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You can't commit identify theft with general personal info

Posted By: sm on 2007-08-31
In Reply to: Scam - McFingers

that is found in a resume. They would need to have more detailed info like ss#, which hopefully people aren't dumb enough to put in their resume anyway. Definitely if someone calls you asking for this, don't give it to them. However, as for the people that sent in their resume, it's not possible to steal your identity with the same stuff they could have just as easily gotten out of the phone book. Of course, I do believe that you should be cautious about your personal information, but there's no need to be so paranoid (like the Brian guy on the main page). People should be keeping a close eye on their credit reports anyway with the world the way it is now.

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identify theft - not sure what world you live in
but they can steal your identify with resume information - all they need is name address and telephone number. With past employers, one phone call gets them anything else they need. It is the same information on an envelope they get out of your garbage can, or on a prescription bottle. We do not need to be paranoid - but you need to be realistic too.
Would a company ask an MT to commit identity theft?
Why would anyone do this or ask someone else to do this?  I do not understand.
I would be worried about identiy theft, getting all your personal information, then that weird stuff
then all that wierd stuff.
Info posted on the net/identity theft
At least our county auditor has gotten smart and removed a lot of info off line.  He got slapped with a huge lawsuit after 6 people complained of identy theft relating to their divorce/traffic/ civil matter info being posted.  Heck, all a thief needs to do is go in and pick out an identity...you get all the basic info you need to become someone your not
posting personal info on the net

It's gotten very scary, especially to people who are trying to get a nut case out of their life ie: victims of domestic violence, etc.  I live in a large metropolitan area and our county clerk has property records on the internet.  All you have to do is type a name in and see if you can find who your looking for.

Our local YWCA where I volunteer has tried to stop this, but he says that the records are available in person, always have been..well, it takes a person a lot more effort to go down and dredge through them in person...duh.  So again people, just be careful.

Personal info from survey's
Oh, it asks enough info and you can count on it collecting your IP address, that is all it takes to find out exactly who you are. This survey may be free - but you can bet her future survey's will cost you to take, and once she has all this data, you can bet your sweet bippy her site to access all of this information is going to be a pay site! She is not interested in improving anything in our field, she is only interested in $$$$$ she can make collecting data and making this data seem like it means something.
personal info is always at risk just by being online

all over the world...the perps are trying to get everyone's personal information....not just that company and their stupid error.....nothing is secure online no matter for the encryption codes or anything - NOTHING is 100% secure online...*hear that? all you people who bank online and pay bills online*???  Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it is not in the works.

I remember few years ago Western Union got hacked (one of the oldest companies in America) and told all 100,000 customers to *cancel all your credit cards as we do not know what information the perps got on all of you*

Nothing is 100% secure online, not banking, not medical records, not your social security numbers nor your personal records.....even if you see the little lock at the task bar.....means not much to a computer whiz/cracker.

be aware

No personal info, no money, no scam.

Someone is definitely not pleased with the show of solidarity. 

No personal info, no money, no scam.  Nothing but MTs helping one another to regain self-respect, and industry respect.

This has been in the works for 2 years, finally come to fruition.  Service owners, get used to it.

so, basically they are asking for $$ AND personal ID info -- RED FLAG(S)!! NM
General Hosp...er General T-Tech
I thought companies had to identify themselves
This company sounds to me like they are looking for newbies to pay very little to or go into some sort of training program where they won't actually get paid at all for the work, though the company would. Just my humble impression.
Don't want to commit

Does anyone know of any companies that will hire you without any commitment of days or hours that you can work?  I know that's asking for a lot.  I am currently employed, but work can be very sporadic at times and other times very busy.  I want something to fill in those gaps. 

Thanks for any help!

