was my QA person and mentor when I started, then the boss stole her to have a 2nd assistant, and my mentor's attitude completely changed - no more honesty or answered questions, would blow off my emails or forward them to supe who would ignore them.
Not in my experience - my supe is great!
I'm running out of work earlier and earlier each day, but if I hang around for my full 12 hour shift enough eventually trickles in to get what I need.  I'm wondering if maybe the patients are slow seeking treatment because its a new year/new deductible situation (I know that's my excuse for procrastinating making my own appointments right now).
It says to email your supe AFTER you are back up.


It is the Q. I emailed my supe today
and asked to be switched. He hasn't answered back yet.
Supe says "they rock!" This is so disgusting

to hear every time they put some new MT's on our accounts.

Today it's all jokes being sent out in emails! Just what we need, more emails!!!!!!    We can read joke books or joke calendars. Would rather not have those sent by our SUPE in company emails !!!

Just curious....are you having problems with your Indian supe?

I guess it doesn't hurt to ask supe and
I know for a fact your supe told you PLENTY sm
b/c I was on the emails and know she made person to person calls to everyone. Where were you??
The owners haven't changed, MT supe hasn't changed
I've been in their office. I know the people. It is a sweat shop and you will never be paid a decent amount or get respect. You won't know which is a good or a bad day for the person you report to until you literally get yelled at.

They have to offer bonuses because their reputation is that bad and nothing has changed. You may get work that has been recorded 3 times from some of the worst accounts you could ever imagine. They take accounts no one else will touch. That hasn't changed.