Don't want to commit
Thanks to all for your suggestions!
You commit to how many lines sm
you want to do a day. No insurance as you are an SE.
Yes, IC but required to commit to a schedule. sm
These are not IC positions and the IRS knows. Their reward for breaking the law and cheating both the Transcriptionist and the IRS is coming.
An IC asked to commit to a schedule could...
technically be considered an employee. We are in construction, and between weather, seasonality, and our workers not showing up consistently, we always 1099'd our workers. Our accountant, however, said that if we had significant control over the schedule of our workers and directed what they do while they are working, they are considered employees according to the IRS. I think most MT jobs would reflect that same standard.
IC status and being asked to commit to specific scheduling question
I thought I understood that this was not permitted to be asked if one was an IC.  I work a very, very stable schedule as it is, but they want me to tell them EXACTLY when I will work and also will I commit to weekends as well.  What do you all think??? 
That is theft
If you sign a contract regarding equipment and do not return it, that is theft, and selling it is distributing stolen property. Theft over 500. is a felony.
That's fraud and theft
You need to report it.
Can you say "Identity Theft"
On MSNBC about identity theft. They woo stupid people in the US with marriage proposals and fake pics, then woo them to accept packages for them that are bought with stolen credit card numbers, then the US pigeons ship the merchandise overseas at their own expense because they believe they are engaged to someone who doesn't even exist.

If there is a re-run on MSNBC To Catch an ID Thief everyone should watch it. Amazing.

Imagine what these offshore MTs could do with the patients' SSN and birthdates.
Records theft

All the more reason why we should as MT's in this United States of America band together, go to Washington DC and protest!!!..I am more than fed up with seeing our skills and profession as a whole ****ardized by outsourcing.  I think it would be a good idea for us MT's on this board to seriously consider a sound strategy we can utilize to make our leaders listen to us and take us seriously.  Perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part but if we could put something together, I for one would be willing to WALK to DC if I had to (and with the price of gas out of control; I might have to) - to make ourselves heard. 

records theft


Identity theft

I would have to wonder if there has ever been an MT convicted of identify theft?  I don't know but I doubt it.  However, that would make a good excuse for a company, not just MT, to invade the privacy of their employees.....

Obviously I'm not painting too many gourds today.  LOL  I'm coping with the retiree syndrome..........a pretty sad time really....and just feel like chatting but having a migraine trying to get a foot hold, I don't feel like going anywhere.

identity theft is huge
and always on my mind with these things.
Identity theft is a big in the medical field. nm


I wonder if those places ABC was talking about selling bulk identity theft...
information online with the internet could be getting the information from health records overseas. The identity theft is sold in bulk to bidders on the internet from overseas. ABC I think had a special on it but never did identify where all of this information was gleaned. Something to consider I guess
Saw on the news that ID theft is big biz in India cause of the credit card industry sending their
Men, in general, do that a lot....not just....NM

In General

I for one, also feel that there has been enough said about a certain companies on this board  -- I work for a small service (probably less than 100 employees) and am treated fairly  -- my second paycheck was late, but only due to a goof at the end of the major hospital and the invoice  -- I was with a company where I was paid every two weeks like clockwork, but occasional gitches happen  -- and you have to plan for those things.  The subject though with this one company has become way too rendundant and I for one feel it's time to move onward and upward.

It is general transcription
Very hard work transcribing a bunch of people talking at once.
As a general rule....

75% is a pretty heavy figure on terms of ESL.  That sounds like an account no one else wants to do. 

What general area
The 3 big ones in my area have most of their MTs at home with full benefits and incentive plans. Most of their systems require high speed and some have a mileage limit for repairs, etc. Start calling all the local hospitals within 100 mile radius of you and see if they have MTs working from home. Most require a short period of in-house training but if you're experienced they usually send you home in a week.

just using general examples here...
not really talking specifics. and if you are making 10 cpl, you'd better rejoice and count your lucky stars. I was making that 5 years ago before I went with a big MTSO for health insurance, when they dropped us back to where I was making less than minimum wage, I quit. I'm now making 8 cpl...and I have 16 years of exp! I'm just saying, a rate of 6 cpl is a JOKE...you set your own standards, but we have to JUST SAY NO to the low wages they try to offer us now.
Well the questions are also so general

I think if people thought before they posted for example which platform, flexibility, etc.

As soon as someone puts that they had a bad experience, they are told that's not true, etc. etc.  It's a neverending thing on this company board.

If someone says they have had a good experience, then everyone starts applying and the company overhires and then everyone is mad about that. 

It makes no sense to me. 

Letting someone know they are able to search the archives is not rude at all.  It's a matter of using the correct string of characters and spending the time to do it though.

offshoring in general
I also think a lot of the services have sold their clients a bill of goods, convincing them that Turn Around Time is the big issue. This way they can justify sending the work out of the country to be done overnight, thus a bigger profit for them, and at the same time the clients buy into it because there is not enough quality control on their end to actually check what is coming back. I have seen a trend though in my area to bring back more in-house staff because of quality issues with outsourcing.
As a general idea,
people usually say you need about 2 cpl more to make up for paying your own SS, the employer not paying half of your health insurance, no sick days, no vacation days, no holidays, no short or long term disability, no unemployment, no dental, paying an accountant to help with your taxes, etc.... In my opinion, that stuff is actually worth more than 2 cpl, but that at least gives you an idea of what to aim for.
My comment is about posters in general.
I've never worked for KS and know nothing about them.

Nothing on this board tells me anything about them either. That is my point.

What is on this board is completely anonymous and we have no way to know who is actually posting and if there is any truth to it.

TransHealth - General question please
Can you tell me how work is picked up?  Do you load a certain amount at once, or is it a pickup one job at a time situation?  Also, how is the platform to use?  Do you have to work weekends, or is that optional?  Thinking of applying there.  TIA.
In general, has VR been successful for most companies? Thanks. nm
Try the Attorney General's Office...
for your State. Worked for me and I was an IC. Got my last check. Good luck.
I did not mean that is what they are doing. I was just making a comment in general. sm
I used to waitress, and you did not get the best stations or the best shifts until you moved up. My brother is an ER doctor. He was on midnights for years until there was an opening on days. His wife is a new nurse and always has to work every holiday and off-shift that there is as she has no seniority. My DH is a machinist. Whenever he switched jobs in the past, he was put on 3rd shift until someone left or was fired on 2nd and then 1st shift.

I just figured that MT would be the same. When I started at the hospital I am at, I got stuck with every weekend and holiday and evening for the first year. I just accepted it as the way things should be done. Why would services be any different? You should make someone new feel welcome, but the long-standing employees would resent it if newly hired employees get the best accounts and the best doctors. Kind of like paying your dues and proving that you are a good employee before they put you in the best positions.
In general, small companies
I just left one of the big companies because I won't do ASR because of the decreased pay. Smaller companies are usually straight transcription only, and I am now with one of those. There are quite a few out there.
escription is a general issue
If you look on the website for escription you will see a style guide that has a lot of nit picky format rules. It requires a lot of remembering little format things that we wouldn't normally do. They really should have someone to edit and someone else to make the format changes. it really is cumbersome and you can't make any money.
Transcription companies in general
AMEN SISTER!  couldn't have said it better
What is the general opinion about the packet? Good or Bad
Did receive mine yet?
Also contact your state Attorney General
consumer fraud division. Contact the local TV station that has a department for such fraud and ask them to investigate. Once you go public, you will be paid. Best of luck to you.
Do they still do general, medical, and legal tranny? Thx. nm
just google general transcription jobs
A lot of the jobs are for legal work, so I imagine you need a big English vocabulary and fast hands for lots and lots of lines.

Just hired, a little nervous about it now, general question....sm
Just took a position with a well-known company, I'll withhold it for now to be considerate.  I was supposed to work Sun night thru Thurs. nights.  Friday evening I was sent the software download and called for training on it Sat. morning.  After the training, I had to answer a questionnaire, at which point I would then be e-mailed my specifications for the account I was assigned along with a 'test questionnaire' that I would have to complete and return and THEN I would get my access code to the system and my Acct. Mgr's contact info.  I sent my first little questionnaire Sat. morning and waited for my acct specs and 'test'.  On Sunday, I had yet to receive anything.  I called them and they said my Acct. Mgr. did not work weekends and would be in Monday!  I asked how I was to start my shift Sun. night then!?  Another person sent my acct. specs for me at 6 pm Sun., which was a 26-page manual on the particulars of this acct along with a 30-question test. I stated that I was supposed to start my shift in 3 hours, and how could I thoroughly complete reading this manual and answer the test questions and be prepared?  They told me I couldn't start that night anyway because I could not recieve my User ID til the Acct. Mgr. came in Mon. morning to give it to me and that I'd have it by noon Mon. (today).  Still nothing in my Inbox and its noon, AND I didn't get to work my shift last night and I'm supposed to work 20 hrs. minimum per week.  Is it normal for start-up to be so hairy and unorganized?  I'm nervous now.
Can any give me some general information about Keystrokes? (sm)
I am considering applying to them as they sound like a great company to work for.  What platform do they use?  Is it internet based?  C-phone?  Something else?  How easy and MT friendly is that platform?  How is the work load?  And finally, do they hire IC, PT, and/or FT?  Thank you.